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Is Obesity A Choice?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Men Prefer BBW's and SSBBW's

It's true! It's damn true!! If you don't believe me simply do a google image search using some of the following terms. BBW, Obese Woman, Fat Chicks, Plumper ect and see what you get. Then do a google image search using the search terms skinny woman or thin woman and you will find very few images of skinny woman showing off everything they have to offer. It is simple dollars in cents. Fat porn sells. It sells because men are buying it. There are thousands of fat porn sites and more popping up everyday. Feederism is now making it into the mainstream.

 Squashing too is growing in popularity. Men love to be squashed. Men are paying over 300 dollars for a squash session with a BBW.

Imagine being pummeled by this spectacular pannus. I get hard just thinking about it.

Please comment on this.


Teddy Bear said...

WOW! Let me be the first to comment on this!

I love super super obesity! Obesity is the most erotic thing that can happen to a person.

Ah! To become an enormous mountain of quivering human flesh!

My own lower belly below my waist is beginning to hang down over my male equipment and I can't get it up anymore.

I hope some day that my own belly will hang down to my knees!

That lady in the photo is my inspiration!

Freight Harding said...

Finally someone commented on this. I could only assume that everyone was struck dumb by that majestic grade 5 panniculus.

Balltungo said...

That is an impressive corporation! Paniculas rule.

There are a lot of men with huge paniculas that crush their testicles and kill off their testosterone causing them to grow enormous boobs that match the panniculus. Obesity is truly the next step in human evolution.

Freight, would a panniculus that drags on the ground be a grade six?

Teddy Bear said...

Balltungo said...

"There are a lot of men with huge paniculas that crush their testicles and kill off their testosterone causing them to grow enormous boobs that match the panniculus. Obesity is truly the next step in human evolution."

You're absolutely right.

Over the centuries, men have been far too aggressive and violent, and the cause of so many wars and bloodshed.

I believe that increasing obesity all over this planet will eventually bring about world peace.

I believe that it is my duty, to bring down my testosterone levels by hanging my belly down over my penis making it physically impossible to have an erection.

That of course has been happening to me. My testosterone levels have been going down, and I have become more gentle, timid, and docile like a good little obese glutton.

It's high time that we men kick back and relax, become too soft and weak wreck havoc in the world, and let the women run things for awhile.

I'm perfectly happy to become asexual and impotent. I've become such a lazy fat-ass that sex sounds too much like strenuous, so I prefer to eat and sleep instead, and gain weight until my lower abdomen hangs down over my knees.

My penis has already shrunken to less than 2 inches long, and my testicles the size of two grapes.

The lady with the low hanging belly is my inspiration.

It's what all of us guys should try to achieve.

I can live without sex, but nobody can live without food.

I'll gladly give up my manhood for a full belly and a soft bed to sleep on.

Ah! Just eating and sleeping and gaining weight! That's the life for me.

Balltungo said...

You said a lot. Obesity is so emasculating and defeminizing. It makes us all androgenous. We obese men turn into sissies and obese women sprout whiskers. The human body is an amazing thing.

You are spot on about the world peace thing. Cesar wanted to be surrounded by fat senators and not people with that "lean and hungry look".

I am voting for McCain because Obama is skinny. Obama is talking about personal responsibility on health issues and we all know that is a code word for diet and exercise. Bush was soooo right that we should have gone shopping and out to eat after 911 and let the government take care of us. I for one like the NeoConservative version of socialism.

Teddy Bear said...

Balltungo said...

"You said a lot. Obesity is so emasculating and defeminizing. It makes us all androgenous. We obese men turn into sissies and obese women sprout whiskers. The human body is an amazing thing."

Yes, this is all so true!

It's been often said that women are the weaker sex.

NOT TRUE! Not true at all.

We obese men are the weaker sex! Obese women are actually physically stronger than obese men, and that is the way I like it!

I notice that obese women tend to become more outspoken and self assertive. I say, good fore them.

I'm a liberal, so I favor equality of the sexes when it comes to education and job opportunities. I believe that men and women should have equal pay for doing the same kind of work. So I love strong women who are outspoken and self assertive.

In fact, I thinks it's time we men step down for awhile and let the women run this country. Except Sarah Palin, I don't like her because when she was Mayor of her home town in Alaska, she expressed a desire to have some books censored and banned form the public library, and have rape victims charged anywhere from $300 to $1200 dollars for the Rape Kits used to collect forensic evidence against their assailants.

