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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Holidays


There are those who celebrate the religious significance of Christmas. They will tell you that Jesus is the reason for the season but in reality the Yuletide season is a celebration of food and abundance. Food is the reason for the season. Very little of the Christmas season has anything to do with the birth of Jesus. What we commonly refer to and Christmas is in fact a time to pay homage to our Belly God. In Norway for example people from work gather in early December to feast and drink booze. Traditionally, the mother of the house bakes seven types of cookies, julekaker. In the tradition called Julebukk or Nyttårsbukk, children dress up in costumes, visit neighbors, singing Christmas carols and receiving candy, nuts and other gastronomic goodies. "We all want some figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer"

In Denmark, Jul is celebrated on December 24th, which is called Juleaftensdag (Juleaften for Christmas Eve specifically). An elaborate dinner is eaten with the family, consisting of roast pork, roast duck or roast goose with potatoes, red cabbage and gravy. For dessert is rice pudding with a cherry sauce, traditionally with an almond hidden inside. The lucky finder of this almond is entitled to a small gift. After the meal is complete, the family gather around the Juletræ to sing carols and dance hand in hand around the tree. Then the children often hand out the presents which are opened immediately. This is followed by candy, chips, various nuts, clementines, and sometimes a mulled and spiced wine with almonds and raisins called Gløgg is served hot in small cups.

The entire holiday season starting with Halloween is a feast and celebration of the blessing of the Belly God. Every European country and culture celebrate the holiday season with food and excess. America being the greatest nation on earth has turned Christmas in to the most delightful and vulgar Pagan display on earth. That is why the Belly God has smiled upon us.



Yummy BBW enjoying a yummy yummy yum yum for the FAs.
Tasty thinling elf for all the fat guys who don't get laid.

Happy Holidays to all and a special X-Mas wish to Teddy Bear of


Teddy Bear said...

Well, it looks like I'm going to be the first one to post on this topic. Another words, I'll be the first fat little piggy to the trough! Oink! Oink!

OK, sine I am in the process of converting to Judaism, I really don't celebrate Xmas any more, however, I still like to use Xmas as an excuse to chow-down and pig-out on all the goodies!

To me, Xmas is just another pagan holiday, so I leave the birth of the Jeezer out of it. I don't like the Xmas songs that they sing in church, because they sound too much like dirges.

I prefer the happy secular Xmas songs instead, songs about that jolly fat man Santa, or Jingle Bells, or songs with the jolly ho! Ho! Ho! But nothing with the Jeezer.

But then, that's just my opinion. To anybody who might be offended, I apologize in advance, because I feel we should all be free to have our own beliefs.

So, if anybody offers me a fruit cake or a tall glass of eggnog, well, I'm not going to turn it down, obviously.

Of course, I do believe in God and all that, but I'm not a fundamentalist so I don't take everything in the scriptures so literally. Like all other religions, the Bible or the Torah have their myths and legends.

Now, it I were to write my own version of how God created man, I would add more details to the creations story.

In the Genesis account, God is depicted as picking up a hand full of dirt, shaping it into a man, and breathing the breath of life into it.

But in my own version, I would tell how God made three different kinds of people, the three basic body-types the we today call, Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Endomorphs.

Ectomorphs are tall and slender with small bodies ans long arms and long legs.

Mesomorphs are strong and muscular, broad in the shoulders and narrow in the hips, and women are more hour-glass in shaped.

Endomorphs are soft and round with larger bodies and shorter arms and shorter legs. Some Endomorphs are apple-shaped, usually men, and some Endomorphs are pear-shaped, usually women, but sometimes we also see man who are pear-shaped. Most Endomorphs are proportional.

So, in my version of the creation story, when God created men and women, God said, "Let there be Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Endomorphs." and so he fashioned each one in a special way.

When God created Ectomorphs, He didn't just pick up a handful of dirt, no, instead he carved the Ectomorph from a block of limestone, chiseling away at it for the sharp angular features, and then after he finished carving the Ectomorph, he polished the surface to make it a little bit smoother, which is why that tall slender Ectomorphs have smoother skin.

