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Is Obesity A Choice?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dom Deluise Defiant in Death

I always loved Dom Deluise! Over the past 15 years Dom has dealt with addiction to prescription drugs, hip replacement surgery, heart disease and diabetes. But now he feels completely at peace with his cancer and food induced death." But a cancer specialist insists there is hope for the funnyman, telling the Bigger Fatter Blog, "If caught early, before it spreads to the surrounding lymph nodes, (penile cancer) is highly treatable." Despite his life threatening health problems and warnings from medical professionals Dom Deluise has defiantly dashed doctors' advice to eat healthy and has instead continues his glorious gaining, gormandizing and greedy gluttony. We at Bigger Fatter Blog salute Dom Deluise, a truly brave and gloriously greedy glutton. Will Dom Deluise heed the advice of doting doctors?

Delightfully defiant Dom Deluise happily tells the fat haters to go fuck themselves as he greedily stuffs his fat fat face with gastronomic goodies. According to an unnamed source, the rotund comic has less than three months to live. That source further revealed to Bigger Fatter Blog, "Dom is dying-but he's still eating pasta by the vat." Another source revealed told Bigger Fatter Blog, His breathing is labored and his heartbeat is erratic. But he still won't stop eating." Doctors thought Dom would recover form his testicular and penile cancer but claim his unwillingness to control his eating is making recovery impossible. Dom certainly could stop his gluttonous ways but great food is a better payoff than 10 or 15 more years of life. As our immortal Teddy Bear put it, "Death by gluttony is a better way to die than from anorexia." That is SOOOOOOOOO true I now tell all my feedees that.

Burt Reynolds is said of Deluise, "He's not even trying to get well now. He's eating everything he wants and then some. He's decided to go out on his terms." That is truly inspiring.

Dom Deluise has always been a hero to those of us in the new fat acceptance movement for decades. He laughs in the face of certain death as he stuffs his fabulous fat face in his way of paying homage to our belly God. We at Bigger Fatter Blog will not mourn his death, we will celebrate his life and his love and lust for food. Like other fat funny men like Chris Farley, Jackie Gleason and John Candy, Dom Deluise is and will remain fondly regarded as a fabulously fat and funny food slut.

Pictured here with fellow friend and fatty Chef Paul Prudhome, Dom joyfully shows off an appetizer that he and the portly Prudhome created. Dom not only enjoyed fattening food he created it for other to enjoy. My only regret is that Dom never had his own cooking show. It would have been outstanding.


Yes Dom, your glorious gourmet dishes have made many a glutton and non-glutton feel better and we thank you for that. When one of my feedee could not take "one more bite" one of your recipes would rev up her appetite to near ravenous levels. As you head for the great restaurant in the sky rest assured that your legend will live on.


Paul said...

He must be a vulgar and selfish pig to put his family through this simply because he loves food so much.

Teddy Bear said...

Paul said...

"He must be a vulgar and selfish pig to put his family through this simply because he loves food so much."

For your information, Dom Deluise is about 74 years old. He was born August 1, 1933, in Brooklyn, New York, New York, so he will be 75 years old this coming August.

The average life expectancy for male in the USA is about 78 years now, so, despite his obesity and gluttony, he has live a good long life.

If he gets an operation to remove the cancer from his penis and testicles, he may live for several years afterward. The cancer has not spread yet, so there is still some hope for him.

Now they may have to surgically remove his testicles to save his life.

Well, guess what happens to us men after being castrated!!!

When a male become a eunuch after castration, his testosterone levels go down to zero, his estrogen levels go way up, his skin becomes soft and smooth, he loses facial and body hair and doesn't need to shave anymore, and he gains even more weight, and taking on a more infantile appearance with increasing obesity.

Also, castrated males, eunuchs, do live longer than intact males. The live expectancy of a eunuch as about 10% to 12% percent longer than for intact males. Even when eunuchs become obese, they still live longer because of the complete loss of testosterone.

As his testosterone levels go down to zero, he will feel more peaceful and calm, and become more gentle and docile.

Eventually, the fact that he won't be able to have sex, there will come a time when even that won't bother him anymore. He won't care, and then, he will become perfect happy and contented.

That is what happens to eunuchs. They go through profound personality changes, going from a Macho man to a soft and weak, timid and gentle, obese little sissified Nancy Boy.

