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Is Obesity A Choice?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fat Singers are the BEST Singers

Who's better than Ann Wilson from the legendary Canadian rock band Heart? Susan Boyle? Maybe and Susan Boyle is also fat. Who can forget Ann's name sake Carney Wilson of Wilson Phillips? Then we have the immortal Mama Cass and the Queen of Soul Aretha Frankin. What thinling can sing better than any of them? Barbara Streisand you say? Babs to is now fat and she really is like butter. Another great under rated singer was the late great Nell Carter. Nell was an SSBBW and boy could that fat girl sing! We mustn't forget Jordin Sparks the latest target for MeMe Roth's venom. While still only a pup, Jordin has the potential to surpass greats like Mama Cass, and the plump Patti LaBelle and dare I say the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin. Keep eating Jordin and grow your waist and butt along with your career.
Ann Wilson is more that twice as big as her hot thinling sister Nancy and she sings twice as good. Can you think of another female rocker better that Ann Wilson? Of course you can't!

You can have your Dixie Chicks, Lorretta Lynn, Shania Twain ect.. ect.. ect.. but when in comes to country music no one come close to Wynona Judd. With a name like Wynona she has to be fat.
Gorgeous girl glutton Wynona flashing the sign of the fork.

So impressed with Wynona, Primus bass play Les Claypool penned the following lyric.

Wynona's got herself a big brown beaver
And she shows it off to all her friends.
One day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her,
So she caged him up with cyclone fence.
Along came Lou with the old baboon
And said Recognize that smell?
Smells like seven layers,
That beaver eats Taco Bell.

Now Rex he was a Texan out of New Orleans
And he traveled with the carnival shows.
He ran bumper cars, sucked cheap cigars
And he candied up his nose.
He got wind of the big brown beaver
So he though he'd take himself a peek,
But the beaver was quick and he grabbed him by the kiwis
Now he ain't pissed for a week.
(And a half!)

Now Wynona took her big brown beaver,
And she stuck him up in the air.
Said I sure do love this big brown beaver
And I wish I did have a pair.
Now the beaver once slept for seven days
And it gave us all an awful fright.
So I tickled his chin and I gave him a pinch
And the bastard tried to bite me.
Wynona loved her big brown beaver
And she stroked him all the time.
She pricked her finger one day and it occurred to her
She might have a porcupine
Jordin Sparks may be a mere pup now but Aretha was even smaller when she first hit the charts and with today's glutton fare so available and with the enabling and normalization of gluttony and obesity Jordin stands a very good chance of weighing as much as Aretha and Wynona combined! EAT! EAT! EAT! EAT! You can do it! The good news is, Jordin Sparks is FAT!

OK I have to admit it. There are exceptions to the rule. Barbara Streisand did look better thin and she sang great even when she was a hot thinling.
 Like butter, Babs beginning her blimp phase but still just a pup.
Babs breaking into full blimp mode.*SE-1crqsRmTyrPyfMHE8H9sDgT-qX3-9FSm7CAp7Wl0ywaac1y4nb*zRD9uSguvBmAvKN/barbra20streisand.jpg
Beautiful Babs Before Blimping
Bigger is better! Not only is Aretha the Queen of Soul but she is also the queen of soul food and singing better than ever!
Aretha, as pretty as you were then you are even better now!

What tribute to fat girl singers would be complete without mentioning Mama Cass. Not only did Mama Cass have the greatest voice in folk rock she died while eating a sandwich.
Look at that impressive tonal neck blubber!

I can see it now. Her handlers are going to slim her down instead of plumping her up. I fear that is what is in store for Susan Boyle. If Susan Boyle loses the weight she will lose her voice. It's true!
A young undiscovered Susan Boyle. If she had come to the US she would have added the thick tonal blubber that now sets her voice apart from the pack.
Look at her now! Look at the food on her upper lip!! Look at that tone enhancing neck blubber!!!

As always on Bigger Fatter Blog it's ladies first but let's not forget the men.

