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Is Obesity A Choice?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

Fattest Women On Earth

It is not difficult to find a tale of some remarkable heavyweight in every age and culture. In fact, human beings have been getting so fat since prehistoric times. However, in old times, it wasn't possible to calculate the exact weight because accurate weighing is basically a 20th century phenomenon, and that's the reason why the fatted man or woman ever has always been a matter of conjecture. Do you want to find the fattest woman in the world? The following list covers some of the most popular fattest women in the world. See if you can guess their weight or not.

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9 Fattest Women in the World
There has always been people weighing a lot more than what's called normal body weight, but here's the list of fattest women in the world that is sure to leave you in awe. OINK!

1.  Carol Yager - American

Peak Weight: More than an impressive 1600 pounds
Carol Yager of Flint, MI USA USA USA was born in 1960. She had been obese since childhood and was at 1189 pounds when she was 33 years old and got admitted to Hurley Center for treatment of cellulitis. She is definitely one of the fattest women in the word. After following a 1200-calorie diet, she lost about 500 pounds, but she regained it quickly after being discharged. She died in 1994 due to massive water retention and signs of incipient kidney failure. So, she must ever be the fattest woman in the world. OINK! OINK! OINK!

2.  Rosalie Bradford - American

Peak Weight: 1053 pounds
Born in 1943, she started gaining weight in her twenties and tried a number of popular diets but couldn't get any success. She went to the hospital due to a blood infection and this kept her immobile for 8 years. She became so depressed that she attempted to commit suicide – she took painkillers, but that didn't affect her much due to her excessive weight. She died in 2006.

3.  Mayra Rosales - American

Peak Weight: A whopping 1036 pounds! OINK!
Born in 1980, she was the heaviest woman alive at 1036 pounds, but she has now lost some weight and weighs only 200 pounds now. She was arrested on suspicion of murder her nephew, but medical staff established that the kid died from massive blunt force trauma and Mayra was unable to move her arm at that time. She has now lost more than 800 pounds and appears on different programs to discuss the changes in her weight.

4.  Susanne Eman - American

Peak Weight: 800 pounds
Susanne Eman is an obese model and weighs 800 pounds, but wants to reach 1,600 pounds. She lost about half her body weight ahead of her scheduled wedding, but her fiancé refused to marry her, because he was not happy with her weight loss. Susanne was also not happy with so much weight loss and started regaining weight. She's now 600 pounds once again, and interestingly, she has found new love too.

5.  Charity Pierce - British

Peak Weight: Almost 790 pounds
At 39, Charity Pierce has already hit 56.4-stone mark in the past and was one fattest woman in the world. She was completely housebound because the butterfly shaped fat deposits on her body wouldn't let her move around at will. But she could not float like a butterfly of sting like a bee. After abandoning fat acceptance and not trying HAES and undergoing a weight-loss surgery that was conducted by Dr. Nowzaradan, she lost 49 pounds. After four months of strenuous training and exercise, she managed to lose another 20 pounds and was at 709 pounds. She wanted to make it even better and kept working on her diet and lifestyle. After 12 months, she was at 587 pounds. She underwent another surgery that removed large masses from her leg, leaving her at 496 pounds. She believes she can continue with her weight loss and be in a position to walk or waddle down the aisle with her portly fiancĂ©.

6.  Teri Smith - American

Peak Weight: 700 Pounds
At age 49, Terri Smith set world record – she was the fattest girl with a total of 700 pounds of body weight. She was svelte 252 pounds when she was only 20. But through hard work and eating like a pig, now, she's trapped in her bedroom and couldn't even go for an MRI scan to find out reason behind her severe headaches.

7.  Pauline Potter - American

Peak Weight: 678 pounds
Pauline Potter, the 50-year-old Sacramento, CA, USA USA USA has to be on the list of the fattest woman in the world. She has a headline-grabbing resume that includes appearing on Dr. Phil, appearing on HLN with Dr. Drew, and being named the "World's Heaviest Living Woman" by the Guinness World Records. What made her really popular was her statement that she lost weight by having sex more than seven times a day with her ex-husband, who has already mentioned how difficult it was for him to position her during sex so he would hump her fat folds.

