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Is Obesity A Choice?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Silent Majority

If one were to define fat acceptance by the definition set out in Bigger Fatter Blog's mission statement and by our philosophy one has to reach the conclusion that most Americans are indeed fat acceptors. The only difference between us and them is that because we are organized we are active obesity promoters and gluttony promoters and they are passive obesity and gluttony promoters. On occasion a fatling will back slide and go on a diet but we know that never lasts all that long and soon they are back in the fold. We go a bit nervous with CG Brady's weight loss method but it will never reach the masses. We fatlings and our obesity is a massive economic force. There is no way the powers that be will want us to slim down. The only way that will happen is if we have some of sort of "come to Jesus moment" and and reject our hedonism and greedy gluttony for some silly altruistic selfless holier than thou paradigm. Like that is ever going to happen. The fact is, the fattest people on earth are fundamentalist holy rolling evangelical Christians.

Godly Gormandizer Rev Jerry Falwell

The late Jerry Falwell was a prime example of the power of the belly God. It would appear that our belly God trumped even Dr Falwell's punitive god of suffering and pain. Clearly Jerry Falwell ignored this Biblical proclamation PROVERBS 23:21 for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags. Obviously Falwell's greedy gluttony did not make him a pauper. Falwell was a millionaire. Falwell also ignored the following Biblical verses as well. Proverbs 23:2-3 And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite. Be not desirous of his dainties: for they are deceitful meat. Philippians 3:19 Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. Perhaps the fact that Jesus was a skinny runt caused the fundamentalist Falwell to rethink the Biblical admonitions regarding gluttony found in the scripture. Not only did the Reverend Falwell reject the biblical admonitions regarding gluttony so have most major Christian denomination with the exception of the Seventh Day Adventists who follow strict dietary laws.

It certainly would appear that our belly god has spanked that nasty Christian god but good. Unbridled food lust is spreading like wild fire. Bigger Fatter Blog is proud to announce that a whopping seventy three percent of Americans are either fat or obese and that number is growing. USA! USA!! USA!!!
Stop drooling Proud FA! Fatlings paying homage to the Belly God.
Gluttony and food lust has no political boundaries. Not only are right wingnuts fat so are left wingnuts. The Belly God in truly non partisan.
Michael Moore stuffing his meat face with meat.

When it comes to worship of the Belly God, far left nut job Michael Moore would put his differences aside with far right fat boy Rush Limbaugh.
Defacto leader of the GOP Rush Limbaugh.

If you were to put on a good feed Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore would happily put the differences aside as they'd make short work of a buffet. The political polarization within the fat acceptance movement is indeed a sad thing but the far left man hating feminazi nut jobs like Kate Harding represent a very loud and very ineffective and very small subculture within the fat acceptance movement. The majority of fat acceptors see the feminist take over of the fat acceptance movement as no real threat to them. We at Bigger Fatter Blog don't see it as a threat per se but a the same time we don't want anyone to believe that most fat people think they way they do. The fact is, most fat people are men. We men are the majority of fat people.

We have an agenda and the fat feminists have an agenda. Our agenda is the continued promotion, celebration and normalization of obesity and gluttony. Their agenda is to bitch and whine and blame. Our message in positive their message is negative and and ultimately self-defeating.

We don't wear this badge. This is not us nor is this the the face of the overwhelming majority of fat people. Fat people are well adjusted and happy. Studies have proven that time and time again. Fat people are friendly, positive and content. In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Caesar proclaims: "Let me have men about me that are fat, Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look, He thinks too much; such men are dangerous." We all know what happened to Caesar and the Roman Empire because of a small group of agitators and angry zealots like Kate Harding.

                                                        Happy fatling.

Food makes us fatlings happy and we eat a lot and we eat often so it stands to reason we are happy most of the time. The growing obesity bloom is cause for celebration so the way to celebrate is to ramp up our eating even more. Obesity in this country is like a tide. It is unstoppable. This glorious flabbalanche is moving like a rocket powered freight train on steroids. It cannot be contained or even slowed. Enjoy the ride. PIG OUT!

