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Is Obesity A Choice?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Potpouri: NAAFA is a Cult and Obesity and Gluttony is NOT for Everyone

The Cult of NAAFA

To fully understand NAAFA is to understand a dichotomy in logic. Most NAAFA members we've been in contact with claim to eat very little..sensible diets..even vegitarian diets. All NAAFA members I've spoken to claim to excercise regularly.
But these pictures, of NAAFA members at a Fat Acceptance convention, paint a very different picture.
To obtain body size of this nature, simple biology tells us you must ingest far many calories than you expend.

NAAFA wants you to believe that morbid obesity is healthy, normal and desirable. While obesity and gluttony may be desirable and while it is rapidly becoming the new normal only a total fucking idiot or evil scumbag would deny that obesity often has dire health consequences. This sort of intellectual dishonesty is why we started the Bigger Fatter Blog. Fat people are not morons. NAAFA gives the fat and gluttony haters plenty of grist for the mill with their lunacy. Bigger Fatter Blog simply and effectively disarms the fat haters by admitting the obvious truth. Fat people are gluttons. NAAFA and other FA orgs think that there is something wrong with sloth and gluttony. We are here to tell people that gluttony and sloth are acceptable behaviors just as being morbidly obese is and should be an acceptable condition. Everything has its risks. We accept those risks because we think the benefits are worth that risk. If you don't think it is worth the risk we won't judge you like the sicko NAAFA sluts will.

NAAFA promotes a "fat and happy" idealology. I have no doubt that some of these people are indeed having fun and enjoying themselves at a fat acceptance convention. Hell, when Proud FA and I show up with our Godiva chocolates, and selection of fine wine and cheeses they are ecstatic because they know they are going to be in for a good feed and a sexy sausage session with Proud FA.

Believing that one can be truly happy while mordibly obese, with all the health and mobility problems it entails, on a day to day basis is a different story altogether. True fat acceptance accepts the risks of being morbidly obese. Gluttony and obesity is not for the faint of heart. The denial in which cults like NAAFA indulge only weakens the movement because it just is so damn ridiculous and absurd. It also denies the very real risks of the gluttonous life style. True obesity promoters and fat accepters bravely and happily accept these risks.

NAAFA is frequently referred to as a death cult, for very good reason. To be a member of NAAFA, you must unwittingly accept the potential health consequences of obesity by drinking their Kool Aid. As widely documented studies prove, obesity can lead to a host of debilitating health problems—including early death—most of which are reversable through weight loss.

From NAAFA's site:

"Because being fat can be both a physically and emotionally isolating experience, NAAFA has helped to create and sustain a fat subculture. " The problem with that statement is Fat people are much more emotionally and socially healthier than size typical people

This cult would rather you pretend to be part of an elitist group, entitiled to special privileges, rather than confront the obvious truth: Obesity can be an unwanted social stigma. Morbid obesity is dangerous and demeaning to some people who are not meant to be fat. It is not a desirable condition for everyone.

Note: Use of the images on this site constitutes "fair use" under United States copyright law Title 17 , chapter 1 , Sec. 107.

One thing that is striking about NAAFA is the absence of fat men. NAAFA was once a proud advocate for fat people but once that was achieved they became rebels with out a clue and they got into strange politics and began aligning themselves with a fringe element of people calling themselves fat feminists. NAAFA has become the ole girls club as has most fat acceptance organizations.


Teddy Bear said...

Well, I do believe that it is possible to be both fat healthy. I have known fat people who were in excellent health and thin people who were in very poor health.

Some of it is determined by genetics, some by environment and some of it is due to what we eat.

I use my own family as an example:

My grandmother on my father's side of the family, she was short and fat, about 5 feet tall and weighed over 250 pounds. She lived to be 80 years old. Yet, she was diabetic, had to use insulin, and this was way back in the 1950s when diabetics didn't have glucose meters to check their blood sugar levels because they weren't invented yet.

She was addicted to sweets, and would sit down and eat a whole cake all by herself, then she would take enough insulin to cover what she ate, and despite all that, she lived to be 80 and back in the 1950s the average life expectancy of Americans as about 65 to 70 years.

My mother's second cousins, Ester and Grace were fat. Ester was 5 ft 2 in and weighed about 275 pounds and her older sister Grace was only 5 feet tall and weighed at least 350 pounds. She was a walking blob of cellulite and she waddled when she walked. Both Ester and Grace lived into their 80s.

My mother was only slightly overweight when she was in her 40s and 50s, but in her 60s she became thin, and she only lived to be 72 while most of my fat relatives lived into their 80s.

I'm 5 ft 6 in and close to 400 pounds, but my blood pressure is normal, usually around 105/70 but sometimes it actually gets too low like 80s/50s and my cholesterol levels are actually lower than normal, like 100 with an LDL of 60 and an HDL of 40, and my triglycerides are also lower than normal, like 90 instead of 150 as it is for most people. I also have a slow pulse around 65, and sometimes it's down in the 50s when I'm relaxing. And finally, normal body temperature is usually around 98.6 degrees while mine usually averages between 96.5 to 97.5 degrees, and sometime when I have been sleeping, when I first wake up, my temperature as been as low as 95 degrees.

