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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obese Mothers are Good for the Economy.                                                                        Growing Obesity Increases Perils of Childbearing

With Doctors and hospitals starving to make ends meet in this tough economy the more challenging pregnancies faced by fat women and their is a ray of sunshine to the starving medical industry. It's simple economics. When medical care is more complicated and more specialists need to be brought is on a case costs go up... WAY up and so do profits!

Here is an excerpt from an article that appeared  the NY Times  that explains the good news for our struggling health care industry. Click here to read the entire article.

As Americans have grown fatter over the last generation, inviting more heart disease, diabetes and premature deaths, all that extra weight has also become a burden in the maternity ward, where babies take their first breath of life.  

About one in five women are obese when they become pregnant, meaning they have a body mass index of at least 30, as would a 5-foot-5 woman weighing 180 pounds, according to researchers with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And medical evidence suggests that obesity might be contributing to record-high rates of Caesarean sections and leading to more birth defects and deaths for mothers and babies. 

Hospitals, especially in poor neighborhoods, have been forced to adjust. They are buying longer surgical instruments, more sophisticated fetal testing machines and bigger beds. They are holding sensitivity training for staff members and counseling women about losing weight, or even having bariatric surgery, before they become pregnant.

At Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, where 38 percent of women giving birth are obese, Patricia Garcia had to be admitted after she had a stroke, part of a constellation of illnesses related to her weight, including diabetes and weak kidneys.

 Is it possible to be too fat? 

If you are an OBGYN the answer is a resounding NO! Here are the impressive numbers on C-sections alone that clearly show that the fatter a pregnant woman is the more revenue the health care industry can make.

Body Mass Index   vs   Percentage of Caesarian Births    

       20 - 25                    11%        

       25 - 30                    18%                

       30 - 35                    25%             

     35 - 40                    33%                  

     Over 40           43%                     

Very obese women, or those with a B.M.I. of 35 or higher, are three to four times as likely to deliver their first baby by Caesarean section as first-time mothers of normal weight, according to a study by the Consortium on Safe Labor of the National Institutes of Health

There you have it fellow fatlings; another example of how obesity is good for the economy. I, Fat Bastard only wish that fat haters Mrs Obama and Ms Roth would see that. AND once again, GLUTTONY, GREED, and SLOTH are GOOD!

Image result for Fat mothers
Sow Force Feeding Her Piglet


Since the publication of this article some clever bloaks in England, the second fattest country in the world, wrote a song in honor of me, Fat Bastard. I'm not surprised because according Google Analytics 25% of our traffic comes from the UK. 


Anonymous said...

What sucks more than than the fact that these pig whores are sucking up valuable medical resources is the fact that they are bringing disabled kids into the world and raising them to be pigs just like their pig mama's

Skinny Lynn said...

I agree with Anonymous. Only a selfish bitch would have such little regard for a child.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard!

I just discovered this YouTube video.


Please do check it out.

The guy keeps singing "you fat bastard" in the chorus.

Perhaps you might want to adopt this one as your very own theme song.

Confused Observer said...

What about the fact that obese people become disabled more frequently, and therefore they are not able to work as much or as hard as a non-obese person (on average, there are exceptions.) In other words, yeah she will cost more for her childbirth, but she will be less able to work over her lifetime, and that will more than make up for the extra profits that the medical industry gets.

Fat Bastard said...


I need a good theme song!

@ Confused Observer,

We little piggies are a market.
We little piggies stay home.
We little piggies need insulin
You little thinlings need none.
And the greedy gluttonous corporatists go OINK OINK OINK all the way to them bank!

Now do you see how gluttony is good for the economy? Right now 20% of the US GDP is health care and we fatlings are responsible for a huge slice of that. If that thinling Obama had not gotten in and "fixed" health care it would be 25% of our GDP. The medical industry relies on our gluttony and we falings rely on them. If we got thin it would be a disaster for the medical industry.

What would happen to companies like Liberty Medical and the scooter store? You are being very shortsighted. GLUTTONY IS GOOD!

Fat Fuck Kaminski said...

Great fucking song!

Anonymous said...