Be proud of your piggish proportions and your gluttonous ways. Take a page from Marylin Wann's book Fatso. Your greedy gluttony and gormandizing is great and glorious. Guilt free gluttony is the final step in true fat liberation. We are the majority! The majority rules! The war is over. We have won! Now it is time to enjoy the spoils of our victory. EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT you big fat WINNER!
Embrace the FAT! Bon Appetite!


Anonymous said...

I heard about Fat Acceptance, and I was amazed that so many people were buying into all this denial stuff (e.g., "Intuitive Eating," "Natural Set Point," and "Health at Every Size"). At first I thought this site was a joke because of some of the language you guys throw around like "gluttonous gluttons," but the sad thing is even though there is more of a humorous edge here, you guys make a lot more sense than the "mainstream" FA blogs.

Eating an unhealthy diet has health consequences and makes you fat. Some people accept the tradeoffs there, and I can respect that. I don't hate fat people. I just don't get all the other denial/enabling subculture that goes on along with "Fat Acceptance." And the thing is a lot of the FA bloggers that believe in this stuff consider themselves urbane intellectuals while they dismiss study after study as being part of some vast doctor conspiracy.

Also, where are all the guys? I don't understand how this whole thing is so tied up with feminism because as you say I see a lot more fat guys than fat women.

Fat Bastard said...

We don't actually call gluttony unhealthy. We call it less healthy than eating a modest diet. We know that over eating shortens our lifespans but if you want to truly call yourself a fat acceptor you must accept this reality.

We also think the cry of fat hatred is greatly exaggerated. We acknowledge that there are fat haters but we ignore them.

The fat feminists are in denial.

Thank you Anon for your insightful comment.

Fat Bastard said...

You ask where are the men. Men are not whiners like feminists are. There are more fat men than fat women.

Men accept their obesity. Men rarely go on diets. Men are not jealous of skinny guys.

Reba said...

It's pretty simple as to why the mainstream fat acceptance is in its current state. The reason is jealous fat girls. Men prefer skinny chicks. It is not just because they look better. Skinny chicks are more pleasant. Fat girls are drama queens and men don't like drama queens.

Fat men get treated like crap especially by fat girls. As a former fat woman and former NAAFA member I was also struck by the absence of fat men within the movement. Fat men within the movement are treated like second class citizens while lean fat admirer guys are very sought after and pretty much treated like sex objects just as they treat fat women as sex objects for their sick fetish. Where is the feminism in that?!

I like men. I prefer their company. Logic and sanity appeal to me. Men have gotten a bad rap and fat men have especially gotten a bad rap. I really appreciate what you guys are doing here although the gluttonous lifestyle is not something for me I am not about to make any moral judgments regarding the majority of people who are gluttons. I lived the gluttonous lifestyle and I decided that health and a longer life out weighed delicious food but that is just me. Most people disagree.

Jack Mehoff said...

They have ruined the FA movement with their absurdity. The FA movement makes fat people look stupid. I am a big lummox and the fat acceptance movement does not speak for me.

We fat asses really are the silent majority. I am a fat ass but I don't see myself as a victim and I resent the crazy bitches in the FA movement portraying me as one.

Anonymous said...

The thing that bugs me the most about the feminist FA's is the smug pseudo intellectualism. They pretend to be really well read and thoughtful but engage in lots of cherrypicking of studies and groupthink. Who cares what a Harvard Medical School Study says? We found a kook who disagrees (and she's got a blog!), and besides, Harvard is run by the PATRIARCHY! They do the same intellectual somersaults that global warming deniers do and claim to be smart at the same time.

The silent majority of fat acceptors may be the majority, but the minority is very vocal and getting more delusional by the day.

Fat Bastard said...

Thank you for them comments anonymous. When fat acceptance was first started in the 70's it was called NAAFA. Back then it meant National Association to Aid Fat Americans. It was started by a man named Bill Fabrey. Bill owns a company called Ample Stuff which sells products to serve the needs of fat people. After Bill left NAAFA, it became the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and it gradually became more and more radical and cult-like. Soon the fat men were forced out and replaced by skinny men with fat fetishes. The NAAFA conventions have become a fat women's version of spring break and a Roman orgy.

In the late 90s the radical man-hating element of the women's movement and the fat acceptance movement merged. Now we have rebels without a cause teamed up with rebels without a clue.

Most of us fat people know that we are gluttons. We love food and if we get really honest about it, we love food above all else.

