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Is Obesity A Choice?

Friday, September 3, 2010


Because Bigger Fatter Blog is not mean to those lovely anorexic angels who post pictures of hot thinlings to inspire (thinspire) other women work towards waifdom many come here for reverse Thinspiration. As a service to this bony beauties I, Fat Bastard, thought it would be right to provide these lovelies lilies of lightness with some reverse thinspo and at the same time I thought I would provide fat folks with some fatspiration. Fatter women take note.

One place I go to see my people, my fatlings is Walmart but then I can't get to Walmart I can see them on the People of Walmart website.

Boobs on the back and front WOW!
Just one on these hefty hunny's big back boobs are bigger than both of MeMe Roth's little munchkin titties combined. Time for a silicon beef up MeMe? I hear there is an opening on the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

What unique shapes on these gliding glutton! Perfection!
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down! Perfection!
See what I mean?

Deeeeelightful pretty in pink porker presents pendulous panny perfection.
Waddling Walmart wench weighs in. Sexy SUPER SIZED BBW scooter sitting siren, stands, steps on scale and breaks it!

You can have your cake and eat it too! Big busty & buxom birthday babe spies snack!

Pull em down Pittsburgh! Steelers QB and Pedophile Big Ben Roethlisberger bangs big butted babes when he is not raping underage girls. horny heffer harlot hogger hunny humping Harley. Plump porcine pleasuring pretty perched with something exciting between her legs flaunts fabulous fat fanny!

Skinny sexy cycle slut flaunts fine firm fanny! Chopper copper pulls them over for a better look.
Feisty feasting fat frow front seat fill up holding her breath because they are sooooo slow at the drive-in window.

Temptress tart teasingly trots tantalizing twat on treadmill!
Patriotic plump rumped pretty porker proudly pummels and vanquishes virulent villain Osama bin Laden. Menacing maniacal Muslims misprize anything pertaining to pigs so what better than having a big bellied bulky bacony babe's pulsating piggy plumpness pulverizing this malevolent and misogynistic Muslim madman? USA! USA! USA! USA!

Click here for a poem glorifying gluttony.


Teddy Bear said...

OK, it looks like I'm the first piggy to the trough, by being the first to comment.


I like the picture of the fat dude in the electric scooter.

I like the way his huge groin area protrudes out beyond his knees when sitting down and the way is hangs down between his knees.

Yeah, that lower belly hangs down over his penis and he probably hasn't been able to get it up to have sex in who know how long.

That is what I hope to achieve someday, to become just like him.

I love being an impotent sexless glutton!

Sun-Lit~ said...

I love your use of alliteration! Hahah, and the I'm certainly glad I didn't have breakfast today :P.

Your right, your blog is strangely healing. It sure makes a change from all the thinspiration, although I must say I prefer it somewhat. Its weird to see where people store fat, like with the back weird is that??

Even though I'm grossly chubby I can still see my shoulder blades. My body prefers to put all my fat in my stomach and legs, ewh. I was talking about this with someone the other day actually, and about how weird it would be if all humans stored all their fat in their big toe (don't ask).

Then there wouldn't be different clothes sizes only shoe sizes, and weight loss operations would be so much easier. I guess that's the kind of conversations you can have when you haven't slept for days... xD xx

Fat Bastard said...

@ Teddy

That guy in the scooter requires much more study and sadly I am not an expert in fat soma-types and fat anatomy like you are Teddy. In fact I have done much research in the medical literature and I have seen nothing that even comes close to your work professor.

I had second thoughts about posting the picture of that girl with the fat back titties as I thought it might trigger Proud FA's porking urge. You know how he likes/liked to pork fat girls.

I would be very interested in reading one of your in depth studies on various fat somatypes.

Fat Bastard said...


Thank you so much for your kind words.

The world's greatest expert on body type and fat distribution is Teddy Bear but that is just my opinion.

The greatest weight gain experts are Teddy, Coach Nestor Gains and our own Proud FA.

The best weight loss coach is CG Brady and he has taught me a lot. I would like to be a big immobile glutton but for health reasons I had to shed some weight and CG Brady made it easy.