When God created the Ectomorph, it was designed to be a fast runner, light on it's feet.

After God created the Ectomorph, God saw that it was good.

When God created the Mesomorph, he carved the Mesomorph from a block of gannet or marble, but he did not polish it, but instead left it kind of rough, which is why Mesomorphs have rougher skin, angular features, the classic six-pack abs, and a more mature appearance.

When God created the Mesomorph, it was build for strength and endurance, and to be more aggressive.

After God created the Mesomorph, God saw that it was also good.

Then God created the Endomorph. But this time, God did not carve from a block of stone using a hammer and chisel, but instead, he picked up a big lump of soft moist clay, and formed and shaped the Endomorph with his hands, without using any tools what-so-ever.

When God thought that he had finished creating the Endomorph, God stood back, looked it over, and said "Hmmmm. I still need to add a little bit more." so God picked up some more soft moist clay, and added the extra clay to the belly to make it bigger and more rounded out. But the Endomorph was still not finished to God's satisfaction, so he turned it around, picked up a couple more lumps soft moist clay and added them to the buttocks and the hips to round them out some more. But it seems that God would never be fully satisfied, so God continued to pick up more and more lumps of soft moist clay to make the Endomorph bigger and more rounded out, and heavier.

But as the Endomorph became heavier, it became quite obvious that the Endomorph would not have the speed of the Ectomorph, or the strength and endurance or the aggression of the Mesomorph. The Endomorph would be soft and weak, more gentle and docile, but the Endomorph would be better able to survive though famine and drought, so the Endomorph is built for survival and comfort.

But God will never be fully satisfied, and so, God keeps picking up more and more great big lumps of soft moist clay, and adding them to various place around the Endomorph's body, causing the Endomorph to become bigger, heavier, less able to move about, and more gentle and docile, and more happy and contented.

And so, that is why we have increasing obesity in the world today. Centuries ago, it was rare to see an Endomorph weighing more that 500 pounds, while today, we are seeing more and more Endomorphs weighing a thousand pounds or more!

We Endomorphs are God's special creations. God carved the Ectomorph and the Mesomorph out of stone with a hammer and chisel, and his work was finished.

But the Endomorph, he lovingly formed in his hands out of soft moist clay, and God keeps adding more and more great big lumps of soft moist clay to his special creation, making the Endomorph grow bigger and bigger.

We are God's unfinished creation! God is not done with us yet, and perhaps God will never be finished with us.

And so, as we Endomorphs grow bigger and bigger, and heavier and heavier, we feel more and more happy and contented.

What we call "weight gain" is actually the gentle caress of God's hands all over our ever expanding bodies!

We are all God's children, but we Endomorphs are God's babies!

We are great big babies, because we just keep on growing!


Teddy Bear said...


My special thanks to the owner of this blog, for posting a link to my blog.

Thank you very much, and God bless.

Proud FA said...

We welcome all faiths on Bigger Fatter Blog. On thing that saddens me about the Jews is that of all religions they are the leanest and most fit. Kosher food tends to be not as yummy as Christian fare. Maybe you can get the Rabbi to allow you to still eat pork rinds and cheese burgers. You do know you will not be allowed to mix meat and dairy. The Jewish dietary laws and not fat friendly. One thing is true is that our Belly God is not a jealous god. I have never had the pleasure of feeding a lovely Jewess. Matzo is not a great fattening agent. Fat fattens best and pork fat is Cadillac of fat.

I tend to like the more secular Xmas songs too like We Wish You a Merry Xmas. We all want some figgy pudding followed by we won't go until we get some is very very fat friendly. Visions of sugar plums sure dance in my feedees' heads this time of year.

I agree Jesus was a bit of a skinny runt. Buddha... now that was a fat friendly religious leader. He said, "What we think, we become" Keep that in mind as you continue on your journey to perfect obesity.

No one will be offended. Everyone seeks a different path. If Judaism doesn't work out for you will always have your Belly God who won't make you atone for being a glutton. Also the Jews fast a lot. That has to suck but the upside is when you are done you can really pig out but in a kosher sense.