The HAES nonsense along with the Set Point BS and the intuitive eating crap was too much for Proud FA and I to bear. Now we exist to monkey wrench NAAFA and the other crazy FA orgs. I do like ISAA because it is not an ole girls club. Russell William and Alan Stedham are a couple of stand up guys but I don't think that even they are ready to admit that fat people are gluttons let alone embrace the idea. We a Bigger Fatter Blog think gluttony is good and we think it is OK to die prematurely because the pleasures of food trump the ravages of old age. Most Americans agree. Thus our slogan... "Gluttony is Good."

Former Fat Chick said...

Any man that visits my blog and simlpy orders me to EAT is a man after my own heart! I am loving your BLOG you Fat Bastard!!

Proud FA said...

I am Fat Bastard's blog partner and I love fat chicks. Fat Bastard God bless him can only bone skinny chicks because he is so fat and because they have to do all the work do to his heart condition.

I only pork chicks. I am known in fat acceptance circles as the dean of feederism.

I am glad you like our blog and by all means EAT. If you refuse I have a feeding tube and I am not afraid to use it. LOL

Jim said...

The funniest thing about all the "fat acceptors" in the vocal minority is that they don't accept fat at all. Real "fat acceptors" truly accept fat and that eating lots of food makes you fat. So what? If I like food and don't like to overanalyze my "portions sizes," that's none of your business.

Some FAs make up a bunch of excuses like "yes I may eat more, but I don't eat enough to justify me weighing 100 pounds more!" Yes you do. If you keep eating more, even not that much more, eventually you will get fat. That's where the "extra" food goes. Accept it. Once people accept fat for what it is they will enjoy life a lot more and will have less of a chip on their shoulders. Real fat acceptors enjoy life more.

Proud FA said...

Jim, like everything else it's a choice. I choose to be thin because I like porking fat chicks and there are a hell of a lot of them to pork. Fat Bastard prefers food to fucking although he likes boning skinny chicks as long as they ride him. Let is suffice to say, I get laid a whole lot more than fat Bastard and he eats a whole lot more than I do.

I am in the minority here but for me heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes ect.. are not acceptable for me. That is why I am a fat admirer. For me porking fat girls trumps eating Sara Lee.

Most Americans are more courageous than me. They have chosen gluttony over longevity and for that I admire them. Hence the name Proud FA.

Jim said...

I am glad someone likes fat girls because I do not find them attractive (and I understand it when fat women don't find fat men attractive). I don't believe fat is a good or a bad thing - I just don't like living my life counting everything, like most Americans, and so I am "overweight" on the BMI scale. I just understand and accept that not watching everything I eat has that effect, and I don't try to rationalize it with "natural set point" or whatever. It is funny how the "set" point seems to gradually deviate upwards for some FAs. I like eating more and I don't judge people either way who eat more or less than I do because I am a live and let live kind of guy. I guess that makes me a "passive" fatty.

Proud FA said...

In may case I was molested by a fat baby sitter when I was 11 years old. I guess I liked it and now have a fetish. Fat Bastard and I both agree that we prefer the company of thin and normal sized women. Skinny chicks are far less whiney and they have higher standards. Must be the balanced hormone levels. BUT... Fat women are sluts...big time sluts!! I'm a guy so I love sluts.

I hear what you are saying Jim. There may be no muff to tough for Fat Bastard - He'll eat anything but too often fat girls are less than hygienic. Then you simply ask them to blow you. Fat chicks give the best head. They get a lot of practice because most guys are like you Jim and have a tough time getting wood for a fatty. I don't have that problem. When I get married it will be to a healthy woman. In the meantime I will keep porkin porkers. I harken back to my college days when my frat would go hoggin.

Apple Boy said...

It really is tougher for fat guys to get laid. I have more dates with skinny chicks because fat girls have a double standard. Then there are to physical difficulties when there are big bellies involved. You skinny guys are at an advantage for sure when it comes to sex. We fat bastards don't get that upset about it. We EAT! If you know what I mean. LOL

Anonymous said...

Fat Feminists have cunt rot!

Matilda Tuesday said...

Why fat acceptance? Why not obesity acceptance?

Fat Bastard said...

We are more about promoting gluttony and obesity. Everyone already accepts their obesity and gluttony.

