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Is Obesity A Choice?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Intuitve Eating is a Crock of Shit

Intuitive eating is a hair brained approach created by the angry fat acceptance witches that teaches you how to create a so called “healthy relationship" with your food, mind, and body–where you ultimately become the expert of your own body. It is a watered down type of diet industry mumbo jumbo. These charlatans claim that you learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional feelings, and gain a sense of body wisdom what ever the fuck body wisdom is. It’s also a process of making peace with food so that you no longer have constant “food worry” thoughts. It’s knowing that your health and your worth as a person does not change because you ate a so-called “bad” or “fattening” food.
This is a total crock of shit because there are fattening foods and if you want to not be fat you cannot eat a whole lot of fattening foods and not be fat. True fat acceptors are also gluttony and obesity promoters. We are apologists for neither obesity or the cause of obesity which we all know is gluttony. We eat whatever the hell we want and what most fat people want is fattening foods. That is why we are fat. The notion that we feel guilty about it is total bullshit. Go to a Golden Corral and watch all the happy guilt free fat people filling their plates again and again and again. They are happy as hell. They don't feel guilty at all. Food is love and happiness!
Jennifer Portnick is an advocate of intuitive eating. She must be eating in the 8000 calorie range given her aerobic activity and an aerobics instructor.

On the surface this may sound simplistic, but it is rather complex. All the fat feminist garbage is convoluted double talk. For example one of the basic principles of Intuitive Eating is the ability to respond to what they call “inner body cues,” According to their psycho babble one should “Eat when they hungry and stop when they full”, which may sound like a no-brainer. But when you have history of chronic dieting or rigid “healthy” rules about eating it’s quite difficult because a number of things need to be in place, including the ability to trust yourself! Here is a summary of their 10 principles of Intuitive Eating.” This is so fucking stupid because that is what people already do. Everyone eats until they are full. Fat Bastard is a fat nasty bastard and I eat until I am full and then some. He could stuff myself on fruit and vegetables and lean protein and He would be a stick boy but vegetables are what food eats. So he eats great tasting foods all the time and great tasting foods are fattening. DUH These fat acceptance women are such dumb cunts.

Intuitive Eating Principles
1. Reject the Diet Mentality Throw out the diet books and magazine articles that offer you false hope of losing weight quickly, easily, and permanently. Get angry at the lies that have led you to feel as if you were a failure every time a new diet stopped working and you gained back all of the weight. If you allow even one small hope to linger that a new and better diet might be lurking around the corner, it will prevent you from being free to rediscover Intuitive Eating.

BFB comment: This angry woman shit is the reason why 99.99999% of fat people are not members of the fat acceptance movement. Diets are not the reason two thirds of Americans are fat. Most men don’t give a rat’s ass how fat they get and most men don’t ever go on diets but there are nearly as many fat men as their are fat women. Men just are not such assholes about it. There is nothing wrong with most weight loss diets. The reason they don’t work is because most people won’t comply and eat lower amounts of calories long enough to get and stay lean and why should they. Most Americans have chosen the fat and gluttonous lifestyle. If one wants to be thin today one cannot eat intuitively. My intuition tells me to avoid salads and Subway and go to Hardees home of the best fries and half pound angus burger on the planet. My fat ass intuition and hunger cues tell me to eat the 1000 calorie Hardees Chili Cheese Thick Burger or the 1480 Monster Thick Burger along with a 470 calorie large fries followed by 700 calories shake and 300 calorie deep fried apple turnover rather than a 300 calorie Subway rabbit food sub zero calorie diet drink and a fucking apple.

2. Honor Your Hunger Keep your body biologically fed with adequate energy and carbohydrates. Otherwise you can trigger a primal drive to overeat. Once you reach the moment of excessive hunger, all intentions of moderate, conscious eating are fleeting and irrelevant. Learning to honor this first biological signal sets the stage for re-building trust with yourself and food.

BFB Comment: What a crock of shit! Before any fat person can get into pig out mode we need a few appetizers first. If I don’t eat for a while and ignore the hunger pangs for a while they go away and I don’t feel hungry. That is how it is with everyone. That is why when people fast too long they have a tough time getting their appetites back.