Book censorship and rape are real hot-button issues for me, because I love to read books. I'm an obese sissy boy who hates sports (except Sumo Wrestling) and in school, I was a fat little nerd or geek who was only interested in science, especially Astronomy, art, and music.

Now, I do believe in God, and all that, but I'm not a Fundamentalist that takes everything in the Bible so literally. I believe that the universe is billions of years old, and I believe in evolution.

We fat people are actually the best product of biological evolution, because we are famine resistant due to that old "Thrifty Gene" that has been passed down to us from our ancestors who survived through drought and famine. We fat people can survive an ice age without having to eat our neighbors.

Rape is another sensitive issue for me, because when I was 17 years old, I was molested and raped, and that was back in 1969 when nobody believed that guys could get raped.

Otherwise, I would love to see a woman become president some day. A nice great big fat black lady as president, and I won't care if she's a Democrat or a Republican. But not Sarah Palin. Sorry about that! But then, she's too thin anyway!

But I do think it's time for us men to kick back, and let women take charge. And fat women are better qualified, because they can be large and in charge!

Anyway . . . Getting back on topic . . .

As women become more obese, they become somewhat "de-feminized" and physically stronger because their estrogen levels go down as their testosterone levels go up.

We men on the other hand, as you have said, we become more emasculated.

With increasing obesity, our testosterone levels go down as our estrogen levels go up. I should know, because my penis has shrunken down to less than 2 inches in length, and I can't get erections anymore, and my testicles are the size of 2 grapes. I have lost pubic hairs, and I'm losing what little chest hairs I ever had. My muscles are wasting away, as my percentage of body fat increases, so I'm turning into a soft and weak, happy and contented, obese little cream-puff, and a totally timid, docile and sissified, gluttonous little wimp! Ah! I love it!

So, I guess you could say, that I have "chemically castrated" myself through increasing obesity.

Now, I don't believe in actual physical castrations, because I'm in the process of converting to Judaism, which forbids castration. So, I do adhere to some fundamental Torah principles, but like all religions, I do believe that the Torah or the Bible also have their own mythologies and legends, which is why I'm not a fundamemtalist.

So, physical castration, the ol' snip-snip is out, as far as I'm concerned.

But, chemical castration is OK if guys want to use female hormones to enhance further weight gain. In my case, I don't need to use female hormones. Through my own increasing obesity, my testosterone levels have fallen. It is through my own gluttony, that I have willingly relinquished my manhood, quite literally, eating away my own manhood.

Although I'm a straight guy who prefers women, I'm a sissified straight guy. But I also believe that no super obese man is 100% percent straight, that we are at least 5% percent gay, or bi-curious. When I meet up with old friends, I don't greet them with a handshake, I prefer to hug my friends in stead, both male or female. I'm a very passionate and emotional little fatty.

When I'm happy, I laugh and giggle like a silly fat little school girl, and when I'm sad, I cry like a big fat baby boy. That's what low testosterone levels can do to a guy.

Anyway, I'm such a sissy-boy that I would like to wear a pair of pink ruffled under-panties underneath my clothes bit I can't find any for a 64 inch waist. I measure 56 inches around my chest, 64 inches around my waist, 70 inches around my hips, and 36 inches around each thigh.

But when I sit down, my hips spread out to almost 80 inches around, so I'm slightly pear-shaped, almost like a fat woman, while most obese men are kid of apple-shaped.

I hope that through my ever increasing obesity that I will eventually take on a more effeminate or infantile appearance and just lay around wearing nothing but pink ruffled under-panties that are nice and fluffy to make my butt look even bigger.

Of course, sometime I wish that I was more apple-shaped, like some guys, having a huge massive upper-belly above the waist hanging down over the waistband of my pants, causing my pants to slide halfway down on my ass and not being able to find shirt big enough to completely cover my belly, and going around out in public, showing off my bellybutton and butt-crack.

Fat women who are pear-shaped, and us pear-shaped fat guys, we are able to wear our pants up around the waist, and tuck in our shirts.

But obese men who are apple-shaped can't keeps their pants up. Damn! You apple-shaped fat guys have more fun.

This is another reason why I believe that obese pear-shaped women should rule the world, and the home, instead of obese apple-shaped men.

An apple-shaped fat man should step down and let his wife run the household, and let her "wear the pants" in the family since he is unable to keeps his own pants from falling down!

I believe that obese women are superior to us obese men.

We obese men are just great big baby boys!

Proud FA said...

