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Is Obesity A Choice?

Friday, February 20, 2009


I really had some apprehension about posting this hateful garbage that I found online on a message board. I will not post the addy of the site because I don't want to give them any free publicity but let it suffice to say this was on a fitness site. We all know how cruel funny those roid monkeys can be.

I am still so flabbergasted at the cruel mockery of these lovely BBW's that I remain at a loss for words. Perhaps Teddy and Fat Bastard can talk me down but right now I am livid!!! I will add more editorial comments regarding this smudge on fat people and the movement. So watch for this article to change. I am sure Fat Bastard will want to add his outrage to this abomination.

Upon further reflection and a good talking down from Teddy Bear, I have regained my composure. I have spoken with Fat Bastardo and he reminded me that no one ever rushes to a fat man's defense the way I rushed to the defense of these much maligned  ladies food sluts. Fat men have feelings too and they also suffer the cruel ridicule persecution that fat women suffer. I suppose if a bunch of skinny skanks attractive slender women like Me Me Roth and her band of fat haters started a similar thread about fat men people would laugh and think it was OK.

For Men Only (this is serious man stuff)

I am sure some of you put on the beer goggles and porked a fatty. Luckily I got married before most women got fat. I have porked a few voluptuous babes but I have never porked a pig but I bet some of you younger guys have. As men, we all have a minimum standard. Clearly minimum standards have declined given the obesity crisis. Lots of standards have declined because of the obesity crisis.

When it comes to women and sex, what is your minimum standard? In other words how fat does she have to be to make Mr Happy recoil and shrivel up out of fear?

Pick the ones you would do. Then pick the ones you would need beer goggles for. Then pick the ones you would do for a million bucks. Then pick the ones you would rather die than 

Image result for Sexy chubby

 I'd hit that!,255,255&wid=327&qlt=90,0&layer=comp&op_sharpen=0&resMode=bicub&op_usm=0.7,1.0,0.5,0&fmt=jpeg
Patty Perhaps I'd hit that.

Brenda Buffet
Gormanda Sealpup
Maida Ham
Fatty Baluca

                                                                  Panni Pannicula

                                                       Largina Crush

Image result for Grossly Obese women
                                                    Rotunda Hindenberg

Image result for Grossly Obese women

Orca Porka Is this male or female? I can't tell!

Related image

Dora Doritos She has an extra body part!

                                                                 HOLY SHIT!

And a double hernia!

A lot of you just threw up in your mouths so here are some images to clear your palate.

Image result for Sexy skinny

Image result for Sexy skinny

Image result for Sexy skinny

Related image


Teddy Bear said...

Well, it looks like again, I get to be the first one to post a comment here.

Again, I'm the first fat little piggy to the trough! Oink! Oink! Oink!

I love those photos of the chubby ladies, especially super obese ladies with huge butts and thunder-thighs, and big bellies.

Although I'm unable to have sex because of my belly hanging down over shrunken penis and shrunken testicles, due to hypo-gonadism and low testosterone levels, brought on by my increasing obesity and greedy gluttony, I still love to look at photos of obese women.

Although I'm now unable to offer sex, I can still be very loving and affectionate, but only in a child-like way.

I would enjoy laying down beside these obese beauties, hugging and being hugged, and I would love for anyone of these beauties to emasculate and publicly humiliate me, for having a small penis, and calling me an obese little wimp! I would really get off on that!

That is because I love being an asexual, impotent, timid and docile, obese little wimp!

I would love for one of these big fat Mamas to take care of me, and feed me, and fatten me up some more, and then, pull down my pink ruffled under-panties, and spank me on my bear butt for being such a greedy obese little glutton, and then, I would cry like a big fat baby boy, then they would feel sorry for me, and feed me some more.

I want a great big fat 500 pound Mama to fatten me up until I weigh 800 pounds or more, and take care of me when I become helpless and immobile.

I also enjoy looking at photos of obese men, even though I'm straight. That is because we fat guys are not 100% percent straight. Increasing obesity take away some of our masculinity, causing us to become more gentle, docile, and sissified, so I'm only about 90% percent straight.

I remember when I was a teenager, while most of the guys I knew were looking at the skinny chicks on the beach, I was looking at the fat ladies on the beach, and the more obese they were, the more I was attracted to them.

I remember seeing one woman who thighs were so huge she walked bull-legged, and sweat was pouring down on her face, huffing and puffing, breathing heavily as she was walking along the beach. Her butt was easily twice as wide as her shoulders. And she wore a two-peace bathing suit with bright red horizontal strips which mad he look even wider.

Some guys were cruelly taunting her, making fun of her for being so enormously obese, that she was in tears as she left the beach.

