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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gorgeous Girl Glutton Morphs Into Kermit the Frog: Take that Miss Piggy!

Fat bodies all have a personality all their own. This sexy sow has a nude body that morphs into the spitting image of Kermit the Frog.
What's green and smells like pork? Ans... Kermit's face!

RELATED: Some of the stinkiest fat girls are the Fat Feminists and they need your help. They posted an article on fat acceptance on Wikipedia. Their estrogen dominance and the candida albicanis aka yeast infections are making their brains toxic. THEY NEED YOUR HELP! Please go to the Wikipedia fat acceptance page and edit their article and warn them about their yeasty crotches. Edit this article. 

Fat acceptance movement - Wikipedia

We need to consult Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear for his world renowned expertise on body types. We need to hear his theories. All I can think is this little real life Miss Piggy loved Sesame Street when she was just a little piglet.

She is also a prime example for why she could go to topless beach bottomless  because that impressive meat skirt (pannus) covers her pubic area.
A flattered Kermit the Frog waxes poetically.

Kermit's long time main squeeze Miss Piggy is not amused.
Miss Piggy and Kermit in happier times

Miss Piggy when asked for a comment issued this statement: "I cannot speak about this cheap hussy  now, I have a frog in my throat."


Someone claiming to be the artist who created the image of the gorgeous girl glutton with the Kermit torso has threatened Bigger Fatter Blog with legal action stating that posting the image is copyright infringement. He has not proven to my satisfaction that that he is indeed the artist who created this image. Upon further investigation  I can find no listing for this clown as being a photographer with any guild or association. Nor does he have a website or a phone listing.

If there are any violations it is on the part of the photographer that morphed the SSBBW model's torso into the likeness of Kermit the Frog. Kermit the Frog and Henson Associates Inc are no strangers to litigation. Is someone else trying to illegally use Kermit the Frog?  You cannot deny the strong resemblance.

Henson Associates Inc. said the Walt Disney Company had dropped its fraud claim against the owner of the Muppet characters, but Disney denied the Henson announcement and called it bizarre.

Disney's claim, filed Monday in response to a Henson lawsuit against Disney charging copyright infringement, contends that Henson violated an oral agreement that Disney could use the Muppets.

"The fact that Disney is already withdrawing one of its most offensive allegations underscores the weakness of their defense," Henson's statement said.

But Disney said: "We have not withdrawn our fraud claim. We feel the release was pretty bizarre."
The Henson lawsuit, filed late last week in Federal court in Manhattan, accuses Disney of using Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and other Muppet characters without permission. It was set to go to trial on May 13.

Is Daniel V Smith working for Disney? Did he unlawfully create a likeness of Kermit the Frog?

Henson, in its statement Thursday, also said Disney had agreed to stop selling or displaying merchandise that showed the Muppets at least until after a Federal judge ruled on the copyright-infringement lawsuit filed against Disney by Henson Associates Inc.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Gluttony Denial Is Fat Phobia: Replace It With Glutton Pride



Gluttony Denial Is Fat Phobia Replace It With Glutton Pride

The old fat acceptance avoids the laws of physics as it pertains to weight like the plague. As leader of the New American Fat Acceptance Movement (NAFAM) and NAAFA I have had the pleasure of knowing some of the greatest feeder and feedee is the entire fatosphere. These guys are the greatest weight gain bariatric nutritionists in the known universe. They know to the calorie how much feed is required to attain and maintain any given weight. They know that fat fattens best.

We fatlings are gluttons and if we are proud of our fat then we should be proud of gluttonous behavior that made us fat. If I have said it once I have said it 1000 times GLUTTONY IS GOOD! It saddens me to see all the jealous lean hating fat girls denying their glorious gluttony. They need to show some glutton pride!