Your understanding of soma types is interesting and spot on. Shelton pretty much proved that endomorphs were the most peaceful. I believe that our promotion of obesity does indeed honor God. You endomorphs may indeed be the chosen people.

Anybody type can be fattened and they all fatten up in different ways. Fattened ectomorphs develop incredibly nice paniculas whereas mesomorphs get fat all over. Endos tend to develop more in the lower body but still remain proportionate. I am a real expert on that. Being the dean of feederism, I have a good understanding of how body types grow.

Your entire spiritual take on weight gain is lovely and inspiring. Fat meso morphs certainly are cuddly and soft like babies. Fat Bastard's body is still pretty hairy. He's more of a fat mesomorph with some endo characteristics.

I am an extreme mesomorph. That may explain my hot temper and passion. We both take a slightly different approach to fat liberation. I am very strident and assertive whereas he uses a more seductive approach. We strike a good balance.

Your insight into the new true fat acceptance is awesome. Please encourage others to visit here,to discuss and theorize. Fat Bastard is a true Fat Acceptance theoretician. His ideas pretty much kept NAAFA afloat but when he left the steering committee the crazies took over and... well you know the rest.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello proud fa.

Well, actually I know of all kinds of Kosher food that are very fattening, and during Hanukkah we celebrate by eating all kinds of oily foods. That's when Jews tend to put on weight, just like Christians tend to put on weight during Xmas.

As for fasting, yes we have a 25 hour fast during Yom Kippur, but only men are required to fast. Women may fast if they choose, but it's not required. Children are not allowed to fast, and pregnant women can not fast either. Also, anybody with a medical condition can not fast. I'm diabetic so I was told not to fast. Only strong men are required to fast, but the soft and weak may not.

Actually fasting slows down your metabolism, and when the fast is over, you'll actually gain weight more easily.

And I have seen a lot of chubby Jews. like everybody else, there has been an increase in obesity among Jewish children.

Also, food is a very big thing in the Jewish culture. I have notice how Jewish mothers are always insisting that every body eat up, and they will keep loading your plate.

No, I don't eat pork, but I love oily pink salmon. Oily fish is fattening, and it's good for your brain. Also Jewish pastry and bagels with cream cheese that we eat during Torah Studies, those really pack on the pounds. I have also sampled many fancy deserts, and believe me, those are very fattening.

True, the rate of obesity is not quit as high among Jews as it is among other religions, but it's there.

Actually, the rate of obesity is higher among all religious people, including Jews, than among the nonreligious people. It's only that the rate of obesity is lees among Jews, but as I have said, it's still there.

I remember someone mentioned the here in El Paso, there was a Rabbi who weighed 500 pounds, but he went in for gastric bypass surgery.

Back in the 1930s there was a Rabbi who was know as Fat Man Rabinowitz.

Of course, at my Synagogue, Temple Mount Sinai, a Reform Synagogue, I'm not the only fat person there, but I am the largest one in my congregation. There is a beautiful young lady there who is almost my size but not quite, but I am the fattest one there.

Proud FA said...

I am happy to know you won't be starving yourself. Those poor Jews were starved to death by those fat hating during WWII. Perhaps your Rabbi will speak to that.

Proud FA said...

The NAZIs hated Catholics, Gypsies, Jews and certainly fat people. MeMe Roth is a fat hating Nazi.

The fattest religious group is Southern Baptist. Jerry Falwell was a massive porker. I feed my special piggies pork barbecue.

Southern food is very very very fattening. I just love Paula Deen the butter queen.

So you are exempt from the dietary laws? Will you be allowed to mix meat and dairy? The venerable cheese burger is a cornerstone for gainers. I feed with 1/2 pound cheese burgers often followed by a cream shake. I take my feedee's favorite icecream and blend it with lots of heavy cream. That really packs on the pounds. They do make a soy cheese and high fat soy milk so I guess you can still enjoy a cheese burger under the kosher laws.

I would absolutely love to have a lovely Jewess for a gainer. I did know a chubby Jewish girl who was a bit of a rebel and she would often order bacon and eggs. I found that very erotic. She was so naughty.