Now, a lower body temperature usually indicates hypothyroid, but I have been checked for that, and my thyroid levels are within the normal range, more toward the lower end, but still within the normal range.

I just naturally have a slower metabolism, hence the easy weight gain. When I sleep, I almost go into hibernation.

Yes, I am diabetic, and I need to use insulin and oral medications, but I have had no complications because I manage to keep my blood sugars within the normal range.

I'm always hungry, so I eat as much as I like, and I take enough insulin to cover what I eat.

Now, I have been told by doctors that if I could lose at least 150 pounds I might not need to use insulin anymore, and if I could lose 200 pounds, I could get off the oral medications.

But I would feel even more hungrier all the time than I feel now, and it would be a very miserable and unhappy existence for me. So, I just find it much easier to stay fat, and stick myself with needles so I can eat as much as I like. I would rather be fat and happy than to be thin and miserable.

Now, I do believe in healthy eating, in eating the right foods, but I also believe that one should not deprive oneself of an occasional treat.

I once tried a vegetarian diet, eating nothing but vegetables and fruit. No cheese, no eggs, no dairy products, just fruit and vegetables.

And guess what!!!

Yeah, I still gained weight!

I was on that suckie vegan diet for three months, and I gained 40 pounds!

A diabetic can still gain a lot of weight on a vegan diet because it's too low in protein and loaded with carbohydrates.

Having diabetes makes it much harder to lose weight, and easier to gain more weight, especially if you're on insulin. Diabetes makes you big and fat. We diabetics can get really huge! Insulin acts almost like a growth hormone and it promotes even more fat storage. Insulin is known as the fattening hormone.

Now, the so-called medical "experts" all say the obesity causes diabetes, but sometimes it's the other way around.

Type 2 Diabetes is genetically inherited, and I have known people who were once at a "normal" weight, or even thin, and then after becoming diabetic, and having to start using oral medications, and eventually having to go to insulin, they became overweight after becoming diabetic, and not before.

So, when people tell me that I'm too fat, I use being a diabetic as an excuse. I just pat myself on my belly, and I say "I really can't help it. I'm fat because I have diabetes." and I have that helpless look on my face while saying it, and sometime people might respond by saying "poor baby!" and that settles any further discussion.

I have been diabetic for 13 years now since September 10, 1995, so September 10 of this year was my 13th birthdy as a diabetic.

I remember what it was like before I was diagnosed. Over a 2 month period, I had lost 70 pounds! I was always tired, hungry, and thirsty drinking water constantly and urinating frequently, having to get up several times every night to piss. I felt like shit.

I went to a clinic, and after some test, I was diagnosed with having Type 2 Diabetes. I was really bummed out, but the doctor said that I didn't have to start using insulin right away, that I could start on oral medications. My doctor said that he didn't want me to start on insulin just yet, because it can cause weight gain, and he wanted to prevent that.

Well, I started on oral medications only, and after a week, my blood sugars were down within a normal range, and I felt much better. I even started gaining back the weight I had lost. I actually wanted to start on the insulin much sooner, especially after hearing the doctor say it can cause weight gain.

That is when I was convinced to go on a vegetarian diet, and I gained back 40 pounds on the diet. After I gained back some of the weight I had lost, my blood sugars started creeping up a little bit too high, so my doctor said that I had no choice but to start using insulin.

Well, I didn't let the doctor know it, but I was actually happy to start on insulin, because I knew that it would cause more weight gain. So, if your a greedy obese little glutton who loves to eat and gain more weight, then being diabetic is the best thing that can happen to you!

A word of caution here . . . . .

If you have diabetes, then you must absolutely keep your blood sugars within the normal range to avoid any medical complications.

Also, if your blood sugars run way to high, it can cause unintentional weight loss. But if you keep your blood sugars under reasonably good control, you can gain a lot of weight very easily.

If you work it right, then you can eat as much as you want, and anything you like, but the more you eat, the more insulin you have to use. Also, the more you weigh, the more insulin you need to use.

But best of all, the more insulin you use, the more weight you will gain, and the fatter you get, the more insulin you will need to use, which causes even more weight gain, which increases your need for more insulin which causes even more weight gain.

If you can work it just right, you can use insulin to induce run-away weight gain and pump yourself up like a great big balloon!

We diabetics make the best gainers! A diabetic can get really huge! Insulin acts like a growth hormone. Some body builders who are not diabetic actually use insulin instead of steroids after working out, because after exercise, insulin promotes muscle growth. Also, unlike illegal steroids, insulin is perfectly legal. But this is a dangerous practice because if you shoot up with insulin when you're not diabetic, your blood sugars may fall to dangerously low levels. But if you are a body builder, AND a diabetic, then it's OK to use insulin to your advantage.

As I have said, insulin acts like a growth hormone, and it you exercise a lot, then insulin will grow a lot of muscles, and if your a greedy lazy glutton, then insulin will make you grow really fat. So, insulin causes both muscle growth and fat growth.

