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Is Obesity A Choice?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fat Women Are Sluts

I'm not complaining. As the readers of this blog know I love porking fat women and fat women love it when I pork them. Fat women are sluts. That is why they shamelessly throw themselves at men. They like to ride the sausage and much as they like eating it. That is why I advocate to all other men to get past their fat phobia and start delivering their sausage to the BBW's. Men who don't pork fat women don't know what they are missing. Fat gluttonous sluts are extremely uninhibited. They also don't think they are "all that" like the fittness type woman who is more concerned about looking good than fucking good.

Physical appetites are an analogy of our ability to control ourselves and who want a woman who is in control of her self in the sack or at the buffett? If BBWs are unable to control their eating habits, they are also unable to control other habits such as those of the mind (lust, covetousness, passion) and unable to keep their mouths from the sausage. They let their lust appetites control them, instead of having control over their lusty appetites.

Fat women are easy. Unfat women are like prostitutes. They barter with that little piece of fur between their legs whereas fat women give it up with out a fight and they will go down like a submarine. All they want is a good feed and they want you to be skinny. They know that us skinny guys can really throw the dick. I should write a book called Tales From The Pig Pen that will memorialize the goings on at NAAFA conventions. That would be a great read!

Fat feminism does have an up side
Lot's of hot lezzy action and bi curious BBW's.

Think about it fat chicks love to eat. Look at Oprah. She's fat because she and Gail Kim are always eating out.

It is no theory that fat girls are the biggest sluts. If you are not convinced, here's the convincer. Do an unfiltered Google image search using the following terms; BBW, SSBBW, Obese, Fat, Plump, Chubby ect.. and you will get a plethora plump plumper porn. Then do a search using these search terms; Skinny Woman, Lean Woman, Anorexic, Thin, Thin woman, Waif ect.. and you will get a paltry amount of porn and it is all teen porn. Only a sicko likes teen porn. If I want to see an teenager like looking body I will look at pictures of sexy MeMe Roth or her not so sexy evil twin Ann Coulter.

There you have it folks. Fat women make the best sluts. If you want a demure little wall flower like Twiggy all I can say is there is no accounting for taste but if you want the ride of your life pork a plump porker.


Teddy Bear said...

Well, it looks like once again I'm the first to post on a new topic, the first fat little piggy to the trough. Oink! Oink!

I have always admired really huge fat women. When I was a teenager, while all the other guys were scoping out the skinny chicks on the beach or at the pool, I was oogeling that fat broads.

The great big fat broads with broad hips, big butts, and thunder-thighs were a real turn-on for me, and really made me horny back when I could still get it up.

I like broads with thunder-thighs so big that they walk bull-legged and butts so huge they can't reach around to wipe themselves, and bellies hanging down over their thunder-thighs. Broads so fat they can barely walk. That's how I like them!

Skinny women are chicks, fat women are broads!

But now, I'm an obese bald-headed wimp with big round belly and a shrunken penis only 2 inches long and and my testicles are the size of a couple of a couple of grapes, and my big belly is beginning to hang down over my male equipment.

But I still enjoy looking a great big super obese women.

Now I know most fat broads prefer to get laid by skinny guys because they have the biggest peckers while we obese wimps have wee Willies, so no woman, fat or thin, is going to want an obese bald-headed pot-bellied little wimp like me.

Not unless they are into taking care of some some helpless big fat giant baby boy.

There are some women who like having a big fat baby boy to care for, feeding him, dressing him up in pink ruffled panties, putting a bonnet on his bald head, and hugging him and rubbing his belly, while getting laid by another guy in front of him.

Now, I could go for that!

I would also enjoy going out with a young lady, and having her publicly humiliate me, gossiping with her other lady friends about my being an obese little wimp with a shrunken wee wee and tiny balls.

Then I would break down a cry like a big fat baby, and then she would take me home, feed me and put me to bed and take care of me.

And as I fall asleep with a full belly, all happy and contented, she would be getting laid by some other guy who can do her.

Yeah! I could go for that!

Proud FA said...