Proud FA said...

I almost forgot TB, I posted an image of a minora as a sign of respect for you and fat Jews everywhere. I probably should find a symbol for Kwanza to honor all the brothas and lovely sistas and our plump new first lady. I bet that skinny Barack loves hittin her fine booty. I know I would. I'd give her the Star Jones/Oprah treatment then I'd hit it.

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"I almost forgot TB, I posted an image of a minora as a sign of respect for you and fat Jews everywhere."

Thank you very much, and shalom!


Proud FA said...

"I am happy to know you won't be starving yourself. Those poor Jews were starved to death by those fat hating during WWII. Perhaps your Rabbi will speak to that."

He has spoken many times about the holocaust.

I read the Wiesenthal Memoirs. Simon Wiesenthal hunted down Nazi war criminals and brought them to justice. He was a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp where he was beaten and starved. When the camps were liberated, Simon Wiesenthal had been starved down to 97 pounds. He was 6 feet tall. But as he got older, when he was in his 80 he weighed almost 300 pounds, but at 6 feet tall he didn't look really fat. He was just naturally a big man.

There is a higher rate of obesity among concentration camp survivors than among most Jews in general, that is because starvation and drastic weight loss slows down the metabolism, and then, when one is set free from a concentration camp, and you're able to have access to food again, you will gain back more weight than you had lost.

Fat people who go on one diet after another to lose weight wind up getting even fatter than those who never went on diets.

Try fasting one day out of each week, and you will gain more weight than someone who has never fasted.


Proud FA said...

"So you are exempt from the dietary laws? Will you be allowed to mix meat and dairy?"


I'm only exempt from fasting because I'm diabetic. But then Reform Jews are also not as strict about eating Kosher as Orthodox Jews.

But still, only Kosher foods are served at the synagogue after a Bar Mitzvah. But what we do on our own at home or anywhere else, well, the Reform Jews are not as strict.

Also, Reform Jews drive their cars to the synagogue on Shabbot where as Orthodox Jews do not. Orthodox Jews don't use fire on Shabbot, and driving a car or using electricity is the same as fire. So, on Shabbot, you don't turn lights on or off. Any lights that are off stay off and any light that had been left on, stay on during Shabbot, so you unscrew the bulb in your refrigerator before Shabbot so that it won't come on when you open the door to get something to eat. Also before Shabbot starts, you tape the bathroom light switch in the on position so you don't absentmindedly turn it off when you leave the bathroom.

Electricity is the same as fire. You don't start a fire on Shabbot, and you don't put a fire out on Shabbot, you just let it go out by itself.

But Reform Jews are not that strict.

Still, I don't eat pork, and I don't mix meat and dairy. But I still manage to grow fat even while eating more Kosher foods.

I love eating lots of fresh fruit. Figs and dates are very fattening because dried figs and dates are so sweet and naturally sugary. All fresh fruit is naturally Kosher.

I like to say . . . . .

Fresh fruit is God's candy, made for God's fat little children!

I also like to say . . . . .

We are ALL God's children, but we fat people are God's babies!

Proud FA said...

You are indeed dedicated. In spite of the dietary restrictions of your faith you are dedicated to impressive weight gain.

I think we need to hunt down the fat haters. Maybe you can be the Simon Wiesenthal of fat liberation.

Fat Bastard goes onto diet forums and inform them about the facts on diet failure and the dangers of WLS.

Your journey into Judaism and obesity is inspiring I never thought the two could be compatible. Right now Southern Baptists and the fattest religious group in America. The over weight obesity rate with them is about 85%. That is impressive. I think their religiosity plays a role. They all think they are a shoe in for heaven because they are saved so they feel as though they can participate in the kind of debauchery that is sex and gluttony. Jews think that entrance in heaven requires good deeds so they are always fasting and atoning and being all holy whereas the fundagelicals believe they can party party party and still slide into heaven by accepting the Jeezer. Unless Jews begin to stop thinking gluttony is a sin

DEU 21:20 They shall say to the elders, "This son of ours is stubborn and
rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a profligate and a drunkard."

