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Is Obesity A Choice?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Excellent Lonely Summer

These are these are the only means
Sink to the bottom they'll be as beans
Excellent lonely summer sink
Hookah hookah take a drink

See? See?! See!! God is as absent
Incredible strength for the repentance
Cellist's bows spread. Terry stop dead!
With a flock of laws inside my head.

Prefecture of Candido quib ad Lib
Being glib with Adam's rib.
Stuck with a knife in the boiler room
Only brings the terrible doom.

Maximum results every sixth level
A rabbit playing Easter bunny and the devil
Admits it to them big surprises
With lots of different exercises

Hinder hinder that storm the tuk-tuk
Talk to me, you're cruel to cluck cluck
Chrysalis for more soul morsel
Tail and fin gill and dorsal

Nasty old list you will
Corncob pipe whiskey still
Hang in a mumble fall from a word
Angel wing, propeller, fly like a bird

Times are dimensions not revealed
Thoughts and memory are my shield
Walking with pa and the dog in the meadow
Walk in the sun and step on my shadow

Screws a battalion of trickle
Having gotten yourself in a terrible pickle
Yellow crayon in the box for all yellow crayons
No place for us and our compromised brains.

Antimony acrimony alimony
Here she comes now singing Moni Moni
I'm building a sled a sled for the Milky Way
I slide downhill on a cafeteria tray

Titus had thrilled her
Slick among aquifer
The purr of the dog
In the machine a defective cog

How nonlaw home of up
God is dog pup is pup.
King to present a dubious Duke
Fat girl bulimia puke puke puke

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


The more the go-go bar gargled,
They smoked a narghile and argled
The coast of the keep in the Nika missile
What hardware cultures talk with a whistle.
Joseph Smith or morally too
And lies and lies in high school who

Ms. Figaro he knew no womanly woman nookie
Womanly rules the subset whole and sets the cookie.
Two more go-go bars, for the normal mode 
Late night breakfast Apple pie Ala mode
Freezing cold, she was razor swift and cut to the quick.
Lipstick dipstick slapstick and Stanley Kubrick wit
Too slow we see more than ourselves on library shelves

He now having  proper submitted due to damp
She submitted damp to the dew
See the sea ever come to those images
Along the coast of Albany
Empire in the field with Lee
I was climbing in Appletree
Parked my shin and I barked my skin
Thinking up an Original Sin

Big sparkle sparkle sparkle
In between worlds like a cosmic paladin
Backward slots in this forward mind
Family whole the purveyed may
And the market scale to Sunray
The comfort of words be made these
Taking sap from a sycamore tree
and I guess I just want to be
and I guess I just want to be and I guess I just want to be
all the permutations of me.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christie 2016

I have said many times that the greatest presidents have been the fattest. Bill Clinton was fat while president and Hillary is porking up for the 2016 run/waddle for the president.
Bill Clinton was not the only president who was a fat chick magnent. Big Bill Taft's famous mustache rides got him the female vote. This guy's face got more ass than a toilet seat.

William Howard Taft was by far and away our greastest President. Not only was he a chair buster he was an even bigger trust buster than Teddy Roosevelt.
So loved was William Howard Tafte that scientists of the day bred as special horse just for him and fat guys like him.
Because the T-shirt had not yet been invented, ladies you rode Taft's famous mustache and meat face received a commemorative campaign button

Teddy Roosevelt was also a fat guy and when people thought he was shouting "BULLY!! BULLY!!!" he was really shouting Belly Belly.
Teddy Roosevelt and Taft: Men of girth are men of worth!