So, if he has his cancerous testicles removed, he will become even more obese, and yet, he may even live longer, despite his increased obesity.

I almost envy him!

Paul said...

You are so full of shit you stupid fat fuck. Dom Deluise is putting his family through hell and don't you think he's not because he is.

Your selective logic is total bullshit Fatty Bear. You know nothing of statistics and you don't know all the illnesses fat shit bums like Dom Deluise go through and put their families through because they love food above all else. Average life expectancy takes in all people. That means people who die from accidents, childhood illness etc. If you were to look at the mean age it would be much higher. This is typical fat ass logic and pathetic rationalization.

You are a selfish greedy man. Proud FA is a vile predator and Fat Bastard is not all that different than dumb cunts like Marilynn Wann. The only difference between Fat Bastard and Wann is at least Fat Bastard isn't filthy pig liar like Wann.

Proud FA needs to be in jail. How many innocent fat women do you think he has killed with his feeding and encouraging? Fat Bastard, you are just a typical fat acceptance moron who admits that fat acceptance really is obesity promotion. Teddy Bear YOU need to be put in a mental hospital. Who is going to feed your fat ass when you become immobile?

Proud FA YOU need to be thrown in jail. Fat Bastard, YOU need to come to Obesity Help. com and sign up for gastric bypass surgery and Teddy Bear you need your jaws wired shut and your face slapped. All three of you and the rest of the people in your sick movement need to see a shrink!

Teddy Bear said...


Well, I would much rather be a glutton than to be an anorexic.

Why don't you come down on the anorexics as hard as you come down on us fat and happy gluttons? Eh???

Anorexics also put their families through all kinds of Hell, Do they not?

Also, we gluttons do live longer than anorexics. Starvation and anorexia kills you much faster than gluttony.

A person can only go about 6 weeks at the most without food. We fat people could probably last longer than that.

Also, we gluttons are much happier than anorexics. I can't think of a more horrible way to die, than to die from starvation.

You hate us gluttons because we are happy! We love to eat! We enjoy our food! We love the taste and the aroma of food. Food tastes and smells so good, so we take pleasure in eating it.

Therefore, we are not insane.

Anorexia is insanity!!!

Who in his or her right mind would deliberately starve to death? Eh?

Who in his or her right mind would choose starvation over the pleasures of eating?

No, I would rather be a glutton, and die happy, than to be an anorexic, and to live a miserable life, and to eventually die unhappy and miserable.

If anyone belongs in a mental hospital, and needs a shrink, it's an anorexic!

It's perfectly natural for all living creatures to want to eat. Therefore it's perfectly natural for people to enjoy food. Eating gives us pleasure.

We seek pleasure. Most people seek pleasure over pain and suffering. We all seek comfort.

Why do we heat our homes during the winter, and air condition our homes in the summer?

Because we don't like freezing to death in the winter, and dying from the heat in the summer, so it's perfectly natural to want to be comfortable.

When we are thirsty, we drink liquids. When we are hungry, we eat. And when we are tired, we sleep.

So, if you are so virtuous, then the next time you feel hungry, don't eat, and when you are thirsty, don't drink anything, and no matter how tired you feel, don't lay down to sleep, just force yourself to say awake, and if you feel the urge to take a breath of air, stop breathing, and just hold your breath! OK?

Then, lets see how long you last!

So, if you think you are better than us, then go starve yourself!

And while you're at it . . . . .


Paul said...

It is quite pathetic Fatty Bear that the only way you can defend your vulgar behavior is by attacking young women with real mental illnesses.

You fat animals cost the US BILLIONS!

When you get too fat to stuff your piggy pie hole Teddy Pig who will feed you?

Teddy Bear said...

Paul said...

"It is quite pathetic Fatty Bear that the only way you can defend your vulgar behavior is by attacking young women with real mental illnesses.

You fat animals cost the US BILLIONS!

When you get too fat to stuff your piggy pie hole Teddy Pig who will feed you?"

No, I'm not attacking anorexics. I actually feel sorry for them, and even you have just now acknowledged that they do have a mental illness.

Therefore, anorexia is a form of insanity, as I have said. And they do put their families through Hell.

So, what I have said is true.

I don't hate anorexics, and obviously neither do you, so we both agree that anorexia is tragic, and that it is a form of mental illness.