I love the way they waddle as their thunder thighs rub together and their big asses sway to and fro. There is nothing like being behind one of the and doing her doggie style. However; you need to be really packing some sausage and as we know most fat men have little infantile cocktail weenie sized penises like yours Teddy and with their huge bellies they cannot ever penetrate. Fat Bastard has sex with skinny girls who ride him because he is too big to get on top and thrust.

Broads: That is a great way of putting it!

I must admit that fat girls can be pretty funky smelling down there because they can't reach back there. They are also prone to yeast infections not only in there vaginas but in their folds. Do you get infections in your fat folds Teddy?

I remember this one SSBBW I was porking. Her butt was enormous. It almost has a life of it's own. It looked like to giant bag of cottage cheese. Cellulite City! She was a big slut!! I would actually fit my hips between her giant ass cheeks that's how big they were. I would have to put her in the shower and use a big car wash mitt to make sure she was clean enough and then I would bury my face in her ass cheeks. It was like wearing giant flesh ear muffs. It was hot both figuratively and literally.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello Pound FA.

I only have one skin-fold under my belly where it's beginning to hang down over my male equipment, but since I shower every morning I haven't have any problems with infections.

Taking a shower every day dose a lot to prevent skin-folds from getting raw, and I apply baking soda after drying off. It works almost as well as Gold Bond Powder, but it's much cheaper.

Not all fat people have a lot of skin-folds. Some of us have big round bodies pumped up like balloons, and balloons don't wrinkle!

When I was a teenager, that was when I started gain a lot of weight, and I had a skin fold between my belly and my breasts, but as I got fatter, the skin-fold went away as my belly got more rounded out.

I had a lot of stretch marks on my belly, my thighs, and my upper arms when I was about 16 years old. I was gaining weight so fast, my mother was worried, and she said that she could almost hear my skin stretching as I was gaining weight. She had a tendency to exaggerate sometimes.

anyway, not all fat people will have lots of skin folds. Rapid weight gain, and having a more rounded out body prevents skin folds.

But we will still have a hard time reaching around our big round bodies to bathe or wipe ourselves, so that's why I have to use a pair of tongs as a toilet-paper holder,

When your really obese, you do have to concentrate more on personal hygiene.

But I have also known skinny people we can get really funky sometimes.

ProudFA said...

I had a lovely feedee/gainer who had really solid fat. It was packed so I think continued gaining will keep her skin from getting saggy. Steady gaining is the ticket.

Fat women can be stinky if they aren't careful especially the ones with big butt cheeks.

One of the things I like about the NAAFA conventions are the pool parties. Fat Bastard and I always book a suite with hot tub. That usually gets them deodorized and squeaky clean. There is nothing hotter than a freshly bathed SSBBW. Hot tub feeding is very erotic.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard and Proud FA.

WOW! Like, I sure could use both your help over at my Biggest Fattest Blog.

I am being continuously harassed by an anonymous poster who says that he is from BellyBuilders.

I suppose that I could just ignore him and deleted his posts, but like you guys here, I also have a No Censorship Policy, and I intend to live up to it.

I do delete SPAM, but any other post, no matter how insulting in my be toward me, I let it stand, but I also make it known, that I will respond in kind to defend myself and to defend my position.

But, it's a battle that I'm fighting on my own.

I was working on a new project about how being apple-shaped is more dangerous to one's health than being pear-shaped, but at the same time, how being apple-shaped is also a lot more fun!

It promises to be a very erotic article with all kinds of new artwork.

But now, I have my project on file, and i will have to delay it for another month or so. It's almost finished, but I'll hold it for now and publish it later.

Right now, I have to start a new project, about how BellyBuilders discriminates against certain types of preferences, about the cyber-bullies over there, and how one member sent me a threatening E-mail saying how much he hated my artwork and how he would like to break into my home, steal my computer and art equipment, and smash my hands with a sledge-hammer!

I don't expect everybody to like my drawings. If somebody thinks my drawings suck, then that is their opinion, and everybody is entitled to their own opinions.

But I won't abide threats of bodily harm to me.

I'm not a physically aggressive person, although I can be verbally sassy and bitchy at times.

But right now, I'm feeling down, and I sure would welcome some moral support over at my blog.

In the meantime, thank you guys very much, and God bless.