As a diabetic gainer, you can pump your body up so huge you won't be able to get through a door, you'll become so huge you won't be able to bathe yourself or put on your clothes without assistance from another person, and you won't be able to wipe your own ass anymore, and eventually you can become so big and heavy, you won't be able to walk anymore. Your body will blow up like a great big round balloon!

Anyway, after three months I went of that stupid vegan diet because I really missed eating meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and cheese, and after I quit eating all vegan, I had better control of my blood sugars.

Of course, I don't eat a lot of junk foods, but I also don't totally abstain from them either.

I still eat lots of vegetables, and lots of fresh fruit, and I actually prefer fish more than meat. We great big fat people need to eat healthy foods, because our huge magnificent and Majestic bodies require more vitamins and minerals than thin people.

So eat your fish, fresh fruit, and vegetables to properly nourish you great big body, and then, go ahead and pig out on a gallon of ice cream or eat a whole cake, but eat your vegetables first.

Also the best war to eat vegetables is to take come broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, and stir-fry them in a pan with some butter (not margarine) Extra Virgin Olive oil, a little bit of water, and some wine sauce, then serve on a large plate, and pour some melted extra sharp cheddar cheese over your vegetables. That way you have vegetable for health, and cooked in a way that is very tasty and fattening.

Then have lots of fresh fruit for health, and lots of whipped cream on top of your fruit, or mix your fruit into some ice cream to fatten up.

You see, we great big fatties need lots of healthy foods, because even we fat people can get malnutrition, and nothing is more sad and pathetic to see a great big fatty suffering from malnutrition.

As for exercise . . . . .

If your a great big fat-ass carrying hundreds of extra pounds of fat, then you don't need expensive gym equipment for exercise. All you have to do is get up and walk around a little bit. The fatter you are, the more you will benefit from just plane walking. At 5 ft 6 in and 400 pounds, and being 240 pounds overweight, I have my own built in exercise equipment just lifting my own weight and walking around the block just once, and I will have gotten even more exercise than a thin person who just ran 3 miles. A thin person would have to exercise for a whole hour to get as much exercise as I would get in just 15 minutes of walking.

Also, it's not how much your weigh that determines your health risk, but rather, how your fat is distributed.

There is two different kids of fat. Visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.

Visceral fat is the kind of fat that collects around your internal organs and under the muscle wall of the abdomen. This kind of fat is dangerous to your health. If you have a big round pot-belly that is firm and solid, then that is due to the visceral fat. This is why guys who are apple-shaped have a much higher risk of obesity related diseases.

Subcutaneous fat is relatively harmless compared to visceral fat. It's the subcutaneous fat that is soft and flabby the collect just under your skin giving you a big fat ass, broad round hips, and thunder-thighs. If you have a big round belly that is soft and flabby, then that is due to the harmless subcutaneous fat just under the skin and outside the muscle wall of the abdomen.

So, if you have a huge round belly, it's better to have one that is soft and flabby instead of one that is firm and solid.

This is why, obese people who are pear-shaped live much longer than obese people who are apple-shaped.

When you see a really obese man in his 70s or 80s, he usually has a big fat ass, broad round hips, and short fat legs.

So how long you might live has more to do with where you carry the extra fat, and not on how much fat you have.

There are thin people who have a lot of visceral fat collecting on their internal organs because they are usually couch-potatoes who eat nothing but crap.

But an obese person who eats healthy foods, and gets a moderate amount of exercise will have a lot less visceral fat and have mostly subcutaneous fat.

Therefore, a 150 pound thin person with a firm solid pot-belly will not live as long as a 400 pound fat person with a great big fat ass and thunder thighs and a soft flabby belly.

So, you guys who are apple-shaped, you should eat lots of fish, especially oily fish with omega 3 fatty acids if you wish to avoid the health risks of being apple-shaped with a big belly ans small butt.

There are lots of fat guys who lived into their 80s for example: Alfred Hitchcock and Benjamen Franklin and many others.

Also, if you are obese, and you managed to live to the age of 65 or more, then obesity has less of an influence on your health risks, and you will probably die of old age instead of obesity.

Anyway, as we get bigger and fatter and heavier, we need more calcium for strong bones to support our weight, so we must eat more cheese and butter (not margarine) and drink more milk. Also, lots of ice cream is good.

We need to ea more fish, especially you apple-shaped guys, more oily fish like pink salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and cod fish for omega 3 fatty acids which is good for the heart and the brain.

Also, if you diabetic, you require more of some vitamins and minerals that people who are not diabetic. One of the complications of diabetes is that, in order to taking in more of the vitamins and minerals that you need from food, it will mean having to take in more calories that you are able to burn off, and that's another reason why diabetes cases more weight gain. So, if you are diabetic, then you are predestine to grow fatter and fatter while taking in the vital nutrients your body so desperately needs, and then, as your body grows larger, your requirements for these vital nutrients increases. Therefore, if you're diabetic, the you will need to grow fatter and fatter just to prevent death from malnutrition. It's actually more dangerous for a diabetic to try to lose weight than to just keep on growing fatter and fatter.

Another words, a diabetic has to be a glutton and keep on gaining in order to survive. It's a condition that reprograms your body for a life of continuous growth.

