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Friday, September 16, 2011

Gluttony Denial Is Fat Phobia: Replace It With Glutton Pride



Gluttony Denial Is Fat Phobia Replace It With Glutton Pride

The old fat acceptance avoids the laws of physics as it pertains to weight like the plague. As leader of the New American Fat Acceptance Movement (NAFAM) and NAAFA I have had the pleasure of knowing some of the greatest feeder and feedee is the entire fatosphere. These guys are the greatest weight gain bariatric nutritionists in the known universe. They know to the calorie how much feed is required to attain and maintain any given weight. They know that fat fattens best.

We fatlings are gluttons and if we are proud of our fat then we should be proud of gluttonous behavior that made us fat. If I have said it once I have said it 1000 times GLUTTONY IS GOOD! It saddens me to see all the jealous lean hating fat girls denying their glorious gluttony. They need to show some glutton pride!

When the old NAAFA denounced feederism yet retained its close relationship with the heroic Conrad Blickenstorfer and his obesity promoting Dimensions Magazine it was a huge black eye for the fat acceptance movement. Thankfully, feederism, the cornerstone of fat acceptance, is on the rise while the old angry fat girl fat acceptance is on the decline. Glutton pride and fat pride are also on the rise. Be as proud of your gluttony as you are as proud of your fatness.


Proud FA said...

I think that her husband deserves a lot of credit for her size. Why is nobody mentioning that?

Tazchick said...
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Tazchick said...

Guessed you missed it. Donna Simpson's defecting :

Well then again maybe, unless she meets another feeder.

Fat Bastard said...

We heard that but we think she is just temporarily off her feed.

She'll diet for a while and then gain like mad. I think she's trying to psyche out the competition. Proud FA and I are banking on her. She's an eating machine.

You may be right Tazchick but Donna is sly and I think it's a ploy.

Tazchick said...

you could be right. She's shopping herself out to the weight loss shows. I normally root for anyone trying to get healthy, but I hope the shows won't touch her with a 10 foot party sub sandwich.

El said...


El said...