3. Make Peace with Food Call a truce, stop the food fight! Give yourself unconditional permission to eat. If you tell yourself that you can’t or shouldn’t have a particular food, it can lead to intense feelings of deprivation that build into uncontrollable cravings and, often, binging When you finally “give-in” to your forbidden food, eating will be experienced with such intensity, it usually results in Last Supper overeating, and overwhelming guilt.

BFB comment: The asshole who came up with this fucking filthy lie needs to get rectal cancer. I am so sick of these fat diesel dyke fat feminists making it sound like most fat people have some mental illness. The fact is and studies have shown that fat people are mentally healthier than the general population. The dumb rug munching cunt who is selling this shit sandwich needs to douche with Draino. Fat people are NOT a bunch of helpless pathetic neurotics. I wish these dreadful fat acceptance loser cunts would stop portraying fat people are mentally ill and psychologically weak. Fat people have much higher self esteem than the general population.

4. Challenge the Food Police .Scream a loud “NO” to thoughts in your head that declare you’re “good” for eating under 1000 calories or “bad” because you ate a piece of chocolate cake. The Food Police monitor the unreasonable rules that dieting has created . The police station is housed deep in your psyche, and its loud speaker shouts negative barbs, hopeless phrases, and guilt-provoking indictments. Chasing the Food Police away is a critical step in returning to Intuitive Eating.

Where did you get your degree you ignorant cunt? Fat people have ignored the “food police” long ago. Where the fuck have you been cunt?

5. Respect Your Fullness Listen for the body signals that tell you that you are no longer hungry. Observe the signs that show that you’re comfortably full. Pause in the middle of a meal or food and ask yourself how the food tastes, and what is your current fullness level?


6. Discover the Satisfaction Factor The Japanese have the wisdom to promote pleasure as one of their goals of healthy living In our fury to be thin and healthy, we often overlook one of the most basic gifts of existence–the pleasure and satisfaction that can be found in the eating experience. When you eat what you really want, in an environment that is inviting and conducive, the pleasure you derive will be a powerful force in helping you feel satisfied and content. By providing this experience for yourself, you will find that it takes much less food to decide you’ve had “enough”.
More psychological bullshit and old style fat acceptance apologetics. True fat acceptors eat for flavor and mouth feel. We are gourmands and damn proud of it.

7. Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food Find ways to comfort , nurture, distract, and resolve your issues without using food. Anxiety, loneliness, boredom, anger are emotions we all experience throughout life. Each has its own trigger, and each has its own appeasement. Food won’t fix any of these feelings. It may comfort for the short term, distract from the pain, or even numb you into a food hangover. But food won’t solve the problem. If anything, eating for an emotional hunger will only make you feel worse in the long run. You’ll ultimately have to deal with the source of the emotion, as well as the discomfort of overeating.

BFB Comment: More insulting psychological double talk. Fat people are not so weak that they turn to food to deal with the everyday emotional shit people deal with everyday. Suggesting that people are fat because they are unable to deal with emotional stuff is the same angry woman crap that has fucked up the entire fat acceptance movement and alienated 99% of fat people. There is a very good reason why there are very few fat men men in the fat acceptance movement, It is because of dumb cunts like the ones who destroyed NAAFA.

There is absolutely NO proof that most fat people eat for emotional reasons. Fat people are healthier emotionally than lean ones. All the data shows that.

8. Respect Your Body Accept your genetic blueprint. Just as a person with a shoe size of eight would not expect to realistically squeeze into a size six, it is equally as futile (and uncomfortable) to have the same expectation with body size. But mostly, respect your body, so you can feel better about who you are. It’s hard to reject the diet mentality if you are unrealistic and overly critical about your body shape.
BFB Comment: Again, fat people are not all hung up about their bodies or self image so stop telling them they are. Maybe the crazy cunts in the man hating fat acceptance movement hate their bodies but most fat people don't. If they did they would not be the happy and content gluttons they are.

9. Exercise–Feel the Difference Forget militant exercise. Just get active and feel the difference. Shift your focus to how it feels to move your body, rather than the calorie burning effect of exercise. If you focus on how you feel from working out, such as energized, it can make the difference between rolling out of bed for a brisk morning walk or hitting the snooze alarm. If when you wake up, your only goal is to lose weight, it’s usually not a motivating factor in that moment of time.

