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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

That's Not A Knife. This is Knife. That's Not a BBW. This Is a BBW.

Food trumps everything and the fact that 76% of women are fat or   obese drives this point home.  In spite of the fact BBWs are plagued with many of the gluttony induced maladies they stalwartly  remain committed to eating and gaining weight. That's dedication!!

Some people have a strange idea what a BBW is. What a BBW was 30 years ago and what one is now has changed dramatically. If a fat guy is able to pork a woman then she is NOT I repeat NOT a BBW.
Crocodile Dundee explaining to his squeeze and a thug what a knife is.
Mick he has a knife! That's not a knife, this is a knife. Let's turn this into a teaching moment. I, Fat Bastard will be presenting some BBW, Plumpers, Chubs, SSBBW's Pork Beast and Land Whales as a way to clear up the misconception as to what a BBW really is.
This is a chub, a fat guy can pork it and a skinny would hit it but not tell his friends.
This is a plumper, if a fat guy can pork it, it's a plumper
This is a BBW. Most fat guys would have a tough time porking her. There are probably chronic yeast infections and yeasty fat folds
This is a pork beast. Only the most dedicated fat admirer could get with this. Pork beasts become gender ambiguous. Their tits often resemble boob and many of the are diesel and bull dykes. Be afraid! Be very afraid! These pork beasts cause more buried penis syndrome than a grade 5 panniculus  aka meat skirt.
This is a atypical pork beast or a fat drag queen. Notice the beginning of a split pannus aka meat skirt.
This is an SSBBW. The distinction between SSBBW and landwhale has always been a subject for heated debate. Landwhale often travel in pod and see skinny guys and buffets and their krill.
Not Porkable by a Fat Man ---------------------Now Porkable

These are landwhales. The are in a pod and they are either saying "We're number one" Landwhales can be very confident or they are saying their combined weigh is 1 ton or they want one more box of Twinkies.

Landwhale trying to land a Whopper! Try Burger King honey!

 This one could go either way. Some experts may describe this as a landwhale pup

I hope this clear things up.

Now for some more images.

No longer gravitationally challenged. Drunk BBW with ET Feeder.
Landwhale? BBW? SSBBW? Or in transition?
This is a recent development. Back tits!

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