There may be some debate as to who the greatest opera singer of all time was, Luciano Pavaratti or Enrico Caruso.  I gotta go with Pavaratti. As fat as he was more than a few women in Italy and the rest of the world flicked their switches when ever Pavaratti took the stage and unleashed the awesome power of his legendary tenor voice. Even though he was a fat pasta eating lummox he got more ass than most rock stars.

Per i nostri lettori italiani: Pavaratti scopata donne più belle di Mick Jagger. Non era un nano e lui non è andato sul palco e muovere il culo magro come un omosessuale.

Michael Jackson may be the king of pop but the best voice in pop belongs to the meat master general himself, the immortal man of meat, Meatloaf! With all due respect to Michael Jackson, all the crotch grabbing in the world will never match the power of the meat! 
Mighty Mighty Meatloaf majestically meting out the musical meat!
Even his name is great! Ruben (sandwich the stud) Studdard wowed even the hyper critical Simon Cowel to win American Idol and defeat that classless sweet boy Clay (my ass is) Aiken. The last pussy Aiken saw was when he slithered out of his mama. Our man Ruben is getting more ass than a toilet seat and speaking of getting ass no two men are responsible for setting the mood for seduction than Barry White and his Love Unlimited Orchestra and the late great Luther Vandross.
The deep soulful tones of Barry's voice along with the romantic musical arrangements of his Love Unlimited Orchestra put millions of ladies in the mood to make sweet love with men like me, Fat Bastard. Rev BLA and our latest contributor and gourmet The Chef.
The only thinling soul singers who can hold a candle to Luther is Smokey Robinson and Wilson Picket and maybe Al Green and maybe Marvin Gaye.
When it come to singing the blues the clear winner is BB King. Muddy Waters, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bobby Blue Bland, Slim Harpo, Robert Cray,and even Robert Johnson are all a close second to BB King.
Hunka hunka burning love! The king of rock rocked! There is no arguing that the skinny Elvis was great but he would have been a mere flash in the pan and overshadowed by Jerry Lee Lewis, Chubby Checker and Fats Domino had Elvis Aaron Presley remained a thinling. The fatter the King got, the more women swooned.
Elvis died on the toilet from an fecal impacted bowel. His drug use and power eating caused the King to die in a manner worthy of a fatling. He will be remembered as much for his majestic fatling death and for his bigger than life life.

There is no telling how big the King could have and would have become if he had a hot thinling nurse around to give him an enema to release that hunka hunka steaming poop.
The best Elvis impersonators portray an Elvis as if he were alive today..... OR is this really the King  pretending to be an Elvis impersonator? Hmm....???
You probably don't even recognize this runt. This is the once great John Popper of the legendary Blues Traveler. When John Popper and Blues Traveler were topping the charts with smash hits like Run Around and the Heart Brings you back John was a big fat sweating lummox but since his weight loss John and the band are no longer selling our arenas. His singing is not as good and neither is his harmonica playing. Like most fat boys John developed his educated harmonica playing tongue eat pussy but now that he's skinny he's probably throwing the dick into his groupies and dropping even more weight.
John Popper and Blues Traveler in their heyday

Let's recap. Who's HOT and who's NOT? Ann Wilson and Heart = Hot!  Meatloaf after his weight loss = NOT! Aretha Frankin = Still HOT! Ruben Studdard = HOT pastrami on dark rye! BB King = No sign of cooling! Wynona = Sizzling like country ham! Barry White = The body heat generated by career IS the real reason the polar ice caps are melting.  Luther Vandross = The Spanish fly of music with a French tickler. John Popper NOT!

There you have it folks; some of the great fat singers. Please feel free make other suggestions but I think I've covered it pretty well and as always think you for reading Bigger Fatter Blog the leader in fat acceptance. EAT!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Tapeworm Diet
Swallowing the Worm!

Before my fellow fatlings and fat admires blow a gasket, keep in mind that BFB does not promote nor do we condemn weight loss diets. We do strongly condemn the barbaric butchery that is weight loss surgery and more specifically the ghastly gastric bypass procedure. Because the tapeworm diet is gaining popularity I, Fat Bastard and Proud FA have decided as a public service to our millions of readers we would report on the Tapeworm diet. While it is true that the new fat acceptance promotes obesity and gluttony we are not so naive to believe that some of our members might try to lose weight via the tapeworm diet. We feel that we would be derelict in our duty to all fatlings if we did not present the honest facts about this latest diet craze. Our readers all know that we will give it to them straight and report fairly on this and any other subject that effects the lives of fatlings.

