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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How Feminism Killed Fat Acceptance

Feminist or not, fat women are big bunch of fucking stinking toxic cunts. 99% of the people in fat acceptance are/were women but fat acceptance was actually started by a man named Bill Fabrey. He was the founder of NAAFA. When Bill left NAAFA a bunch of crazy fat psycho bitches, male fat admirers and feeders took over. At that point the crazy cunts at NAAFA embraced feederism even though feederism is a very sick and destructive and dangerous fetish but NAAFA would hold conventions and the fat admirers and feeders would show up and feed and fuck obese eat pigs and even with all that bullshit NAAFA had some credibility with the lame ass lame stream media but then the mentally and even more morally challenged rug-munching man-hating fat feminists invaded the fat acceptance movement and made it completely hostile not only towards fat men but even the sicko fat admirers and feeders who got off porking the yeasty rancid cunts or fat bitches.

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Typical Fat Feminist

The pathologically crazy NAAFA crowd got even fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter and more and more absurd up to the point that they had to cancel their conventions because most of the fat beasts became far too fat to travel and too fat and nasty for even the most perverted virulent sex-craved fat admirer to fuck.



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Image result for fat feminist

Related: The pathetic fat feminists who destroyed fat acceptance have put and article up on Wikipedia. The article needs to be edited. Since everyone is a Wiki editor it is simple to edit articles.

Fat acceptance movement - Wikipedia

Stop by and let the feminazis who run Wikipeda what you think and edit the article.

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