8.  Donna Simpson - American

Peak Weight: 1000 pounds
Born in 1967, Donna Simpson wanted to be the world's heaviest woman by achieving more than 1,000 pounds. She weighed 630 pounds in 2008, but moved down to 602 pounds in 2010. She already has the Guinness World Records for the "Heaviest Woman to Give Birth." USA USA USA

9.  Joan Thorpe - American

Peak Weight: 532 pounds
It all started in her teenage years when her eating spun out of control discovered the joys of food and she ended up with a whopping 532 pounds of body weight and was Britain's fattest girl. Due to her obesity, she had to undergo a hip replacement surgery when she was only 13. At 18, her doctor told her that she'd live another two months if she wouldn't lose weight. This started a lifelong fight against fluctuating pounds. She lost weight when she was young and reached 131.6 pounds, but it soon changed and she started gaining weight in a few years' time. She received another warning from her doctors in 2013 because she was at 322 pounds. After 50-year weight battle, she has again shrunk to size 18. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Adele is an Overly Dramatic Depressive Unattractive Cow

Seriously guys. The shit that she pulls out of her ass and calls "music", is nothing more than dramatic depressive shit. Not even the usual dramatic depressive shit that you hear on the radio sometimes, like "Say something", or "Gasoline", and the rest of it, at least it has a good tune to it and has an actual meaning behind it. The shit that she does though, it is completely 1000x worse than the rest of it. Just looking at the names of her songs make me want to shoot my brains out.

Image result for adele is fat

People make music for many reasons. Some to make people happy, like songs such as "Pompeii", "On top of the world", "Best day of my life", you name it! Now I am not saying that music should only be songs that make you happy, but I am saying that her shit doesn't just make you emotional like good songs should sometimes, they make you fucking depressed and wanting to slit your wrists. Maybe she is in pain, but she shouldn't be able to put the listeners through the same kind of pain. Look at her fucking song titles! Seriously, she is worse than Taylor Swift with those breakup songs. At least Taylor can make a catchy beat and doesn't cut herself and be a whining depressed cow like Adele.

Image result for adele is fat
Adele says she's been hurt by fat jokes about her and is going through a lot of pain.  Yeah, probably Pain au Chocolat. 

I guess I would be pissed off too if I was an ugly fat chick in the UK. She can't keep men around because they don't want to be bothered with her relentless repetitive pathological bullshit. Who would be? All of those photoshopped images she posts could really fool someone. But that is not her. 
THIS, my friends is the real cow who goes by Adele.

So Adele, just because you know some people who can photoshop your ugly cow face and make it look good, you simply can't change your cowish look. You cannot fool me or any of the rest of the smart people who can see behind your bullshit. Adele is the definition of an attention seeker. She wants people to feel pity for her. She wants people to fall for her depressing shit. I will not allow depressing and negative things to control my life. I want to make the best out of my life and be happy. But when I hear your bullshit on the radio, it depresses me and I turn the shit off. I don't care about your pain. If you are so starved(for attention, obviously not literally starved. She wouldn't be a fat cow if she was) and deranged and depressed, then why don't you just blow your head off? Don't depress innocent people who have done literally NOTHING to you.

Adele Sucks…a lyrical analysis.