This blog is the BEST! You are a fatspiration to fatlings everywhere YOU FAT BASTARD!

Fat Bastard said...

@ Anon,

We work very hard to do our part in the promotion of fat rights, obesity and gluttony and that is why Bigger Fatter Blog is now the leading fat acceptance site on the web. Bigger Fatter Blog has in a very short time eclipsed all other blog. We are now getting more 4 times as many page views than the next leading fat acceptance site.

A big reason why we have had this unprecedented success is because of our reader like you Anon. Our readers are spreading the word. Google Analytics shows that we are getting readers form every corner of the world.

Bigger Fatter Blog is now the go to source for all things fat.


Anonymous said...

Hey Fat Bastard, Bigger Fatter Blog is huge in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Ragazze grasse vagine che hanno l'odore di pesce marcio.

Henri said...

Femmes obèses américains sont vulgaires et grossiers. Les femmes de la France ont un parfum délicieux.

Gunner said...

Schweine! Widerlich! Schießen Sie sie!

Proud FA said...

Gunner said...

Schweine! Widerlich! Schießen Sie sie!


Lighten up there Hitler we don't shoot fat girls in the USA. We harpoon them with our bratwursts.

Proud FA said...

Henri said...

Femmes obèses américains sont vulgaires et grossiers. Les femmes de la France ont un parfum délicieux.


Hey Frenchie,

If you frogs can eat snails surely you would not mind the fat girl musk. Our fat girls maybe fat and a bit funky smelling but most of the shave their arm pits.

Fat Bastard boned a couple of skinny French women and he did say that they smelled and tasted great.

V2 Rocket said...

IMO, pregnant women who pig out, drink, smoke and drug are worse than rapists. IMO Rapist should lose their balls and pig dog women should lose their ovaries.

Fat Bastard said...

It would seem that many people feel that way V2. You are new here so I will fill you in. My blog partner Proud FA had a long career of porking fat girls but now he is engaged to a skinny woman who we call Thinnette. Proud wants to have kids and he reasons that fat girls are not healthy enough to produce healthy kids so he plans to sire his kids with Thinnete.

Anonymous said...

WOW! That poll is shocking! I always knew that fat chicks were big sluts but I never thought about what horrible mothers they were. It makes sense because they ac like selfish sluts so it would follow that they would not take care of the developing fetus.

Teddy Bear said...

Henri said...

"Femmes obèses américains sont vulgaires et grossiers. Les femmes de la France ont un parfum délicieux."


I hear that the French have a reputation for not smelling so good.

I have also heard that they don't use deodorants and they make a bar of soap last a whole year before having to buy a now one.

Hey boys and girls!

Can you say Pepe Le Pew?

Fat Bastard said...

This Frogs really piss me off Teddy. They eat like pigs and they are really not very fat. French women are hot OOO LA LA!

The serve wine at McDonalds there.

That German Gunner said to shoot us. Actually Germany is getting fat now too. Pretty soon all the Krauts will look like Sargeant Shults. He was the perfect jolly fat man. John Banner was a great fat actor but my favorite was Dan Blocker who played Hoss Cartwright on Bonanza. He was one kick as fat boy!

More guys are developing an apprecation for the fat girl musk. When my fat man musk combines with baby powder I am irresistable to chicks. I am like a big hairy baby and they like that.

Fat Bastard said...

One more thing Teddy,

These nice folks in the UK linked BFB to this site

They saw that BFB is glutton friendly. Perhaps you should tell them about your sites and you tube. They would be fools not to link to you. You are the leading expert on bariatic nutrition and fat body types. You are are source for all things fat.

Here is an email addy;
There are many BBW sites on the Internet, we are biased towards those with a strong feeding content.

If you would like to be listed here or if we have listed you and you want to be removed, then please write to us.

Joe Feeds said...

If the US is not careful Europe will surpass them in feederism. Our Obesity levels are growing slower that theirs. I blame Obama.

Fat Bastard said...


I don't blame Obama. I think it is simply peaking. Not everyone want to be fat and besides we need thinlings. It would be tough surviving without them. That is the downside to childhood gluttony. We need these kids to serve us fatlings.

Anonymous said...

Sterilize fat bitches!