But while you and society, and I we don't hate anorexics, it is quite obvious the both you and society hates us fat people.

The reason why anorexics are not hated like us fat people is because they are much smaller, and don't take up as much space.

We fat people are hated, because we are much larger than the average sized person, we take up more space, and that is why you and society resents us.

It's OK to be small and thin, but whatever you do, don't be too large. We are seen as an inconvenience because we take up a lot more space. That is the real reason we are hated.

But unlike material things, the "acceptable" size of the human body can not be legislated or regulated, and that really stick in your crawl!!!

There is always some self-appointed "nanny" who wants to regulate every aspect of our lives, telling us what we may or may not eat, or censoring books they do not approve of, telling us what we may or many not read. People like you, and the Government Granny Nannies would just love to control every aspect of your lives, including the size of our bodies.

Well, I'm a large person, and I will always be a large person, and I like being a large person, and I deeply resent it when Fascist Nazi little twerps like you think you can tell me what size my body should be.

You just resent anybody who happens to be much larger than you are.

We fat people are magnificent, monumental, and Majestic! You just reset us for being much bigger than you!

You're a small person with a small mind.

Now, buzz off, you little insect!!!

Proud FA said...

Paul I clicked a link to your site and you are a shameless WLS promoter.

Obesity is part of human evolution. Obesity is the next logical step. The obese are the intellectuals who sit and think. The brain uses a lot of energy so they have to eat a lot.

I do not exploit fat women I give them food therapy through gentle feedings as I praise their gluttony. I liberate them form the guilt of enjoying food and all the years of yo yo dieting.

Teddy is a pioneer as is Fat Bastard. If you want to fuck with fat people go to Big Fat Blog. They are lying sacks of shit. We here at Bigger Fatter Blog tell the truth and the truth is; we are gluttony and obesity promoters. Teddy has already kicked your ass so all I will say is that gluttony and obesity is good and we have proven it.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Proud FA!

Yeah, I kicked his ass real good!

I kicked his gluteus Maximus up between his Latissimus Dorsi!

Another words, I kick is ass up between his shoulder blades!

Of course, I'm not able to physically kick somebody's ass. I can only give a verbal ass kicking.

That is because my lower belly below my waist is beginning to hang down over my short fat thighs, and I can't life either leg high enough to physically kick someone's ass.

Yeah, this Paul is a real looooooooooooser!!!

Proud FA said...

You squashed his skinny ass!

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"You squashed his skinny ass!"

Actually, I'm too soft to squash anybody.

If I were to sit on someone, I would smother them under my great big soft fat ass.

Proud FA said...

Teddy I edited the article some.

BTW, Paul did make one point that I would like you to speak to. How will you feed yourself when you become immobile?

I was thinking if you had a big pool and a giant wet suit. If you kept the temp above your body temp you could get more bang for the buck from every calorie you consume. Plus you would not get bed sores. You could poop and pee in the water. A good filtration system could take care of the waste. You would be like a giant manatee.

I got that idea from one of the NAAFA pool parties. Feeding a SSBBW in the water would be sooooooo hot!! I would love to have an Olympic sized pool full of fat mermaids fighting over me and my food.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again Proud FA.

Well, what I could do would be to have one rubber tube slipped over my penis like a condom and another tube shoved up my ass and those would carry away the waste products.

Then I could have two mattresses on the floor for me to sit on as my body gradually spreads out more and more with increasing obesity.

Eventually I will achieve perfect obesity. While sitting down, my belly would cover my legs and only my feet will stick out from under my belly.

My body would become so wide that my arms would lay straight out on the sides of my body, and I will be unable to bend my elbows.

The only movements that I will be capable of doing would be to wiggle my fingers and toes, and blink my eyes.

I would have to have somebody feed me, and I already have a house keeper who cleans my apartment for me, and fixes my meals.

And she loves fat people. I'm one of her favorite clients.

So, I'll be set for life.

Proud FA said...

I love the tube idea! It will be like a cholostomy bag with a valve and hose. A little battery operated sump pump would remove the waste.

You are a freaking genius.

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"I love the tube idea! It will be like a cholostomy bag with a valve and hose. A little battery operated sump pump would remove the waste.

You are a freaking genius."

Thank you very much!

I also have another idea.

