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Friday, May 12, 2017

Fat Women Ask Fat Bastardo Questions

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Obesa Porkner Asks:

I haven't posted in a long while, and now I can't run away anymore and I have come back here for help and advice. This morning I found a disgusting, red, rash-type thing under a stomach fat roll. Yuck!! How embarassing and disgusting. I don't know if I'd call it a rash or a sore or really I guess it's a chafing rash from the fat roll that hangs over my stomach. Yuck! How did I allow this to happen?

So first off, has this happened to any of you? I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, and meanwhile I put on neosporin and covered it with gauze. What will the doctor say? Other than embarrass me and tell me to lose weight? Any words of wisdom? Support? I'm so disgusted.

Fat Bastardo Answers:

It's yeast. hands down. You can try washing up really well with Head and Shoulders shampoo, blow dry under your meat skirt and use a diaper rash cream that contains Zinc. That might take care of it.

As much as I hate doctors I would love it if you would bring your fat stinking self to you OBGYN and make him gag but somethings are just too gross to inflict upon their staff. Dogs like stinky things. The will roll in the carcass of a dead animal and they will eat their own shit. A lick from a dog can kill off some of the microbes causing your rash. 

These yeasty things will keep happening. Fat girls are walking yeast infections. You need to find a shit eating dog or a feminist to lick your ass after you take a shit.

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Lotta Phatner Chimes in:

It may also be a yeast infection. These things happen to us fat girls. I get it in my belly button and under the boobies - ouch! Wash a few times a day, antibacterial soap will help. Make sure you get really dry after washing. Put some cream on it - diaper rash cream, anti-fungal, yeast infection cream, tea tree oil. There's no way of knowing which one of those is most likely to help you without a trip to the doc. I was embarrassed too and didn't want to go to the doc, so I just tried different ones until one worked. For me it was tinactin anti-fungal cream that worked to clear it up, but the tea tree oil helped make it feel better.

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Patty Eaton Asks: 

My feeder likes to eat my yeasty crotch he says it reminds me of Burger King. What do you think he means by that?

Fat Bastardo Answers: 

Patty that's simple. You remind him of a Whopper with cheese. Now let me ask you a question. Is his motto, "No muff too tough?"

Gloria Butts Asks:

Why would a guy who has a preference for slender and fit woman want to start dating a fat girl?

Fat Bastardo Answers:

I think every guy would like to take a ride on the Goodyear Blimp. Also, fat girls are easy and they give the best head because they are always hungry.  Then there are guys who like slumming it once in a while.

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Barbara Bulbous Asks:

Do men like plus sized women?

Fat Bastardo Answers:

No! The closest thing a fat girl can get to a man liking her is a fat man hating hairy diesel dyke feminist with a yeast hungry tongue and a strap on. Real men find fat girls revolting. This is a natural reaction so that they won't blow their load in the cunt of a fat girl but they will from time to time allow a chubby girl to blow them. i.e. any port in a storm.

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Have you been sucking Trump's dick again loser?

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Trump supporters are ass lickers.

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