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Is Obesity A Choice?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gluttony IS Good

We love food and we will not apologize for our size. NAAFA and other fat acceptance organizations may express similar views but they are constantly back pedaling from that position. It's a fact if you are fat it is because you are a glutton. We fatties eat obscene amounts of food. Why deny it? There is no other way to get super fat. The metabolism argument is a cop out and besides it is total bullshit . I cringe when I hear a fellow fatty justifying "why they are fat" with blatant lies. We are fat because we are gluttons so I don't want to hear that fat by nature proud by choice garbage that has become the battle cry of every simpleton who thinks they are part of the fat acceptance movement.

According to the Bible Gluttony is a sin but we all know that the Bible is bullshit and it's god is an evil despot so it only goes to follow that anything that goes against the demented Christian god has to be a good thing and what is better than food? Food is OUR god therefore our love for food and enjoyment of it is simply us behaving in a godly manner. When someone like the government or some diet promoter starts issuing diet they would be in effect committing an act of religious persecution. In the case of the government it would be a violation of several constitutionally protected rights.

We have been called a food sluts and I where that label proudly. America is a nation of food sluts. Even if it is true that we will die prematurely so what? What is better and more satisfying than food? Life pretty much sucks for most people but food and drink make it bearable. EAT EAT EAT EAT and enjoy. Die fat and happy. We are fat! We are mean!! We will not eat Lean Cuisine!!!

We should not apologize for our size. That is a given but we should not deny the behavior that has made us fat nor should we apologize for it. That would be blasphemy!

Image result for obese woman eating cheese
Gorgeous girl glutton gobbles gouda!


Mike Hunt said...

I wish Big Fat Blog would stop skirting the issue and stop being apologists. Even when I read a fat rant or a righteous attack on MeMe Roth and her NAAO I still hear a bunch of apologists who will embrace the fat but not the glorious gluttony that we enjoy so much.

The only major we influence that embraces gluttony is Dimensions magazine and its founder Conrad Blickenstorfer. ISSA also seems to be mute on the gluttony issue as are the folks at Gab Cafe and Big Fat Blog. That being the case I started Bigger Fatter Blog to promote all phases of fat acceptance.

Anonymous said...

OMG finally an honest fatty. At least these fuckers admit they are vulgar ugly self indulgent gluttons.

I have seen that fat cunt Joy Nash and her fucked up fat rant on You Tube. What a dumb fucking cunt she is! Pretty soon when she pack on a few more pound she will start sprouting pig bristles on her chin like other fat women. YUK!


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how dishonest the obesity promoters are. Fat people are the reason this country sucks now.

Fat people are dumb fucks. They are ruining our health care and wrecking our economy.

I read the Obesity Myth written by that chubby chaser Paul Campos. He is a weasel like turd.

Fat Bastard said...

Screw you Balldez. So we cost society a little bit more initially. We make up for it by dying sooner so unless you are a hemorrhoid get of my ass.

I am not a Joy Nash fan either but the chick is hot. Not all fat women get facial hair.

You are welcome to post here Balldez but please tone it down some. You can be angry but the hate is a bit over the top.


Richard said...

balldez does not understand the HAES eating principle of eating everything we see, smell, and reach in order to please our tum tums. Keep this up and we will run you over with our electric shopping carts with the battle cry "moooo".

Richard said...

I like the fat chicks with folds on the back of their necks because it reminds me of a pack of hotdogs. hmmmm hotdogs.

Fat Bastard said...

Jennifer Portnick calls it intuitive eating. I call it eating what ever the fuck I want.

I love those motorized shopping carts PRAISE Wal-Mart! Wal-Mart is developing one in conjunction with the manufacturer who makes the Rascal scooter and Baldor Hydraulics to make a scooter with a seat on a hydraulic piston so that people in need of motorized carts can reach item of the top shelves. The needs of fat people are advancing technology. Tell the fat haters to put that in their pipes and smoke it.

Richard said...

I like the seefood approach. I see it, I eat it, they see me eat it, and later on I wear it for all to see. Chin folds are my eating medals of glory.

Anonymous said...

I call it the harpoon approach, Chips Ahoy it's a land while! Throw the harpoon. Harpoon that beasty!

hope505 said...

..."We are fat because we are gluttons so I don't want to hear that fat by nature proud by choice garbage that has become the battle cry of every simpleton who thinks they are part of the fat acceptance movement...."