ProudFA said...

Teddy it is pure jealousy on their part over at Belly Builders. Fat Bastard was not very impressed with Belly Builders.

We will stop by and kick ass and take names the way you have done for us.

As to your art work. IT IS FUCKING GREAT! You are very talented but I am sure others have told you that.

As to the threats of physical violence, if I were you I would contact the FBI and your local law enforcement for help. Google can find out where they are coming from. I would also contact ISSA and NAAFA and see if you can get this horrific example of fat hatred in the national media.

You may want to get an attack dog. I have always been partial to German Shepherds, and Dobermans. A Gordon Setter is a formidable and gamy dog and unlike English and Irish Setter cousins they can be quit vicious. Rotwielers are are good and the American Pit Bull is an all American all purpose dog but from a pure guard dog point of view I would go with the German Shepherd, or Doberman. If you are a dog person you would be happiest with the German Shepherd. They would take a bullet for their masters and they are predictable plus they are smart and have good disposition. On the other hand you Doberman Pincer will go for the throat. A Rotweiler has the most powerful bit but it lack the locking jaw feature of your American Pit Bull.

Something you can find a good mutt. I had this doge that was part Shnauzer and part hound. I called him Heineken. He was a real spit fire. I used to tell folks he was part wolverine.

There could be another side to this. As you know antisemitism is alive and well. This could be a hate crime on two counts. I would speak with your rabbi and see if he can put you in touch with the JDL.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Proud FA.

Well, as for my getting a trained attack dog, well, I can't have pets in the apartment where I live.

The only pets I can have is either a trained attack killer parakeet or a trained attack killer gold fish!

OK, I'm being silly now, but that's just the way I am.

If I could get a dog, i would like a German Shepard because they are a rather handsome breed of dog as far as dogs go, and they are pretty smart.

I'm a cat person myself, but I can't have cats either, and of course, a cat won't be able to protect me as a dog might.

Well, many years ago, I once had a beautiful Siamese cat that I named Caesar. He was one big fat cat, almost 30 pounds, but he was very strong and muscular under all the fat, and he would go out into the desert, kill rattlesnakes and eat them!

He got fat, just from what he ate out in the desert, in addition to what I fed him myself.

Hell, he could even tare big dogs apart! That was one big fat cat who could really kick ass!

When I was asleep, he would curl up and lay down beside me, and I felt protected my him.

Yes, I'm going to Google and see if I can somehow track this guy.

As you know, I have been banned from BellyBuilders. I might try to set up anotehr new account under another E-mail address, but there might be a problem using the same computer that I'm using now, because every computer had a unique ISP code.

So, I may have to use a computer at the public library to set up another account.

I can get another E-mail address with either Lycos or Juno.

I don't like G-mail.

As for antisemitism, well, on my blog, he hasn't made any antisemitic references. I did mention over at BellyBuilders that I was converting to Judaism when I joined sometime back in 2007.

But it's quit possible that he might be antisemitic. Nothing surprises me anymore.

I'm glad you like my art work. I have made some friends over at BellyBuilders, and I have received a number of private message from those who like my artwork.

But now that I have been banned from BellyBuilders, I have lost touch with most of them. I had about 26 friends on my list, but I can still chat with 3 of them on my Yahoo Messenger.

Yeah, I know what you mean when you say that Fat Bastard is not impressed with BellyBuilders.

A lot of them are just skinny punks with a beer-belly, and a hairy chest, and they look like some of the drunken scums I have know who use to get drunk and beat up on their wives and kids when their favorite football team lost the big game of the season.

Most of them are on this big Macho head trip, and they put me down because my preference is for taking on a more effeminate or infantile appearance with increasing obesity.

They are into the Muscle Chub or the hairy Bear type.

That's OK, I have no problem with that. Everybody is entitled to their preferences and I except that, but my particular preference over there is considered invalid.

But then, when I was in school, my preferences for the arts and sciences was also invalid and that I should have been interested in sports instead.

A lot of those hairy gorillas over at BellyBuilders are in fact ex-jocks! Real losers as far as I concerned.