The real fat haters are not people like MeMe Roth. I am not saying the just because she's a hottie and I want to bone her. (like that would ever happen) The real fat haters are the fat feminists who refuse to accept that gluttony makes people fat. They deny their gluttony because deep down they don;t want to be fat. Proud FA like his girls really really fat but he will not ever pork a fat feminist. He's bone an anorexic before he would pork a fat feminist.

You are a bit of a fat hater Tilly but compared to the fat girls in the fat acceptance movement you are on our side.

Jim said...

It is funny how few people have a fat natural set point in Somolia (or for that matter, just about anywhere else in the world). The stuff they believe is so on-its-face ridiculous that no sane person could believe it.

Of course FAs like to believe it's metabolism or thyroid or genetics in their case. Maybe other people eat too much, but I am a special snowflake. Many of the FAs like to moralize fat secretly even while they blog and say otherwise.

That is why you see them on shows saying stuff like "fat people eat less than thin people" and "you can't tell how much a person eats by looking at her body just like you can't tell how hard a person works by looking at their wallet."

They say that yoyo dieting made them fat and now their metabolism is screwed up forever even though they survive on 200 calories a day but weigh 400 pounds. Human bodies adjust, and metabolism isn't a one-way street. There is no natural set point. Sorry, but if you are fat, it is because you eat too much.

I get tired of the media making fun of fat people and hyperventilating about obesity epidemics, but nothing is quite as deranged as feminist FAs who claim to accept fat but deny it and moralize it. Being fat doesn't make you a bad person. It is time for all these people to accept that they eat too much and move on and be happy.

Fat Bastard said...

Very insightful Jim but you are preaching to the choir here. Those of us in the NEW and TRUE fat acceptance don't ignore reality. We fully understand metabolism. Proud FA is an expert. As many of our readers know Proud FA is a feeder. He can tell you first hand how the fatter a gainer gets the higher her metabolic rate becomes. I is always looking for cheap fatling feed.

The crazy women (redundant) In the old movement really thing the world is flat and so do all their flunkies. When I was in NAAFA I chanted the set point, genetics and diets are bad mantra but deep down I knew I was lying through my teeth. At least I knew I was full of shit. They actually believe their bullshit.

Real fat acceptance is dismantling social and moral constructs. Dishonesty and adhering to those constructs makes us look like fools. Gluttony is GOOD! Fat is good. Gluttony makes us fat. Gluttony keeps us fat. Food is our best friend. EAT EAT EAT

Thank you again Jim for your very insightful post. Your comments are spot on and very well written.

Jim said...

Yeah I know it's preaching to the choir, but reading those blogs is like watching a train wreck. I know looking at them is just a waste of time, but I can't look away because watching the self-feeding cycle of insanity over there is something incredible to behold. And they have less freedom of expression than the Soviet Union, so I guess I just wanted an outlet to post about it. It is good someone is poking fun at them because Lord knows a serious reality check is needed.

CG Brady said...

Even Fat Bastard and Proud FA know that we are quickly reaching the tipping point in this country when it comes to obesity. Even Fat Bastard has advocated applying the brakes. By 2020 the US will become dysfunctional economically and militarily due to obesity.

Read Fat Bastard's article called Save the Thinlings. He is one obesity promoter who does not have his head buried in the sand. They know what is at stake.

Let's be honest here. The fat feminists are all loony tunes.

Fat Bastard said...

I hear ya Jim, Their BS defies all sanity, reality and logic. I have tried for years to make sense of what you so accurately call a train wreck and I really think it boils down to fat girls being jealous. Their attacks on MeMe Roth are soooo transparent. It is stuff like that and all the other crazy talk that have made those of us in fat acceptance look like a bunch of baffoons. They simply do not want to be known for what they really are - GLUTTONS. They see gluttony and a ribbon of shame whereas those of us in the new fat acceptance see it as a badge of honor. I think that more Americans think the way we do than the way they do.

Fat people are the silent majority. The fat feminists are the radical fringe but unlike other fringe organization there is no truth to anything they say. I think that it is why it is so maddening to you Jim and everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Kate Harding is pug ugly!

Kelly said...