So, if you are diabetic, then you can pretty much forget about seeing your penis, your knees, and your feet ever again because your growing belly will eventually cover all of those things.

Also, you better get yourself a pair of tongs or something you can use as a toilet-paper holder because you will eventually get too fat to wipe your own ass anymore. You may even have to get yourself a wheelchair.

But if you happen top be a greedy glutton and a happy gainer who enjoys growing fatter and fatter, then diabetes is a happy condiion for you.

If you a greedy glutton who loves gaining, then diabetes is fun!

Fat Bastard said...

I agree with a lot of what you say but it is a fact that we on average die sooner. Obesity will decrease longevity but so what.

I take my sleep apnea for instance and see it as an acceptable risk as part of my gluttonous lifestyle. I see my obesity and bad knees also as an acceptable consequence. Because I am disabled from it all my meds and doctor visits are paid for. Liberty medical is a godsend.

I think I have leveled off. The greatest feeder I know is Proud FA. If he has said it once he has said in 1000 times. FEED WITH FAT because fat fattens best. I have reached critical mass with my eating. I am taking in about 8 to ten thousand a day to maintain my 450+ pounds and I do it mostly with Atkins food. High fat and protein are good for diabetics. The Glucophage works pretty well for me and if I am going to power eat and eat lots of sweets I take a little extra insulin.

Like most fat people I am pretty careless about my diet. Ideally I would like to be able to eat eat eat and not gain weight because for me it's about the food and the gluttonous lifestyle. I would really rather be thin but then I would not enjoy food as much.

Being fat blew out my knees. Eventually I will need a power chair all the time. I absolutely love power chairs and scooters. I am thinking about getting a Segway. I am checking into whether insurance will cover one. I wish they made on with a seat. I love sitting. Nothing beats sitting, eating and watching porn or surfing the net.

I really appreciate your outlook about embracing the fat. My doctor tells me I have to loose almost 200 pounds before they will do knee replacement surgery and sometimes I see my obesity as an impediment but after a couple of Vicodins and a few bacon and cheese sandwiches I am content and blissful. Right now I am eating a toasted peanut butter and bacon sandwich smothered in mayo. YUM YUM YUM. Elvis ate ones like that only he had them deep fried.

Richard said...

So what if we die earlier. The years at the end suck anyway and if that means missing some bored days of blue haired women shouting bingo I would rather have my chili fries smothered in Ranch. After all, eating artery clogging crap makes the heart work harder and that is the same as dumb old exercise. I will take this logic over what a team of qualified dieticians and educated doctors would say any day. If it tastes good and the internet said its ok it must be. Praise the belly!

Teddy Bear said...

Fat Bastard said...

"I agree with a lot of what you say but it is a fact that we on average die sooner. Obesity will decrease longevity but so what."

Yes, I see what you mean. Obesity is not without it's risks. However I have seen obese people in the 70s and 80s but I have never seen an anorexic live beyond 30. So there are some things that are more dangerous than obesity itself.

Also, weight loss diets actually shorten a fat person's life. A fat person who has never been on a weight loss diet will actually live longer than those who are always gong on one diet after another.

My fat relatives who lived into their 80s, they were kind of old fashion and set in their ways. They didn't believe in going on diets to lose weight. They believed that once fat, always fat. That is probably why they loved so long. They didn't use diet pills, and they didn't try every new fad diet that came down the pike. Also, they didn't eat margarine, they use good old fashion butter. The trans-fats in margarine are actually far worse for you than the natural saturated fats in butter, so I have also stopped using margarine and switch over to butter.

Of course, even though my fat relatives lived into into their 80s, some were diabetic and had to use insulin. Some did get high blood pressure and had to take medications for it, but they stayed fat and ate what they liked and enjoyed life and still lived into their 80s anyway.

Also, in other countries around the world where fat is still accepted, and even admired, the fat people in those countries tend to live longer that fat people in the USA or the UK.

Look at Italy. Lots of fat people their, and they live into their 80s. They use lots of garlic and olive oil when they cook, and they drink red wine every day. Garlic prevents high blood pressure, olive oil is good for you, and red wine is good for your heart.

So I cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I like to drink 2 glasses of red wine each day, a 12 ounce glass with every meal.

Beer is also good for your heart if you don't drink more than 2 cans every day. Too much beer or wine is bad, but a little bit is actually good for you.

Of course it doesn't hurt to get buzzed once in a while by having more than 2 drinks, as long as you don't make a habit of doing it every day.

But all fat people should have 2 glasses of red wine every day.

I once say a documentary on the people of Iceland that was produced by National Geographic back in 1986. They live in colder climate, and they eat mostly fish, and the live on average about 5 years longer than people in the USA and the UK.

They showed a typical family living in Iceland, the grand parents, the parents, and the younger people, and I noticed one thing. I did not see one skinny person in those families! A few average size people, but not one skinny person. Most of them were rather chubby, and the grand parents were obese! They all looked perfectly happy and healthy.

I was born way up north in Minnesota, and there are a lot of big people up north. So, my body is adapted to colder climates which is probably one of the reasons why I'm fat. I am German on my mother's side of the family, and the Germans are naturally big people.