21 Then all the men of his town shall stone him to death. You must purge
the evil from among you. All Israel will hear of it and be afraid.

The New Testament says this:
Matthew 11:19 The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children.

The Jeezer was always doing stuff like making wine and turning 7 fish and loaves into a feast whereas in the Old Testament they were always burning food on alters to God. Christians are much piggier than Jews. That does not mean I think they are better than Jews. We welcome thin fit people. I am on the lean side myself. I think you being a Jew make you even more heroic as a fatty and gainer. Fat Bastard is impressed by you and so am I.

Proud FA said...

I will be by your blog soon.

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"You are indeed dedicated. In spite of the dietary restrictions of your faith you are dedicated to impressive weight gain. I think we need to hunt down the fat haters. Maybe you can be the Simon Wiesenthal of fat liberation."

Thank you very much!

Yeah, I'd like that! To be the Simon Wiesenthal of Fat Liberation!

I have been doing some research on what the Bible or Torah has to say about gluttony.

There really are not very many passages on that subject, only a few verses.

But I have noticed that as long as the people of Israel remain faithful to God, then God promises rainfall, abundant crops, vineyards overflowing with wine, overflowing stores of wheat, milk and honey, in general an abundance of food so everyone can eat their fill.

Gluttony only becomes sinful when you have an abundance of food for yourself while other people around you are going hungry. Then, that is when it becomes sinful.

But if you have a great abundance of food, and you share it with the poor and hungry, and everybody around you has plenty to eat, then God doesn't mind if everybody really enjoys their food and might even overeat a bit.

Also, being fat, in and of itself is not sinful either.

Here is an interesting passage from Deuteronomy.


Deuteronomy Chapter 32

12 The LORD alone was their leader, no strange god was with him. 13 He had them ride triumphant over the summits of the land and live off the products of its fields, Giving them honey to suck from its rocks and olive oil from its hard, stony ground; 14 Butter from its cows and milk from its sheep, with the fat of its lambs and rams; Its Bashan bulls and its goats, with the cream of its finest wheat; and the foaming blood of its grapes you drank. 15 (So Jacob ate his fill,) the darling grew fat and frisky; you became fat and gross and gorged. They spurned the God who made them and scorned their saving Rock. 16 They provoked him with strange gods and angered him with abominable idols.


So here it is saying that Jacob ate his fill and the darling grew fat and frisky. This would imply that Jacob and his people also grew fat and frisky.

But it also says that those who turned away from God to worship idols, they became fat, gross, and gorged.

So, if you grow fat while you share your food with the poor and hungry, that's OK.

But if you grew fat from greed while refusing to share your food with the poor and hungry, then it's a sin.

If you continue to read all throughout the Bible or Torah, whenever the people of Israel turned away from God, then Israel would fall to her enemies, her people taken captive, and they often went through droughts and periods of starvation.

But when the people of Israel returned back to God, then God would forgive them, and again they would have abundant crops, and they could again eat their fill.

God really doesn't want people to go hungry. God is happy when we are faithful to him, and then he blesses us with abundance.

Naturally, when there is a great abundance of food, most people are going to get fat. It's only natural, because we're only human.

But we are expected to share our food with the poor and the hungry.

So, that is what I do. When I see somebody is hungry, I share my food with them, because seeing people going hungry makes me sad, and as long as I share what I have, then God blesses me with even more.

And so, I may be a glutton, but I'm not greedy. At least, not too greedy to share.

I believe in sharing my gluttony with other people around me, because I want to see everybody else grow fat along with me.

And so, I say . . . . .

Grow fat along with me!
The best is yet to be!


Fat Bastard said...

What a wonderful contributor you are to this blog. The God of Abraham is indeed a belly god. That must explains why the Baptists are the fattest people on earth.

I am so happy that you have enlightened folks and shown all millions of Jewish and Christian readers that they need not feel guilty about being gluttonous so long as they share their bounty with others.

I would like to thank you for your wonderful erudition on the Bible and Torah and Godly acts of gluttony.