Although Fat Bastard is kind of Macho himself, he has his gentle side, because he understand and respects those of us who have a preference for taking on a more effeminate or infantile appearance with increasing obesity.

We soft and weak, effeminate or infantile pear-shape obese little wimps, we can look up to Fat Bastard as our protector.

Oh! By the way! While I was typing this, I got an E-mail alert.

Some idiot who calls himself "anorexic bastard" has been to my blog and one of my articles titled
"How Having Diabetes Can Be Fun! But Only If You're A Happy Gaining Glutton!" and he had posted the following . . . . .


anorexic bastard said...

"put a finger up your fucking throat"


And my response to him was . . .


Thank you very much!

I always welcome opinions from brain-dead morons! It really makes my day!

I suggest that you stick one thumb in your mouth and another thumb up your ass, and switch them back and forth every 5 minutes or so!

In the meantime, you can kiss my big fat ass!

Good day sir!


Yeah! I just love it when these morons post their idiotic opinions.

Anyway . . . . .

In the meantime, I'm going to start working on my Smear Campaign against those skinny, pot-bellied, hairy-chested, wife-beating ex-jock punks over at BellyBuilders!

Once again, thank you very much!


Fat Bastard said...

I being that you are on disability and being that you have PTSD you can have a companion dog just like a blind person can have a guide dog. Your apt has to allow it according to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Those fucks at belly builders suck ass. You are way to valuable to be wasting your time with those low life losers.

Proud FA is right. Those dick heads are jealous.

Teddy Bear said...

Good morning Fat Bastard.

Thank you very much.

Yes, for people who need guide dogs they do make an exception for them, so because I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, I would probably qualify for a companion dog for protection.

I'll look into that.

I'm not much of a dog person, but I do like German Shepards, they are a nice looking breed of dog, and they're very smart.

Ah yes! Good ol' BellyBuilders.

Well, guess what!!!

I created a new E-mail account, so I could register to be on the BellyBuilders Forums again, so I can spy on them.

And you should see all the things they are saying behind my back when I was not there to defend myself.

I'm not going to give my new E-mail address here, because the anonymous poster who has been harassing me on my blog, he is from BellyBuilders.

In the meantime, I'm going to be working on a new article for my blog. It's going to take about a week or so, and when I funally publish it, people are going to know the truth about the BellyBuilders Forum, that the forum owners have the morals of a stray dog or an ally cat.

And the scumbag who goes by the name Redvein, the one who sent me a threateninf E-mail, saying that he would like to break into my home, and smash my hands with a sledge-hammer, well, he's going to go down.

Now that I can access the BellyBuilders forum again, I will be able to get someone to help me track his ISP number, then I might be able to find out where he lives, and have a prior restraining order issued against him, and have charges brought against him, because sending threats in an E-mail is a felony.

I have saved the E-mail so that his IPS can be tracked down.

Anyway, about a week from now, I'll have my new article published on my blog about how BellyBuilders suck.

Once again . . .

Thank you very much Fat Bastard, and God bless.

Fat Bastard said...

Teddy, Fat Bastard and I will be there to comment on your article. It's so sad about Belly Builders for so many reasons. First off they had the potential for being a major force in making fat acceptance more male friendly. They blew it but their disgraceful treatment of you goes beyond the pale. You could have been their flagship well in your case their flag barge. When to news media get a hold of your story you would have catapulted Belly Builders into the world spotlight. Once again, they blew it.

Document each and every threat they make against you. Then call the FBI. Also you can do a TOS complaint on them. That is how K.H. got My Fat Spouse shut down. Unfortunately the are back up and are running a forum on Bravehost. Bravehost allows fat phobia and pretty much told KH to piss off. I have a few little birds whispering in my ear.

There is an old saying; "Keep your friends close keep your enemies closer." Perhaps your new character can get all buddy buddy with your chief nemesis there and you can find out where he lives. Perhaps you can pretend to be a chick really into fat guys. Fat guys are real suckers for chicks. We are less than desirable to women for the most part. There are damn few female versions of Proud FA.

Teddy you are a brilliant man but I think sometimes you allow your emotions to rule you. Remember, like ice cream, revenge is a dish best served cold. Set those fucks up for a real big fat fall. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

You should all get in a giant room and circlejerk each other because this is all this giant fucking post is.

a pointless circlejerk.