Overhead rails bolted to the ceiling, and a diaper-harness that I can wear on my body, attached to the overhead rails like a trolley, and a motorized winch that can lift me up to a standing position, and take most of my weight off of my feet.

Then I can "walk" into the shower where a belly-sling comes down. Because my belly will be hanging down below my big round knees, my belly will lay on the sling, and then the belly-sling is raised to lift my belly up off of my thighs to reveal my shrunken penis and testicles.

Then there would be spray nozzles on the walls and the floor spraying soapy water all over my body, and since my belly is lifted up by the sling, my private parts will get washed as well, then the spray nozzles go to the rinse cycle to wash the soap off of my body, then warm air jets to blow-dry my body, then the belly-sling is automatically lowered, and once again, my belly hangs down below my knees.

Then after I'm died off, I will be able to "walk" out of the shower. The overhead rails and trolley system will take most of the weight off of my feet.

That way, I will have a mobility aid, and as I'm standing, somebody can put my clothes on for me, pulling up my pants. Then it can raise me up, and lower me into an electric motorized wheelchair. after that, the diaper-harness can be removed, and somebody can put my shirt on for me.

Then I will be able to get out of my house in my wheelchair to get around town where I can publicly display myself where people can stare at me, and look upon my with wonder.

So, there are ways to get around.

In the meantime, I will think of more devices that can aide one living the Super Sized Life Style.

Proud FA said...

That sounds like a type of anti gravity.

The upward facing nozzles would blast out that stinky cheesy stuff that forms in the fat folds. Lots of BBWs get that under the boobs. I have treated skin eruptions on my gainers. Gold Bond powder is outstanding!

The other devices you describe and the way that you would be dressed sounds like the way the would dress royalty. HAIL TEDDY!

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"That sounds like a type of anti gravity.

The upward facing nozzles would blast out that stinky cheesy stuff that forms in the fat folds. Lots of BBWs get that under the boobs. I have treated skin eruptions on my gainers. Gold Bond powder is outstanding!

The other devices you describe and the way that you would be dressed sounds like the way the would dress royalty. HAIL TEDDY!"

Thank you very much!

Yes, we fat people are Royalty! The fat we carry around on our huge Majestic bodies is Royal Flesh!

Even the poorest among us fatties, we are still Royalty!

And we should be treated as such.

All of us fat people should be wearing long, loose fitting, Royal Purple gowns, and little gold crowns on top of our heads!

We should be ruling the world, and under our rule, there will be peace in the world, and more freedom for everybody.

PE classes will no longer be required in our schools. All children will be encourage to study art and music, and only science and math will be required subject because it will be needed to maintain a modern technological society.

The jocks in school will no longer be allowed to bully the other students around.

All violent people will be castrated so that they will become more gentle and docile, and become obese!

Those who voluntarily submit to castration will not have to go to prison for their crimes, but instead, they will be rewarded with a comfortable home, a new car, and all they can eat!

Those violent offenders who refuse to submit to voluntary castration, they will be castrated anyway, and surgical implants placed in their brains to stimulate their appetites so they will feel constant hunger, and eat continuously, until they become so massively obese to the point of complete immobility, and therefore, imprisoned in their own fat! Even if they hate fat people, and hate becoming fat, they will be sentenced to super massive obesity for the rest of their lives!

The Royal Council Of The Super Obese has spoken.

So mote it be!

Proud FA said...

I'd like to get this a bit more on topic but Teddy you come up with such great stuff!

Dom Deluise is a funny and talented man. Part of me would like to see him go on a diets and save his life but I know that would be selfish and the 5 or 10 years he would add would be miserable for him.

Teddy, how many years of life will you trade for a week of feasting? I am not a glutton. I am an enabler. I derive my joy from feeding so I don't really understand the joys of gluttony. I have to live vicariously through you, Fat Bastard and my feedees.

Could you talk about the joys of gluttony for us non gluttons?

What do you think a glutton like Dom Deluise is going through right now. Do you think he has any regrets about living the gluttonous lifestyle if only fleeting ones?

If you were Dom, would you slow down your gluttony for 5 or 10 years of extra life?

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again Proud FA

Well, Dom Deluise is about 74 years old. My mother died when she was 72 years old, and she was thin.