Of course, since I'm living down south in El Paso, I really suffer during the long hot summers, but when cooler weather comes, then I feel much better.

Even during December and January, the coldest months of the year when temperatures are down in the low 30s or upper 20s, I still wear short pants when I go out walking the streets. I only wear a jacket to cover my arms, and I can't zip my jacket up in the front because of my big belly. But that's all I need to cover my arms while I go around showing off my short fat little Dutch-Boy legs!

Yes, obesity and gluttony is not for everyone. Some people do become ill from gluttony and some people can't handle obesity.

But I feel much better after eating a large meal, and I feel more comfortable being fat.

When I was a kid growing up, I was a typical nerd or geek who was lousy at sports, and preferred reading books, science and art, and listen to classical music, a real sissy-boy who was often bullied around by the jocks.

Then I started gaining a lot of weight until I eventually became much bigger than the bullies who pushed me around, and I discovered that I was much happier when I became all big and fat.

So, here is how you can tell of gluttony and obesity is for you. You must listen to your body. If you feel unhappy and miserable after losing weight and cutting back on your food, but you feel more happy and contented when you gain back the weight you had lost, then it's your body telling you that you need to get plenty to eat, and you need to be fat.

Those of use who either live in colder climates, or live in a hostile and dangerous environment regardless of the climate, we need to fatten up to enlarge our bodies, to make our presence more intimidating to those would try to do us harm.

Since I'm a gentle and docile sissy-boy, I need to become really huge to become much bigger than any bully. The largest person who ever bullied me around weighed about 200 pounds, and I'm now twice as big as that person at 400 pounds. But I feel the need to weigh at lest three times as much so I need to get up to about 600 pounds. I know I will feel much happier when I do, even if it means getting around in a wheel chair.

If some bully were to try to attack me, I could rise up from my wheelchair, lunge forward, and throw my weight on top of him and we would both go down, with me laying helplessly on top of my would be assailant, and slowly smothering him until he suffocates under my enormous soft body. He would never again bully around another super fatty.

I would love to weigh more than the combined weight of all those who have ever bullied me around. We obese sissy-boys need to get really huge in order to feel more secure, and more happy and contented.

Anyway . . .

I wish everybody here a happy Thanksgiving.

I have a 22 pound turkey in my fridge and this evening I just finished making a great big pot of stuffing for the bird.

I boiled some giblets and livers to put in the stuffing, and I chopped up 4 great big onions, some celery, some mushrooms, and I also added a big jar of pickled Nopalitos (that's cactus) and a can or pineapple chunks into the stuffing. I also added some seasoning salt, some soy sauce, and some Red Devil hot sauce to the stuffing.

Then I put the great big pot of stuffing in the fridge to cool down. Just before going to bed, the stuffing should be cold enough to stuff into the turkey. You should never put hot stuffing into a cold bird. The stuffing must be cold before stuffing the turkey. I made so much stuffing that there should be plenty left over after stuffing the turkey.

Then I'll get up at 7 AM in the morning, and at 8:00 AM I shall take the turkey out of the fridge and put it into the oven with some potatoes and yams, and bake it for about 5 hours which is needed for a 22 pound bird.

It should be ready to eat at 1:30 PM in the afternoon.

So, I'm going to chomp down on a great big turkey leg like King Henry VIII, and have some baked potatoes and yams with cranberry sauce, and for desert, some pecan pie which I will wash down with some cranberry juice.

I will stuff my great big belly with food, and then I'll kick back and relax, smoke my pipe and have some coffee, and perhaps take a long afternoon nap.

I just love Thanksgiving, because that is when I usually gain a lot of weight every year, and I never lose the weight I had gained over the holidays. It just keeps adding up year after year.

Of course, I always invite a few friends over to share in the feast. I may be a glutton, but I'm not greedy. I love to share my gluttony with other people.

But sometimes nobody shows up, so I wind up having the whole thing myself. A 22 pound turkey will late me about 10 days since I live alone. I usually freeze what left over, and make turkey sandwiches with gravy.

And so, in the meantime, I wish everybody here a nice great big fat and happy Thanksgiving.

First we stuff the turkey, then we stuff ourselves, and get all nice and fat and roly-poly, until we can't walk anymore, or fit through a door!

Again . . . . .

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Teddy Bear said...

Richard said...

"So what if we die earlier. The years at the end suck anyway and if that means missing some bored days of blue haired women shouting bingo I would rather have my chili fries smothered in Ranch. After all, eating artery clogging crap makes the heart work harder and that is the same as dumb old exercise. I will take this logic over what a team of qualified dieticians and educated doctors would say any day. If it tastes good and the internet said its ok it must be. Praise the belly!"

Oh my God! Yes, I have to agree with your there!

Who want's to live forever if it means living your final days in an old folk's home with blue-haired women shouting BINGO!

Oh! Parish the thought!

Yeah! That would really suck! Just my idea of Hell!

No thank you!

I would rather live a shorter life and die fat and happy, rather than to live with blue-haired skinny hags!

Fat Bastard said...