Just the facts ma'am.

The tapeworm that is used for weight loss is the beef tapeworm. Here is what Wikipedia says about the beef tape worm.
Coach Gains proudly displaying a whopper T. saginata (Beef tapeworm) specimen fished out of the rectum of a BBW NAAFA Convention feedee who was gaining too slowly. Coach Gains, aka the Godfather of feederism knew there was a problem and quickly diagnosed a parasitic infection. A hot soap suds enema flushed this bad boy out along with 20+ pounds of foul smelling impacted fecal matter. Usually fat girls have the undesirable pig tape worm from eating under cooked pork but this bad boy was the beef tapeworm. Always thinking, the resourceful Coach Gains chopped and breaded the creature, deep fried it, smothered it in alfredo sauce and served it to his feedee. She enthusiastically exclaimed that it was the best calamari she had ever eaten.

T. saginata is normally 3 meters to 5 meters in length, but can become very large, over 20 meters long in some situations. The body is whitish in color, divided into the anterior scolex, followed by a short neck and a highly extended body proper called strobila. The strobila is composed a series of ribbon-like segments called proglottids. Unlike other tapeworms the scolex does not have a rostellum or scolex armature. The scolex is composed of 4 powerful suckers. The segments are made up of mature and gravid proglottids. T. saginata is the largest of genus Taenia consisting between 1000 to 2000 proglottids and can also have a lifespan of 25 years in a hosts intestine.

The disease is relatively common in Africa, some parts of Eastern Europe, the Philippines, and Latin America. Humans become infected when they eat beef that is not cooked fully. Prevention is easy. Cook beef until it is no longer pink inside because cysticerci die at 56 degrees Celsius. Also, if beef is frozen at -5 degrees Celsius it is considered to be safe to consume.
This parasite is found anywhere where beef is eaten, even in countries like the United States where there are strict federal sanitation policies. In the U.S. the incidence of becoming infected is low, however, 25% of infected cattle are still sold.

Is ingesting the tapeworm a safe weight loss method?

Bigger Fatter Blog will not vouch for the safety or the efficacy of tapeworm therapy except to say that deaths and injuries from tapeworm infections are very very rare and probably will not occur in healthy individuals. Deaths from weight loss surgery on the other hand are quite common. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the dangers of tapeworm infection.

Tapeworms are usually asymptomatic. However heavy infection often result in intestinal upset, weight loss, dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headaches, nausea, constipation, or chronic indigestion, and loss of appetite. There can be intestinal obstruction in humans and this can be alleviated by surgery. The tapeworm can also expel antigens that can cause an allergic reaction in the individual.

I, Fat Bastard, asked weight loss coach CG Brady his opinion on the safety of the tape worm diet. CG Brady opined, It would seem that compared to weight loss surgery, the Atkins diet and  the other low carb schemes the tape worm is relatively safe. That being said, I could not in good conscience recommend the ingesting of a tapeworm or any other parasite for any purpose. Others may disagree and have valid points. I would say that as parasites go, the tapeworm is a far more benevolent one than the bariatric surgeon.

I also asked Proud FA's main squeeze Thinnette her opinion on the worm and she told me that the only worm she was interested in putting inside her was Proud FA's anaconda sized one eyed wonder worm.

Compared to other weight loss methods the tape worm diet makes perfect sense for gluttons who are unable to carry the massive amounts of weight that comes with true greedy gluttony. The tapeworm and the glutton are a perfect marriage - true symbiosis!

I, Fat Bastard, may swallow the worm. As some of you know, I have moderated my gluttony for health reasons but as the leader of the New Fat Acceptance Movement I can best serve the movement by resuming my hyper gluttony. To refuse food is to dishonor our Belly God.