BFB Comment: BULLSHIT! Exercise causes weight loss and food in expensive. What are these bimbos thinking?

10 Honor Your HealthGentle Nutrition Make food choices that honor your health and taste buds while making you feel well. Remember that you don’t have to eat a perfect diet to be healthy. You will not suddenly get a nutrient deficiency or gain weight from one snack, one meal, or one day of eating. It’s what you eat consistently over time that matters, progress not perfection is what counts.

BFB Comment: DUH!
Clearly this intuitive eating scam as a cure for the mysterious and made up disease of eating disorders is truly a crock of shit. It is a throw back to morons like Paul Campos, Kelly Bliss, Paul McAleer and that other phony, Jennifer Portnick.


Teddy Bear said...

WOW! Again I'm the first to post something on this subject.

Again, I'm the first fat little piggy to the trough! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink!

Yeah, all of this bull-fuckin'-shit about intuitive eating is a crock of bull crapola!

I eat because I love FOOD! I eat in obedience to an ancient primeval instinct that tells me that when food is available that I must eat and eat and to fatten up to survive through those time when food might not be so readily available, and I'm fat because being fat makes me feel more secure, but mostly, because I love being fat and I want to become even fatter.

Also, as I have mentioned before, I'm a sissy boy. When I was a kid going to school, I hated sports, especially football. I was the typical nerd, or geek. My mother taught me how to read before I even started school. When I was only in the 3rd grade I was already reading at the high school and adult level. When I as 13, I scored 150 points on a standard IQ test, so I didn't care for sports. I preferred to hang out in the library reading books. I love listening to classical music (and rock as well) and I love art. I prefer doing what the jocks in my school called sissy stuff.

I was often bullied around by the jocks who were much bigger and stronger that I was, so in obedience to that ancient primeval instinct, I found comfort in food, and started eating and eating, and my appetite grew until I grew bigger and fatter and fatter until I became much bigger than anybody who has ever bullied me around.

That is when I discovered that the fatter I became, the more happy and contented I feel. I'm so fat now I am just barely able to walk. Actually, I can't walk anymore, I waddle like an obese little penguin. I'm so fat now I can't even reach around behind myself to wipe my own fat ass, so I have to use a pair of tongs as a toilet-paper holder to wipe myself back there.

I love it! Because it serves as a constant reminder of how super super obese I'm becoming.

I love waddling into a room full of people and being the fattest and heaviest person there. It' makes me feel more secure.

Some people have actually told me that they find my size and weight to be very intimidating. I love that. I love that people are intimidated by my size. Imagine that! People are actually intimidated in my presence, and I'm a big fat soft and weak sissy-boy! I'm harmless. I'm as gentle, timid, and docile as a fat little lamb.

I move slowly and heavily on my feet, my short fat legs just barely able to support my weight. I sit down heavily and I feel so peaceful and calm, with a contented and sleepy look on my plump round face. Anybody can outrun me. I'm so soft and weak that a girl scout can beat me at arm wrestling and kick my fat ass around the block just for drill, and yet, people find my presence intimidating because of my size and weight.

Becoming super super obese is the very best thing that can happen to a sissy-boy like me. We sissies need to really fatten up and become really huge!

Yeah, I believe in my own version of "intuitive eating" alright! My intuition tells me that I should eat and eat and eat and grow bigger and heavier. It's that old primeval instinct at work.

Because I'm so gentle and docile, I obey my instinct which tells me to keep on growing bigger and fatter.

I hope the in a few years, that I will have to struggle to squeeze my big fat ass through the doorways of public buildings, and when I sit down in a restaurant to eat, the I will need three chairs under my big fat ass, and head will turn as a slowly waddle into the room, people staring at me, and perhaps whispering comments among themselves behind my broad back ans I slowly sit down to the table. But people will see the happy and contented look on my plump round face as my hands gently rest on my huge round belly in front of me.

Even when people make cruel comments to be because of my obesity, I just smile, and I just say back to them, that I'm perfectly happy, that I love my huge ever expanding body, and I eat because I love food, and I'm fat because I love being fat. I sometime get a shocked look on their faces in response to what I say, and then I just happily and contentedly pat myself on my big round belly.