I was fat and I bought into all that fat acceptance stuff. I had diabetes sleep apnea and high blood pressure. I was so deluded to believe that the diabetes was the reason I was fat and my doctor was not much help in dispelling that myth. Thank God I switched doctors. Actually I had to because my first doctor a fat woman left the practice and I got a male doctor named Dr Burke. He didn't pull any punches with me. Let it suffice to say he was not fat friendly nor was he smoker friendly. I thought this doctor was a real asshole. Oh yes, I too was a man hating "womyn". He told me that I and all that set point stuff was crap. He explained metabolism and he busted me on how much I was really eating. I left in a huff. Three days later after some "intuititve eating" I lapsed into a diabetic coma and ended up in the ER via ambulance. Like a typical brainwashed fat acceptor I blamed my meter everything and everything else but that 24 oz latte and those 2 Krispy Kreme donuts.

Two days later Dr Burke called to see how I was doing and to schedule me for some tests and to try some different medications. I thought to myself at the time that for a fat unfriendly doctor he certainly had my best interest at heart. Most doctors would not have cared enough to call do see how I was doing but he did. It's hard to hate a guy like that. Long story short he saved my life. I have lost 140 pounds with the help of his staff and a weight loss coach he recommended.

When I think about it now I see how deadly fat acceptance is. I am not here to judge Fat Bastard and I applaud him for saying that obesity is not for everyone. I was miserable when I was obese. Obesity is a choice and I am glad Fat Bastard pointed that out too. Thank you Fat Bastard.

Anonymous said...

no matter who you are or what you believe, everyone can agree that the fat feminists are nuts

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard.

Sorry I haven't responded lately, but I have been very busy.

Well, I have some good news!!!

You remember about a couple of months ago, under another topic, I had mentioned how one day after doing my shopping, that the bus stop benches in front of the Don Haskins Sports Center were removed, and how it meant that people who were either elderly or disabled would have to stand up while waiting for a bus.

Well, after 7 weeks of complaining and bitching, they finally re-installed the benches, two beautiful brand new benches, permanently bolted down to the sidewalk, never to be removed ever again!!!

So, I won that battle against my fair city of El Paso, Texas.

As I had once mentioned before, I have arthritis in both knees and both ankles, and I so, I walk with a cane.

Well, my arthritis as been flaring up more than usual lately and it has become much harder for me to walk around when I'm out shopping.

So, I talked to my doctor to see about getting a Hoveround, one of those electric scooter chairs, and my doctor set me up with an appointment to see another doctor who wrote me out a prescription for the power chair.

After all the paperwork was filled out, I found out that Sun City Medical Supplies no longer provides the Hoverround. Now they provide a different brand that's even better. THE JAZZY!!!

So, more good news!!!

Last Tuesday, I finally got my power chair.

THE JAZZY 614 HD Bariatric Power Chair.

The bariatric model can carry a lot more weight and it has a much wider seat, perfect for my big fat ass! I LOVE IT!!!

Now I don't have to walk anymore when I go out shopping.

The only walking I do now is when I get up from my office chair in front of my computer to use the bathroom, or to go into the kitchen to fix something to eat.

So now, I can just kick back and relax, sitting on my great big fat lazy ass, which will now be growing even bigger and fatter.

I'm so happy now, and I'm looking forward to sometime in the future, hopefully in another year or so, when riding in my power chair, that my lower belly below my waist will completely cover my short fat thighs and protrude way out beyond my big round knees!

Now, it will be much easier to keep on growing, bigger and fatter since I won't have to walk anymore.

I hope that some day, my lower belly will hang down to my knees when I'm standing up.

But of course, I probably won't be able to stand up anymore, because by not walking anymore, I will simple allow all my muscles to turn to flab, and I hope to become a soft and weak 750 pound cream-puff!

Then I will be perfectly happy and contented.

Wish me luck!

Fat Bastard said...

Hey there you fat-assed bear. We sure missed you around these parts. Let me congratulate you on the success of your heroic fat advocacy efforts. This is the kind of positive stuff the NEW fat acceptance like to hear. Texans are BIG.. Everything is big in Texas! I think that Texas is either number 2 or number three in obesity. DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS! Teddy you remind me of a fat Davy Crockett. You will from here on be known as Gravy Davy Crockett. You are a credit to fatlings everywhere!!