ProudFA said...

Anonymous said...

"You should all get in a giant room and circlejerk each other because this is all this giant fucking post is.

a pointless circlejerk."

Perhaps one of the jealous boy buggerers from Belly Builders has found Bigger Fatter Blog.

See what I mean Teddy? They are sooooooooooooo jealous of you. They hate it when people give you compliments. How pathetic is that? Not only can you crush them with your tremendous mass but you can crush them even more with your tremendous wit. I love it!

Teddy Bear said...

Good morning Fat Bastard and Proud FA.

Sorry I didn't post anything sooner, but I have been very busy since I got up Monday morning at 7:00 AM

The anonymous poster who says he's from BellyBuilders hand been harassing me all day posting one message after an other.

His last message, he had posted at March 30, 2009 4:19 PM, and I posted my last response to him at March 30, 2009 5:06 PM, warning him that I was going to take some kind of legal action against BellyBuuilder.

I told him that he can go tell LrgrThnLf and oneoddguy that I'm going to report them to the authorities for allowing that psychopath redvein to remain on the forums while I got banned for speaking the truth!

I also told him that if one day he sees that redvein is no longer a forum member, it will be because he is in the slammer.

And I also warned him that the threatening E-mail that redvein sent me last month is a felony. I still have the E-mail that he sent me, and it will be traced.

I even said that I don't care how long it takes, that BellyBuilders is going to go down!

And I said that those two butt-banging pedo-symps, LrgrThnLf and oneoddguy, they too are going to go down!

I also warned him, that nobody is going to threaten to beak into my home, steal my computer, and smash my hands with a sledge hammer, and get away with it! And that I don't take such threats lightly.

And finally, I mentioned that I have a friend who has recently registered as a new member of the BellyBuilders forum, and that he has been copying and pasting all of the forum and topic posts that I had been posting in myself, and the artwork I had posted there, and that he has been sending me copies of the forum posts in the E-mail, so now, I have a spy over there.

Then, I said that they will have no way of knowing which one of the newest members of BellyBuilders is my spy who is working for me.

And finally,I said that my spy send me back a copy of a new forum topic where they all are talking about me behind my back, and that I'm not around to defend myself!

This just proves to me that they are all moral cowards over there!

Well, if the truth be known, that spy is me. I created a new E-mail account, and created a new user name, and I have been able to copy and paste the forum topics in which i had been the most active, and then I E-mailed them back to my original address.

I also have copies of the forum posts by some of the members who were more sympathetic toward me, so I did have some friend over there.

I won't mention their user names, but there were about 26 members who I counted as my friends.

But there are only a few members that I count as enemies. The top three being Janus, Icarus, and the worst of the three, Redvein who sent me the threatening E-mail, saying that he would like to break into my home, steal my computer and art equipment, and smash my hand with a sledge-hammer.

Also, Icarus once made a comment on the forum, in reverence to my topic on Hyper-endomorphism, that I should have been aborted!

Anyway, after my response to the anonymous poster who has been harassing me on my blog, after I issued my warning to him, he has not been back for over nine hours.

As I have said, his last harassing post toward me as at March 30, 2009 4:19 PM, and my last response to him was at March 30, 2009 5:06 PM and he has not been back since.

I don't know, he might come back again to post something, but so far he hasn't.

There was another anonymous poster earlier, but he used the name John at the end of his post, and although he was not exactly friendly, at least he was polite.

But the one who had been harassing me, he has not been back since March 30, 2009 5:06 PM so I guess I might have scared him off.

In the meantime, I now have plenty of copies on many of the forum topics in my personal files.

Well, it's about 2:45 AM, my local time as I'm typing this, and I'm going to to go the bed soon and log some sack time.

See you guy later.

Good night.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again Fat Bastard and Proud FA.

Well, he's baaaaaaaaaaaak!!!

This morning when I woke up and checked my E-mail, the anonymous poster had come back at 5:44 AM, posted some more messages.

I guess I'm just going to get use to his harassing me.

There is now 63 comments on the first topic on my blog, and none of the posts pertaining to the subject matter, but only his viol rants and rave against me.