So, despite the abuse and bullying around that I have received in the past, my self esteem has become even greater, loving myself even more.

I especially love going to the All-You-Can-Eat Buffets. Here in El Paso Texas, we have the Golden Corral Buffet, The Hong Kong Buffet, The Grand China Buffet, The Hometown Buffet, and the Furr's All You Can Eat Buffet.

My favorite buffet here in El Paso is the Hometown Buffet. That is where all of us fatties hang out. Many of us are really huge! I love watching all the other fatties there as they waddle slowly, barely to move at all, huffing and puffing with beads or perspiration breaking out on their plump round happy faces as they load their plates up with massive quantities of food and then sitting down to eat. They all look so very happy and contented like they don't have a care in the world, even though they are all too fat to have sex, too fat to wipe their own butts or properly bathe themselves, busting out of their clothing, having to struggle to move about, they are all still perfectly happy and contented. You can see it on their faces. They are all so soft, flabby, and weak, and so helpless, yet perfectly happy as they sit down to eat. And I'm proud to be one of them myself.

I love moving about, slowly and heavily, and oh so Majestically, being in that great thundering herd of great big fatties. When I'm at the buffet, I feel at home, I feel I'm where I belong, in my own natural habitat.

I prefer mixing and mingling with all the other fatties, or huge soft warm bodies pressing up against one another was we struggle to move about in cramped quarters.

I love obesity because it feels so nice and soft and warm. It feels so comfortable and being fat, soft, and weak makes me feel so sleepy. It's a very peaceful and calm kind of existence. I love the way obesity feels on my body. Yes, it's becoming very heavy and difficult to carry around, but I even love that feeling of heavy softness, and I love the struggle of carrying my increasing weight around. I love the way it feels.

Someday, I may need a motorized wheelchair to get around when I finally become too fat to walk, and I will be even more happy and contented. I will feel like Royalty!

Yeah, all those in NAAFA just don't get it!

We love being fat and growing fatter, and we love eating to become fatter and fatter! Fat is suppose to make you happy. It means security and survival. As I have said before, it means being famine resistant, to be able to survive an ice age without eating your neighbors.

I believe all fat people should get married at a young age when we can still fuck and reproduce, before we become too fat to fuck anymore, then we should spend the rest of out lives laying around being fat and happy while the younger generation takes care of us. Eventually they too will become too fat to move about, and will need their younger ones to take care of them. That should be the natural order of things in this world.

We are the true fat people! The natural fat people. We are the wild fatties!

Balltungo said...

Excellent comment Teddy!

You sure got it right about NAFFA and the other crazy self hating so called fat acceptance blogs and organizations. They are trying to "domesticate" fat people like we are some type of cattle with one mind set. We need to remain wild like the feral hogs in the Southern US that grow to their natural proportions and revert back to their true nature.

I am so glad I found this blog. I saw the need for fat acceptance long ago but sadly the NAAFA has done more harm than good in recent years. The imbalance of men to women in current FA also has weakened the movement.

Fat men share some of the blame because they whine that FA does not represent fat men but they will not start am men's FA or one that is inclusive. They are pissed because the BBW's go for skinny guys who can bang them long and hard for hours. We fat guys are lucky if we can even get it up.

I think both sexes morph into an androgynous being as they get fatter. Usually as super obesity starts the masculinization and feminization occurs. It works out better for women because so many women in FA are fat lesbians. I know that at the NAAFA conventions a fat boy's chances of getting laid are slim and none. Every NAAFA convention photo you see is a bunch of BBW's and SSBBW's surround some skinny dude. Fat men are few and far between at NAAFA conventions.

We fat men are really sissy boys like you say. Women are not sexually attracted to fat men.

As to intuitive eating in theory it is a good idea. We eat already eat intuitively so I don't know why some cornball wrote a book about it and blame not eating intuitively for obesity. If they were true fat accepters they would embrace anything that causes obesity.

I hope that fat people would stop this stuff that masks itself as fat acceptance but is really a diet. I agree with the owners of this blog. If people want to go on a weight loss diet I will not judge them or ostracize them. We are not here to judge. We hare here to promote obesity, gluttony and fat accpetance.

Fat Bastard said...