When the old NAAFA denounced feederism yet retained its close relationship with the heroic Conrad Blickenstorfer and his obesity promoting Dimensions Magazine it was a huge black eye for the fat acceptance movement. Thankfully, feederism, the cornerstone of fat acceptance, is on the rise while the old angry fat girl fat acceptance is on the decline. Glutton pride and fat pride are also on the rise. Be as proud of your gluttony as you are as proud of your fatness.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brave Fatling Sues White Castle and Recieves Golden Pig Award
Fat rights hero  Martin Kessman

Let's give Martin Kessman a resounding OINK! A mere pup at a svelte 290 pounds this strident oinker is standing up, well actually sitting down for fatlings everywhere by filing a lawsuit against the White Castle hamburger chain. Kessman is pissed because he loves White Castle sliders but he is too fat to fit in the booths and enjoy then so he has to send his wife to the hamburger chain to fetch him these tasty treats. Being a good fatling Kessman was not going to take this lying down. Being smart he figured if White Castle didn't have booths big enough to accommodate his big bulbous belly then they were violating the law! Way to go Martin!!

So impressed by Mr Kessman's heroic actions and fattitude NAFAM the New American Fat Acceptance Movement and NAAFA North American Association for Fat Asses has awarded Kessman the Golden Pig Award and NIFAM the New International Fat Acceptance Movement has given him the glutton of the week award.
The Prestigious Golden Pig!

Fellow fatlings; oink loud and oink proud for this brave boar!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Bullying

Proud FA and I were school mates. There was some bullying when Proud and I were in school but not all that much. Back then kids were allowed to work out their differences and sometimes it would require some fisticuffs and when it came to throwing hands Proud FA was a animal and still is.

Not too many people would fuck with me, Fat Bastard, and nobody would fuck with Proud unless they wanted a knotty hairdo, a busted lip and a concussion. On one particular winter day Proud and I missed the bus so we has to walk home. It was a warm winter day and there was plenty of good packing snow. As luck would have it there was this fucking bully walking ahead of us. He was a new student, a jock who was not aware of Proud's fighting prowess. I, Fat Bastard am a lover not a fighter but that does not mean I don't enjoy watching a good ass kicking so I decided to start some shit with the new bully. He had called me fat ass and blubber gut and Baby Huey. I wanted to kick his ass but I was not sure I could take him. I knew Proud could even though this runk had 4 inches and 40 pounds on Proud and 40 pounds. I bagan tossing snow balls at this fucker and he turned around and told us to knock it off. After he turned back around I packed another slushy snowball and hit this jock in the neck. He turned and I could tell he was really pissed he was about to attack and I said sorry man I won't do it again. He said that if I did he'd kick my fat ass. About a minute later I spied a car turd. A car turd is one of those big fucking brown ice chunks that fall from cars. This car turd was the size of a large coconut. Being a fat bastard and having no impulse control I picked up that icy fucker and fired it at the that mouthy dip shit and it knocked him silly. He was on the attack and not wanting to get pummeled I told him Proud threw it.

His eyes flashed with anger as he dove at Proud shouting, "you die asshole!!!!" The fight was on. For a moment he was on top of Proud but Proud quickly reversed the position and the ass kicking was on. Proud was on top and he shouted, "Fat Bastard, gloves!" With Proud sitting on this dickhead's chest he raised up his arms so that I could remove his gloves and with that Proud's famous fists of fury worked their magic as the beat out drum roll of this punk's face. Within a few seconds the blood was flying as Proud delivered one of his legendary beat downs. His fists connected with trip hammer speed and precision. In less than 30 seconds Proud had beaten this punk into submission and semi consciousness. Then to my surprise he said, "Finish him off Fat Bastard. Do it Earthquake style.

Earthquake was our favorite WWF wrestler at the time so as this punk laid there is a daze I dropped a few Earthquake bombs on him. I cracked a few of his ribs and he missed basketball season but it was a lesson well learned. We sent a message to other bullies. That is how to put an end to school bullying. Beat the shit out of the bullies.