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Is Obesity A Choice?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Disgusting Fat People by Reverend Burn


Anonymous said...

Is that Belly Boy or Fat Bastard?

Teddy Bear said...

WOW! This is hilarious!

Yeah, I have noticed that a lot of apple-shaped guys wear pants with a 36 inch waist yet the belly is maybe 72 inches around, twice as big around as the hips, having a small butt and skinny legs, and the pants are worn half-way down on the ass!

The guy in the YouTube video, you can go to his channel at:

and check out more of his videos.

This guy is funny as all Hell!!!

Fat Bastard said...

Teddy you nailed it again! If an apple doesn't wear suspenders he's going to have "hang over". There is no other way around it.

Rev Burn is the quintessential fat guy. Did you see how he devoured that entire box of Twinkies? It was truly inspiring. It brought tears of joy to my fat little eyes.

Rotunda Hindenberg said...

OMG is that guy ever hot. I be he eat a mean pussy.

Fat Bastard said...


When it comes to eating pussy us fat boys can lick as good as any diesel dyke.

I have no doubt that the Reverend Burn has a very educated tongue.

BELLY BOY said...


I'm back in black, guys.

Back in black, I ate a sack
of White Castles it's good to be back cuz I
let loose, like a moose, eating everything in a whole caboose
cuz I'm ba-ah-ah-ah-ack ba-ah-ah-ah-ack
back in black
when I eat a SAAAACK!

Anyway, Reverend Burn is a close disciple of Reverend Lard Ass, who has branched out on his own. Reverend Lard Ass taught him a lot of what he knows, and Reverend Lard Ass even learned a lot from Reverend Burn, according to BLA the last time I talked to him.

Rev. Lard Ass is working on a new milkshake that utilizes bacon grease, buttermilk, and whole milk as well as other ingredients of a proprietary nature. It's very hush-hush. He has also started working on making his own food truck so that he can start selling his foods all around.

I'm working on increasing my food intake, and trying to seduce some lovely ladies. I got to go on a date with one, but she won't return my texts!!! UGH!! I dunno what to do so I just eat and eat waiting for her to respond, and I drink and drink as well.


Proud FA said...

Hey Belly Boy,

Rev Burn is damned impressive. He's a very inspirational glutton.

It's great that BLA is working of more gastronomic masterpieces. We all wish him hell.

I bet the Rev Burn would sound great bustin some rhymes Boom Shakka Lakka Belly Boy fat school style. Stop by his channel and drop him a line.