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Is Obesity A Choice?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Super Heavyweights: Really Really Fat Girls

Really really fat girls are often ignored by the old fat acceptance but we welcome these big beautiful buxom babes. As a public service to our readers BFB presents a pictorial essay of pretty plumpers.

NOTE! Some of the images may appear as black. If you wish to view them simply right click them and then click view to see the hot fatlings. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Fabulous flabby femmes!

Image result for Big belly women

Beautiful big bellied babe flaunts fabulous flab!

Related image

 Bathing beauty with big butt, big belly and thunder thighs!

Image result for Fat woman big butt

Another ample assed angel displays delightful derriere!

Feisty fat foodie guzzling goo!
Mega mammary mama munching!
Sexy soul sista with big belly and big boobs

Diva with dimpled derriere! Mega mama models massive moon!
Mega Mama with Massive McArm

Image result for obese women in bathing suits
Poolside pretty poses for pix!

Image result for adele fat singing 

Sexy sow siren sings!

 Image result for Fat girl posing

  Pretty plump porker poses

Big bellied beauty!

Image result for Obese women beach ball

Big babe in bathing suit belly bucks ball!


Lovely large ladies look for large lezzy love!

Image result for fat women seated

Seated sexy sow!

Image result for woman fat arm

Hefty hot hungry heffer with huge ham arm!

Freeloading Fatties Net Fat Welfare Check

MOOOOOve over for this cow girl!

Hot Horny Hoochie Hawks Her Honey  Hole

Gorgeous girl gourmandizers gobbling goodies!

 Image result for obese pear shaped women

Possibly a perfect pear pretty!

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ATT ALL FA's: The best BBW site for HOT BBW action check out The Thick BBW forum! Normally we don't plug commercial sites but this is an exception. Thick BBW Forum is stellar!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paula Deen vs Ina Garten: Who's Hotter?

 Paula Deen vs Ina Garten: Who's Hotter?
By Proud FA

This may be hotly debated. I, Proud FA am writing this article because Fat Bastard is photoshopping MeMe Roth's face on nudes and beating off he's getting all hot over Rachel Ray. Fat guys love skinny chicks.
Looks good. Cooks good. Rachel Ray puts lead in Fat Bastard's pencil and food on his plate!

While there aren't as many fat female TV chefs as there are males, the two top chefs male or female have to be Paula Deen the Butter Queen and the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten.
Paula Deen: Hot older Dixie MILF!
Ina Garten: Demure DC Diva

As our Bigger Fatter Blog readers know I have porked many many fat women over the years so I will be giving my expert opinion on which one of these two is the hottest. The obvious choice is the Butter Queen Paula Deen because she seems so uninhibited and bawdy. Well most fat chicks are bawdy and a bit uncouth and often that translates into good sex BUT that is not always the case. Sometime it that fat little wallflower who will wear you out.

This may surprise you but Ina Garten won Hot Slut of the Week on dlisted. Here is what dlisted had to say about Ina:
Claim to Fame: Ina can do it fucking all. She's a military wife who worked at the White House, but got sick of that shit, so she bought and ran a store called Barefoot Contessa in New York. After the store closed, she started writing cookbooks which led to her show on the Food Network.
Where is she now? Probably sticking pins in her Sandra Lee voodoo doll.
Why is she Hot Slut of the Week? Because Ina Garten does it all with grace and elegance. She's a self-taught cook, hostess and former house flipper! I have no clue why, but I'm fucking obsessed with house flipping. That's what Ina needs to do next: a house flipping show. I'd watch it until my eyeballs crusted over.

Ina is soft spoken, refined and domesticated and that is rare in a fat girl. I find that very sexy! Ina would probably act coy like a skinny chick. She also dotes on her husband Jeffery. That too is sexy. I bet Ina is really into food in bed as part of the hot sex. Ina has a great fat girl butt.

Eat G. R. I. T. S! Girls Raised In The South

It's quite obvious. Paula Deen is a big bodied bodacious sexy Southern belle. She comes off like she is a "dirty girl" whereas Ina seems like a "good girl". First impressions can be deceiving. One thing that put a kink in my dink was when I was watching Paula Deen along with Fat Bastard when she drank a bowl of melted butter! I high fived Fat Bastard and and shouted, SHE KNOWS! FAT FATTENS BEST!
I nearly came in my pants! What a food slut! HOW UNCOUTH and SLUTTISH! I would love to feed this mature fat MILF! There is nothing like a dis inhibited mature food slut. She basically told the American Heart Association to go fuck themselves and she did it in such  direct and slutty way!

