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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Is Obama A Fat Admirer?

I spend a lot of time talking to other fat admirers and we all agree that we would like to hit that fine booty on our new first lady. Yeah I get it. She is not even obese but she certainly is over weight and she sure got back.
Baby got back!
Yowza! Yowza!

I voted for Obama. Fat Bastard thought McCain was the fat friendliest candidate but he is now able to appreciate the fact that our new president likes his ladies thick. That is a good start. There will be a whole lot of wining and dining at the White House and I am hoping all those good eats will plump up our lovely first lady. Cindy McCain would have been a huge disappointment. We feeders don't want to see some aging anorexic drug addicted Barbie doll like Stepford wife Cindy McCain.
Get off the crack honey and eat something!

McCain must like his women skinny. He tossed away hid first wife for gaining only a few pounds. They say Irishmen have small dicks. Perhaps he likes his women skinny so that his dick will look bigger. I don't think Barack suffers from small penis syndrome. He sort of reminds me of Enzyte spokesman Smilin Bob.

They both have that generous swelling of pride but I would guess that a fine alpha male like Barack doesn't need any Enzyte. Most of us feeders and fat admirers are not lacking in the meat department. Obama is a confident man and don't think he is going to go crazy with the president's council on physical fitness or ask his Surgeon General to ban all the fattening foods BBWs love so much.

America's fatlings will be A OK with President Obama. He has Michelle and she a buxom beauty with a bodacious booty that will grow even faster than the economic recovery Barack has planned. America is now in fat friendly hands.


Brenda said...

I am not a member of the fat acceptance but I am quite fluffy. I'm 5'4" and 280 pounds of hot and sexy. Obama my be more "fat friendly" than John McCain in your opinion but he is a Muslim and we here in the Godly Christian South.

I do like this blog. We Southern bells are proudly the fattest women in America but the fat acceptance movement is run by a bunch of crazy far left wingnuts who hate men. I like what you guys are doing.

Proud FA said...

Brenda, with all due respect Obama is not a Muslim. He is familiar with Islam but he professes to be a Christian and I take him at his word.

I sure do like you Southern gals. You daughters of the South are the fattest and plumpest in the whole USA. I am a HUGE fan of Paula Deen the butter queen. She can put on a feed. I would love to have a feed party that featured Southern cuisine. Fat back, fried chicken, pork, cracklins, chitlins, sweet tea, banana pudding mare with heavy cream and deep fried everything. I would have all the plump ladies dressed in crenilin dresses and fat Black mammies dressed like Aunt Jemimah serving up heaping helpings of good food. That would be heaven. I would be your Rhett Butterrer and you would my plumped Scarlett Obesa and we would save Tara from the Marauding Yankee hordes. If people think a party like this would be vulgar or obscene I would simply turn to them and say, "Frankly, I don't give a damn.

Welcome to bigger fatter blog Brenda and thank you for your comment. EAT!

Teddy Bear said...

Hey! I voted for Obama!

I like him, I think he's really cool! In fact, I think he's kind of cute!

If I were to meet him in person, instead of shaking his hand, I would give him a hug instead, and even a kiss on the cheek! I think he is so cute!

And this is coming from a straight guy!

And his wife, yeah, she's hot!

She's not exactly fat, but she does have nice soft round curves and nice breasts. She'll probably fatten up nicely during the next four years. She's a real woman, and not one of those anorexic bimbos like McCain's wife.

Yuck! McCain's wife is a real bone rattler, a hatchet-faced refugee from a Necropolis!

I'm soooooooooo glad that McCain did not win the election. He picked a real moron as his running mate, Sarah Palin, for Vice President.

Now fucking way!

When you're Vice President, you're only just a heart-beat away from being President, and if McCain had croaked while in office, than Sarah Palin would be President, and the country would go down the crapper.


When Sarah Palin was Mayor in her home town of Wasilla Alaska, she wanted to have the head librarian fired from the public library, and she also wanted to have some books censored and banned from the library.

Now, she didn't actually try to have it done, but she did make inquiries as to whether it could be done.

But I don't give a flying fuck! Just wanting to have it done is as bad as actually doing it, and anyone who wants to have books censored and banned from public libraries has no business running in public office.

Sarah Palin is not only another anorexic bimbo, but she is also a moron!

So, I'm glad the Republicans lost the election and we sent them home on the short bus.