I eat what ever I want for the reason you and Richard listed. You guys really get it. I was quite angered when Krispy Kreme stopped using trans fats. DAMN I HATE FOOD COPS! Krispy Kremes suck now!

We just got done with phase 5 of our feed. Gobble Gobble Gobble YUM YUM YUM

Anonymous said...

You dumb fucks are killing yourselves. Please do it faster.

EAT EAT EAT yourselves to death YOU BIG FAT LOSERS!

Fat Bastard said...

Well lowwee we all gotta doe sometime and I wan't my death to be fun. You can diet at the gym. I will die at an all you can eat buffet or in a hospital full of great drugs. It's your choice sucker!

Teddy Bear said...

Well, I had a great Thanksgiving!

I got up at 7:00 AM Thanksgiving morning, and at 8:00 AM I put the turkey in the oven. It would take 5 hours to bake because it was a 22 pound turkey with stuffing.

Everything went fine, except I did have one small accident. While the turkey was baking, some of the juice was leaking over the edge of the aluminum baking pan and started dripping on the heating element in the bottom of the oven. It smoked and it set off the smoke detectors.

Now, I live on the sixth floor in a nine-story high-rise, and when a smoke detector goes off, a recorded voice announces in the PA speakers that "There is an emergency in the building, do not use the elevators, please use the stairwells." and it just announces that over and over again until a fire engine comes, usually within 5 minutes.

Well, it's really no big deal. Something like this usually happens about three or four times every month on average. Somebody will burn something in their kitchen and set off the smoke detectors. There is probably not one person here who has not set off the alarms at one time or another.

And of course, we are so use to it, that nobody ever panics. When the alarms go off, we just sit in our apartments doing what we always do, watching TV, or eating, or sitting in the bathroom, etc. etc. We don't even bother to leave our apartments because we all know that the fire engine will be here in 5 minutes, and as the guys enter the lobby, there is a panel with indicator lights that shows which apartment set off the alarm, and they go up the stairs and straight to the apartment. No big deal.

Anyway, when the firemen arrived, I had the situation under control. I drained the excess juice from the baking pan which I poured into a sauce pan that I was going to use to make my gravy. It no longer dripped on the heating element, and it stopped smoking, and the air was clear again.

Anyway, I apologized to the firemen, but one of the security guards complained saying "Every year we have to come up here on Thanksgiving, and it's always the same thing. Your the only one in the building who has to cook such a large turkey. Everybody else cooks smaller turkeys, but you always have to have a big turkey!" and I said, "well, I'm a large person, I love to eat a lot, so naturally I have to have a large turkey since I am the largest person in the entire building! I said that I'm 400 pounds and loving every pound of it!

And of course, I am the largest person living in my building. I'm not the only fat person here, but I am the biggest fatty in the entire building. We have mostly elderly people and some younger people on disability here in this building, but I am the largest person here, I'm proud to say.

Anyway, the security guard had the audacity to say that I really shouldn't be eating so much, that it's unhealthy, and that I needed to lose weight, and from now on I should get a smaller turkey like everybody else in the building so that I wouldn't set off the smoke alarms anymore.

Like, SAY WHAT???

I was going to tell him off, that it was none of his fucking business how much I eat. I was going to say something "Like, who the Hell died and made you God???" I mean, like, who appointed him to be the official Diet Police???

I really wanted to tell him off, but I'm a wimp. And besides, I have to live here, so I wasn't about to argue with the security man. Anyway, I'm not the only person here who has ever set off the alarms.

But nobody is going to tell me how big of a turkey I can cook in my own home or tell me how much I can or can not eat.

I'm a great big fat lazy glutton with an expanding belly and a shrinking penis, and I shall eat as much as I damn well feel like, and no self-appointed would-be diet-cop is going to tell me otherwise!

Anyway, I must have gained at least another 10 or 15 pounds over the past 3 days. My belly looks bigger, it feels heavier and softer, and is hanging down lower over my shrunken penis which is suffocating under my expanding belly and begging for mercy. But I'm laughing at my Wee Willy, showing it no mercy, with my belly crushing the life out of it.

You see, I gave up my manhood a long time ago, I had willingly and happily relinquished my manhood, gladly sacrificed it for an expanding belly full of good food.

I can live without sex, but nobody can live without food, so I would rather haven an expanding belly with a shrinking penis in order to go to bed with a full belly.

Food is better than sex!

I would rather have my nuts cut off than to go one day without food!

Well, my testicles are shrunken and useless now anyway. That is because years ago, I traded my manhood for a belly full of food, and I will never regret having made that choice. I'm perfectly happy with it. In fact, I wish I had done it many years sooner!

I love being a sexless blob of blubber! I hate my penis and I'm glad that it is shrunken and useless. I hate sex, because sex burns too many precious calories. I love being sexless and impotent because it serves as a constant reminder of my increasing obesity.

Of course, it has turned me into a sissified wimp, so I didn't have the balls to tell that security guard to go the Hell when he said that I shouldn't be eating so much and that I should have cooked a smaller turkey.