Unlike the crazy jealous fat girls of the old fat acceptance movement we are fine with people wanting to be lean and wanting to be in the body they desire just as we are cool with people eating themselves to mammoth proportions. We just want people to do it safely.

As a man I like the way most skinny to plump women look with a preference for skinny. Like our friend the Chef says, "I ain't got no wood for them SSBBWs, God bless em." I think it is because fat girls don't like fat guys. Also fat guys have a tough time porking fat girls so on the rare occasions we do get sex it is when we bone a skinny woman. Also, IMO skinny women have the best personalities and are more stable.

I think it is important to separate yourself from you body so instead of saying, "I am grossly chubby" you may want to say that your body is grossly chubby.

CG Brady taught me that there are no fat or skinny people but rather fat bodied and lean bodied and in between. There was a lot of angst when I lost weight. People around me were having identity crisis as was I but finally when we all cam to terms with it everyone was cool.

Man of Girth said...

"... There was a lot of angst when I lost weight. People around me were having identity crisis as was I..."

I've noticed this phenomena as my wife is getting stressed about me losing weight although I'm still anything but thin right now. Odd but funny at the same time.

FB, you and the rest of your core group here need to write a book/screenplay about yourselves and your observations about fatness. The magic in this blog isn't the articles but in the comments, watching you and your friends deal with fatness and each other. There's a touching quality that comes out when reading the BFB comments (from the beginning) that's nothing less than endearing.

Okay, enough chewing the fat. I have to go walk my dog. Or eat it.

Fat Bastard said...


I am truly touched as are my beloved readers. I agree that it is the comments that make BFB a hit. With greats like Teddy Bear, Rev Big Lard Ass, my blog partner Proud FA and his lovely lady Thinnette, the bevies of big bulky beauties and the breathtakingly beautiful angelic anas, Bigger Fatter Blog continues its mission to bring some sanity to the world of size acceptance.

We are working hard to build bridges with folks like that mother hen MeMe Roth as well as the angry man hating type NAAFA fat "womyn" and their SSBBW blog bimbos.

Man of Girth said...

@ FB:

I never heard of MeMe until I started visiting this site, but after doing some half-assed research it seems she may be located in the rural southeastern PA region, If that's true, her campaign is a lost cause. That area is a permanent recession/commute-two-hours-for-a-decent-paying-job type of place. Fat's the only wealth they got and they will NOT give up their giant strombolis or pizza steak sandwiches or shoo-fly pie for anything.

In PA, food > everything.

Anonymous said...

I think MeMe Roth is origially from Georgia and now lives in NYC. I also enjoy reading about Fat Bastard's love hate relationship with her. He has a huge fat boy crush on her.

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Dezi said...

Fat Bastard, thank you for allowing me to use your comment section to deal with the cyber bully I was telling you about,

Fat Bastard said...

I read his shit on the Mythbusters forum. He's an asshole. I'd like to beat his face in.

Have at it Dezi and tear this bitch a new one.

BTW, I would really like to bone Kari Byron but what guy wouldn't other than some gay boy or a really fat boy like Teddy?

Fat Bastard said...

Looks like that cocksucking asshole form MythBusters never showed. What a fucking coward! HA HA HA

He must be a real pussy.

Captain Obvious said...

Why are you encouraging sinful gluttony like it's a good thing?

Fat people need help, they need to be reminded that they are living in a state of SIN and that they must REPENT in order to become happy and thin.

Breasts are only for breastfeeding, and one cannot breastfeed through back-boobs. They are a false promise, like the empty false rhetoric of the devil himself. It is just wanton flesh that attracts the fat fetish men, who only view them as objects of lust and not as marriage partners where they can grow together in spirituality, while keeping each other at a healthy weight. That's what marriage is all about, plus going to church together and having kids, and listening to good Christian shows such as The Manning Report which is published by Doctor Reverend James David Manning.

You people could learn a few things from Pastor Manning, that's for sure.

Teddy Bear said...

In response to Captain Obvious:

You're a fucking retard, or perhaps I should say Christard.

