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Is Obesity A Choice?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fat Hate Bingo From British KFC

Fat Hatred rears its ugly head across the pond. Once again a pretty plumper is pilloried and picked on for enjoying a good meal. The following story clearly illustrates that fat hatred is now worldwide. As a result of this travesty Bigger Fatter Blog has contacted Amnesty International and we have called for action against this sort of persecution of fat bodied folks. Natalie Jackson is a big girl with a big appetite who makes no apologies. The trauma this punished, persecuted and purloined plump pretty has endured may harm her for life. Even though we fat bodied folks have very high self esteem this this sort of cruel humiliation is beyond the pale not to mention is is bad business. Miss Jackson spent over 100 dollars a week at KFC and if all other fat bodied customers were were to go elsewhere for lunch KFC would feel our power.

If Colonel Sanders were alive today you can bet the owners of this KFC restaurant would be losing their franchise. We at BFB encourage all our readers to write to KFC

Online Customer Comment Forms
U.S. Feedback (Continental United States)
International/Hawaii/Canada Feedback (outside the Continental United States)

or call them at Customer Dissatisfaction Numbers U.S. - 1-800-225-5532 Canada - 1-866-664-5696 and tell them them the fat community will be boycotting KFC.

Fast food fan Natalie Jackson was hit with a $264 fine at KFC — for staying too long gorging on a monster-sized “family bucket.”

The British trainee nurse and a pal ordered 14 chicken pieces, six bags of fries and large cokes after driving to their local branch.

They spent an hour and a half eating the 6,456-calorie feast. A few days later, KFC regular Jackson got the fine in the mail for breaking the restaurant parking lot’s 75-minute limit.

“It’s disgusting. I spend a lot of money in there. Now I’m never going back,” the 24-year-old fumed Wednesday.

Jackson — who eats at KFC three times a week — complained to the restaurant that she was unaware of signs warning of the time limit in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

The mega bucket cost her $22.

Jackson said that she doesn’t plan on paying the fine.

“It didn’t feel like I was in there all that long. We were hungry.”

A KFC spokesman said: “The 75-minute time limit is designed to accommodate our customers who generally eat for about 30 minutes.”

The trainee nurse and a pal plumped for FOURTEEN chicken pieces, SIX bags of fries and large COKES after driving to their local branch.

They spent an hour and a half scoffing the 6,456-calorie feast. Days later regular customer Natalie got the fine in the post for breaking the restaurant car park’s 75-minute limit.

Feast ... family bucket

Feast ... family bucket

The 24-year-old fumed yesterday: “It’s disgusting. I spend a lot of money in there. Now I’m never going back.”

Hungry Hefty bill ... diner Natalie with her KFC parking fine Hefty and Humiliated diner Natalie with her KFC parking fine...

Natalie — who eats at KFC three times a week — complained to restaurant bosses that she was unaware of signs warning of the time limit in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

The mega bucket, which busts the Health Department’s recommended 1,940-a-day calorie count for women, cost her £13.16p.

Natalie vowed there was fat chance of her paying the £150 — insisting: “It didn’t feel like I was in there all that long. We were hungry.”

Last night KFC said restaurant parking was contracted to private firm Civil Enforcement Ltd — but promised to review Natalie’s case.

A spokesman said: “A parking restriction was introduced to prevent non-KFC customers using the car park.

“The 75-minute time limit is designed to accommodate our customers who generally eat for about 30 minutes.”


Anonymous said...

Fat food slut!

Proud FA said...

What a wonderful gainer she would be. She's so young with so much potential. I wish I were in that car during her pig outs. She's a real hottie. I love those giant pillow arms.

I doubt if KFC has intimidated her at all. She's a proud gainer. She is the Joan of Arc of SSBBWs.

Richard said...

Who only eats for 30 minutes anyway? Pounding down 6,400+ calories takes some work and those haystacks of fries arent going to eat themselves. She should be getting the VIP pass so that she can stay as long as she wants at the grease bowl. Now she is going to have to travel as far as across the street to eat somewhere else.

Proud FA said...

You said it Richard. You can't wolf down that much food in a 1/2 hour. Anyone knows that. This is a clear example of fat hatred pure and simple.

They should give her a preferred customer card and a few free meals as well as quantity discounts. Fat people an their admirers are responsible for the explosive growth of the fast food industry. They owe us big time!

Richard said...

The one thing these place got down right was making the seats study enough to withstand the blast weight of the eater. Solid steel supports and/or poured concrete are the best for holding up to the poundage. Now all they need to so is make the toilets bigger.

Anonymous said...


Freight Harding said...

Whoa lowee slow down there! You can't just rush in with your "harpoon" when dealing with a woman of such impressive girth, you could get lost in there or be crushed. Take your time to savor the experience and take appropriate precautions. Remember safety first

Anonymous said...

you guys were right - we are all about your blog!

we even mentioned you today - i think we have found our counterparts!

- the skinny girls who think they are fat

Richard said...

