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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heart Attack Grill Is A Gateway To Fatty Heaven

A burger worth dying for!
A customer collapsed while eating a burger at the "Heart Attack Grill" (AP/Matt York)

No one can accuse The Heart Attack Grill of false advertising.

A woman collapsed into unconsciousness at the Las Vegas restaurant while eating a "double bypass burger," drinking a margarita and smoking a cigarette.

The unnamed customer was the second in just over two months to collapse at the restaurant while eating one of the famed burgers named after various forms of cardiac arrest. Back in February, another customer was caught on video being carted out by paramedics after suffering a heart attack while eating a "quadruple bypass" burger.

The Heart Attack Grill's owner Jon Basso tells ABC News that the woman is currently recovering in the hospital. Basso told ABC that he himself has eaten at least one single bypass burger each day since his restaurant first opened seven years ago.

"It's a lifestyle issue," Basso said. "We attract the avant-garde of lifestyle seekers."

The Heart Attack Grill offers free meals to any customer who weighs over 350 pounds and features a butterfat milkshake, nonfiltered cigarettes, "flatliner" fries and four burgers, each rated on an ascending scale of "a single bypass" to the "quadruple bypass."

There's a tongue-in-cheek warning sign at the restaurant's door stating that the offered dining fare is a health risk. Waitresses in the restaurant even wear nurses' uniforms.

Last year, the company's 600-pound spokes-model died when he was only 29-years-old.

"It's the Mecca for unhealthy lifestyles," Basso said.


Anonymous said...

I was in Dallas not too long ago and the restaurant guide in my hotel said that there was a Heart Attack GRill in town...I went to find it but it was out of business. I like to eat and have a pretty big beer belly already...I thought it would be a fun place to try out.

Fat Bastard said...

OINK! The HAG is like Mecca for us fatlings!