Balltungo and Teddy, I was a bout to say don't get me started but I am already started on this one. I have coined a new term FAINO. Fat Accepter In Name Only. I think half the people in the movement are FAINOs. I bey Portnick is a closet dieter. Like I said in my latest article, I am not opposed to weight loss diets providing they are not some unsafe gimmick but I have it on some pretty good authority that a large percentage of Naafians are closet dieters. They make the excuse that they have an eating disorder.

Proud FA is really fired up and I don't blame him. He really blows a gasket when people intimate that fat people are mental cases.

Richard said...

Nothing weak in these chubby fingers when it comes time to feed the hunger spirit and worship the god of food. I was thinking of putting straws in my nose next time I go to the shine of buffet. Last time when I was mauling a lamb's leg I got gravvy in my nose so I am going to test my "gravvy-snorkels".

Fat Bastard said...

I once got a sinus infection that I think was due to one of my food frenzies. I was getting the last few crumbs from a bag of donuts and I inhaled a whole lot of crumbs. It was awful. I had to spray saline and they put me on Augmentum. That stuff screws up your stomach. I was off my feed for several weeks.

I hid some extra turkey outside and I just got finished eating a turkey sandwich with mayo and cheese followed by a nice Irish coffee and an entire pumpkin pie with whipped cream and a bag of Hershey's Kisses. I bet I take a huge dump tomorrow. I have no doubt it will be a double or maybe even a triple flusher. I need to get one of those super sized toilets... A thrown fit for royalty.

Anonymous said...

Do you fat cocksuckers have any idea just how revolting you all are. Richard is a fucking eat pig. Teddy Bear is a big fat cunt of a man and you Fat Bastard are promoting this decadent death cult.

Fat Bastard said...

Life sucks and then you die but is sucks a whole lot less on a full belly.

Be a Spartan if you like. Most Americans prefer to be gormands. We do not judge you for being into fitness and self control so why are you judging us on our gluttony?

Teddy Bear said...

lowee2855 said...

"Do you fat cocksuckers have any idea just how revolting you all are. Richard is a fucking eat pig. Teddy Bear is a big fat cunt of a man and you Fat Bastard are promoting this decadent death cult."

Thank you very much lowee2855!

I like being a big fat cunt of a man. But I have eaten away my manhood, because my increasing obesity caused my testosterone levels to go way down to almost zero!

So now, I'm not a man anymore! I'm turning into a big fat bitch! My penis and testicles have shrunken, my belly hangs down over my penis, so when I have to pee, I must sit down like a big fat Mama!

I'm not a man anymore! I'm just an obese sissy and a soft and weak cream puff.

If you like working hard to keep fit and trim, that's fine! But I find it easier to just kick back and relax, and eat and sleep, and be soft, flabby, and weak because it feels so relaxing.

You choose to live a hard life.

I choose to live a soft and easy life, because I eat as much as I like and I don't have to go around being hungry.

Who want's to be slim and trim?

I don't want to get smaller, I want to grow bigger and fatter.

I just love being big, and growing bigger by growing fatter is a lot easier than trying to grow bigger by building muscles.

It's much easier to build up fat, because fat grows much faster then muscles, and fat grows much larger than muscles.

I just love being BIG!

Teddy Bear said...

Fat Bastard said...

"Life sucks and then you die but is sucks a whole lot less on a full belly. Be a Spartan if you like. Most Americans prefer to be gormands. We do not judge you for being into fitness and self control so why are you judging us on our gluttony?"

I agree.

Some people choose a life of hard work struggling to stay slim and trim, and to get smaller.

We gluttons love to eat and sleep, living the soft easy life and growing much larger.

I'm glad I'm a glutton and a much bigger person.

I'm soft and weak, but we soft and weak obese cream puffs can grow really huge!

I'm much bigger than anybody who can beat the crap out of me!

Girl scouts can beat the crap out of me! Their little baby brothers can beat the crap out of me.

But I'm much bigger.

Strength doesn't mean shit!

Size is all that matters!

The bigger, the better.

Even if it means becoming so big and heavy that I can't move anymore, I just want to become really huge.

You see, I'm a sissy and a wimp, and growing to a much larger size makes me feel more secure. The bigger I get, the happier I am

Lowee2855 may be much stronger than I am, and perhaps even better looking than I am.

But I'm much bigger!