Book censorship is a real hot-button issue for me. Because I'm a fat little sissy-boy who hates sports, I prefer to read books, and listen to classical music, and work on oil paintings, and I love to read, so you don't take books away from me,

I enjoy good books, good music, and good food!

Here is some more information on Sarah Palin.

She inherited a city with zero debt, but left it with indebtedness of over $22 million.

What did Mayor Palin encourage the voters to borrow money for? Was it the infrastructure that she said she supported? The sewage treatment plant that the city lacked? or a new library?

No! $1 million for a park, and $15 million-plus for construction of a multi-use sports complex which she rushed through to build on a piece of property that the City didn't even have clear title to, that was still in litigation 7 years later — to the delight of the lawyers involved!

The sports complex itself is a nice addition to the community but a huge money pit, not the profit-generator she claimed it would be. She also supported bonds for $5.5 million for road projects that could have been done in 5-7 years without any borrowing.

Yeah, the same person who wants to ban books and fire librarians, wastes the city's money for some stupid sports complex!

Never mind that the city needed a sewage treatment plant. Never mind that the roads have more potholes than the moon has craters. Everything else can go the Hell in a hen-basket, lets build a new sports complex!


I hope that someday ALL human being will become too fat and lazy to want to play sports. Sumo Wrestling will be the only sport people will care for.

I say, tear down all the football stadiums and sports arenas and replace them their planetariums and concert halls.

Well, I'm glad we have Obama, and he is getting people who are well educated working for him on solving the present economic crises, the environment, education, health care. etc etc. He is going to have really smart people on his staff, instead of the morons Bush had working for him.

So, once again, being smart will be considered cool, people will look up to the nerds and geeks, and all the jocks can just take a hike!

Yes, being under Obama as President is going to be cool. It's obvious that he'll be fat friendly, or at least not prejudice against fat people, because his wife is a little bit chubby. Not really fat, but voluptuous as women should be.

Yes, he is concerned about the nations health, and he is concerned about obesity, but we can be sure that he is not going to enact health care policies that are prejudicial toward us fat people that had been enacted in the past, especially like on other countries like the UK which is the worst Nanny State on the planet.

That is because Obama, being our first black President, he know what's it's like to be on the receiving end of prejudice, so he is not going to enact health care policies that will leave us fatties out in the cold.

I knew someday that we would have a black President, that it was only a matter of time.

I'm happy to have lived to finally see a black President. It means that we as a nation has finally grown up, and I'm happy to have had a chance to vote for our first black President.

Some day we will have a woman President, and I would even vote for her, as long as it's NOT Sara Palin.

I would love to see a great big fat black Jewish woman as President.

Anyway, I'm hopeful that America is finally going to get smart. It is about time. We had a dumb-ass for the past 8 years, and I think people were almost afraid to vote to John McCain because his running mate, Sarah Palin kind of scared people off.

She's also another Skin-And-Bones Ana Mia Queen!

I'm so glad that Obama won!

And I think he's cute!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama isn't fat, she isn't even 'thick'.

The first lady is 5'10" tall and she wears a dress size 8. You can pretend all you like, but she's light years away from overweight.

Here's an article about it:

Teddy Bear said...

Anonymous said...

"Michelle Obama isn't fat, she isn't even 'thick'.

The first lady is 5'10" tall and she wears a dress size 8. You can pretend all you like, but she's light years away from overweight."

I never said she was fat, but only that she dose have nice curves.

She does not look like a soda straw like all those Hollywood models, but like a real woman, she dose have curves, even though she is not overweight.

Go back and re-read my post, or else, go back to the first grade and learn all over again, how to read!

Your reading comprehension is atrocious!

Brenda said...

Hi Teddy,

I also would like to kiss that sexy Barack. I don't believe in race mixing but many a Southern girl keeps a fine buck like that sexy Barack in the woodshed. I see that you don't have what it takes to satisfy a woman. Don't feel bad most fat guys have trouble satisfying a woman. Our Black men are not fat like the White men. They can really satisfy a woman's needs. It has been a long held but seldom spoken of Southern tradition of wealthy Southern women keeping Black men. Now it is more open.

Proud FA, I would love to attend your cotillion. I love wearing crenilin and with my bog caboose I don't need a bustle. I think Clarke Gables was a real hunk!

Fat Bastard said...

Teddy, once again you put all your weight behind this one and hit it out of the park.