Thanks "Skinny" for the support. Of course we are right. Eating until you sweat butter is not an easy task and getting big takes hard eating work. Much respect for the trough bandits and the greese gobblers....hmmmm tasty!

Anonymous said...

I can see that there is more fat hate bingo. I wrote tot the fucker who wrote the article.

As for skinny girls who think the are fat we will be glad to fatten them up for real.

Where is Kate Harding when you need her? SHeesh!

Yummy Rum said...

Is this blog a satire or not? I can't tell if everyone's being tongue-in-cheek because they like, or because they hate, fat people...

Proud FA said...

We are the real deal. We take a very different approach to fat acceptance. Most of the other blogs are run by crazed drama queens. We take a much more positive and democratic approach. We allow people of every political stripe and we don't censor.

We also do what the other blogs don't. We embrace and encourage gluttony. We are not stupid and we know gluttony causes obesity. We just believe gluttony is good.

Teddy Bear said...

I for one, am getting really sick and tired of all the fat hate that is going on here in both the USA and in the UK.

We fat people are actually very good for the economy. We spend the most money on food, and we contribute more money into the economy. Even we poor fat people with low incomes contribute more food dollars into the economy than rich thin people.

That is because there is a much higher rate of obesity among us poor people than among the rich, and food that are higher in calories and more fattening are much cheaper than expensive "health" foods.

Has anybody here ever heard of Mississippi House Bill 282 back in February of this year?

Three state representatives, two Republicans and one Democrat, drafted a bill that would make it illegal for restaurants in Mississippi to serve obese customers having a BMI, Body Mass Index of 30 or more. At 5 ft 6 in at almost 400 pounds, I have a BMI of 64, I'm proud to say.

Fortunately the bill did not pass. It did not even make it to the floor to be voted on. Instead, the drafted bill was actually thrown away because it would have been a waste of time and taxpayers' money.

But it gives you a very good idea of just how much fat hate there is in the world today.

The lady who was fined for being at KFC for more than 75 minutes, she should sue them.

She's a beautiful young fatty, and she deserves to be treated with respect.

Don't they realize that we fat people are Royalty? Even the poorest among us! We are Royalty, especially the poor, because we are even more obese.

We obese people with our enormous plump round bodies, we are truly magnificent, monumental, and Majestic!


Hear our thunder as we walk the streets!

Hear us roar!

Feel the ground tremble beneath or feet!

Feed us more!


At 5 ft 6 in and 400 pounds, my doctor tells me that I'm about 240 pounds overweight, that I need to lose 240 pounds of fat.


No way am I going to part with my Royal Flesh! That is what fat is you know. It is Royal Flesh!

We fat people are Kings and Queens! We should rule the world!


When you see a really huge fat man, struggling to slowly negotiate a flight of stairs, huffing and puffing and breaking out in a sweat, do not pity him! Instead, be afraid! Be very much afraid!

Because we fat people kick ass!

I'm soft and weak! I'm a wimp! I'm an obese sissy boy who likes to wear pink ruffled under-panties.

But because I'm big and fat, even
though I'm soft and weak, I can still kick ass!

I can carry around an extra 240 pounds of pure fat. It is very heavy to carry around, day after day, but I carry it, and I walk the streets carrying it.

And I'm a weakling!

So, if a soft and weak, obese little cream-puff like me can carry an extra 240 pounds on his body, think what a big strong fat person can do!

That is why you should fear us fat people, because we can carry hundreds and hundreds of extra pounds on our bodies.

Can skinny people do that?


We rise out of bed every morning lifting all that extra weight. We stand up in the shower in the morning, then we carry all that extra weight into the kitchen to sit down to eat, then we go out the door to our jobs, or fat kids going to school, we go out into the world, carrying hundreds of extra pounds of weight on our plump round bodies.

True, we can't walk as fast. Some of us can't even walk at all. Instead we waddle, but we can still carry the weight, climbing up steps, walking the streets, doing our jobs, and fat kids carrying hundreds of extra pounds while walking form one classroom to another, and struggling to squeeze into desks that are way too small for them.

Fat kids are truly awesome! Fat kid are cool! Fat kids rule! Fat kids kick ass!

Fat kids should be treated with the same respect as adults because they weigh as much, and even more than the average size adult.

Then we come home, sit down to eat, watch TV, and then, as we lay down to sleep we take all those hundreds of extra pounds on our bodies to bed with us, the weight pressing down and making us breath slow and heavy in our sleep, snoring loudly, rattling the windows, we roar like great big fat hibernating bears!

Then we wake up again, and lift those hundreds of extra pounds out of bed again to begin another day of going out into the would, carrying our huge massive bodies about.

We carry all of those hundreds of pounds of extra weight on our bodies 24/7/365 plus one day more on leap years.

Carrying all that extra weight, it is very heard work! So we work on Sundays and big fat Jews work on Shabbot carrying their own weight around to Temple and back home again.

So, for us super fatties, we have no day of rest. Not even on Sundays for great big fat Christians or on Shabbot for great big fat Jews! We are the hardest working people on this planet. Even the laziest among us still work much harder than thin people.