I love seeing the gender blending morphing that comes with extreme obesity but it does have it's down side. The women do become masculinized and while I think their whiskers look kinda cute they tend to become more attracted to women than men. I am a skinny guy and unlike most fat men I am hung like a mule and I can really throw the dick. I am quite the celebrity at the NAAFA conventions because unlike fat men I can easily negotiate super sized fannies and bellies. I also possess the stamina to service these plump and super plump lovelies. Fat Bastard and I are NAFFA convention legends. Fat Bastard generally can only have sexual intercourse with skinny women and only when they are on top but like most fat men he has a tongue like an ant eater. He can orally pleasure any SSBBW regardless the size of her thighs or panniculus. He is very flexible for a big guy. Like me Fat Bastard is a very horny guy but Fat Bastard is a master at caressing the minds of plump ladies. The two of us have laid more pipe than Exxon.

Fat Bastard is the exception. Most fat men are are impotent sissies like you. There was one big fat guy from another FA org who used to come to our pig pen (we rent a suite and call it the Pig Pen)and would "eat" our "leftovers". Like you he was too fat to get wood.

You make a great point about the the hormonal shifts that happen with extreme obesity. Testosterone make women super horny. That is why fat women are such lovely sluts. That is why they like being dominant and why they love to crush skinny wimps and cuckold fat sissy wimps like you.

I used to notice in the gym locker room that the fat boys really got gypped in the meat department. They did not have nearly big enough wedding tackle to land a whooper. I have screwed 100's of women of all sizes and fat and super fat women have enormous genitals. The ones with whiskers have clits bigger than your shrinking male member.

You make an excellent point about world peace and obesity. I know some military guys and they were telling me that many recruits today are too fat and they need to go to a special fat reduction camp before they are fit to serve. That has to be very emasculating but in your case lacking all that testosterone men like you enjoy feeling more like women. The fat allows you to more easily embrace your feminine side.

Morphing and gender bending is not my thing nor is it Fat Bastard's thing but we do understand it and we fully support it in spite of the tension that exists between more macho guys like me and Fat Bastard and macho manly women like Kate Harding and her dreadful man hating dykes.

Anonymous said...

You can't fuck them with a normal dick. You need a godmamn harpoon!

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again proud fa.

Yes, massive obesity is a real gender bender, causing obese women to become more aggressive and self assertive and make them physically stronger than obese men.

While massive obesity cause us men (not all) but many of us to become soft and weak, more docile and sissified. It also makes us look somewhat infantile, which is why I love being obese, and becoming even more obese.

I also believe that fat men who are still able to get it up, when it comes to sex with women, that an obese man should assume the more docile and submissive role laying on his back and allow the woman to be on top to let her assume the more aggressive and dominant role.

Obese men who are kind of pear-shaped having a big fat ass, broad hips, and short fat thighs look more effeminate almost like women because most obese women tend to be pear-shaped.

As I have mentioned before, those of us who are pear-shaped, we are able to wear our pants up high around the waist.

On the other hand, most obese men tend to be more apple-shaped with the upper belly hanging down over the waistband of the pants, causing their pants to slide halfway done on the ass, exposing the butt-crack.

Again, this is why I say that obese pear-shaped women are superior to obese apple-shaped men. Obese pear-shaped women can wear their pants up high, while obese apple-shaped men can't even keep their pants from falling down.

Therefore obese apple-shaped men should step down and let their wives rule the house, and let the women "wear the pants" in the family since obese apple-shaped men can't keep their pants on.

Also, obese men who are pear-shaped, even though they can still keep their pant up, we should still step down and let the women rule the home, because obese women are stronger than us obese sissified males.

In fact, I don't even call myself a man anymore. I'm just an obese male, a sissified obese male, or a great big fat baby boy!

We obese men are the weaker sex.

That the way I like it.

I also believe that we obese pear-shaped males should were pink ruffled panties to make our hips and butts look even bigger, and we also should step down and let the women wear the pants in the family while we wear the pink ruffled panties.

The life of an obese sissy boy is the best life there is.

Obesity allows us to revert back to infancy. That is the mystery and the magic of obesity.

Fat Magic!

Fat Bastard said...

I am a large and in charge fat bastard but my fat does impede my ability to throw the dick. I don't care because I hire whores to blow me.

Proud FA thinks that fat men are less manly and I tend to agree with him. Proud FA is quite the stud and he has banged many women with fat and girly husbands who are to fat to get it up. I still am able to stand when I take a leak but I know many fat men who need to sit on the toilet in order to urinate. Do you have to sit like a girl when you pee?