I dunno....I'm not really a joiner, so I don't consider myself part of any movement. But Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "...hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that."...and I do believe every person has the right to feel relaxed and free and happy no matter what their age, size, shape, or haircolor.

I'd say that people are "fat" for different reasons though, and to different degrees. I don't understand why you want to write that everyone's fat is the same...

Either way you have a very interesting blog! And you are such a good sport about the haters! Thanks for writing.

Fat Bastard said...

The views about the cause obesity on bigger fatter blog are based on undeniable scientific fact. There is on reason and one reason only why we get fat and stay fat. That reason is Energy input vs Energy output.

It is a fact that it is impossible for any woman to be fat if she keeps her input to 2000 calories or less. That reality is not debatable. It is a scientific certainty based upon physical laws.

My bone of contention with current FA is the lies about why people are fat. It is like they are saying "it's not my fault I am fat." FA does not need apologist and we don't need misinformation. We need credibility and we won't get it by lying about why people are fat. Fat by nature proud by choice is BS. I am fat by choice ans so is everyone else. The fat haters hate us mainly because of our bullshit. The vast majority of fat people ignore this cause because of our bullshit and loony rhetoric.

I got the idea for this blog from watching Penn and Teller's show Bullshit on HBO. Penn Gillette is a fellow lummox. The only genetic factor for obesity is the human's desire for survival and pleasure. We all have that genetic predisposition. 1/3 of Americans fight that. The rest of us don't. I think the ones who fight it are nuts.

Every human has the capacity to be a glutton. That is how we evolved. It is why we survived and prospered. Gluttony is good. Let's not make fools of ourselves. We should embrace our gluttony and not pretend it doesn't exist.

Show me a fatty and I'll show you a glutton. Show me an honest glutton and I will show you a person who is happy and truly at peace.

I welcome the fat haters here. I think I can change their hearts and minds.

Proud FA said...

Gluttony is great! I hope the crazy man hating dykes would wake up and get off this fat by nature crap. Dumb cunts!

Anonymous said...


Balltungo said...

Skinny people and muscle heads suck. I love being fat and getting fatter. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD YUM!

Biggus Piggus said...

Food RULZ!

Gluttony IS good. It's damn good. I would rather eat myself to death than starve myself to death. We all gotta die sometime so we might as well die doing what we love and for me that's eating.

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I always find it amusing that these old pictures keep popping up all over the net. The girl pictured eating birthday cake in the nude at the end of this installment of your blog happens to be my wife. It was taken back in 1986 and was featured as part of a photo spread in an adult publication known as BUF magazine. She was 19 years old at the time and was tipping the scales at about 600lbs. The reason I find it amusing is that her initial photo shoot was not well received by the readership of BUF (I guess she was too extreme for the times) but as time has passed her pictures seem to have taken on a life of their own. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen her image used on the internet on everything from fat admirer sites to sites featuring tasteless shock value entertainment. Don’t get me wrong as I’m not complaining. I fully understand that the net has very little safeguards in place to prevent the pirating of such material so there is really no use in worrying about it. Actually I’m quite proud that she is still remembered even if her image isn’t always used in the most flattering of ways. In any event we both still get a charge out of seeing this old stuff.

BTW, love your blog, it’s the first real slice of truth I’ve come across regarding fat acceptance.

caitlin brantley said...
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Fat Bastardo said...

First of all, it is important to understand that God really likes fat. So I suppose he likes fat people, too. (He's probably overweight himself.)
All the fat is the Lord's. -- Leviticus 3:16
Even God's sword is fat (and bloody).
The sword of the LORD is filled with blood, it is made fat with fatness. -- Isaiah 34:6
God even likes fat animals. He plans to feed people to to them to make them nice and fat.
Thus saith the Lord GOD; Speak unto every feathered fowl, and to every beast of the field ... Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth ... And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken, of my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you. -- Ezekiel 39:17-19
God makes the diligent fat. (Lazy people are always skinny.)
The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat. -- Proverbs 13:4
God makes liberals fat, too. (I guess religious liberals should be the fattest of all.)
The liberal soul shall be made fat. -- Proverbs 11:25
If you put your trust in God, he will make you fat.
He that putteth his trust in the LORD shall be made fat. -- Proverbs 28:25
Being fat is is sure sign of righteousnous in the eyes of God.
The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree ... they shall be fat and flourishing. -- Psalm 92:12-14