I am starting to like Obama. Proud FA and I went round and round about him election time. I wasn't down on him because he's a bean pole. I was worried about his experience but he has surrounded himself with some very good people. I also think you are right about our first lady. She will pack on the pounds for sure. Most will go to her bodacious butt.

Brenda, you have got to come to a NAAFA convention. If you are 280 now after a NAAFA convention Proud FA will have you at an even 300. Also Brenda Black men are a very sought after commodity at a NAAFA convention. Most of the women there have fat husbands and when it comes to throwing the dick a fat man cannot compete with a skinny guy.

To anonymous I would ask, what are you going to believe some bullshit article in the internet or your own eyes? Mrs Obama is thin on top but she is thick on the bottom. She has a great ass.

Brenda said...

Being fed by a man sounds sooooo hot!

What's a NAAFA convention? Will that sexy Proud FA guy be there?

I really want to be with a skinny guy who adores my curves and who can make me squeal like a little piggy. That would be soooo hot. I'll leave my tubby chubby hubby home. ;-)

Fat Bastard said...

Hi Brenda,

To answer your question; NAAFA is the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. There was a time when NAAFA was a viable force in the Fat Acceptance movement but to day they are pretty much a paper tiger.

Their biggest claim to fame are their conventions that are for all intents and purposes and orgy. It is kinda like Mardi Gras for gluttonous fat girls and sex starved fat admirers and feeders like my blog partner Proud FA.

A lot of the women in NAAFA are far left kooks. I think they could learn a lot from a daughter of the South.

Teddy Bear said...

Good afternoon Fat Bastard.

The first time I ever heard of NAAFA was back in the mid 1980s. Back then, it was called the National Association to Aid Fat Americans, and I subscribed to their Newsletters which I received once each month in the mail. This was before NAAFA eventually changed it's name to the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

Also, this was before there was an Internet, and in one of the Newsletters, they had a copy of a letter in the column that was written to Dear Abby in the Newspapers.

It was from a young lady who weighed over 500 pounds. She had said that about two years previously, she only weighed 300 pounds, and that she had deliberately gained weight and fattened up to 500 pounds, and she said that she was much happier at her new higher weight. She also said that some men are turned on by enormously obese women, and loved to see women gain weight and grow even fatter.

She also said that she was still perfectly healthy, the her blood pressure was normal, and that she intends to keep on gaining until she reaches 700 pounds or more.

And then, she said that she knows that she might become immobile, but that she didn't care, she just wanted to keep on gaining to see how much bigger she might become, and that she would still be perfectly happy and contented, even if she became immobile and had to get around in a wheelchair.

This was back in 1984 and I was about 33 years old at the time when I read that column. That was back when I was still able to have erections, and that article turned me on so much, I had to go into my bedroom to masturbate. That was back when I was still able to do so.

I weighed about 340 pounds at the time, and I had always loved being fat myself, and wanting to get even fatter and fatter, just like the young lady who wrote to Dear Abby.

I thought I was weird because of my strange desire to become more obese, and I never though that anybody else out there in the world also had the same desire. I felt alone, until I read that column, then I knew that I was not alone! It really turned me on!

Eventually I got my own computer, and searched for NAAFA on line, and now I get a Newsletter form them in my E-mails.

Then I subscribed to Size Wise, and Fat Studies on Yahoo.

But these organizations are into mere "size acceptance" and do not endorse feederism and gluttony, and deliberate weight gain as your blog does and my blog as well. Also there is GainerWeb, and as you also know, BellyBuilders.

We have gone way beyond mere "size acceptance" to OBESITY LOVING!!!

Now, the so-called medical experts would say that those of use where are into feederism, in the sub-culture of Feeders and Feedees, Gainers and Encouragers, that we are crazy and have some kind of mental illness, just like on the other extreme among the anorexics.

But I have read an article in The Independent, a UK publication titled Slim=Sad Fat=Happy which said that the suicide rates among the obese is much lower than the suicide rates among "normal" weight people, or thin people, and the the higher the BMI,Body Mass Index, the lower the suicide rates.

This would imply that the fatter we get, the happier we are. But they still caution the psychologies still not recommend weight gain to overcome depression.

But I say, Hell, if being fat, and growing fatter and fatter, makes you much happier, and lowers the risk of depression and suicide, then go for it!