But he's just a punk!

One way or another, BellyBuilders is going to go down!

Anonymous said...

Um. you can't take down bellybuilders, unless they are doing something illegal then they are free to do whatever they want, only because the banned doesn't mean they broke the law.

Teddy Bear said...

Anonymous said...

"Um. you can't take down bellybuilders, unless they are doing something illegal then they are free to do whatever they want, only because the banned doesn't mean they broke the law."


I don't give a flying fuck about the banning.

I only care that one of the forum members, Redvein, sent me a threatening E-mail which is a felony, and if BellyBuilders is protecting this low-life scum, then they are harboring a felon.

And in that case, what they are doing is illegal.

And, you can take that to the fucking bank!!!

ProudFA said...

Teddy, Kate Harding and the girls took My Fat Spouse down. She's a very nasty bitch with a whole lot of clout. She could get BB yanked off the net but if I were you I would contact the FBI. He is making terroristic threats. That is a felony! They will investigate every member on the forum and they will be thorough. Look what they did to Richard Jewel. The FBI is very fat phobic they would love to bust those creeps and pedophile over there at BB.

From what you told me so far Teddy, this guy is already fucked and you did not even have to trap him. It's an open and shut case. They hate pedophiles in prison. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Proud FA.

Well, I don't know for sure if the owners of the BellyBuilders forum are exactly pedophiles, but I would say they are pedo-sympps!

It would not surprise me if some of the members on the forum are pedos.

A couple of months ago, someone had posted a topic about a gentleman who weighed over 500 pounds, and the state took his children away from him. This was in the UK.

Anyway, I posted my opinion on that forum topic, and I felt that is was wrong that his children were taken away from him.

Now, in cases where there has been physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse, then the state does have the right to intervene.

But I feel it's wrong to take children away from loving parents just because the parents are fat, or to take kids away from parents just because the kids are fat, or to break up fat families.

That is wrong!

Then I also mentioned what can sometime happen to kids when taken away from loving parents and put in foster homes.

Sometime the kids may end up a an even worse place.

I used my own personal life as an example:

When I was about 4 years old, my mother was sick was asthma and for awhile it looked like she wasn't going to make in.

My stepfather was not competent enough to take care of three kids by himself, so the state stepped in.

We were placed in three separate foster homes. My younger brother and my youngest sister, they were OK where they were placed. My sister was with some people we knew.

But I was not so fortunate.

In the foster home where I was, it was a farm out in the country. There I was beaten and abused. My nice clothes were taken away from me and I wore rags, and I was hungry most of the time, and kept in a pen outdoors.

My mother eventually came home from the hospital, and she went out to visit each one of us to see how were were doing.

Although she was not yet well enough to have us kids back at home again, she was able to go out to visit each one of us.

My mother saw my sister first, because where she was at it was the closest. Then she went to see my brother, and he was doing OK.

But when my mother saw the conditions I was living under, my stepfather picked me up and took me back to the car, and they got all my nice clothes back, and my parents took me home.

When the case workers from the state found out that my mother took me home they were all pissed off because that felt my mother was not well enough yet.

She pointed out to them the conditions I was living in, and she felt that she was well enough to have one of us kids back home with her.

She had to fight like Hell for her right to have me back home with her.

Anyway . . . . .

In the months following my post, I was harassed by the other members, and that topic got locked.

And then, that psychopath, Redvein, sent me a threatening E-mail because he didn't like the artwork I posted in the Rounded Arts Graphics.

The owners banned me because they were tired of my "rants" in reference to my past experiences.

Well, I guess I was out of place over there because BellyBuilders is mostly for Gay men.

I have nothing against Gays, but these guys over there are on some big Macho head-trip.

Anyway, I do have access to the forums now using a different user name and a different E-mail address.

I have been able to copy and paste all of my forum posts on the topics at BellyBuilders, including all the posts by other members under each selected topic.

I now have 23 complete copies of the forum topics I had posted in.

Now, I will be able to quote word for word, the things that were said to me in response to my forum posts.

They're going down!

Fat Bastard said...

Steamroller them!

Anonymous said...

you stink white clowns