Guilt free eating is the mission of Bigger Fatter Blog. Your wisdom has helped our faithful readers forge ahead towards that goal. Bigger Fatter Blog is better for your contributions.

Balltungo said...

All I know is the Xmas season is a damn good feed. I love the multi cultural part of it. ALl the different foods are sooo good.

Freight Harding said...

Great pic of another delicious BBW!



Anonymous said...

Christmas is a feast for sure. I really like that BBW with the peppermint stick. I only wish I were not too fat to bang her.

I hear you Teddy Bear. I am an apple but my balls are also getting crushed.

Balltungo said...

Do they make a belly hoist to keep our under bellies form crushing our nuts?

I have been invited to 2 Thanksgiving day feasts. One starts at 1 PM and dinner will be at 2. The other is an evening meal. It will be a double feat. WOOOOO HOOOO!

Teddy Bear said...

fatterbastard said...

"I hear you Teddy Bear. I am an apple but my balls are also getting crushed."

WOW! Now that is truly awesome to be apple-shaped and having your upper belly hanging down over your penis and crushing your balls!

Now, that happens mostly to us pear-shaped guys, where our lower groin hangs down over the penis and crushing our balls.

I love the way my lower belly crushes my balls. I like the way it feels, because it makes me feel helpless, knowing how I can't get it up because my big belly keeps it down. I love that feeling of helplessness, being impotent and asexual.

When I'm sitting down, with my lower belly covering my short fat thighs, and crushing my shrunken penis and shrunken testicles, I feel so helpless, happy and contented. I like to pat myself on my belly, and rock back and forth in my swivel chair in front of my computer, and I sing contentedly to my self . . .

Oh, I can't get it up 'cause my belly keeps it down!

Oh, I can't get it up 'cause my belly keeps it down!

Oh, I can't get it up 'cause my belly keeps it down!

Oh, I can't get it up 'cause my belly keeps it down!

Yeah, I know I'm weird!

I like being slightly pear-shaped, having a big ass and rounded hips with short fat little Dutch Boy legs.

But I actually envy all of you apple-shaped guys because I have seen some extreme examples where the upper belly above the waist is so big you can't find a shirt large enough to cover your bellybutton, and that big belly hangs down over the waistband of your pants, causing your pants to slide halfway down on your ass exposing your butt-crack!

I once saw and extreme example of an apple-shaped guy walking in the city park in Down Town El Paso. He had a huge massive upper-body, great big fat man boobs, or moobs, fat arms, great big huge round belly hanging down over the front of his pants, his love-handles were much wider than his hips, and he had a roll of fat on his lower back that protruded out further than his butt. However, he had a small butt and skinny legs that had to carry his massive upper-body around. His fat arms were actually bigger around than his skinny legs! I kid you not!

His shirt could not cover his bellybutton and his pants were halfway down on his ass, exposing his butt-crack!

Anyway, he was wearing short pants, and as he was walking across the park, his shorts kept falling down, and he had to stop ever so often to pull his shorts back up again. He would walk for about 10 steps, pull his short up, walk another 10 steps, pull his short up again, over and over again this kept happening as he walked across the park.

I was envious!

Of course, being apple-shaped is a much greater health risk than being pear-shaped, but it's also a lot more fun.

I sometimes wish I were extremely apple-shaped so that I can go around out in public, showing off my bellybutton and butt-crack, mooning the world around me.

But I also like being pear-shaped because it looks more effeminate like a fat bitch!

Balltungo said...

"Do they make a belly hoist to keep our under bellies form crushing our nuts?"

I don't know.

But even if they did, I would not get a belly hoist because I like to let it all hang out!

I love having my under belly crushing my nuts, and I hope someday my under belly will hang down over my short fat thighs about halfway to my big round knees.

Imaging what an awesome feeling that would be, when I'm out walking, my under belly bouncing on my thighs, quivering and jiggling all over like a huge round mass of Jello!

Awe! My poor little penis, being buried and crushed under my huge massive under belly.

Ah! I love the way it feels. It actually feels good being unable to have sex It make me feel less like a man.