Great news on the Jazzy. You will really be able to pack on the pounds not and you will look sooooo regal cruising around in that wonderful power chair. I am sooooo glad to know that you have a fat-friendly doctor who enables and accommodates you instead of giving you the diet lecture. I am not anti-weight loss but knowing there are doctors that respect your choice to be fat and gluttonous is very very positive. FOOD RULES!

I don't have a fatty scooter but I do use the ones at Wal-Mart and other fat-friendly stores. I bet your Jazzy blows the Wal-Mart scooters away.

Gotta run Teddy, There is a quart of Cherries Garcia calling my name. OINK OINK OINK! It's time for this fat hog to pig out. Ahhhh... the life of a greedy glutton!!!

Keep fighting the good fight!

Proud FA said...

Hey Bear,

Fat Bastard told me the good news! Congrats!!!

That power chair will really help you pack on the pounds. Moving you mighty mass requires a ton of calories/energy. They you sit the fatter you will get.

I had a feedee who had a Jazzy. Those bad boys are really built strong. She used to sit me on her big belly and that sucker could still haul ass.


Teddy Bear said...

Good afternoon Kelly.

Yes, I guess it's true. Obesity is not for everyone.

Some people are in fact, unhappy about being fat, so I guess that in your case, obesity was not for you.

But I do hope things go well for you. If you're happy with your recent weight loss, then more power to you.

Now, as for me, I'm a happy obese little glutton, and I love obesity because it really kind of grows on you after awhile, if you know what I mean.

As a happy obese glutton, I love to eat, and I love being obese, and I love growing fatter and fatter to become even more obese. I have discovered that the more obese I become, the more happy and contented I feel.

Yes I know, increasing obesity does have it's problems, it dose present a challenge, but I'm prepared for that.

For example:

Right now I measure about 70 inches around my hips, and when I sit down, my hips spread out to almost 80 inches around, so it makes it very difficult for me to reach around to wipe my own butt.

I have however solved that problem. I just simply use a pair of tongs as a toilet paper holder and it works very well. Problem solved.

Actually, I enjoy being such a fat-ass that I need to use a pair of tongs to hold the tissue paper. Every happy glutton who enjoys increasing obesity happily looks forward to the day when one has to use a pair of tongs as a toilet paper holder. This is what every happy glutton hopes to achieve.

I hope someday that my big fat ass gets even bigger and fatter until it's too wide to get through doorways!

Then, for us pear-shaped obese males, with increasing obesity, the lower belly below the waist begins to hang down lower and lower until it hangs down over the penis making it physically impossible to have an erection, and therefore, also making sexual intercourse physically impossible. Eventually that huge groin area hangs down over the thighs, and as I walk, my lower belly bounces and quivers in front of me.

I actually enjoy being unable to have erections and being unable engage in sex. It feels good to be sexually impotent due to having a huge lower belly hanging down over the penis. It makes me feel helpless and less of a man, and I love that feeling of helplessness and the loss of my manhood. I love it!

To be continued . . . . .

Teddy Bear said...

. . . . . Continued from above.

Every happy obese glutton looks forward to becoming sexually impotent, to becoming unable to have erections anymore. It is what every happy obese glutton hopes to achieve. To completely lose one's manhood!

Also, for some of us guys, with increasing obesity our testosterone levels go down. The penis and testicles shrink. My penis is less than 2 inches long, and my testicles are now the size of 2 small grapes.

At first we go through mood-swings and hot-flashes. We may become bitchy sometimes. We may get silly sometimes and laugh or giggle uncontrollably, and sometimes we may have crying spells.

But as the testosterone levels continue to go down lower and lower, the mood-swings eventually go away, and once the testosterone levels hit rock-bottom, we feel peaceful and calm, and sleepy most of the time. We become almost like eunuchs. It's almost like being chemically castrated but with the penis and testicles still intact, only now, shrunken and useless.

This is known as Secondary Hypo-gonadism.

Then our muscles waste away, becoming soft, flabby, and weak, and the percentage of body fat increases. We become more timid, gentle, and docile. We become sissified obese little wimps!

Sometimes, with increasing obesity, we may even take on a more effeminate or even somewhat infantile appearance.

This is also what every happy obese glutton hopes to achieve.