Fat women are more manly than most super morbidly obese men. Many fat women have to shave their faces and many super fat men stop growing facial hair.

It is our belief that the virilization effect of fat on women and the emasculation of fat on men is why there is a strident and growing fat acceptance movement among women. some Fat women become diesel dykes and are very threatened by ultra manly men like Proud FA. The fat feminists are not very nice to fat men and fat admirers like Proud FA. At the Pretty In Pink pool party in Boston Proud FA came out wearing his banana hammock and the BBWs just melted. The 2006 NAAFA was some of the most debauchery I had every seen. ProudFA and I laid more pipe than Standard Oil at that convention. I love both food and sex. I am at the point now where my weight gain has pretty much stopped. I don't have your dedication to growth. I also like sex a lot.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again fat bastard.

Yes, I have to sit down when I pee just like a big fat Mama!

I haven't seen my own pecker in years, but I know it's all shrunken.

I'm becoming a really gentle and docile obese little wimp, a real sissified girly boy!

First obesity strips away my manhood, and I'm glad to be rid of that, and then obesity is making me revert back to infancy, which really makes me happy.

Proud FA said...

At the NAAFA conventions I shag quite a few married fat women who are married to fat men. They often complain about their husbands not being able to satisfy them.

The complain about their small sized wedding tackle and stamina. Fat men are really wimps in the sack.

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"At the NAAFA conventions I shag quite a few married fat women who are married to fat men. They often complain about their husbands not being able to satisfy them. They complain about their small sized wedding tackle and stamina. Fat men are really wimps in the sack."

Yes, we fat guys are real wimps, not just in the sack, but in all aspects of life.

I should know, because I'm an obese sissy boy. I have a low tolerance to pain, and I cry like a big fat baby boy.

I should be wearing pink ruffled panties, if only I can find some in my size for a 64 inch waist.

Ah! I can remember what it felt like to lose my ability to have an erection, and it was actually the most pleasant sensation I have ever felt in my life.

I'm 57 years old, and I'm more of a big baby now than I was when I was much younger.

About 20 years ago, I was still able to have erections, although my penis and my testicles were already beginning to shrink.

My belly gradually got bigger and bigger, and began to hang down a little bit lower and lower. It got to where I was only able to get a partial erection, then it would press up against my lower belly and go limp again. Then I would get another partial erection, only to have it press up against my belly and go limp again. This would happen over and over again, and I can remember how good it felt.

I remember thinking to myself that if my belly continues to get bigger and hang down lower, that someday I will not be able to have these partial erections anymore. I was actually aroused by the thought of one day losing my ability to be aroused.

Yes, I was turn on by the thought that one day I would not be able to get turned on anymore.

Yeah, I know it sounds strange, being aroused by the though of someday losing my ability to have an erection, even just a partial erection anymore.

I was actually looking forward to it, because it meant that I will have quite literally eaten away my manhood through gluttony. That it would serve my right, that I would be getting exactly what I deserve for being such a greedy obese little glutton.

The thought of losing my manhood to gluttony and obesity was both humiliating and pleasurable.

It made me happy because I knew that my testosterone levels were going down, and that would cause my muscles to waste away, becoming soft, flabby, and weak as my percentage of body fat continues to increase. It would mean having more weight to carry around while having less muscle with which to carry it.

Also, as my testosterone levels fell lower and lower, I began to feel more peaceful and calm, more happy and contented. I became more timid and docile, and yes, more wimpish and sissified, more weak and more helpless, but also more happy and contented. So having lower testosterone levels made me more calm and relaxed, because I was so happy to get all that Macho poison out of my system.

Now, I can't get erections anymore. My penis is being crushed under my ever expanding belly. I can't get it up because my belly keeps it down!

And so, I now feel helpless, like I'm not a man anymore, but just a soft and weak obese little cream puff, unable to have sex, only able to eat and sleep, and it is the most wonderful feeling in all the world!

I don't need or want to have sex! I just want to fill my ever expanding belly with food and just lay back and relax on my nice soft bed, to return to infancy, like a great big fat and helpless obese baby boy.

I love being soft and weak, and I love that feeling of helplessness and having lost my manhood. I love being a sissified wimp.

It's like being a baby again!

kittymom said...

This is sad an sick, I am over weight, but what you all aspire to is crazy, hasen your death and do drug or something, you are really sad. Being "plump" is one thing, being an addict is another, shame on you all