The bigger, the better!

Also, I get to eat more!

Proud FA said...

I suppose if I didn't like porking fat women so much I'd be fat too. For me there is nothing like porking a porker... Somebody has to do it. God knows their fat sissy husbands can't get the job done. For me a lusty busty BBW beats the all you can eat buffet every time.

There is nothing like a fat bottomed girl. They really do make the rockin world go round.

I do watch what I eat and I work out. BBWs love lean men because we last a long time. We fat admirers are indeed the Mr Goodbars of the fat acceptance movement. Sadly many of the diesel dykes and some of the unenlightened fat men resent us. You get it Teddy. You accept your sissy boy subservency and emasculinization. That my fat friend is TRUE fat acceptance.

I don't see Fat Bastard being anything but an ornery grizzly bear but that is part of his charm. He truly is large and in charge and due to his apple shape he has to shed pounds from time to time due to debilitating health issues. It is tough for him having the personality of a many man and dysfunctional wedding tackle. He is actually less intimidated by the skinny sluts he pays to be with him than the strident fat women that you describe.

I have also noticed Teddy that fat boys like you are so so so serene. That is very admirable. I on the other hand see myself as the protector and defender of the BBWs. As a result I can get very passionate about fat rights.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Proud FA.

Yes, I love being a timid obese sissified Nancy-Boy! I'm as gentle and docile as a fat little lamb.

Now some guys are into the physical fitness thing, lifting weights and "pumping iron" to build up bigger and stronger muscles. They want to become really big and strong.

But we soft and weak obese cream-puffs can become even bigger than any strong athletic muscle-man.

To become really huge, you don't need to be strong, because there is an upper limit to how big a strong man may become. To get really huge, you must be soft and weak.

Lets use the following example:

We have two guys who are the same height, but one guy weighs 300 pounds and the other guy weighs 350 pounds. Which guy is going to be bigger? Which one is going to have the bigger body?

Most people would say that the man who weighs 350 pounds is going to be larger than the man who weighs 300 pounds.

But now, lets assume that the guy who weighs 350 pounds is an athlete, one who works out with weights pumping iron and gets lots of exercise and has big strong muscles and not very much fat, while the guy who weighs only 300 pounds, he is lazy, all he does is eat and sleep, and has very little muscle at all and is mostly fat, and he is soft, flabby, and weak.

Now which guy will have the bigger body?

The guy who is soft, flabby, and weak and only weighs 300 pounds will have a bigger body than the strong muscular guy who weighs more at 350 pounds.


Because muscle is heavier than fat. Muscle has a higher density while fat with a lower density is light and fluffy. A pound of fat occupies a larger volume of space than a pound of muscle.

Water has a density of 1 gram per cubic centimeter.

Take a chunk of raw lean meat, which is muscle, and drop it into some water. It sinks to the bottom, because lean meat, or muscle, has a higher density than water.

Take a chunk of fat, and drop it into water. It floats! That is because fat has a lower density than water, and a much lower density than lean meat, or muscle.

Therefore, the 300 pound man who is soft, flabby and weak is going to have a larger body than the strong 350 pound muscle man.

The strong muscle man weighs more, but his muscles occupies less volume of space than the soft flabby and weak cream-puff of a sissy-boy who's fat occupies a larger volume of space.

If you gain a hundred pounds of fat, your body will become much larger than it would if you build up a hundred pounds of extra muscle.

So, the 300 pound cream-puff is going to be bigger than the 350 pound muscle-man, and the cream-puff does not have to work as hard to increase his size. In fact, he doesn't have to work out at all. He just needs to eat and sleep a lot, or just sit on his lazy fat ass, and he will become much larger than the muscle man who works his ass off pumping iron all day long.

And so, we soft and weak sissy-boys can become much larger than any strong athletic muscle-man.

I remember when I was a kid, I was kind of small for my age, and I was often bullied around by the larger kids, so I wished that I were much bigger.

I was told that if I wanted to get bigger than the bullies, that I needed to exercise and lift weights, but I had seen a lot of fat kids who were really big, and they didn't exercise. They just sat around watching TV and eating all the time.