We are perfectly willing, even perfectly happy to relinquish our manhood just so we can go to bed with a full belly and wake up the next morning a few more pounds fatter.

We happy obese gluttons are not interested in sex. We just want to eat and sleep, and grow fatter and fatter each and every day.

Every happy obese glutton likes to have a shrinking penis buried under an ever expanding belly!

Now lets talk about diabetes.

To be continued . . . . .

Teddy Bear said...

. . . . . Continued from above

Now, lets talk about diabetes.

We happy obese gluttons don't even let something like diabetes interfere in our quest for the ever-expanding belly and the ever-widening ass.


I have been diabetic since September 20,1995 when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, so this coming September will be my 14th birthday as a great big fat diabetic glutton.

Yes, before I was diagnosed, I had most, but not all of the classic symptoms, constant thirst, constant hunger, frequent urination, and weight loss which was a real bummer.

Then my doctor started me on oral medications only, and my blood sugars returned back to normal, and all the other symptoms went away. But after gaining back the weight I had lost, my blood sugars started going up again, not nearly as high as before, but above the normal range, so my doctor had to start me on insulin, then my blood sugars were back to normal again.

I have one of those little meters, and I check my blood sugars 4 or 5 times every day.

So, I have been diabetic for almost 14 years with no complications. But I continue to get fatter, and the larger my body becomes, the more insulin I need to compensate.

Also, the more I eat, the more insulin I need.

So, I don't let diabetes interfere with my fat life style. In fact, it has actually enhanced my fat life style.

You see, insulin sometimes cause weight gain, and it increases my appetite, so I have discovered how to use my diabetes to my advantage when it comes to adding more and more fat to my body.

As long as I keep those blood sugars within the normal range then I can avoid all the other complications.

That is an absolute necessity, not allowing those blood sugars to go too high, and checking frequently with my meter to make sure they don't go too high, and knowing when to take a little extra insulin to compensate.

And so, I eat as much as I please, and taking enough insulin to cover what I eat.

I once knew a young lady living in Las Cruces New Mexico. She was diabetic, used insulin, and she was a happy obese little glutton only 5 feet tall and she ballooned herself up to over 650 pounds.

She deliberately gained the weight. She would eat pies and cakes all day long, and took enough insulin to cover what she ate, and she never had high blood sugars. She knew how to use her diabetes to her advantage, and she even gave me a few pointers on how to do the same.

She eventually became so super obese that she couldn't leave the house anymore, and had to get around in a wheel chair, so she had to have here groceries delivered to her. But she was perfect happy and contented. She actually enjoyed being immobile and having to use a wheelchair.

So, thanks to insulin, we happy obese gluttons can pump ourselves up to gargantuan proportions.

To be continued . . . . .

Teddy Bear said...

. . . . . Continued from above

When people criticize me for being way too fat, I just pat myself on my great big round belly and I say "I can't help it. I'm a diabetic. That's why I'm obese." and yes, sometimes diabetes can make one fat. It make it harder to lose weight.

Now, I don't believe that obesity in and of itself causes diabetes, because if it were so, than ALL fat people would be diabetic, and there are many fat people who don't have diabetes.

I believe that it may actually be the other way around, that diabetes can cause obesity rather than obesity causing diabetes.

I have known thin or average size people who had become insulin dependent Type 2 Diabetics, people who had never been overweight in their lives, not until AFTER they became diabetic, and having to start on oral medications and eventually insulin, then they began packing on the pounds and eventually became obese.

Now, in my case, I was already obese before I became diabetic. But as I have said, obesity does not cause diabetes, otherwise all obese people would be diabetic. There are actually more obese people who don't have diabetes than those who do.

So, if you are a happy obese glutton, than becoming diabetic is the very best thing that can happen to you! That's because an obese diabetic glutton can use insulin for deliberate weight gain.


As long as one has good control over the blood sugar levels, then for us happy obese gluttons, diabetes can be fun because we can use it to our advantage for more weight gain, and use it as a perfect excuse for being obese.

Anyway, as I have said earlier, I don't believe that obesity causes diabetes, but rather, the other way around, that diabetes causes obesity. Otherwise, ALL obese people would be diabetic, and we all know this is not the case.

