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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fat Phobic Surf Bans Refuse to Hire Fat Go Go Dancers
Fat surfer shooting the curl and enjoy smoke

The following article is a reprint of a report by Bigger Fatter Politics internet reporter our own Rothnda Hindenberg.

Fat Phobic Surf Band Refuses to Hire Fat Go Go Dancers 
 By Rotunda Hindenberg
Rotunda Hindenberg Fatbody award winning reporter
Gunslinger guitarist Mark Kuhn on right with his band mates.

I don't give a big fat girl toilet clogging shit how good and how cute these guys are and how cutting edge their music may be, the mere fact that they see fit to not have fat girls as go go dancers shows just how fat phobic surf bands are. Voodoo Court it no exception. Surfers in general are fat phobic. Seriously, when is the last time you saw a fat surfer? They are all lean guys the kind us fat girls swoon over. They don't make surf boards to fat people and that just as well as most of us with rather hang out on a party barge with plenty of good food, some BC hydro and some booze.

I was first attracted to Voodoo Court after hearing their food friendly songs like, Kibbles and Bits, Fish Taco, Swallow the Clam, (Us fat girls have big chowder clams) Salmon Creek, Eat Me Coffee Stained Shirt Heavy on the Cream and Cheese Whiz yum. One cannot deny the great talent, intriguing guitar styling and compositional skill of Voodoo Court but one must wonder why they don't have fat go go dancers. Sure these leanlings they have now are smoking hot and I, Rotunda Hindenberg, a super sized bi sexual womyn would be Heavy on the Cream after tasting their Fish Tacos with a little Cheese Whiz for extra flavor since skinny girls rarely come with cheese one must ask Voodoo Court, what do you have against fat girls?

Here is Voodoo Court performing Fish Taco. Sure it is a stellar performance but once again the go go dancers are anorexic!  Apparently they only eat salads YUK and save their tacos for the members of  Voodoo Court ..... SKINNY SLUTS! This is just more dangerous thinsporation for the 70% of the population that is anorexic!
Critically acclaimed album by Voodoo Court.

The surf may not be for pussies but neither are fat girls. So Voodoo Court, if you guys can't man up because this fat girl's muff is too tough, you'd  better stick with a stick. Only a dog wants a bone.
Voodoo Court has embedded subliminal messages into their music to encourage young girl to starve themselves to death. Buried in the reverb are phrases like, food is the enemy, fat is evil, starvation is good and purge. The skeleton says it all! Voodoo Court is a musical eating disorder.