But I felt sorry for her. My heart went out to her, and I wished that I could go out with her. I anted to be with her. I wished that I had her all to myself.

She was truly awesome. She was so soft and flabby, her fat quivering and jiggling as she struggled to walk. She looked so helpless.

That's the way I like my women. I wanted to go to bed with her. To me, that is the ideal women.

I would love to weigh over 800 pounds, and lay beside a big fat lady also weighing 800 pounds, the two of us helpless and immobile, while other people take car of us like a couple of big fat giant babies.

That's exactly what we fat people are! We are giant babies!

Proud FA said...

Hey Teddy, as much as I hate the motives of the fat roid monkeys for posting such hateful spew about fat women I must admit that one on the car is HOT HOT HOTTER than HELL! YUM! I also like the fact that she know she looks hot in a skimpy two piece.

That woman you speak of at the beach, you should have comforted her and told her how HOT she really was. I would have walked up to her and told her that those guys were just jealous jerks who all secretly wanted her. I then you have asked her for her number after telling her how gorgeous she was. I would have hit her ass so hard for so long that she would have forgotten all about those jerks. Then I would have given her a good feed session to reinforce her confidence that being an SSBBW is something she should be proud of. This is another example of why feederism and gluttony should be four square part of the obesity acceptance movement.

Next time some punk give this lovely SSBW at the beach she should stuff her face like the precious and pretty pig she is and moan provocatively and say mmmmm it's soooooo good boys but you can't have any. That my fine fat friend would be liberating and soooooooooooooo fucking hot. I'd have a boner for a week. I bet that would even give a limp dicked sissy boy like you wood.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Proud FA.

Yeah, I love seeing super super obese women in skimpy clothes.

I would live to see a 700 pound woman on the beach in a bikini.

We fat people should wear clothing with bright happy colors to make us look even bigger.

Fat guys should wear T shirts with horizontal stripes to make us look shorter and broader, and super super obese women should wear bright pink stretch tights so you can see their massive amounts of soft flab juggling and quivering all over their bodies when in motion.

I love a woman who's butt is so huge that she can't reach around to wipe herself. I know I have to use a pair of tongs as a toilet paper holder so that I can wipe myself back there, and I love it.

There was another time, when I saw a fat lady with great big thighs wearing tight blue jeans and her thighs rubbed up against each other as she walked down a long hallway, and as she was walking away, her big butt was bouncing and quivering behind her, her broad hips swaying from side to side, and because of her thighs rubbing together, I could hear a SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! swishing sound that faded as she walked further and further away. The swishing sound of her thighs rubbing together actually echoed in the hallway. She was another big fatty with a huge butt, unable to wipe herself.

I love great big huge enormously obese women who are unable to wipe their own butts!

That is what make obesity fun, needing a pair of tongs as a toilet paper holder, and a sponge on the end of a long stick to bathe oneself. It's fun, being so fat that you need to use all kinds of devices for personal hygiene.

There is a web site called LIVING XL and it's at:

where one can order all kinds of devices to help us in our Super Sized Life Style.

I enjoy having to use all kinds of devices for personal hygiene, because it serves as a constant reminder of how obese I'm becoming. It's fun, living the Super Size Life Style.

I love being so much larger than the average person. I live being a big person, even if it means that it becomes more difficult to get around. I love the struggle that comes with obesity. It make obesity more fun and challenging!

I love being soft, flabby, and weak, and I love super obese women who are soft and weak and helpless.

I love how increasing obesity makes us more gentle and docile. I love how it takes away the aggression, and replaces it with a peaceful and calm, sleepy kind of contentment.

It's a peaceful and quiet life.

Being soft, flabby, and weak feels so comfortable and relaxing.

Ah! I'm getting sleepy, just thinking about it. I need to lay down for awhile and enjoy the softness of my own body.

Proud FA said...

I hear ya Teddy. There is nothing like the sight of a SSSSSSSSBBW struting her ample stuff. YOWZA YOWZA! You description of that lovely largesse waddling down the hall sure made Mr Happy come to full attention. I too love the sounds of thunder thighs and the jiggling action of a ginormous butt and let's not forget a nice sexy panni.

I am just glad that most fat women know that they are hotter than the size typical woman. Fat Bastard like his gals skinny but I think that is for mechanical reasons. That is why FAs like me are so sought after by the large, lovely and lusty big gals. Fat Bottomed girls really do make the rockin world go round. One of the reasons I am so popular at the NAAFA conventions is because the fat acceptance girls are so fired up and passionate. The go wild! Many are very verbal and very oral.

Again Teddy I appreciate you talking me down. I have cooled off and know I am enjoying these lovely buxom babes. I like how that fat hater started with a lightly plump one and graduated to SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSBBW's That made it even hotter.

