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Is Obesity A Choice?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guns and God

Screen-Shot-2013-08-05-at-2.17.57-AM.png (770×512)

ffffound! lynch mobs: mike huckabee makes hilarious joke about nra rednecks shooting barack obama


CNN has agreed to ask questions of Trump and Hillary that are submitted to the website Open Debates by REAL people.

The question, How much money did you receive from your parent's will? Trump's father Fred Was worth at least $200 million. Trump has lied about the $14 million his father gave him in the 70's. 

Forward this and up vote the question. This will force the media to ask the tough questions.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Kind of Chicks Fat Guys Like

It's no secret that fat guys prefer skinny chicks and are repulsed by fat chicks. Most men find fat chicks repulsive. I am one of those men. It's not just their unsightly blubber that makes them so undesirable it's their behavior. Gluttons are fun but too many fat girl gluttons are a pain in the ass.

The other reason fat guys are into skinny chicks is purely pragmatic. It is either mechanically difficult or impossible for us fat guys to pork a fat girl even if we wanted to do so.

Fat Bastardo's Gallery of Gorgeous Gaunt Thigh Gap Girls

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bigger Fatter Politics Making a Comeback

By Proud FA (former dean of feederism)

Fat Bastard!
A couple of years ago some angry jealous fat girls from the fat girl run fat acceptance movement flagged Bigger Fatter Blog and as a result Google put a warning on it and then they de-indexed it so that it could not be found on Google. It took some time but Fat Bastard's crack legal team and members of the ACLU got Google to remove the warning and re-index the blog. The rest of this case remains undisclosed.

Bigger Fatter Blog is back and I Proud FA will be posting fat and gluttony friendly articles for all to enjoy.

Fat Bastard's new theme song!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Think Doctors Couldn't Get Any Sleazier? Think Again!

There are a lot of doctor review sites such as Ratemds, Well Point, Yelp, Vitals, Ucompare, Healthgrades, ZocDoc and Google reviews but it it turns out that the filthy slime American doctors have hired a slime ball company called Medical Justice to plant phony glowing reviews. Is anyone really surprised? Doctors are notorious liars.

Don't take my word for it, check out the following links.

    1. Medical Justice caught impersonating happy patients on Yelp
      by Timothy Lee - May 27, 2011 - Apparently these reviews are then sent to Medical Justice for posting ... to the state of New York for posting fake, positive reviews of itself online.
    2. Medical Experts Riled as Doctors Try to Censor Their ...
        Feb 19, 2009 - ... groups spearheading the move is a company called Medical Justice,... when people pretending to be former patients write phony reviews.
      2. It gets even slimier and sleazier. Doctors are making patients sign agreements called gag contracts which force patients not to talk about their experience with that particular doctor/charlatan. American doctors are behaving like Nazis.

        1. Some doctors try to squelch online reviews - Washington Post

          Jan 28, 2012 - The deck is stacked against them because people tend to review stuff when they're ... Jeffrey Segal, founder of Medical Justice, said that his firm has since ...As for the phony patients, Lagu said her team did not detect any.

      3. Medical Astroturfing - Fake Positive Reviews - TUUM EST

      4. The majority of Americans hate their doctor and the criminal medical industrial complex. To prove this to yourself go to Google or Bing and type in "Doctors are" The look at the suggestions that pop up.
      5. Trash your doctor online because trash needs to be trashed.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Poor Man's Nutribullet

I bought a NutraBullet and frankly it sucks. I am not only referring to the recipe book with all the healthy recipes that taste like shit. It's because the Nutribullet is a piece of shit.

The Pros: 

1. It has a powerful motor and it will pulverize anything you blend in it.

The Cons:

1. The blending jars are plastic that contain thalates. I get the fact that most fatlings are not concerned about food safely or nutritional value but plastic sucks and it changes the flavor of things. Everything tastes better out of glass.