It's better to live a short happy life, struggling to squeeze through doorways, having to sit down on two or three chairs while eating, or eventually having to use a wheelchair to get around, if that is what make a person happy and contented, then its far better to live a short happy life as a great big fatty than to live a long sad and miserable life as a thin person who can do back-flips and run 50 mile marathons.

Therefore, abundant food is the key to happiness, and NOT a pair of Rebachs or Nikes!

And so, a person who has become enormously obese and immobile from abundant food, is much happier than a slim trim athlete who can run and do back-flips!

Happiness, and perfect contentment, is a full belly and a soft bed.

Now, LETS EAT!!!

Anonymous said...

"She is not even obese but she certainly is over weight and she sure got back."

...I may not be as smart as the made up fatties here, but that certainly states that the first lady is overweight.

Teddy Bear said...

Well, I never said that she was overweight. Only that she does have a nice set of curves.

Her upper body actually looks slender to me but she does have a rounded out butt.

I also said that she might fatten up nicely over the next four years.

Oh, and by the way . . . . .

I'm not a "made up fatty" here, I'm a REAL fatty, 5 feet 6 inches and 400 pounds.

So, I'm for real!

Now go take a hike! JIMBO!!!

Fat Bastard said...

Teddy, You are right about the early NAAFA. It was started by Bill Fabrey in the late 70's. Bill now owns a company called Abundance and they sell all sorts of specialty items for the super obese. You may want to hook up with him and plug his site. He is a real hero to me.

Harpoon said...

I hope all those fat bastards at NAAFA die from their fat.

Teddy Bear said...

Harpoon said...

"I hope all those fat bastards at NAAFA die from their fat."

Well! Good evening Harpoon! So nice of you to drop in for a little visit to see how we're doing. Nice to know that you're still thinking of us!

OK, first of all, if given a choice, I would much rather die from gluttony and super super morbid obesity than to die from anorexia and starvation.

A person can go up to 6 weeks without eating as long as some liquids are consumed. You can go up to 3 or 4 days without water as long as you stay indoors away from the heat. But you won't last more then 5 minutes without air.

Of course, those of us who are super super obese, we could probably survive longer than 6 weeks without food. The more body-fat a person has stored away, the longer a person may go without food before dying.

I believe the world's record was about 70 days for some political prisoner on a hunger strike.

Anorexics have been known to go several years before it finally catches up with the. But then, anorexics do not go totally without food. They live on meager semi-starvation diets and as long as they eat something, it will prolong their lives longer than the 6 weeks before a person would normally die without eating.

Most anorexics die when their in their teens or 20s, and a few may live into their 30s. Some have even liven into their 40s, but for those who have lived that long, their eating disorders started later in life.

But once you have become anorexic, and if nothing is done to help you overcome your eating disorder, then its a sure bet that you will most likely be dead within 5 years or so.

Gluttony leading to massive obesity, on the other hand, can go on for 10 or 20 or 30 years or so, and sometimes even 40 years before it finally catches up with you and you will have to be buried in an over-sized casket.

But that is still much better than dying from anorexia within 5 years and being buried in a shoe box!

Hey! What the Hell! We all have to die of something! Right?

Most people hope that it is from old age, passing away peacefully in bed.

But there are far worse ways to die, than from gluttony and obesity. One could die in a car accident, or in a house fire, or the victim of a violent crime.

There are many ways that are very painful and unpleasant, far worse way to die.

Yeah, dying from a heart attack can be a rather painful way to go out, but it does not last long. It's all over very quickly.

Also, We gluttons go out in a big way!

First they have to break down a wall to get our enormous bodies out of the house.

Then they have to get an ambulance big enough to take us to the morgue. Sometimes they even have to break down a wall at the morgue.

Then our relative have to order an over-sized coffin for us. There is a small company called Goliath Caskets that specializes in over-sized coffins for us great big fatties.

Then the casket has to be carried by twice, or three times as many pallbearers, or loaded on a flat-bet truck to be taken to the burial plot, and then the casket has to lowered into the ground with a crane.

So, we gluttons go out in a really big way, and people will remember our funeral for many years afterward.

But after an anorexic dies, and is buried in a shoe box, people don't remember them for as long afterward. It's almost like burying a small dog.

But when a person goes out from gluttony and super super massive obesity, then you will leave a really big impression on your relatives, friends, and neighbors minds for many years to come.

Everybody will remember your funeral and talk about it for years to come.

