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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Do Not Apologize For Your Appetite

We in the Fat Acceptance Movement lose credibility when our members make outrageous statement like "I weigh 400 pounds and I only eat 900 calories a day." That one does not even pass the giggle test. We need not apologize for our gluttony and gormandizing. We did not get fat because we hate food. We love food and we should love food. Life is short and it is doubtful that there is a god so what we do on earth won't matter when we are gone. I for one will not apologize for my gluttonous hedonism and neither should you.

Food is glorious. It is better than love by far. It never rejects you. Unlike "God" it never ignores your pleas. If love were better then parents would not be raising obese kids who will suffer ridicule from this fat hating society and allegedly a lifetime of health problems but let's not get on that slippery slope right now. No, this is about being unapologetic and guilt free about eating as much as we want, when ever we want and what ever we want.

I love feeder chat on Dimensions Magazine. I love calling these lovely BBWs pigs and the love it too. I love looking at extremely fat women. Most men do. If you do a Google image search and type in BBW you will find image after image of BBWs unashamedly showing off their lovely large bodies but if you Google terms like skinny woman (who'd want to?) and you will find mostly fully clothed stick girls. My point is fat women need not apologize for how much they eat. That is a sure way to develop an eating disorder. Do what I and other fat men do eat all you want and if someone has a problem with that just tell them to F off!

Our matra needs to be "You can't ever eat to much and you cannot ever weigh too much so don't judge us" I am hoping for a paradigm shift in the Fat Acceptance Movement. There is too much infighting and the cause of that infighting is because many of us in the movement will not say, "Yes that's right I eat 6000+ calories a day everyday. You got a problem with that?


Anonymous said...

I think this will be great for fat acceptance. I cringe every time some some SSBBW says she barely eats orher diabetes made her fat. It is such total bullshit.

As a feeder I've pumped 20K plus into my gainer everyday for a week and she barely gained 8 pounds.

Thank God for Dimension Magazine. They are the true spirit of fat acceptance. NAAFA is sooooooooo hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

I really wish there were a way to slow their metabolic rates because it costs a lot to feed them.

Mike Hunt said...

Feederism, what could be a greater way of promoting gluttony. While I am not a tube feeder, (I prefer to watch them eat. It seems so much more sporting and seductive.) there are probably times that a good force feeding is just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately Lowee there is no way to speed or slow the basal metabolic rate by more than a few calories per day. That is a myth perpetrated by the diet industry and groups like NAFFA who over the year have lost touch with what fat acceptance is and should be.

Men are less apologetic about their appetites. Sadly women still are not comfortable in their bodies and because society has pressured them into thinking body image and self image are the same thing. If NAAFA's leadership were truly liberated and fat accepting they would not have come out with their the obtuse slogan, "Fat by nature proud by choice" We are fat by choice and we need not apologize for choosing it. Embrace the fat. Embrace the food. Food! Glorious Food!

Fat Bastard said...

If anyone wants to see a massive feeding frenzy go to a NAAFA convention.

Mike and I once bought a huge rectangular planter and filled it with pastries, cheese, dip, candy, bacon and we brought it into the "pig pen." It was outstanding debauchery. Baccus smiled upon us!

In 09 we plan on playing pin the tail on the piggy.

Fat Bastard said...

I would love to feed Joy Nash till her buttons pop.

Richard said...

First off diabetes is a myth and is never caused by eating.

Instead of just using a feeder tube have her try a good quality salt lick cattle prefer. Pour some barBQue sause all over it and have her clean it off 5 times a day. Jabba will have nothing on her. Moootastic fun!

Fat Bastard said...

You're not serious are you?

If I were Joy's significant other I would feed her a huge bowl of french fries smothered in savory melted cheese and covered with a pound of crumbled bacon. MMMMMMMMMMM!! Before that though I would tease her by pulling the bowl away. I would make her squeal like the sexy little piggy she is.

I would feed her like she had never been fed before. Some lucky bastard must be feeding her now. She's hit another growth spirt. By the time that bulbous wench is 40 at the rate she is going she will be close to 400 sexy pounds.

Keep on chowin mama. Pack that food away.

Keep on chowin Chow until the break of day.

Your the best BBW on the internet.
I would love to drink your sweat.

Keep on chowin mama pack that food away.
Proud FA and I both are turned on when a BBW steps on the scales.

Richard said...

Joys sweat must taste like apple sauce and bacon droppings. Hmmmm hmmmm good! Get me a loaf of garlic bread and its a Joyful sandwich!

Richard said...

I wonder if NAAFA has anything on the Golden Buffet crowds I see. I see piles of mac and cheese dissapear than gunpowder on fire. That "pig pen" must be a sight to see. Do they have tables or do they sit around a golden food god while eating cracklin sandwiches (deep fried porkskins layered with cheese and butter)?

Fat Bastard said...

The buffets at the NAAFA conventions look like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the NAAFA babe screw more Black men than FEMA. Proud FA is still the top scorer because his feed sessions are legendary.

Shinobu said...

Though it isn't true for everyone, you can be fat and barely eat. I gain weight eating 1200 calories a day, so I was nearing 300 pounds and not overeating at all.

I dont speak English said...

6000+ calories a day everyday???? I know this is a fake blog but you don't need to emphasize reality: I was obese and I never could eat "6000 calories a day everyday"! :D Truth is it was enough for me to assume daily more than 2000 kcal to took weight.
I don't know why do you hate fatties so much, maybe you had issues with a fat bully at school?
Or may be you can't lose/take weight and you're angry for that.
I don't know, but I think there is already enough sizeism in this world. Your contribute is unnecessary like extra calories on diet.
Have a nice day :)

Fat Bastard said...

Fake blog you say???

Not only can't you speak English you can't do math either.

This is NOT a fake blog. Read some of more recent articles and then read a science book and then eat some fried food.