My grandmother was short and fat, about 5 feet 2 inches, and she weighed over 250 pounds. She was diabetic, had to take insulin shots, and yet, she lived over 80 years.

I would suggest that Dom Deluise cut back on some of the junk foods, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of fish, oily fish like pink salmon, mackerel, tuna, or sardines, because oily fish has Omega 3 fatty acids that are good foe the heart and the brain.

He does not have to lose any weight. He can stay fat, and just try to eat more healthier foods.

You see, I'm a glutton, but I really don't eat a lot of junk. I eat mostly healthier foods, but lots of them, enough to keep on gaining.

And I do get some exercise. Not a whole lot, mind you, because I am a lazy fat-ass, but since I don't have a car, I take the bus when I go out to do my shopping, and so, I have to do more walking than someone who has a car.

I have to walk from the bus stop, across the parking lots to get to the stores. I don't have the option of parking as close to the store to reduce my walking distance, so when you have to use a city bus, you will do more walking than someone who has a car.

So, it's possible to be a happy gaining glutton while pigging out on healthy foods.

I eat a lot of fresh fruit. It's loaded with natural carbohydrates, and because I'm diabetic, I have to take extra insulin so that I can eat more fruit. And if your diabetic, fruit can be very fattening because of the carbohydrates.

But I eat lots of fruit, because I love sweets, and peaches, plumbs, pears, black grapes, strawberries, bananas, etc. etc. are sweet.

I also like pasta, but I prefer wholewheat pasta because it's better for me, and it tastes better than pasta mad from white flour.

I eat wholewheat bread, because white bread sucks!

So, I eat my strawberries with lots of cool whip. I have my vegetables stir-fried in olive oil, then I pour melted butter and sharp cheddar cheese over my vegetables.

And I stuff myself, until I feel sleepy, and then I lay down for about an hour after eating.

So, for a few extra years of life, you don't have to really slow down your gluttony, but instead, make healthier food choices, and chow down on them.

I love baked fish. I actually prefer fish more than meat, especially smoked salmon.

I really can't tell you if Dom Deluise has any regrets, fleeting or otherwise about his past gluttons lifestyle. Probably not.

And now, because of the cancer in his testicles, he's facing the possibility that they might have to be surgically removes, and he will lose the ability to have sex.

As for me, I have lost that ability, due to my increasing obesity, causing my testosterone levels to go down, and my penis and testicles to shrink to a much smaller size, well, in my case, I don't care.

As a result of my low testosterone levels, I have become more timid and docile, which means, that as a helpless obese glutton, my belly demands more food, and because I've become more timid an docile, I have become more obedient to my belly. My belly demands food, and I must obey! Because I'm to much of a timid and docile wimp to disobey my belly.

So, I guess I'm doomed to eat myself to death. I literally don't have the balls to defy and disobey the demands made by my belly.

Therefore, the more sissified I have become, the more obedient I have become I have become to the ever increasing demands made by me great big hungry belly. And the bigger my belly becomes,the more I'm intimidated by my belly, and the more I must obey, and the more I must feed it.

By own belly bosses me around, I am being bullied around by my own belly, and I'm to much of a timid and docile wimp to stand up to my belly. I must obey.

I do have a fairly strong mind in many ways, for example: my mother taught me how to read and write before I even started going to school.

By the time is was only in the 3rd grade, I was already reading at the adult level, and of course, Astronomy is my favorite subject.

When I was 13, I scored 150 points on a standard IQ test, so I should have a really strong mind.

But alas, my ever growing belly is much stronger than my mind, and as it grows bigger and bigger, it's demands for more food become louder and louder. and I become even more timid, docile, and sissified, and more obedient to my belly.

So, we sissified wimps, we are the biggest and most helpless among gluttons.

I have been bullied around by my belly for years now, but my belly has also been good to me as well.

When I obey my belly, and feed it as much as it wants, then I get really sleepy, and I lay down and fall asleep, and my belly feels good, and then my belly makes me feel happy and contented which is my reward for my obedience.

And then, when I look at myself in the mirror, I can see how big I'm getting, and I can see that I'm much bigger than any mean and violent person who has ever bullied me around, and it makes me feel good, and then, I want to get even bigger.