So, I decided that if I want to become much bigger than the bullies, that I did not have to exercise and lift weights. That was too much hard work, so instead, I just simple started eating more, and sitting around more, and taking naps immediately after eating, and I started gaining weight, growing fatter and fatter until I became much bigger than all the bullies who use to pick on me.

Of course, I became soft and weak, and the bullies were still much stronger.

One day, after I had gained a lot of weight and got really fat, I had an encounter with a couple of the bullies. I was much bigger than the bullies, but they were much stronger, and they beat the crap out of me, and knocked me flat on my back. They cane be a big fat weakling and a soft flabby girly-boy and walked away.

I laid there on my back, helpless, and as they were walking away, I said "Oh yeah? Well, I'm much bigger than you guys! so there!" and they called me a big fat baby, and laughed as they walked away.

I struggled to get back up on my feet, and walked home and I went into the kitchen and sat down and are a quart of ice cream, and even though I had the holy crap beat out of me, I was happy because I knew that I was much bigger. Yeah, they were much stronger, and they won the fight, but I was much bigger, and knowing that I was much bigger made me feel happy and more secure.

Yes, I was still picked on by the bullies. Before they use to call me a little sissy, but after I got fat, the called me a big sissy! I was often called a big sissy, or a big baby, or giant baby boy, or a great big wimp.

But while they were calling me a sissy, a baby, or a wimp, the used the word "big" to describe me, and I liked being called big!

So, yes, I'm a sissy, a wimp, and a baby, but I'm a great BIG sissy, a great BIG wimp, and a great BIG baby!

Anyway, there is an upper limit to how big a muscle-man may become. It's possible to gain a hundred pounds of muscle by pumping iron, but it takes many years of hard work. But I seriously doubt if an athlete can gain 200 pounds or 300 pounds of muscle, because you have a limited number of muscle fibers, and there is an upper limit to how large those muscle fibers can become. So, there will never be a muscle-man who weighs a thousand pounds or more. It's just not possible.

Fat cells, however, can become greatly enlarged simple by eating a lot, and sleeping, and when a fat cell reaches it's largest possible size, it then divides, or splits off to make some new fat cells when can also grow larger through eating, and so, a soft and weak cream-puff can gain many hundreds of pounds and weigh more than a thousand pounds!

The world fattest man was 6 ft 1 in and weighed about 1,400 pounds and the world fattest lady was 5 ft 7 in and weighed about 1,600 pounds!

Like, come on guys!!! Can't we do better than that???

Anyway, the world's fattest man was a great big helpless baby boy. It took 12 people just to roll him over in his bed. He was soft and weak, a real cream-puff and a real sissy-boy to boot!

These big strong muscle-men who can lift a few hundred pounds over their heads, these guys very seldom weigh more than 400 pounds.

But we soft and weak cream-puffs ans sissified Nancy-Boys, we can weigh more than a half ton. We can get really HUGE!!!

I hope that about 5 years from now I will weigh about 800 pounds or more. I will probably be unable to walk anymore, but I will be really BIG, much bigger than any Macho bully-boy or muscle-man.

And so, if you want to grow to become really huge, it's doesn't pay to be a strong athletic muscle-man.

To grow really huge, you only need to be a soft and weak cream-puff and a sissy-boy. Only us soft and weak sissy-boys can grow to such enormous proportions.

You just need to be soft and weak, and a total wimp!

Fat Bastard said...

As usual Teddy your logic is impeccable!

Teddy Bear said...

Fat Bastard said...

"As usual Teddy your logic is impeccable!"

Thank you very much!

Yes, I have discovered the mystery and the magic of super obesity, and I have studied the science of obesity, and finally, developed a philosophy of living life as an obese person, a philosophy based on being peaceful and calm, and becoming more happy and contented, avoiding all stressful situations and finally acquiring a peaceful and calm sleepy kind of contentment.

In the great music of life . . .

Thin people are Minor or Diminished, while we fat people are Major, Augmented, and Dominant.

Thin people are flat, or sharp, while we fat people are natural.

Thin people are the half notes or the quarter notes or the eighth notes, while we fat people are the whole notes.

Thin people move with a faster beat or rhythm, like 4/4 time or 6/8 time or 8/8 time, while we fat people move to a slower beat or rhythm, a waltz beat, like 3/4 time, as we slowly waddle instead of walking.

The music of life.