We all know that "back boobs" don't produce milk.

just like your head is empty with no brain inside.

And who in the flying fucking Hell is Pastor Manning???

No, don't tell me, let me guess.

He's another Christard using religion to make money just like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell (now deceased) Ray Comfort (The Banana Man) or Kent Hovind (currently serving 10 years in the slammer for tax fraud) or Becky Fischer the psycho bitch brain washing children in her so-called Jesus camp.

No, I don't need to listen to some whacked out right-wing Christard who wants to pick my pocket.

You're a moronic fuck-tard.

Now, get the fucking Hell out of here and go cry boo-hoo to your pedophile priest or butt-banging Bishop!

Proud FA said...

@ Teddy,

WOW! You are really feeling your oats to day! Outstanding. I love it when some Bible thumping cousin humping fucktard gets put in his place. NICE JOB!

These xians that talk shit about gluttons are hypocrites. Falwell was fat as a pig but he was in denial just like a NAAFA fat girl. Gluttony can kill but if Falwell had celebrated his gluttony instead of being a Jesus blowing hypocrite he would have been able to employ the bariatric nutrition that you use to stay fat and healthy.

It's good having you back Teddy.

In other news, Bigger Fatter Blog is now receiving 6000+ page views a day. About 25% are coming from Briton. Several sites have reviewed this blog and refer to US as very glutton friendly and of course we are but that is only part of our mission.

We are now featured in encylopedia dramatica and Wiki as the leading voice in size acceptance.

Fat Bastard and I had an altercation with some fat hating punks in a restaurant. Thinnette, Fat Bastard and I were going to Golden Corral and some punk first made a comment about Thinnette being hot and he thought Thinnette and Fat Bastard were a couple. He said to her, "Hey hot stuff what are you doing with that pig". Needless to say, Fat Bastard got a bit torqued and he got really red in the face. You know how cantankerous Fat Bastard can be, especially when he's hungry. He's very protective of me and Thinnette. Anyway this punk was sitting down. Fat Bastard knocked his table over and pinned him with his big bear belly in his chair and against the wall. He got right in his face and at the top of his lungs he screamed OINK! OINK! OINK! OINK! It was scary as hell! That punk was scared shitless. There was a major scene. Luckily there were other fatlings there who told the manager that the punk attacked Fat Bastard and having Thinnette smile and coo at the fat boy manager got that punk kicked out and gift certificates for the three of us. It was a great example of fat advocacy.

Fat Bastard is now thinking about organizing a "Pig in" followed by a Pig out. We want to have a fat pride parade and have a convoy of power chairs and lunch wagons culminating in a mega pig out.

Fat Bastard said...

I love throwing my weight around. That stick boy shit his pants.


Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard and Proud FA and Thinnette.

Proud FA said...

@ Teddy,

WOW! You are really feeling your oats to day! Outstanding. I love it when some Bible thumping cousin humping fucktard gets put in his place. NICE JOB!

Thank you.

But don't you also mean, Bible thumping, cousin humping, sibling and offspring humping as well?

I mean, like, really! They like to keep it in the family!

Yeah, we pear-shaped obese guys are fat little sissy-boys, but even though I'm gentle and docile most of the time, sometimes I do feel my wild oats.

So, I do have my off days.

Anyway . . . . .

Congratulations to you guys ,Proud FA, Thinnette, and to Fat Bastard for standing up for you guys at the Golden Coral.

Fat Bastard really showed that skinny little twerp where the proverbial bear shits in the proverbial buckwheat!

And the Golden Coral actually gave you guys three gift certificates?

WOW! That is so fucking cool!!!

Fat Bastard said...

Proud FA used to take his feedees to Golden Corral and he dropped a whole lot of coin there so they didn't want to lose a good customer.

A lot my fellow fatlings feed at the GC and they revere us fatlings. Maybe I could be a bouncer there. I'd work for food! OINK!

