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Is Obesity A Choice?

Sunday, April 13, 2008


NAAFA's position on fat acceptance has been schizophrenic and disingenuous. What first comes to mind is their position on feederism. Nearly all NAAFAIANS are either feeders or gainers. The average NAAFA convention is pretty much "Have Feeding Tube Will Travel". Every feeder knows that a NAAFA convention is is a plethora of plumpness primed to be pumped with wonderfully sweet and savory concoctions compliments of the friendly feeder's feeding tube. This year's 2008 NAAFA Convention is being held July 9th - 13th in fat friendly city of Los Angeles California.

NAAFA has aligned itself with the feminist movement which seems to run counter to both movements. The feminist movement is in its last throes and it is dragging fat acceptance down with it. Fat feminism is indeed silly. Fat bodied women are the the most self-confident and strident women on the planet and the do not need some man hating dykes telling them that men are oppressing them when it is skinny women who are being oppressed and exploited like cattle as they are starved and paraded up and down cat walks and made to look weak and hideous. Fat women are not these meek little kittens who purge and starve. The fat bodied female is the alpha female. She is strong and she does not need to be told that she isn't. She does not need some emotional vampire telling here that she is oppressed or damaged when nothing could be further from the truth.

NAAFA has been asked by its critics if it is possible to be too fat. NAAFA has danced around that issue for years when all they should have done is answer with a resounding NO! One can not be a fat acceptor and claim that anyone is "too fat". As NAAFA skirts that issue they make outrageous claims that fat bodied people are as healthy or healthier than people of typical size. That is just too much hog wash for the rational mind to handle. We are far less healthy physically but we are much healthier mentally because we are pleasure seeking gluttons and there is nothing wrong with that.

NAAFA's greatest failure is the fact that they do not speak for the vast majority of fat bodied people. In fact most fat bodied people have never even heard of NAAFA. NAAFA has been on a rapid decline for many years. The once noble NAAFA started by Bill Fabrey is a mere shell of its former self. NAAFA has been hyjacked by a bunch of kooks that everybody laughs at. Back in 1969 when Bill started this once noble cause NAAFA stood for National Association to Aid Fat Americans. Bill's vision was to help fat bodied Americans.

NAAFA today stands for National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. Therein lies the problem. NAAFA went from a human rights organization to an organization with a vague and confused mission and an overly zealous political and social agenda.


Mike Hunt said...

I remember we had an executive suite and the the 04 Convention in Jersey. WOW! What a pig fest that was. We must have tube fed about 20 of them.

We hung a sign on our door that read "Welcome to the Pig Pen". It was one giant feed fest. We clogged the Jaccuzzi with all the food we were feeding our piggies. We really trashed the place but we had a good time.

A good feed is still to be had at a NAAFA convention. Once the booze starts flowing the piigies go hog wild. It's great! Beats the hell out of spring break.

The Reverend Schmitt., FCD. said...

Top notch.

Anonymous said...

Feeding fat bitches in a hot tub. You should have called the hot tub clogging the bay of pigs incident.

Hoggin taken to the extreme. YUK!

Mike Hunt said...

You don't get it BallsDez. Men love to do what you call hoggin. Fat women are sluts and sluts ate a good thing.

If you want some inhibited stick girl more power to you but I prefer a big fat uninhibited fat food slut like they gorgeous Joy Nash.

I suspect Balldez that YOU are intimidated by fat women because deep down you know you cannot handle a lusty fat wench.

Anonymous said...

They are sluts alright...FOOD SLUTS!

Fat Bastard said...

The NAAFA is a joke. They took a great idea and fucked it up. Crazy bitches!

Proud FA said...