I think any of the lovelies depicted in that hateful thread will simply consider the source and actually feel flattered. After all they are strutting their stuff all over the internet. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I just love big fat and obese sluts.

Fatarina Wit said...

This is a bit off topic but I was posting on BFB and expressing some of the philosophies of Fat Bastard and Bigger Fatter Blog and I was banned. No explanation was given. I am fat...very fat and I cannot for the life of me figure out why they banned me. This was something that happened at NAAFA where there was a mass banning of people who were not in lockstep the their propaganda and thought for themselves.

This is my first post here although I have been in touch with Fat Bastard and we did not see eye to eye but now I see what he is saying and If I am welcome here I hope I can make this wonderful blog a safe haven to discuss FA.

Is it true the reason Paul from BFB doesn't like this site is because Proud FA flirted with his wife and she flirted back or is he just a small minded asshole?

Teddy Bear said...

Fatarina Wit said...

"This is a bit off topic but I was posting on BFB and expressing some of the philosophies of Fat Bastard and Bigger Fatter Blog and I was banned. No explanation was given. I am fat...very fat and I cannot for the life of me figure out why they banned me. This was something that happened at NAAFA where there was a mass banning of people who were not in lockstep the their propaganda and thought for themselves."

Hello there Fatarina Wit!

Let me be the first to welcome you to Bigger Fatter Blog.

Yes, I was also banned from Big Fat Blog. That was because I had said that I didn't merely accept being fat, but that I love being fat and that I love being fat so much that I want to become even bigger and fatter.

And so, I was banned because of it. They are not willing to embrace Feederism and outright gluttony as Fat Bastard's Bigger Fatter Blog, or my own blog which I call. . .


Also, at our blogs we have a policy of NO CENSORSHIP. We do not delete rude comments made by fat haters. We let there comments stand and we respond to them.

I will delete SPAM, but I don't deleted rude comments, because I actually get off on it when somebody tries to insult me for being such a greedy, lazy obese glutton. I consider it a complement, because that is exactly what I am, a greedy, lazy, obese glutton, and I'm also a sissified Nancy Boy and a fat little wimp, and I'm proud of it.

So, I say, welcome to Bigger Fatter Blog, and I hope you come to THE BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG.

It is not merely a "Fat Acceptance" blog, but an OBESITY LOVING blog!

To me, it's not enough to only accept your size. I go way beyond that! I love my size and weight, and I love it so much I want to add even more to it!

I love being such a fat-ass that I have to use a pair of tongs as a toilet-paper holder in order to wipe myself.

I love being so fat that my belly is beginning to hang down over my shrunken penis, and I'm unable to have erections anymore. I hope some day my belly hangs down to my knees!

It serves as a constant reminder as to what a greedy obese little glutton I have become.

That is what we are all about here on our blogs.

Please do keep coming back!

Allen said...

Fatarina and Teddy,

I think there may be some history between PM of BFB and Proud FA. A lot of guys with fat wives don't like Proud FA. There is so much back biting, paranoia and jealousy within the movement. Fatarina and Teddy you two were just caught up in it. Those wacky feminists ruin it for every body. PM need to grow a spine.

Laura said...

It may have been because his wife is hot for Proud FA.

ProudFA said...

If there is some history between me and Paul M it is news to me. To be honest I don't think much of the guy, That said, I don't recall anything with his wife but sometimes NAAFA conventions can be a drunken blur. Maybe she came to the Pig Pen for a feed and a fuck but I don't recall it.

Mac is not much of a fan of other FAs. Some FAs can be so territorial. Big Fat Blog is on the skids. It's the same old same old. The old fat acceptance has outlived its usefulness and has been twisting in the wind for years. Big Fat Blog is an example of that. They are a bunch or narrow minded bigots who are as bad as the fat haters or maybe worse. It is easier to reform a fat hater than one of those wackos form Paul's silly blog.

Anonymous said...

PFA, I think it was to infamous pool incident aka the bay of pigs scandal.

How drunk were you? LOL

Anonymous said...

So, basically this all boils down to an "I was banned for being a failtroll so I came here in a shit-storm of vindictive rage and hammered out this caricature in text to prove to people that I'm not an emaciated basket-case?"

That's pretty sad. It's good that you're so eager to explain your neuroses, Turdy Bear.

"I love being so fat that my belly is beginning to hang down over my shrunken penis, and I'm unable to have"

...Yeah, no, you're probably scary skinny. Fat people don't talk like this, and thin people are the ones who usually instigate this shit.

The fact that it's so obvious that you're thin just makes this... I don't know... less special.