How does the Tape Worm Diet work?

Relax fellow fatlings, you don't have to swallow a 20 foot long live tapeworm. All the dieter needs to do is swallow the tiny tapeworm cyst. The cyst will move through your intestines and attach itself where it can gobble up a lot of the food you eat. Tapeworms are hungry critters and you have to respect that. Like so many of us fatlings they too live to eat.
Tiny tapeworm cysts when attached to the intestinal wall will eventually morph into a giant parasitic eating machines kinda like us. You won't even know you swallowed it when it is in cyst form.

Sadly the pig tapeworm is unfit for humans. The only safe tape worm is the beef tapeworm.

Note: If you need to see these images enlarged simply press control and the + key at the same time and the your screen will enlarge.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Fat Athlete's Hall of Fame

There is not fat athlete's hall of fame but their should be and part of NAFAM's mission is to create a fat athletes hall of fame. We are compiling nominees and we ask our readers for their suggestions on who some of the nominees for the International Fat Athlete's Hall of Fame.

Here are a few of the shoe ins.

There could be no argument that the greatest home run slugger of all time should be in the  International Fat Athlete's Hall of Fame. Babe Ruth was as skilled with the bat as he was with the fork. Back in his day with  a scarcity of junk food the Babe still managed to be quite fat.
Inductee George Herman Ruth aka The Babe, The Bambino, Babe Ruth and the Sultan of Swat was the consummate glutton. When he was not smacking four baggers and thrilling crowds at Yankee Stadium he was boozing it up, dining in New York's finest eatery's and banging groupies. The Babe, without a doubt, belongs in the International Fat Athlete's Hall of Fame.
 Born Eric Esche, Inductee The Butter Bean is the greatest super heavyweight boxer of the modern era. While we won't be seeing the Bean anytime soon in the Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota,; we at Bigger Fatter Blog see the Bean, the king of the three rounder as the greatest super heavyweight fighter of all time and is opponents would agree. can we forget two time world champion heavyweight boxer Big George Foreman?! The only man to legitimately beat Big George was Muhammed Ali but back then he wasn't fat. Ali would not have stood a chance against the cheese burger munching Big George who KO'd then champion Michael Moorer. If Ali had faced the same Foreman who defeated him in the Rumble in the Jungle the out come would have been very different. In his later years a happy Big George Foreman discovered the power of the cheese burger he was an even craftier boxer and more devastating punch than when he hair and was skinny, and scowling. Being hungry all the time made him weak and easy pray for quick punching of a better fed Ali.

Big George Foreman is now officially inducted into the International Fat Athlete's Hall of Fame.
Inductee Rudolf Walter Wanderone, Jr. (January 19, 1913 – January 15, 1996) better known as Minnesota Fats was without doubt the greatest pool hustler to ever play the game.  Fats has been recognized by the sport was was inducted in 1984 into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame for his decades-long public promotion of pool.
Inductee William Perry (born December 16, 1962) but best know by Chicago Bears fans as “The Refrigerator” or, abbreviated, “The Fridge” and also known as William the Refrigerator Perry. The Fridge's on field performance should put him in to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio but we feel that not only was the beloved fridge perhaps the greatest NFL football player of all time but his versatility as not only a blocker but as a running back and passer make the Refrigerator a member of the the International Fat Athlete's Hall of Fame.
Inductee Nelson Frazier, Jr. (born February 14, 1972) is  AKA Big Viscera, Mabel, Viscera, Big Daddy V, and King V. Best known as Big Viscera, Frazier is the most intimidating force to ever enter a WWE wrestling ring. His signature move is the body Avalanche. He is also known for boning WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia and for breaking the Undertaker's eye socket with a powerful leg drop.

It's up to BFB's readers to nominate other great fat athletes. Please give us your thought on which fat athletes should be inducted into the International Fat Athlete's Hall of Fame.
Another inductee is wrestler Max Capacity. While WWE bills the Big Show as as the world's largest athlete at 650 pounds Maximum Capacity is indeed the world's biggest athlete. Sorry Vince McMahon.