I have effectively and deliberately neutered myself through increasing obesity.

I love being an obese sissified little pot-bellied little wimp!

Fat Bastard said...

Like a lot of fat guys I hire whores for sex. They can ride me if I get it up. I use Viagara but sometimes I can get a stiffy if I'm getting a BJ. There is no way I can fuck a fat woman. Normally I can fuck a skinny woman but she has to ride me. It is still quite a task. I really like sex but food is so much easier and convenient that I suppose it won't be long before I become impotent like you. I am not on a weight gain diet per se like you are but I know I am gaining quite steadily.

Richard said...

When you become super sized the only things left hard on your body are your fingernails and teeth. Pop a pill and pound down the pudding. If you hate sex just keep eating and your new love will be the mistress of food.

Teddy Bear said...

Hey Fat Bastard and Richard!

Yeah, you guys also know what it's all about!


Sex is too much strenuous exercise, and it burns up precious calories.

Food is much better. The only exercise you need to do is raising the fork to your mouth, and the only calories you burn up is from chewing your food, swallowing, and breathing, while you take in more calories from the food than you can burn off, and then it goes straight into becoming fat.

That's what I really love about obesity. It just kind of grows on you!

I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted, and hoped, that when I grew up, I would become a really big person. I wanted to be about 6 feet tall, and also, really fat.

But I stopped growing at the age of 15, at 5 ft 7 in because I had stunted my growth through rapid weigh gain, going from 105 pounds at the age of 13 to over 200 pounds at the age of 15, so I had doubled my weight in just 2 years. That is why I stopped growing in height. So, I figured out, that if I can't be 6 feet tall, then I'll gladly settle for being 6 feet wide. Actually, I would love to be about 7 or 8 feet wide across my hips.

That's another thing I love about obesity. There is a limit to how tall a person can grow, but there seems to be no limit to how wide a person can become. One can keep on growing fatter and fatter for life.

Anyway, I use to be 5 ft 7 in, but in recent years I had lost an inch from my height, so now I'm 5 ft 6 in instead.

As I get older, I'll probably lose a couple more inches from my height. That's OK. Being shorter will make me fatter.

For example: if I were 5 ft 7 in at 400 pounds, my BMI or Body Mass Index would be 62.64, but since I'm 5 ft 6 in instead, then my BMI is actually 64.55, so being an inch shorter raises my BMI a couple of extra points.

A BMI of 30 or more is obese. A BMI of 40 or more is "morbidly" obese. A BMI of 50 or more is super "morbidly" obese and since my BMI is in the 60s, that places me in the category of super, super, "morbidly" obese.

But I hate the word "morbid" because I'm a cheerful and happy fat person. There is nothing "morbid" about me! I prefer the word "massive" instead, and I love the word "obese" because it sounds kind of sassy in defiance of the social norms.

So, I'm happily and contentedly, super super massively obese.


Oh! How I love that word! OBESE!

I like to kick back in a recliner while watching TV, and just grow fatter and fatter until my huge round belly goes down to my knees and rises up to block the view of my TV, and I would just lay there, patting myself on my belly and saying to myself, I am super supper OBESE!

Yes, food is my mistress. Food is my lover. I love food, and food loves me, because everything I eat stays with me and turns to fat. Food loves me, and my fat loves me, and I love my fat. Being fat feels like a big hug. My fat hugs me in it's soft warm embrace. So, fat is also my lover. I love fat because it feels so soft and warm and so comfortable.

Also, fat protects me. Fat protect me from the cold during the winter months, and fat protects me from injuries.

I hope someday I become so fat that you can punch me in the stomach as hard as you can and your fist would bounce off, and you can kick me in the groin and your foot would bounce off, and I would stand there laughing as my body quivers in response to the punches and the kicks.

We sissy-boys need to be really fat because we are too soft and weak to defend ourselves in a fight, so being enormously fat gives us the protection we need.

Also, when you're really huge, your size makes you more intimidating to other people around you.

I don't merely live with my fat, I live in my fat, as comfortably as a fish lives in water.

My big fat body is my castle, my fortress, my soft body armor.

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