So, gluttony and super super massive obesity puts the FUN in FUNeral

Balltungo said...

Even if we die a horrible death or linger for a long time from a stroke, diabetes, bed sores, ect.. all the glorious glorious food makes up for it.

We may burn in hell if the Bible is true but food is our god and food has never let us down like the god who never answers prayers. Food will not ignore our pleas.



Teddy Bear said...

Balltungo said...

"Even if we die a horrible death or linger for a long time from a stroke, diabetes, bed sores, ect.. all the glorious glorious food makes up for it.

We may burn in hell if the Bible is true but food is our god and food has never let us down like the god who never answers prayers. Food will not ignore our pleas."

Well, in Judaism, we don't believe in an eternal burning Hell.

The place of spiritual punishment and/or purification for the wicked dead in Judaism is not referred to as Hell, but as Gehinnom or She'ol.

According to most sources, the period of punishment or purification is limited to 12 months, after which the soul ascends to Olam Ha-Ba or is destroyed, if it is utterly wicked.

So, most likely, you will spend about a year in Gehinnom where you receive a review of your life, and where you are both rewarded for the good you have done, and held accountable for the wrongs you have committed.

It's not Hell, but it's no picnic either, and if your not quite good enough to go on to Olam Ha-Ba, you have to come back in your next life to learn the lessons you didn't learn in this life, so there is always hope for you.

Now, only someone who is an absolute evil scum-bucket, like a Hitler or someone like that, then God doesn't fuck around with you, he wipes you out completely, and you cease to exist, going into total oblivion.

The Christian concept of Hell is a Pagan concept, and it not taught in Judaism. It is only in the New Testament, but it is not in the Torah, or the Tennack, which Christians refer to as the "Old Testament" a term that Jews find offensive. We call it the Torah.

So, God is actually pretty cool. He won't send you down to the Smokey Pokey forever to do The Hot Foot Dance for all eternity.

Most likely, you'll have to come back in your next life to learn what you had failed to learn in this life.

One would have to be really really bad, like a Hitler, or something like that, to warrant total destruction.

Hope this put's your mind at ease.

Proud FA said...

Teddy, thank you for your spiritual counsel. Perhaps we should make you Bigger Fatter Blog's chaplain.

BTW, does your rabbi have an opinion as to whether gluttony is a sin?

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"Teddy, thank you for your spiritual counsel. Perhaps we should make you Bigger Fatter Blog's chaplain.

BTW, does your rabbi have an opinion as to whether gluttony is a sin?"

Thank you very much. I'm glad I was able to give you some comfort.

My Rabbi has never said whether overeating is a sin or not. During the Bar Mitzvahs when a meal is served, my Rabbi notices that I do like to eat a lot, and he has expressed some concern because of my weight gain, but he has never said that I was being sinful.

Of course, I believe that in a rather strange way, I am being punished for my gluttony. Because of my increasing obesity, my testosterone levels have gone down, my penis and testicles have shrunken due to hypo-gonadism, I have become asexual and impotent, so I have quite literally eaten away my manhood, and eaten myself into becoming a soft and weak, sissified obese little wimp.

So, I'm getting what I deserve, and it serves me right for being such a glutton! Because of my gluttony, I can never be a real man ever again. I have eaten myself back into a kind of infancy.

As I have said before, gluttony is only sinful if you take food away from others or refuse to share food with the poor, the hungry, or the less fortunate, then it is a sin.

But while you enjoy eating a lot, if you also share food with other people around you, then feel free to eat as much as you please as long as everybody around you can also eat their fill.

One thing you will notice, the if a Jewish family invites you to sit down and eat, the Jewish mother will insist that you get plenty to eat. They will encourage you to eat up, and they don't like seeing anybody leaving the table still feeling hungry.

So, if you are going to be a glutton, then share your gluttony with those who are hungry, the poor, the less fortunate. It will make God happy enough to overlook your own gluttony as long as everybody leaves the table also feeling stuffed.anio

So, feel free to enjoy your food, but remember, share your abundance with the less fortunate.

Fatarina Wit said...

Teddy you are such a sweet man and such a smart man and you are a real cutie.

Teddy Bear said...

Fatarina Wit said...

"Teddy you are such a sweet man and such a smart man and you are a real cutie."

Thank you very much, and God bless you!

Pleas do come by more often.

Anonymous said...

I knew you had to be a republican.

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