2. The jars are a bitch to clean. They tell you that all you have to do is swish some water around in it and run it for a few seconds. That's bullshit because when you do that it's pushing particles under the silicone gasket in the base. The blades don't get clean when you clean it as recommended.

3. Pushing the jar down to start is difficult because the seals leak and cause the 3 bullshit safety switches not to work.

4. It leaks because the seals in the blade base get torn. Then the smoothie runs into the power base.

Read more Nutribullet complaints here, More Nutribullet complaints HERE!

This video shows you how to use a Ball or Mason jar with your blender.

Here's the other advantage!

Mason and Ball jars come in a variety of sizes but they all have the same sized mouths so they will fit on most blenders.

 It gets even better. You can buy Ball/Mason jars as big as a whopping 64 oz! That's a 1/2 gallon! Ball/Mason is a fat friendly company!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

One-third of Nursing Home Patients Suffer From Medical Errors

Medicare patients suffer from widespread medical mistakes at nursing homes

One-third of all Medicare patients treated at skilled nursing facilities suffered some form of harm from medication errors, medical mistakes or infections, according to a government investigation that raises red flags about the quality of America’s health care as the industry transitions to Obamacare.
The investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services inspector general found that 59 percent of the adverse patient events were preventable and that more than half required patients to be admitted to care at a hospital or other facility.

Numerous patients — about 1.5 percent of those exposed to harm — died as a result of the mistakes, the report found.
The adverse events are harmful to taxpayers as well, costing an estimated $2.8 billion a year in additional hospitalizations, the report found.
Nursing homes are the most common type of skilled nursing facilities or SNFs, which are a growing part of America’s medical system as the baby-boomer generation ages. President Obama’s health care law envisions them continuing to play an important role going forward, raising the stakes for the problems unmasked in the investigation.
“Because many of the events that we identified were preventable, our study confirms the need and opportunity for SNFs to significantly reduce the incidence of resident-harm events,” the inspector general concluded.

Click HERE to read more
Investigators said 22 percent of Medicare patients developed serious medical problems as a result of their stay, many of which required hospitalization to treat.
The most common mistake investigators found had to do with medication, usually with nursing staff giving patients the wrong kind or wrong dosages, or patients having an allergic reaction to the meds.
Medicare, one of the largest government programs in terms of spending, has often drawn criticism from Capitol Hill lawmakers who say the program isn’t doing enough to combat waste or isn’t transparent.
“Taxpayers have a right to see how their dollars are being spent,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, a leading advocate for spending reform, last year. “There shouldn’t be a special exception for hard-earned dollars that happen to be spent through Medicare.”
Sen. Bill Nelson, Florida Democrat, said at a committee hearing last year that the government must be mindful of the cost of the program and how much mistakes can not only hurt patients, but cost taxpayers.
“As more and more baby boomers retire and health care costs continue to rise, Medicare spending could reach $1 trillion by 2023,” he said.  “Reducing hospital readmissions will not only save the Medicare program billions, it will save beneficiaries from potential infection and further out-of-pocket expense.”
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said they are compiling lists of the most common medical mistakes, and preparing better training for doctors on how to avoid the mishaps.
“CMS fully concurs with [the inspector general] on the importance of identifying avoidable adverse events among nursing-home residents and improving the quality of life and care for nursing-home residents,” a response from the agency said.
The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, will require nursing homes and similar facilities to report their safety records to federal watchdogs. The inspector general said it’s too soon to tell if this will have a noticeable impact on reducing medical mistakes.
In addition to the harm done to patients, inspectors said, the mistakes were a large financial burden on Medicare for having to pay for hospital treatment.
“Most of these residents died at hospitals rather than in the SNFs where the harm occurred, having been transferred back to the hospitals for higher-level treatment as a result of the event,” the inspector general said.

Hospital trips owning to mistakes by medical staff cost taxpayers $2.8 billion in a single year, according to the report. But, the inspector general warned, “the full costs associated with these events are likely greater than our estimate.”