Max is not just the biggest athlete in the world, he is also a world champion in two different promotions. Max not only won the prized FOW hardcore championship but he also won the coveted WCEW hard core championship belt.


A few minutes after I finished this article one of our many astute readers left the following comment.

Meat Face said...

Fat Bastard,

I say Daley should be in like Flint. Think about it. He's the fat man's fat man. He's the glutton's glutton and he is a big fat party animal. Add that to the fact that he is the most talented golfer in the PGA and Daley should be heading the list. He is the Babe Ruth of golf.

He has a hot thinling girlfriend who flashes her fake boobs. Daley has been arrested for his drunken antics. He's an all American fat guy. No phony Tiger Woods PR shit with Daley. What you see is what you get. So what if he loses some weight? It will be temporary but his golfing achievements are permanent.

Now with Tiger Woods exposed for the phony that he is Daley is a breath of fresh air to the stodgy world of professional golf. Of course I'm not only a meat face but I'm a huge huge John Daley fan.

You may want to include some Sumo wrestlers and that Russian weightlifter Vassily Alexiav.
Meat Face is right! John Daley is a living legend and the most talented golfer to ever play the game and he did it while he was really really fat! What was I thinking? SHEESH! Thank you Meat Face for bringing us to our senses. Golfing great John Daley most certainly exemplifies everything that the New Fat Acceptance represents. ie honest straight forward hedonism, debauchery and greedy gluttony. He's a true American hero!

I've got the drinkers and the smokers and the eaters on my side. They like what we do. -John Daley-

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ABC and CNN News Quotes Bigger Fatter Blog.

Many mainstream news outlets are quoting Bigger Fatter Blog but the latest one is is ABC News. When the media is looking for accurate and exciting information on fat acceptance they know they can rely on the Bigger Fatter Blog, the clear leader in Fat Acceptance and Obesity Promotion. ABC News recognizes Bigger Fatter Blog as the go to source for all things fat related. They know that when it comes to obesity/gluttony promotion and the normalization of obesity Bigger Fatter Blog is and continues to be the gold standard for accurate information and unbiased fair and balanced coverage on all things fat with our factual reporting and our adroit oinkpinions.

View the complete article here

Lusting for Fat: Gainers Come Out of the Closet

As Fat Acceptance Voices Grow Louder, Blogs Celebrate Putting on the Pounds

He goes by the name "Git," a 22-year-old man from Kentucky who is on a quest: to weigh as much as he possibly can.

The photos of him as a skinny 18-year-old college student are startlingly different than the love-handled, 245-pound man that he has become.

"Lately I've been infatuated with the physics of my belly," he writes on his blog, Gitbigger. "I'm starting to notice how it moves with me, how it gets in the way, and it makes me daydream about how it will feel when I'm bigger."

"The more attention I pay to it, the easier it becomes to imagine sizes like 300, 400. I like to think I don't romanticize it, but I can't help lusting over those sizes."

Those who are obsessed with gaining weight are known as "gainers," a once-underground proclivity that is squeezing its way out of the closet as the voices for fat acceptance grow louder.

Sometimes, the practice is sexual – so-called "feederism" -- when the gainer is aided by a "feeder" who takes on more and more control as the gainer becomes physically incapacitated.

They seek each other out online with acronyms like BBW (Big Beautiful Woman); SSBHM (Super Sized Big Handsome Man) and FFA (Female Fat Admirer).

An array of online blogs like Feeder Fantasy, Dimensions Magazine, and Feed or Get Out extol the virtues of getting bigger.

"The days of justifying our fatness by lying and saying we have a mysterious genetic or metabolic disorder are over," says the Bigger Fatter Blog. "We now freely admit to and embrace what the fat haters would call gluttony. We are fat because we eat huge amounts of food and we like it."

And, as major health experts have noted lately, they say, "fat people are now the overwhelming majority." Fat Bastard, Bigger Fatter Blog

One fat acceptance blogger wrote: "I'm tired of all of us being treated like circus side shows."
AnnMarie, who runs a BBW web site told she is not a gainer, but defends the privacy of a plus-size world.