It's as though my belly is saying to me "See, I'm making you grow bigger and bigger, and as long as you obey me, and feed me, I shall continue to make you grow even bigger!" and because of that, I want to obey my belly. My belly is my master, my belly rules over my mind, and the bigger my belly becomes, the more obedient I become toward my belly, and the more pleasure I derive from my obedience.

So, I say to my belly "You are are my master, and I am your willing servant and slave. My only desire is to serve you and obey you!" and so, I can no more think of defying my belly anymore than I would think of standing in the middle of a railroad track, and holding out my hand to stop and approaching train!

Both are equally impossible for me. It is physically impossible for me to disobey my belly.

But I know my belly loves me, because the bigger it becomes, the happier it make me feel.

My belly took away my manhood, and therefore, any need to feel responsible, and I'm happy for that.

I happily relinquished my manhood so I can go to bed with a full belly. I had said to my belly "go ahead, keep on expanding, bigger and bigger, and hang down lower and lower, and cover my penis and testicles, and make them shrink smaller and smaller, and return me back to the helpless state of infancy again, when I was happy and contented, and had not a care in the world!" and so, the more helpless I feel, the more happy and contented I feel.

This is what the joys of gluttony is all about.

I gave up the ability to have sex, so I can have more food, and I'm very happy that I made that choice, and I would never turn back, ever again.

It feels good to be helpless!

Helplessness and happiness go together.pighp

ProudFA said...

Teddy what you wrote should be required reading for every feeder and feedee. Much of what you wrote should be a sticky on Dimensions Magazine.

You regularly bow and pay homage to our belly God. You serve exalt him. He smiles upon you.

Your art work is becoming legendary. I would love to see your artistic rendition of Belly God.

Paul said...

Please explain what would and will happen when most Americans become too fat to move or do many of the jobs such as police, fire fighter, construction, ect..?

Who pays for fat pigs like you Teddy Pig? Obviously you are too fat to work. I bet you are living on the public dole and the rest of us responsible people are paying for it.

Have you filthy pigs no shame?

Teddy Bear said...

Paul said...

"Please explain what would and will happen when most Americans become too fat to move or do many of the jobs such as police, fire fighter, construction, ect..?

Who pays for fat pigs like you Teddy Pig? Obviously you are too fat to work. I bet you are living on the public dole and the rest of us responsible people are paying for it.

Have you filthy pigs no shame?"

I'm retired, so I don't have to work anymore.

Also, not everybody is going to get too fat too move. A lot of people don't want to become that enormously obese.

So, there will always be people who can get around.

Now, maybe if everybody was too fat to be in the military, and it this eventually happens all over the world, then, that would be a good thing, if we were all to fat to fight in anymore bloody wars!

Then there will be world peace.

So, you can just shut the fuck up, and kiss my big fat ass!

Paul said...

Quit lying fat ass. You are too young to retire and you are on disability. LYING PIG!

Fat Bastard said...

I clicked Paul's link and it turns out he is a member of a WLS forum.

FYI Paul both Teddy and I are too fat to work. Thanks for paying our freight sucker! HA HA HA HA HA HA

Time to feed the belly God. I hope your stitches break and you die.

Teddy and I are part of the economic stimulus. Our obesity leads to new medical discoveries and the extra care we get stimulates the economy. Get a clue asshole!

Teddy Bear said...

Fat Bastard said...

"I clicked Paul's link and it turns out he is a member of a WLS forum.

FYI Paul both Teddy and I are too fat to work. Thanks for paying our freight sucker! HA HA HA HA HA HA

Time to feed the belly God. I hope your stitches break and you die.

Teddy and I are part of the economic stimulus. Our obesity leads to new medical discoveries and the extra care we get stimulates the economy. Get a clue asshole!

Hello Fat Bastard.

Yeah, I have also seen Paul's web site. He's another butcher, or one who sympathizes with the Beriactric Butchers.

Someday, medical science will wise up, and Gastric Bypass Surgery (Gastric Lobotomies) will go the way of Pre-frontal Lobotomies that were once done on mental patients, but is now, not done anymore.

Hey, I'm an Endomorph!

I'm 5 feet 6 inches or 66 inches tall.

With most people my height, the torso length from shoulder to crotch is about 23 inches, and the crotch height, or leg length is about 32 inches.

This is true for Mesomorphs who are broader in the shoulders and narrow in the hips, while female Mesomorphs have the classic hour-glass shape.