I'm a lazy fat-ass! But I work harder than any thin person, because I carry an extra 240 pounds of human flesh on my body when I rise up from my chair, and go out into the streets.

I'm a weakling! But I'm still stronger than any thin person because I can carry that extra weight, and walk the streets carrying it.

I'm so soft and weak that a girl scout can beat me at arm wrestling, and kick my big fat ass around the block just for drill, and I would probably like it!

So, a thin person can probably beat the crap out of me, but I can still carry an extra 240 pounds on my body while a thin person can not.

And so, the laziest fat person still works harder than all the thin people because we fat people carry more weight, and the weakest fat person can carry hundreds of extra pounds around while thin people can't.

That is why the average person, and thin people should fear and respect us fat people.

We fat people are God's special creations! We are truly the most awesome creatures!

You don't want to get us fat people all pissed off! Even the weakest among us can do a lot of damage if we were to start throwing our weight around! With either one of my short fat little legs, I could kick a door off of it's hinges and send it flying across a room.

And I'm a soft and weak obese little cream-puff! Imagine what a strong fat person can do!

I can carry and extra 240 pounds around all day long!

And I'm a lazy fat-ass! Imagine what a heard working and ambitious fat person can do!

So, if we fat people were to get really pissed off, imagine the damage we can do!

Fortunately, for the rest of the world, we fat people are not as aggressive. We tend to be more gentle and docile. When you have hundreds of pounds of nice soft warm fat on your body, it feels so comfortable and relaxing that it mallows us down, and it takes away the aggression, and makes us more docile, and as a result, we fat people are so easily taken advantage of.

Fat kids get bullied around in school and they don't fight back, because fat kids are as gentle and docile as fat little lambs.

Fat adults are often discriminated against, and we get mistreated by society, so we have every right to be angry, but we don't fight back. We don't go out into the streets rioting and overturning cars, or looting shops, or setting fires. That is because we great big fat people are so very gentle and docile, just like fat little lambs.

And just why is this???

It is because we fat people do not need to be aggressive in order to survive. We have enough fat stored away on our bodies to survive through a drought or a famine. We can live through an Ice Age without having to eat our neighbors.

Thin people and average size people are more aggressive. They have to be in order to survive, because they are the predators who must be on the prowl, to be on the hunt, since they don't have enough fat stored away on their bodies to live through a famine, so they must assume the role of the predator in order to survive.

But we fat people, we wimp out. The fatter we become, the more timid, gentle, and docile we become.

But then, that is how nature protects us, because we are too soft and weak to fight, and to fat and heavy to run, so we become timid. This is how nature protect us, because it is our natural instinct that tells us to hide from the predators since we can't fight them or outrun them, we must go into hiding and into hibernation.

We fat people are timid creatures who must hide from the predators so that they can't hunt us down and eat us!

Also notice that since thin people, and muscular people are predators, they tend to be loners.

But we fat people, we like to congregate together among other fat people. We fat people like to travel together in large groups. It is a kind of "herd instinct" we have that makes us more gregarious and more sociable. We like to huddle together, our nice plump soft round bodies pressing together. We fat people just love standing or sitting closer to each other for comfort. But it's also our instinct that tells us to stand up against the predators.

That is why we fat people are not violent. That is why we fat people are so gentle, timid, and docile.

That is also why we fat people are so easily pushed around and discriminated against by society, and why our precious fat kids get bullied around in our schools.

We are much too gentle. We need to get up off our big fat butts, and stand firmly and heavily on our feet, and start marching in the streets, like large thundering herds of great big fatties, the ground trembling beneath our feet, sidewalks cracking under our collective weight, windows rattling, and ceiling fixtures tinkling in the shops as we thunder by in the streets, shouting protest slogans and stomping our feet, then our presence will be very intimidating, and people will have to listen to us!

Also, we won't need megaphones when we shout our protest slogans, because we great big fat people have naturally powerful voices. Why do you suppose that so many Opera singers are so big and fat? So, if we start singing protest songs, as people did back in the 1960s, our collective voices would be even more powerful and sound even more magnificent as we sing.

We fat people have much better singing voices than thin people. Thin people chirp like little canaries when they sing, but we fat people boom out like Opera singers. Our strong and powerful voices will rattle the windows throughout the city streets as we sing our political protest songs.

We need to stand up against the fat hate in this world, to protest against the discrimination against us. We need to give the world a reason to fear us great big fatties, to show the world that we have had enough and that we are not going to take it anymore!

So, lets us start marching in the streets.

So, listen up thin people! Listen good, and listen tight!

We shall sing and dance, and stomp our feet, and really rock your world!

Anonymous said...


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Richard G Rees-Williams said...

I think she deserves the fine, for taking so bloody long to eat that stuff. Hell, I've eaten 6 chicken pieces and 4 bags of fries myself (about the equivalent that these women had each) and it took me less than an hour, and it was my SECOND DINNER!!! Stupid bitches.

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