OK BFB readers, the jury is still out and you are the jury. Let us know what you think.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boning Skinny Chicks vs Porking Fat Chicks

 I, Fat Bastard and my blog partner Proud FA have hotly debated what's better, porking a fat girl or boning a skinny chick. I promised our readers we would debate this topic.  Our moderator was our good friend Coach Gaines (CG) and we were fortunate enough to have the Chef there as an expert commentator. I have added some pictures of skinny girls and fat girls to help illustrate the points Proud FA, the Chef and I made.

CG: Gentlemen we will be debating the virtues of porking  vs  boning. Let's start with you Proud FA. You have porked hundreds of fat girls so tell us why you think porking is better than boning.

Proud FA: Coach, all guys want to get laid and we don't want to have to jump through hoops to make it happen. Because fat girls are often sluts and there are so many of them these days a guy can score like their was two guys in the penalty box an empty net. Plus fat girls are more likely to be uninhibited. They are when it comes to food so it would follow that it would be the same with food.
FB: For guys like Proud FA that may be true but - - and it a big BUTT - - when you are a big fat ass like me it is not always possible to pork a fat girl and you certainly don't want one on top. That could be dangerous!!

CG: Fat Bastard makes a good point fat boys have a very difficult time getting their dick in a fat girl unless they are hung like our good buddy the Chef. How do you respond to that.

Proud FA: Coach, when skinny guys like us party we party hard, when we feed we feed hard and when we fuck we fuck hard. I'd get all bruised if I boned a skinny chick they way I used to fuck fat girls. Like they say, the bigger the cushion the better the pushin.

FB: Who wants to do all that work? Who wants to take the risk of some fat girl doing the reverse cow girl on you and breaking your legs. Even skinny guys unless they are hung like the Chef can only pork fat girls in the missionary position.

CG: Let's ask the Chef what he thinks about that and whether he can verify that. Chef how hard is it to go doggie style on a fat girl?

Image result for ssbbw pear
The Chef: As you know the Chef is a big man with a big appetite. The Chef loves the ladies and the ladies love the Chef be the Chef ain't got no wood for them SSBBW, God bless em so the Chef can only pontificate about porkin the BBWs with big butts.

Image result for ssbbw pear

You take a pear shaped BBW with a 50+ inch Sir Mix a Lot ass and your small to averaged dicked
fat White man would have a hard time poppin that ghetto booty coochie doggie style. Also, your BBW's like to lay on their backs while the Chef makes sweet love to them.

Related image

Even a brotha would be havin a hard time popping that coochie.

CG: Thank you for clearing that up Chef. Proud FA what is the absolute best part about porking a fat girl.

Proud FA:  That's hard to say but if I were to pick one thing is would be their sluttiness. Fat girls will do anything to get the sausage. I have done things to fat girls that you wouldn;t do to barnyard animals and they loved it.

CG: Fat Bastard what is the one best thing about boning a skinny chick.

FB: As you know coach there is nothing a fat boy wants to do more than eat and thinling pussy is the caviar of cunt. It's always fresh and clean.  There is nothing like laying the tongue to a sweet fresh pro ana pussy and boy do they appreciate it. And you know what they say? The closer to the bone the sweeter the meat. Fat girl gash is always nasty and often yeasty. My worthy opponent  Proud FA will even admit to that.

CG: Proud, Fat Bastard makes a point so would you agree about fat girls having rank muff?

Proud FA: A lot of them do but I think we should defer to the Chef as he does eat fat girl gash more than I do and to be fair I usually put them in a hot tub first during the feed to get them cleaned up down there but many fat admirers have a saying - - No Muff Too Tough!

Like a bloodhound, Proud FA sniffs BBW's giant snapper for possible yeast infection!

At the famous NAAFA pool parties you can bet that the wise feeder/FA checked for yeast. Another advantage of the pool and the hot tub is that it will knock down the yeast and flush a lot of it out. If there is enough chlorine in the pool it will help kill the yeast beast.

CG: Chef, what are your comments?