You see, when you have literally eaten your manhood away, when you have and expanding belly and a shrinking penis and shrinking testicles, and it's physically impossible to have an erection, then you wimp out. You become a sissified, timid and docile, obese little wimp! You also become more happy and contented, a peaceful and calm, sleepy kind of contentment, but you also become a sissy who is easily pushed around because you quite literally won't have the balls to stand up for yourself.

I'm happy to say, this is what has happened to me!

I'm a happy and contented, sleepy and sissified, obese little wimp with no balls at all.

Anyway, I hope that you all will periodically check out my Blog which is called The Biggest Fattest Blob at:

which was inspired by this Bigger Fatter Blog.

I have added more drawings to my Art Gallery, and I talk about how being apple-shaped is actually more fun than being pear-shaped, even though being apple-shape is more dangerous to ones health, it's still more fun because you won't be able to find shirts big enough to cover your belly, and your pants will slide halfway down on your ass so the you get to go out in public showing off your bellybutton and butt-crack.

I also talk about how obese pear-shaped women are superior to obese apple-shaped men, that apple-shaped men need to step down and allow their wives to rule the household and "wear the pants" in the family because apple-shaped men can't keep their own pants from falling down.

Also, we obese pear-shaped men must also step down because we look more effeminate, and we should be wearing pink ruffled panties or sissy panties while the women rule the house and wear the pants in the family.

Obese women are superior to obese men. We obese men are the weaker sex, and we should learn to be happy with it.

And so, my Biggest Fattest Blog is inspired by this Bigger Fatter Blog.

Please do check it out, and post your comments there after checking out my Art Gallery.

Thank you.

Proud FA said...

Hey Teddy,

I am glad to hear you were able to avert your turkey day disaster but it really sucks the way that security guard treated you. He should be fired.

It sure is true about fat men being sissy boys. Fat Bastard is a grizzly kind on man but he's an apple. Maybe that is why he bitches sometimes about the difficulties his fat causes him sexually. He gets pretty ornery sometimes but you seem so jolly. I keep telling him fat man are supposed to be jolly.

I have also noticed that somatypes apply to BBW's and SSBBW's as well. I have noticed that the the apple women are more aggressive than the pears. Has that been your experience as well? I also have noticed that the apples tend to be more butch.

You are so right about fat women being superior to fat men especially pear shaped men. At the conventions fat men are the low men on the totem pole. It's really sad but understandable because fat men, especially pear shaped ones are not really men. Obesity really does morph a person's physical and sexual characteristics. It took me a while to get used to the "pig bristles" that so many SSBBW's sprout but like they say, it's not the face you fuck its the fuck you face.

I would like to see fat sissies treated better in the movement but so far it is all about angry, strident and often virile women and us fat admirers and feeders. Sissies like you and Alan Steedham types most certainly treated like second class citizens. I have never met Steedham but he does seem to be a bit of a girly man and he's a pear. I do like his more balanced and more inclusive approach to friendly fat rights. I just think he lacks the stones to be effective. NAAFA's success in a large part is to to the good work of Conrad Blickenstorfer, the godfather of feederism he really bridged the gap and really sexualized fat women and made them the sought after creatures they are to day. Fat men are a sexual turn off to most women because they are frankly to fat to fuck. I don't think there are any women to fat for me to fuck. There are always creative ways to position them but with men crushed balls are crushed balls. About all a fat guy can do is oral on them and that is often problematic.

I am so glad that you are breaking new ground for all the fat wimps. Mainstream FA could learn a hell of a lot from you.

Proud FA said...

Teddy, I just wanted to say that I just looked at your blog and I have a few comments. WOW! OUTSTANDING! STUPENDOUS! INSPIRING! GENIUS! BLUBBERY!

Your blog is a flabulicious flabbalanche, of flabulous, flab!


I hope someday science is able to come up with an anti gravity device so that big fat people can float like human zeppelins. I feel so bad when I see a fine fat fatty forced to ride in a fatty scooter. Gravity sucks.

Once again, your blog is spectacular. It is the best I have ever seen. Keep up the good work.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Proud FA!

Thank you very much, and God bless you.

Yes, I'm so glad I was able to "advert my turkey disaster" as you said. I need to stop buying those cheap disposable aluminum pans and buy a deeper pan to cook my turkey so that the juice won't overflow onto the heating element. I think next year I'll get one of those big 30 pound Kosher turkeys.

Yeah, we pear-shaped obese men are all sissified Nancy-Boys, and I'm perfectly happy with that.

Actually, I'm only slightly pear-shaped. In the photo I use for my Avatar, that photo was taken of me back in April 2007 when I only weighed about 375 pounds, and I measured about 56 inches around my chest, 64 inches around my waist, 70 inches around my hips while standing up. But my hips would spread out to almost 80 inches around when sitting down, and I measured 36 inches around my thighs.

Now I'm close to 400 pounds and I have gained more weight below than above. My butts sticks out further, and I'm starting to get a bit of a shelf back there. Also it's getting harder to reach around to wipe myself, even when using a pair of tongs as a toilet-paper holder. I'm going to need to get a longer butt-wiper real soon. Also, the inner parts of my thighs rub together harder when I walk, or rather, waddle, and when I sit down my lower belly covers my short chunky thighs about half-way to my big round knees. It's no wonder my poor little penis is being crushed under my belly when sitting down, but my belly shows my little penis absolutely no mercy at all!!!

