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Friday, August 10, 2012

Fat Bastard To Sue Fat Bastard Wines

There have been a lot of fat bastards.
Here's one.
Here's another but he's a nasty fat bastard who takes drugs, lies and molests children.

Then we have the original and most famous Fat Bastard the defacto leader of the fat acceptance movement. Fat Bastard Wine has used me, Fat Bastard to sell its wines calling them "remarkably full bodied" just like me, Fat Bastard. I am not here to trash Fat Bastard Wines or Thiery and Guy a couple of Frenchies. In fact I just polished  off a bottle of Fat Bastard Sharaz although I prefer to call Sharaz Syrah.  Yes, Fat Bastard Sharaz really is remarkably full bodied and I just cracked the cap on my second bottle.

I, Fat Bastard, the original Fat Bastard, will be seeking cease and desist order to force Fat Bastard wines to stop using me, Fat Bastard to promote their excellent wine. Before this gets nasty and goes to court, I ask that Fat Bastard Wines compensate me Fat Bastard for their unauthorized use of my handle, Fat Bastard.

Here are some suggestions for some names using me likeness.

Glutton's Pride: A wine for the gluttonous gourmand

Ovine Vine: A wine for the pig in all of us.

Fat Roll Red: A wine made from chocolate covered raisins and fermented with the select yeast of a fat girl's fat folds.

Eat Beast Boar Dough: A wine for hungry hungry hogs

Contact Fat Bastard Wine By Clicking HERE!

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