This can happen when you eat a fat girl's yeasty cunt!
The Chef: It depends on how fat they are. If they be just plump and thick they usually ain't all that nasty but when they become somewhere between a BBW and a SSBBW they do get more stinky. The Chef has also boned skinny ladies and they always smelled really good. They are gourmet.  BBW's and SSBBW's sweat and fart more, they can't reach back to wipe and they got the yeasty maw. It can be funkier down there than a Bootsy Collins bass line and cream cheesier than Philadelphia. They cover it up with perfume but as you know, the Chef has a degree in culinary nutrition from the prestegious Johnson and Wales cheffin school and the muff divers their have a sayin that goes like this: "If if smells like fish, it's a dish. If it smells like cologne leave it alone." The skinny brothas who can really throw the dick also have a sayin, "If your good with the pole you ain't gotta lick the hole." and it is no secret that Proud FA can really beat up SSBBW pussy. That would be why he don't do no fat pussy eatin unless he wants to.

CG: This question is for Fat Bastard. What's the worst thing about boning a fat girl?

Fat Bastard: They just lay there and expect you to do all the work. I surf a lot of porn so I'm used to seeing really hot leanlings. It's tough enough getting it up for a fat girl let alone keeping it up and like the Chef said, you got the yeast. Fat guys and fat girls are not all that compatible.

CG: Proud FA, what is the worst thing about boning a skinny chick?

Proud FA:  There really isn't anything wrong once you get to boning them, The problem is they have high standards. They can be real sluts in bed but getting them to bed is the problem.  Many of them want to be in a relationship first. That's how it was with my fiance Thinnette.

CG: Tell us about Thinnette and how she stacks up against fat girls in the sack. Fat Bastard asked me to ask you that question.

Proud FA: Wow! that puts me in a tough position but in all honesty Thinnette wins. Fat Bastard is sneaky by slipping in that question but I must say sex with Thinnette is mind blowing.

She's very considerate and other than giving head she's the best I have had and I have porked many many many fat girls. She's clean smelling and I really like going down on her. It took a while getting used to having her ride me as I was never into squashing but now I love it!   She also has endurance.  Fat girls tend to get tuckered out. Being ridden by a skinny women is great. Having an SSBBW on top can be scary especially if she's drunk or high. They can do a lot of damage!

CG: Chef, I'm gonna let you have the last word.  Chef what is your opinion seeing as how you have porked and boned a lot of different women of various sizes.

The Chef: The Chef has indeed made sweet love to many fine ladies of all sizes so the Chef has a certain level expertise when it comes to makin sweet love to fine thick ladies. However, like the Chef said, he ain't got no wood for them SSBBWs and that was primarily the ladies that Proud FA used to pork. The Chef likes his ladies like he likes his steak; tender,  juicy, pink in the middle and a bit on the thick side. The best sex the Chef ever had was with a fine lady of color who stood about 5'6" and weighed in at about 150 pounds with a big bootie. We both had a little of the sticky green (for medicinal purposes only as the Chef is a bit gouty in the leg) the Chef put on some Barry White, popped open a bottle of fine wine and we then made sweet love for many many hours.

Special commentary from the Chef:

As an expert in culinary nutrition and The Chef's vast experience makin sweet love to BBWs, the Chef would like to draw your attention to the darker skin between this lovely BBW's plump thighs. It ain't from makin sweet love with the Chef or other men of color. It's from chronic yeast infections that ooze out of her coochie. This BBW has had many irritatin yeast infections and this in because she be eatin too much refined sugar. Also, she probably ain't been havin good bowel movements because she ain't gettin no fiber and milk can be constipatin and then you got the butt wipin issues that also spread the sugar eatin yeast into her honey hole.

The Chef is in full agreement with Proud FA, the Dean of feederism when he says, Fat fattens best! This BBW should be eatin pork rinds, cracklins, olives, peanuts, (look how good peanuts work for elephants) and of course Chef salads.
Some fat girls come with yeast warnings for those of us who don't like tartar sauce on our red snapper.

Please leave a comment and tell us who you think won the debate.

Your host,

Fat Bastard

PS:   There are some great European FA blogs and sites that understand the need to include feederism in the FA movement. Here is is a great portal to all things fat that has been kind enough to link to Bigger Fatter Blog British FA Portal and stay tuned to Bigger Fatter Blog for a wonderbar German fat fraulien portal to even more FA treats. Those Germans are great feeders as are the Brits.