I recall a situation where Andre the Giant was in town at a local bar. Some guys were calling him fat.... BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! He chased them to their Jeep Cherokee Sport. They locked the doors and started flipping him off. In real life Andre was a gentle giant but everyone has their limits. Andre tipped their Jeep over with them in it. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

King Tub-a-Lub said...


King Tub-a-Lub hunnnnnngry! Me like foooooooood! Me like FRIENDLIES!!

You need yell more, flip table more fun, but bad side to. You flip table, food go on floor! Me no like waste food! Me no like flip table, it waste food. Food on floor can still eat but not as good...if it ice cream, is very bad to eat off floor.

Me like Gold Coral. They have shrimp buffet for $10. Me eat big many shrimp. Me vomit in poo room. Me eat more shrimp.

Me is weigh two HUNDRED eighty pounds. Me is getting fatter every day. Me is not care if me get big or small, me is just want eat.


Belly Boy said...

Atta-boy, King Tub-a-Lub!

While you are still a mere pup compared to even Teddy Bear, who weighs only 400 lbs, you are still a very fat man. I myself weigh nearly one ton.

Immobile? Oh yeah, that's me. But I still have plenty of lusts and urges, but thankfully those get taken care of by one of Big Lard Ass's former acolytes, who weighs about 300 pounds herself.

So anyway King Tub-a-Lub, I hope that you continue to post here regularly, you sound like you could have a lot of useful and insightful things to say about the complexities involved in our new fat acceptance community.

Also, I want to formally announce that I am replacing Big Lard Ass in this community, effective immediately.

Belly Boy, out

Fat Bastard said...

@ King tuba Lub,

GC is a temple for the Belly God. Your gluttony is inspiring. Shrimp is good but it has a lot of protein and that can make even the most experienced glutton blow chunks.

@ Belly Boy,

Boom Shakka Lakka EAT EAT EAT
Boom Shakka Lakka MEAT MEAT MEAT
Boom Shakka Lakka glad to see you back.
Boom Shakka Lakka Big Mac attack!

How ya doin?

You are right, King Tub-a-Lub has a lot to offer the growing New Fat Acceptance community. Pups have a lot of zeal.

Bigger Penis said...

I am truly touched as are my beloved readers. I agree that it is the comments that make BFB a hit. With greats like Teddy Bear, Rev Big Lard Ass, my blog partner Proud FA and his lovely lady Thinnette, the bevies of big bulky beauties and the breathtakingly beautiful angelic anas, Bigger Fatter Blog continues its mission to bring some sanity to the world of size acceptance.

Proud FA said...

Bigger Penis said...

I am truly touched as are my beloved readers. I agree that it is the comments that make BFB a hit. With greats like Teddy Bear, Rev Big Lard Ass, my blog partner Proud FA and his lovely lady Thinnette, the bevies of big bulky beauties and the breathtakingly beautiful angelic anas, Bigger Fatter Blog continues its mission to bring some sanity to the world of size acceptance.


Bigger Penis is spamming. All he did was copy and paste something Fat Bastard had written. Fat Bastard allows some spam and many fat boy need bigger penises but if Bigger Penis wants to spam BFB we ask that he post a link to Bigger Fatter Blog on his penis enlargement site and stress the need for fat boys to enlarge their sow stickers.

Pig said...


Fat Bastard said...

I, Fat Bastard will allow this spam from Bigger Penis to remain because all men and especially fat boys want a bigger slut slayer.

On happy note. Bigger Fatter Blog receives nearly 2000 page views a day. Proud FA and I are doing nothing to promote Bigger Fatter Blog. Bigger Fatter Blog is a HUGE hit with readers worldwide.

We want to achieve more page views and increase our readership so we ask our readers to post links to Bigger Fatter blog on as many web sites and news forums as possible and to send a link to everyone on your email list.

Currently Bigger Fatter Blog is the unsurpassed leader in fat acceptance and obesity promotion but we need to become a juggernaut in the fatosphere and finally put an end to the old tired fat acceptance movement once and for all! OINK!

I have charted where the sources of our traffic. We have gotten many hits from, South Beach and Atkins diet forums,, Fantasy Feeder, and various other political and religious forums.

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