If only my belly and penis could talk, the conversation would go something like this . . .

Penis : Help! I'm suffocating under all this blubber! It's so dark and hot and sweaty down here!

Belly : Like I could care less if I squeeze the life out of you, little Willy! I really don't give a flying fuck!

Penis : Yeah! The reason why you don't give a fuck is because you can't give a fuck anymore!

Belly : And I don't want to give a fuck anyway, because it's too much hard work. I would rather eat and sleep and grow bigger and bigger until you completely disappear under me!

Penis : NO! NO! Oh, please have mercy on me! You're slowly crushing me to death! Your tremendous weight keeps me pinned down. I can't stand up at all anymore. I hate having my head down, and suffocating under this huge disgusting blob of fat that you have become! For pity sake, have mercy on me, and let me breath!

Belly : Suffer little Pee Wee! Suffer! Can't you see I have no use for you? The only use you are to me is for pissing to relieve my bladder, and that's it. I don't need you for fucking. I'm not interested in fucking, because it burns too many precious calories. And the smaller you get, the fewer calories you'll burn up.

Penis : It's not fair! I keep shrinking smaller and smaller while you keep on growing bigger and bigger and heavier. Give me a break!

Belly : I'll give you a break alright! I'll just keep on growing bigger and bigger and press down even heavier on you until you finally break off!

Penis : Without me, you will never be a real man! You'll be nothing but a sexless blob of blubber! Oh Belly! Why do you hate me so?

Belly : Because you're a Dick! A real prick! Penises are ugly creatures, and that's why I want to become big enough to hide you where nobody can see you! I'm going to bury you alive and entomb you under a ton of soft warm blubber! Anyway, I don't want to be a man anymore! I want to return to infancy, to become a great big fat super obese giant baby!

Penis : Oh, NO! NO! NO! NNNNOOOOOO!!! Please don't do that to me! Oh please Belly, please have mercy on me!

Belly : Oh, please do shut the fuck up, you little pip-squeak! I'm very hungry now. It's time to go eat!

And as this conversation is going on between my huge soft round belly and my tiny little penis, I'm stuffing myself with food until I feel sleepy, and I pat myself on my belly, smile contentedly, and rub my belly until I fall asleep.

And as I slowly drift off to sleep, I can almost hear by belly saying "Penis is a little twerp, and I'm going to silence him forever!" and my brain says "Yeah Belly, I agree! Penis is an obnoxious little twit! Hope you someday become so big and heavy that you'll silence his pathetic little muffled cries forever and ever!" and then I yawn and fall asleep and have beautiful big fat dreams about struggling to walk, and struggling to squeeze through doorways in public buildings as my lower belly quivers and bounces on my big round knees kicking underneath.

True happiness comes from being too fat to fuck, and only being able to eat and sleep and growing fatter and fatter.

Proud FA said...

I know that a lot of my feedees wear panty hose to prevent inner thigh friction burns. Being that you are sissified like so many other fat boys you probably would love wearing panty hose under you ruffled pink panties. They make super duper queen sized.

It is not uncommon for a BBW to be with a feeder or admirer at a motel and call her fat sissy boy hubby on her cell phone and let him listen to her get it good by a real man as she squeals like a horny sex starved sow.

A fat women will tucker out sooner than a size typical one. That's great at a NAAFA convention because there are so many BBW's that need servicing and so few studly FAs up to the task.

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"I know that a lot of my feedees wear panty hose to prevent inner thigh friction burns. Being that you are sissified like so many other fat boys you probably would love wearing panty hose under you ruffled pink panties. They make super duper queen sized."

Well, I like wearing short pants and showing off my fat little Dutch Boy legs.

I hope some day my thighs get so big that I'll walk bull-legged and that I'll be unable to stand with my feet less than a yard apart.

Right now, my thighs are so fat I can't cross my legs at all and I cant even get my big round knees together.

I love the way the inner parts of my thighs rub together as I waddle down the street. I love the way it feels.

Right now I usually put baby oil on my inner thighs to keep them from chafing as I walk, or rather, waddle.

Proud FA said...

Side to side is the way the super obese have to move. You should be getting a power chair soon. It will help you gain faster and you will lose muscle tone. That will help pack on the fat.

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"Side to side is the way the super obese have to move. You should be getting a power chair soon. It will help you gain faster and you will lose muscle tone. That will help pack on the fat."

Excellent idea!

I do have Medicaid/Medicare and I can qualify for one of those power chairs. Since I have arthritis in both my knees and ankles, I could start complaining that my arthritis is getting worse and that it's getting harder for me to get around, and I could get my doctor to authorize my getting a power chair.

Then I won't have to walk anymore. I can just sit on my big fat ass, and get no exercise at all, and let my muscles just waste away, and as my muscle atrophy, my metabolism will go down even lower, and I can really pack on the fat.

Then I can really become a soft and weak, super obese cream-puff!