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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Kind of Chicks Fat Guys Like

It's no secret that fat guys prefer skinny chicks and are repulsed by fat chicks. Most men find fat chicks repulsive. I am one of those men. It's not just their unsightly blubber that makes them so undesirable it's their behavior. Gluttons are fun but too many fat girl gluttons are a pain in the ass.

The other reason fat guys are into skinny chicks is purely pragmatic. It is either mechanically difficult or impossible for us fat guys to pork a fat girl even if we wanted to do so.

Fat Bastardo's Gallery of Gorgeous Gaunt Thigh Gap Girls


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you grew a dick you would have to beg for some mingus from the bone bags? Get a clue you fat fuck girls no matter what size they are find fat guys to be losers. All you anti-fat girl angst isn't going to change that sad fact.

Fat Bastardo said...

There is no fucking way that a fat guy can pork a fat girl. It is physically impossible.

Fat girls also have diseases cause they are such sluts.

A Doctor Screw Up Killed Joan Rivers

Been Around said...

I beg to differ FB. My girlfriend's sister and her husband are both big fat fucks (over 400lbs each, easily) and they manage to have intercourse. I know this for a fact because they have 2 kids and there was no immaculate conception involved. They must of gotten the job done at least twice and according to my girlfriend/fiancé who lived with them for a short while, they are very sexually active.
I believe if you google "sex for fat people you will find quite a few websites devoted to sex with either a fat partner or for when both partners are heavy. I’ve done some research on this sort of thing from time to time because I’m 6’1” and 200lbs while my girlfriend/fiancĂ© is 5’4” and just over 500lbs.

Fat Bastardo said...

A lot of fat guys are impotent and cockolded by their fat wives. There is a better chance that she got knocked up by a fat admirer.

There are a lot of men who like porking fat girls.

Your GF's sister and hubby may be the exceptions that prove the rule. Maybe the hubby is hung like a horse and is able to get his dick past his belly and through her fat folds. My friend the Chef, a proud man of color is a big man with a big appetite and the Chef has a huge dick like many Black men have and even the Chef can't pork the SSBBW's.

In your case you are small enough to pork your SSBBW but if you were fat like me and had an average length dick you would not be able to pork her.

I prefer slender chick because they do all the work because they will ride you cowgirl style. There is no way I will get on top of a woman at my weight.

I gave gone down on fat girls and I could not get past the funky smell and I love eating pussy. Slender women's cunts are gourmet.

Been Around said...
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Been Around said...

Unfortunately I find the cunt of a slender woman boring, unattractive and all too often they have that funky pussy odor as well. Any woman who has not showered in 8 or so hours will give off a musky scent that in some instances can curl your hair once her panties are removed. Perhaps you have never encountered the objectionable pussy odor on slender women because you don't get near much pussy. As a rule women of just about any size find fat men unattractive. It is only the rare acceptation when a woman actually admits to being attracted to a fatty. Unfortunately the pics provided in your blog post don’t truly convey any sense of sexual attraction felt by the females toward the obese males. They could just as easily be good friends or as in the pic of the fat guy stuck in the beach chair, a show of sympathy or pity on the part of the female.
Like it or not it is primal urge that causes women to shun the obese male. Somewhere back in our distant evolutionary past it became an almost hardwired thing for women to avoid fat men because the obese male was viewed as lazy, a poor provider and unable to survive without help and protection from the tribe. Let’s face it, a big fat tubby bastard could not hunt or chase down game, could not work in the field without having a heart attack and it would require the effort of the entire tribe just to feed him. He would be viewed as a liability to the survival of the tribe as a whole. Unfortunately this poor perception of the obese male carries thru right to today’s society despite the fact that we are no longer a hunter/gatherer or even an agrarian society. Because of this primal perception, most women today view obese men as weak, lazy, slovenly and physically revolting. There are simply not many women out there that will tolerate a big fat, sweaty, mouth breathing, slob; heaving and grunting on them like a water buffalo. Even fat women generally want their male partner to be thin or at least thinner than they are. It’s a weird double standard but one that exists nonetheless.
Believe me when I say that this is no direct reflection on you Fat Bastard; I hold you in the highest regard. IMHO, I think the stereotype that women have attached to fat men is for the most part false. But unfortunately it is a stereotype that has become accepted as fact by not just the female populace but by many other societal organizations and entities as well.

Fat Bastardo said...

In my experience, and I have a lot of experience in eat pussy skinny women have the best smelling pussies. As a fat guy I am great at eating pussy because I have to be. You are correct. No woman, not even fat ones want some smelly lumox like me sweating and grunting on top of them but the same holds for men. We don't want some fat girl riding us cowgirl style.

The other thing is this... fat girls have high self esteem and therefore most of them reject us fat boys. Skinny girls have low self esteem and that gives them LOW standards and that is why they are more willing to fuck a fat guy.

Skinny chicks are a great fuck because they do all the work and they love fat men because the thicker the hide the better the ride.

Most women do shun big fat stinky slothful gluttons but as stinky as us fat guys get fat girls are much stinkier and generally have even worse hygiene. Fat men are jolly. Think about it. All the fat male comics are funny but fat girls comics are mean. Lisa Lampanelli is a prime example of that. Since she lost a lot of weight I'd fuck her even though her face would cause a train to take a dirt road.

Fat men are superior in many ways. We fat men are lovers not fighters. Look at the problems in the Middle East. The trouble maker are the skinny men with their AK-47s and their chants of death to America.

We don't need to bomb them, we simply need to fatten them up and get them laid by skinny chicks and keep them stoned. We need to be building McDonalds restaurants over there and call them Mecca Donalds.