This is Fat Bastard and the Chef reminding you to  EAT!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obese Mothers are Good for the Economy.                                                                        Growing Obesity Increases Perils of Childbearing

With Doctors and hospitals starving to make ends meet in this tough economy the more challenging pregnancies faced by fat women and their is a ray of sunshine to the starving medical industry. It's simple economics. When medical care is more complicated and more specialists need to be brought is on a case costs go up... WAY up and so do profits!

Here is an excerpt from an article that appeared  the NY Times  that explains the good news for our struggling health care industry. Click here to read the entire article.

As Americans have grown fatter over the last generation, inviting more heart disease, diabetes and premature deaths, all that extra weight has also become a burden in the maternity ward, where babies take their first breath of life.  

About one in five women are obese when they become pregnant, meaning they have a body mass index of at least 30, as would a 5-foot-5 woman weighing 180 pounds, according to researchers with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And medical evidence suggests that obesity might be contributing to record-high rates of Caesarean sections and leading to more birth defects and deaths for mothers and babies. 

Hospitals, especially in poor neighborhoods, have been forced to adjust. They are buying longer surgical instruments, more sophisticated fetal testing machines and bigger beds. They are holding sensitivity training for staff members and counseling women about losing weight, or even having bariatric surgery, before they become pregnant.

At Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, where 38 percent of women giving birth are obese, Patricia Garcia had to be admitted after she had a stroke, part of a constellation of illnesses related to her weight, including diabetes and weak kidneys.

 Is it possible to be too fat? 

If you are an OBGYN the answer is a resounding NO! Here are the impressive numbers on C-sections alone that clearly show that the fatter a pregnant woman is the more revenue the health care industry can make.

Body Mass Index   vs   Percentage of Caesarian Births    

       20 - 25                    11%        

       25 - 30                    18%                

       30 - 35                    25%             

     35 - 40                    33%                  

     Over 40           43%                     

Very obese women, or those with a B.M.I. of 35 or higher, are three to four times as likely to deliver their first baby by Caesarean section as first-time mothers of normal weight, according to a study by the Consortium on Safe Labor of the National Institutes of Health

There you have it fellow fatlings; another example of how obesity is good for the economy. I, Fat Bastard only wish that fat haters Mrs Obama and Ms Roth would see that. AND once again, GLUTTONY, GREED, and SLOTH are GOOD!

Image result for Fat mothers
Sow Force Feeding Her Piglet


Since the publication of this article some clever bloaks in England, the second fattest country in the world, wrote a song in honor of me, Fat Bastard. I'm not surprised because according Google Analytics 25% of our traffic comes from the UK. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gallery of Gorgeous Gainer Girl Gluttons
Big beautiful buxom babe in blue with ice cream bar and extra body part.

It's every feeder's fantasy to see fat, fabulous and flabulous flabby females but that is not always possible. When a trip to Walmart or your local all you can eat buffet is not possible, all the fat admirer or feeder, needs to do is stop by Bigger Fatter Blog your haven for all things heavy and get a gander at all this gormandizing gorgeous and greedy girl gluttons.
Feisty feasting two fisted food slut frantically feeding her face!
Battling big bellied buffet bimbos beef as other cafeteria cuties EAT! Let's hope these feuding fat femme fatales forget their friction and fancy a friendly feast instead.
Bawdy bed bound beauty basks regally as thinling servant feeds her.
Hot heavenly hogger hunkers down and displays huge hair and hiney.
Cuter on a scooter and pretty in pink, rotund hottie rolls through restaurant. Watch out for rolling thunder!

Davenport divas displays delicious derriere
Sultry sow siren with sexy stare
Gorgeous gaunt gal governs her gluttony.
Plump & pretty proker piggishly polishing off profusely packed plate of porcine provisions.
Voracious vixen pigging out on pasta.
Sizable sexy sweetie siren proudly poses her pendulous pretty pannus.
Chubby cherub chows in chair
Gobble gobble gobble, gorgeous turkey legged tart enjoys bench buffet! GO GO GO gainer girl!
Sleepy slut seated near sink and waiting for left overs or did her feeder feed her too much!

See more hot heavy hos here! 

See sexy sows here!

See big bellied bimbos here!