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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Poor Man's Nutribullet

I bought a NutraBullet and frankly it sucks. I am not only referring to the recipe book with all the healthy recipes that taste like shit. It's because the Nutribullet is a piece of shit.

The Pros: 

1. It has a powerful motor and it will pulverize anything you blend in it.

The Cons:

1. The blending jars are plastic that contain thalates. I get the fact that most fatlings are not concerned about food safely or nutritional value but plastic sucks and it changes the flavor of things. Everything tastes better out of glass.

2. The jars are a bitch to clean. They tell you that all you have to do is swish some water around in it and run it for a few seconds. That's bullshit because when you do that it's pushing particles under the silicone gasket in the base. The blades don't get clean when you clean it as recommended.

3. Pushing the jar down to start is difficult because the seals leak and cause the 3 bullshit safety switches not to work.

4. It leaks because the seals in the blade base get torn. Then the smoothie runs into the power base.

Read more Nutribullet complaints here, More Nutribullet complaints HERE!

This video shows you how to use a Ball or Mason jar with your blender.

Here's the other advantage!

Mason and Ball jars come in a variety of sizes but they all have the same sized mouths so they will fit on most blenders.

 It gets even better. You can buy Ball/Mason jars as big as a whopping 64 oz! That's a 1/2 gallon! Ball/Mason is a fat friendly company!!

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