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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guns and God

Screen-Shot-2013-08-05-at-2.17.57-AM.png (770×512)

ffffound! lynch mobs: mike huckabee makes hilarious joke about nra rednecks shooting barack obama


CNN has agreed to ask questions of Trump and Hillary that are submitted to the website Open Debates by REAL people.

The question, How much money did you receive from your parent's will? Trump's father Fred Was worth at least $200 million. Trump has lied about the $14 million his father gave him in the 70's. 

Forward this and up vote the question. This will force the media to ask the tough questions.


Anonymous said...

You are a leftard piece of shit. This blog is a reflection of what a God cursed moron you are.

Get a life, you effeminate cocksucker.

Fat Bastardo said...

Thank you for providing your IP. Now Anonymous knows where you are.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ringing our bell Fat Bastardo.

-anonymous- Expect us!

Christine said...

Bah. I am not a big fan of guns. I do think it's OK for some people to own them, but there is no need for the general public to be owning semi-automatic weapons and owning lots of guns as well. The exception is if the people are collectors.

Fat Bastardo said...

I see it like this. I don't worry about high capacity guns even full auto. The problem I have is that crazy and unstable people are allowed to own guns.

A lot of crazy people own guns. Most are right wing nut that belong is a cage.