Ectomorphs are more slender, with a slightly shorter torso and slightly longer legs than Mesomorphs. Also the chest and hips are about equal in size, giving the Ectomorph a more linear appearance.

So, with both Mesomorphs, and Ectomorphs, the legs are longer than the torso length.

But as for us Endomorphs, the torso length and leg length is approximately equal. We have a longer torso and shorter legs, and shorter arms. Also, we are more narrow in the chest, and broader in the hips.

But in my case, my torso length is 30 inches, and my legs are only 26 inches long, so my legs are shorter than my torso length.

I'm what I like to call, Hyper-endomorphic.

With most Endomorphs, the torso length and leg length, as I have mentioned earlier, is approximately equal.

But if your legs are shorter than your torso length, then you are hyper-endomorphic.

I have noticed that most really obese people like us, we have great big round bodies, and shorter legs and shorter arms.

We would look weird if we were thin, having a really long torso and really short legs. It just wouldn't look right.

But short stocky arms and short fat legs just look more natural attached to a large plump round body.

So, if your legs are much shorter than your torso length, and you have shorter arms, then, you're suppose to be fat!

Shorter limbs have shorter muscles, so they will burn fewer calories at a slower rate when in motion.

A longer torso had larger internal organs, a larger stomach, and longer intestinal length, so a longer torso requires more food, and the longer intestinal length absorbs more calories and nutrients from the foods we eat.

so, the Hyper-endomorphic body is deliberately designed by nature to take in more calories, and burn the calories more slowly, causing us to gain weight more easily.

Our bodies are designed for a life continuous growth! Not in height, we stop growing in height when we reach adulthood, but we continue to grow wider and heavier, and softer, and more rounded out.

Those of us who happen to be more Hyper-endomorphic, we are actually giant babies because we never stop growing!

Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we may mature, becoming more adult.

But physically, we are giant babies!

This is why, I'm against Gastric Bypass surgery. I don't believe in it! Once fat, always fat!

You can not surgically alter an Endomorph, especially a Hyper-endomorphic into an Ectomorph or even a Mesomorph.

Once an Endomorph, always an Endomorph!

We are the New Royalty! Rich or poor, we are the New Royalty!


Fat Bastard said...

As leaders in the NEW fat acceptance we here at Bigger Fatter Blog have long recognized that fat people are first class citizens who deserve the royal treatment, We are indeed royalty. What burns my ass about the old NAAFA style fat acceptance is the victim mentality. All they do is whine about how bad fat people have it. I admit that things are not perfect and there are a few size typical bigots who say rude things but for the most part we have it much better than the size typical or runt sized people.

I hear some nasty comments but I simply consider the source and I take it as a compliment. The fact is most runts go out of their way to be nice and accommodating. Then we have folks like ProudFA my best friend and blog partner who finds, feeds and fucks BBWs as a way to make them feel good about themselves. His selfless devotion to us is much like the doting members of the medical profession who continue to accommodate our gluttonous lifestyle with their miraculous medical marvels like the insulin pump, the vastly improved blood glucose meters, tankless oxygen, cutting edge heart surgeries, portable C-pap machines, free diabetic supplies and free power chairs just to name a few. I cringe when some whining obese woman plays the victim and whines about "how tough fat people have it". That sort of malingering reflects badly of all fat people.

We here at Bigger Fatter Blog are lovers not fighters. We want to bring diverse people into the movement not turn them off and drive them away. The calm cool and collected approach by folks like Teddy is seen as a positive ingredient in our quest to fully actualize the potential of all fatlings. We can be tough and strident when need be but we also have well reasoned and gentle nature. There is not a more tender moment than ProudFA bringing on the food and melting the frozen heart of an angry NAAFA woman.

We are an inclusive organization that stresses the positive and celebrates out GAINS (no pun intended) as we work tirelessly to promote the fat and gluttonous lifestyle.

Fatarina Wit said...

Dom Deluise, cracks me up. The best funny men are fat men.

Syd said...

Are you fat assholes serious?

Anonymous said...

Paul, you can rest easy. These shits are as skinny as you are. You all can have a gross, skin-tight orgy together.

It should look something like three skeletons with plastic wrap stretched over them dry-humping each other while retching because CUM HAS SO MANY CALORIES IN IT