"We're just large people trying to navigate a world that is not built for us, in social lives that are set up to belittle and degrade us, and we try to maintain happiness, dignity, love, jobs, families," she wrote. "We're only different because we aren't apologizing for who we are. We're only different because others want to keep making us feel that way."

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance also condemns the practice of so called "feederism," because it coerces a person to become larger.

In a special report, the celebrity magazine In Touch Weekly looks at what it calls Hollywood's "big new obsession" and the perks of being overweight: "fame and fortune."

Another credible news outlet quotes Bigger Fatter Blog. Link
The days of justifying our fatness by lying and saying we have a mysterious genetic or metabolic disorder are over,” says the Bigger Fatter Blog. “We now freely admit to and embrace what the fat haters would call gluttony. We are fat because we eat huge amounts of food and we like it.”

I give this Bigger Fatter Blogger a lot and I mean a lot of credit. “We are fat because we eat huge amounts of food and we like it.” Amen brother. Can’t argue with that. It’s the opposite of this guy that give fat people a bad rap. The ones that say they can’t help it. The ones that make a stink at the airport that they can’t fit in the seat and need a free flight.

Here are some more sources who quote Bigger Fatter Blog.!
OF ALL fat related sites Bigger Fatter Blog is ranked number 10 with a bullet!

An important point!
Finally after three years of hard work by Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear, Fat Bastard, and even our adversaries CG Brady, Michael Karolchyk and MeMe Roth the news media is finally reporting that glorious greedy gluttony is the cause of obesity. The next part of our mission is to show them that gluttony is GOOD!

Driving the point home!
As the Dean of Feederism I most strongly disagree with the assertion that one cannot maintain any body weight they desire. There will be no pseudo-science here. What I would like to convey is that obesity IS a choice and I think it is a good choice for gluttons.

Now for the science:

Your body constantly generates energy, which it needs to power all the systems of your body, heart, muscles, brain, nervous system, etc. After that energy is used to do the many processes, it ALL then gets later given off as heat, in several different ways. Some gets lost by your skin radiating and convecting heat away. More heat is carried away by your warm breath. Your perspiration evaporates from your skin, which gives off additional heat. These things ALWAYS happens!

On average, the total food energy content that you eat/drink is the same as the total energy that your body needs for all of its operations and it is also equal to the total energy that your body gives off after it is done using it. This is called that BMR Basal Metabolism Rate, and for adult men, it is around 2,200 Calories per day. For women a little less. For people of different body types, a little more or less.

During the daytime, you are more active, and so more processes occur inside you, so more energy needs to be processed and then discarded, and so your skin temperature is slightly higher than when sleeping. While you are sleeping, everything slows down BUT DOES NOT STOP!

Consider that this whole sequence can be affected by any of the three stages. (1) You could eat more or less food; (2) you could do a lot more work or exercise to get your body processes to convert more food/fat into energy; or (3) you might alter the ability of your body to dispose of the excess heat, and also to breathe out more breaths of carbon dioxide. Your body has the capability of adjusting its activity due to differences in any or all of these three areas. Specifically, in a really hot environment, your body can shut down many systems to reduce the energy that needs to be generated, down to a low of around 20 Calories per hour (research data from Frederick C. Hatfield, of ISSA), in order to try to avoid overheating.

We are going to consider the situation for the eight hours each night that we sleep. In a relatively cool room environment, your sleeping BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate) only drops a little from the daytime 100 Calories per hour, down to around 80 Calories per hour. Your body has many processes that it still needs to do, like digestion, operation of the heart, lungs and other organs, thinking as during dreams, etc, which is why the 80 Calories per hour is very common. Your rate of breathing slows some during this form of sleep, but not too much, so it still rids the body of a lot of carbon dioxide each hour.

Now that the "I can't be slender myth" is busted I would like for fat folks to embrace their fat, hedonistic and gormandizing ways and rid themselves of the guilt and the apologetics that has kept the FA movement stagnant for so long.


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Yes Adam, the jealous fat girls of the old fat acceptance movement are indeed delusional. I agree Jamie. I wouldn't fuck them with Buster's dick.