I hate Adele.  I hate her music, her style, the way she phrases her lyrics and her voice.  I guess overweight, neo-soul, early 20 something British chicks, whining incessantly about the deep hurt caused by the boatload of “experience” surrounding their past relationships just doesn’t do it for me.
Because I’m hateful and I don’t really have anything else to do, I’m going to break down the half-retarded lyrics of an Adele song I heard on the radio this week called “Rumour Has It.”  I mean, the title alone is enough to send me over a cliff…did we win the revolutionary war so that silly British pseudo pop stars can spell their song titles with a British touch????  But I digress.  And so, without further ado….
*All lyrics in Italics.
Rumour Has It by Adele
She, she ain’t real
She’s not real?!?!?  Is she an alien?  A figment of my imagination?  That’s probably not what you mean.  Fat chicks always want to say that girls who look better than them aren’t “real.”  Well, Adele, if you are the definition of a “real” woman, then I’ll take an unreal woman any day of the week.
She ain’t gon’ be able to love you like I will
A lot of my buddies who mess around with larger ladies say they can get down pretty well.  But just because someone has low self-esteem and is willing to do anything in bed doesn’t mean that they’re better.  I’m certainly not lowering my standards and good for whoever you wrote this song to for regaining his.
And another thing!  “She ain’t gon’,” is not a phrase you’re allowed to say, Adele.  You’re a British woman from the suburbs of London, not a legit soul singer from Memphis.  Get the fuck over yourself and get your own identity, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Gladys Knight and the like pretty much own the soul genre.  Find your own shit.
She is a stranger
You and I have history or don’t you remember?
So, this guy was willing to leave you for a complete stranger?  Sounds like you’re tons of fun (pun intended) to be around.  I’ve dated some real crappy ladies, and even then I’ve never left one of them for a complete stranger.
Sure, she’s got it all.  But Baby is that what you really want?
This has to be one of the dumbest lyrics I’ve ever seen in my life.  Logically, it is simply retarded.  If she has it all, defined by Webster’s as “the whole of, every, or the greatest possible,” then by definition, then what else could the guy possibly want???  Maybe your man left you because you’re stupid.  Did you ever think about that?
Bless your soul, you got your head in the clouds
After surviving dating you, I’d say the guy has his head much further than the clouds; he probably has his head in heaven… a wonderful place free of spiteful ex-girlfriends who sing half-cocked, poorly written pop songs about their former boyfriends.
She made a fool out of you and, boy, she’s bringing you down
Who you calling boy?
She made your heart melt but you’re cold to the core
I don’t know if the melting point of a heart is a woman who has it all, but I’m pretty sure it would take intense heat, not a perfect lady.  Plus, I would be willing to bet that if my heart was so hot that it melted that the rest of me would be at a pretty high temperature as well.  This just makes no sense.
Now rumor has it, she ain’t got your love anymore
So this absolutely perfect, complete stranger who just melted the guy’s heart doesn’t have his love anymore?  Well that’s ok Adele, because I can guess that you never will either and no amount of shitty music will change that fact.
Rumor has it x 794,000 times
This chorus never seems to end.
She is half your age.  But I’m guessing that’s the reason that you’ve stayed
First of all, that’s a pretty terrible guess, as you’ve already stated that she has it all.  But even so, who cares if she’s half my age, so long as he’s 36 and half his age is legal, because you know, it’d be creepy and illegal otherwise.
I heard you been missing me
Not likely.  I bet his grocery bill has been cut in half.
You’ve been telling people things you shouldn’t be.
Metallica told people about things that shouldn’t be and they are the most successful heavy metal band ever.  God forbid the guy tries to follow in those footsteps instead of being known for inspiring the music on your awful album.
Like when we creep out, she ain’t around
I’m from Atlanta and know a lot of slang, but I have no idea what Adele is talking about here.
Haven’t you heard the rumors?
Nah, “English Rose” was always my favorite Fleetwood Mac album.
Bless your soul, you got your head in the clouds
You made a fool out of me and, boy, I’m bringing you down
Have you listened to your drama filled, diarrhea inducing music?  Have you ever looked in a mirror?  Have you ever heard yourself talk, with that shrill, awful British accent?  I don’t think he’s the one making a fool out of you.
You made my heart melt, yet I’m cold to the core
Damn it Adele, we’ve already talked about this.
But rumor has it I’m the one you’re leaving her for
So, after you shit all over this guy, criticize his choice of lover and write a ton of music about him, you listen to some rumor saying he’s going to go back to you?
Rumor has it x 1,654,123 times
I mean really.  I hate this chorus so much.  Its not even catchy, just long, repetitive and enraging.
All of these words whispered in my ear
Tell a story that I cannot bear to hear
I would imagine you don’t like hearing the truth about yourself very much.
Just cause I said it, don’t mean that I meant it
Just cause you heard it
So, you’re a liar on top of everything else?  That figures.  I don’t know about all of you, but when someone tells me something, I pretty much take them for their word.  At least we cleared this up.
Rumour has it x infinity times
I don’t know how long this song is, but it feels like nine hours.
But rumor has it he’s the one I’m leaving you for
Way to end the song with a lyric that makes no sense.  You’re not even together!  How can you leave him if he’s not even with you?  You can’t make the illogical jump from hearing a rumor that he’s going to leave his perfect woman to get back together with you, to saying you’re going to leave him for another man.  I guess in your cellulite infused brain it all makes sense.

I think this concludes the Adele escapade. Thank you for your reading and understanding.