Now it's possible that increasing obesity may increase the risk of getting diabetes, especially if you're apple-shaped while being pear-shaped actually lowers the risk of becoming diabetic. Of course, being pear-shaped dose not make one totally immune, but it does greatly lower the risk.

So, an apple-shaped male who is about a hundred pounds overweight, having a big belly, small butt, and thinner legs would be at a much higher risk of developing diabetes and heart disease than a pear-shaped obese person who is two hundred pounds overweight, but has broad round hips, a big fat ass, and big fat thunder-thighs.

That is because lower-body fat on the hips, butt, and thighs store up more Omega 3 fatty acids which is actually good for the heart and brain, and may even protect against diabetes.

On the other hand, upper-body fat stores up more of the Omega 6 fatty acids which is detrimental to the heart and brain and greatly increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.

But being apple-shaped is also a lot more fun, even though it's more dangerous. That's because, if a guy has a huge round belly hanging down over the waistband of his pants then his pants will slide about halfway down on his butt, and if a guy has a really huge round low hanging belly hanging down over his thighs, it makes it very hard to find shirts large enough to completely cover his belly.

So, if you're a super super obese apple-shaped male, you get to go around out in public showing off your bellybutton and butt-crack and mooning everybody around you!

You won't live as long as someone who is pear-shaped, but you will have a lot more fun!

To be continued . . . . .

Teddy Bear said...

. . . . . Continued from above

Now, we pear-shaped fat guys, with increasing obesity, we might take on a more effeminate or infantile appearance. We pear-shaped obese males are sissified wimps and Nancy boys, and we acknowledge that women are the stronger sex!

We pear-shaped males are obese little wimps! We are the weaker sex. We are perfectly happy and contented in the knowledge that women are much stronger than we are. We are perfectly happy to let the woman rule the household. We Pear-shaped obese males should be wearing pink ruffled panties and let the women "wear the pants" in the family.

And, apple-shaped obese males should also step down and let the women "wear the pants" in the family since apple-shaped obese males can't keep theirs from falling down!

But whether one is apple-shaped or pear-shaped, either way, for us happy obese gluttons, they are both fun.

Now, I'm a sissy-boy. No, I'm not gay, I'm a straight guy, but I'm a sissified straight gay. I have always been a sissy-boy.

When I was a kid, I did not care for sports. I was a fat little nerd or geek who liked art and classical music and enjoyed reading books, especially books on Astronomy.

In school, I was often bullied around by the jocks because I was a fat little sissy-boy who didn't like sports.

Then during my teen age years, I started gaining a lot of weight, and I loved it because I knew, that if I gained enough weight, I would eventually become much bigger than all the bullies who use to beat up on me when I was a kid.

The best thing that can happen to a sissy-boy like me to be become really huge. The largest bully who ever beat up on me weighed over 200 pounds. I now weigh about 400 pounds, so I'm now twice as big as the largest bully I had ever encountered.

I hope that in a few years I will weigh at least 600 pounds or more and eventually I would like to go on to 700 or even 800 pounds or more.

That one thing that really makes an obese sissy-boy very happy is to become really huge!

Imagine me, weighing more than 850 pounds, and wearing pink ruffled panties and a baby bonnet on my bald head, and sitting there on my couch while somebody takes care of me.

I would be sitting there, all happy and contented just knowing how much bigger I am than all the bullies I have ever known.

Super massive obesity is the very best thing that can happen to a sissified timid and docile Nancy boy like me.

So, while it's true that obesity is not for everybody, I have discovered that obesity is for me.

Because I'm an obese little wimp and a sissy-boy, so I want to get really HUGE!!!

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"Hey Bear,

Fat Bastard told me the good news! Congrats!!!

That power chair will really help you pack on the pounds. Moving you mighty mass requires a ton of calories/energy. They you sit the fatter you will get.

I had a feedee who had a Jazzy. Those bad boys are really built strong. She used to sit me on her big belly and that sucker could still haul ass.



Thank you very much.

Yes, I'm so happy with my new JAZZY 614 HD Bariatric Power Chair.

I love it!

I hardly have to walk at all anymore.

Now I can just sit on my big fat lazy ass and let it grow even bigger and fatter as I ride around in my new JAZZY.

Ah! Life in the fat lane!

FoodSlut said...

I ate 2 gallons of ice cream. YUM!