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Is Obesity A Choice?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

$$$ Free Money For Fatlings $$$

$$$ FREE Money For Fatlings $$$
CHA CHING! $$$$ Compliments of Uncle Sam $$$$

One of the nicest things about porking fat women is that many of them are simply too fat to work. That means that they are home all day just waiting for a feeding and a fucking from yours truly. One secret that the old fat acceptance with their victim mentality will not tell you is that you can get free money, housing and medical benefits simply for being too fat. When I hear the vitriol from the angry hens like Kelly Bliss in the old fat acceptance movement I hasten to remind them just how fat friendly society and Uncle Sam have become. Fat Bastard is currently on SSDI and SSI due to the disabling condition of his disability but little did he know that simply being fat would qualify him for disability long before the heart disease, diabetes and bad knees kicked in. Cha Ching! This is another example of how the old fat acceptance through their intellectual dishonesty and their warped ideology have dropped the ball and further harmed fat people. At the next NAAFA convention, if there even is one this year Fat Bastard and I will be serving a HUGE plate of crow to NAAFA's big wigs.
Bon Appetite NAAFA!

Gluttonous Fatlings are indeed becoming a protected and special class. Unlike Blacks who had to march and be killed just to receive basic human rights, all fatlings need to do is get fatter they have already become the majority. Fatlings did not even need a dynamic leader and martyr like Dr Martin Luther King. The only debt of gratitude that is owed by the fat community is big thank you to the food industry for serving our needs and never forgetting that the customer is always right, the medical community for all the advances that enable fat people to grow fatter and fatter and fatter and to Uncle Sam for accommodating the needs of all fat Americans regardless of color, creed or national origin and Bill Fabrey of Ample Stuff. USA USA USA USA! May the Belly God Bless America!

Social Security Disability and Morbid Obesity $$$

There was a time when Morbid Obesity was specifically listed in the social security impairment book, or blue book, as a disabling condition. Individuals filing for social security disability (SSD) or supplemental security income (SSI) benefits were evaluated according to a social security height/weight chart and, if their statistics met the blue book definition of obesity, they could be awarded benefits based on that condition alone.

All that changed in 1999, when Social Security no longer recognized obesity as an inherently disabling condition. The logic was that many obese individuals are able to lead productive lives and hold gainful employment. Today, you can still be awarded disability benefits for obesity, Cha Ching but only if you can demonstrate through medical records that your obesity is causing other physical symptoms severe enough to prevent you from working.

In other words, you must show, not only that you are obese, but that you are unable to work, either due to the existence of other related medical conditions such as arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, decreased pulmonary function (extreme difficulty breathing), etc., or due to the fact that your obesity is in itself so severe it limits you from performing work and other activities of daily living, such as driving a car, bathing, walking, etc. Cha Ching!

If your obesity is aggravating (or the cause of) medical conditions such as asthma, cardiac arrhythmia, edema, arthritis, etc., then you would file for disability based on the condition that is listed in the blue book (not obesity).

If you are morbidly obese but do not suffer from any other serious medical condition, you may still qualify for SSD/SSI benefits in the form of a medical vocational allowance, commonly referred to as a Med-Voc. A Med-Voc allowance is awarded to individuals that can show that their condition, while not listed in the blue book, is so severe that it prevents them from performing any form of gainful employment. Cha Ching! Med-Voc allowances rely heavily on a physician’s statement of your residual functional capacity (RFC), a form detailing exactly what activities you can and cannot perform in light of your medical condition.

RFC assessments are made by physicians who provide input on SSD and SSI cases for the social security administration. However, a claimant can obtain such an assessment from their own physician and submit this. Fat freindly doctor and Cha Ching! If you are planning on filing for disability based on obesity alone, you should ask your physician to fill out an RFC for you, or you may be asked to attend a consultative exam (CE) with a social security doctor, who will assess your impairment and the extent to which it limits your physical activity.

In the case of morbid obesity, an RFC will most likely be required by the disability examiner evaluating your claim, and it’s better to have the form completed by your own Fat Friendly treating physician than one that works for the social security administration (SSA).

Note: an RFC form is freely available from this site and can be downloaded at the bottom of the homepage for

Just take in the majesty of this man and all other gluttonous fatlings. If some fat phobic jock or some Goody Two Shoes like anorexic kill joy MeMe Roth complain that tax dollars are being spent to accommodate simply say to them, "Shut the fuck up douche bag!" I knew Kate Harding was good for something.
Fat Bastard Being Fat and Majestic!
Obligatory Sexy Porkable Poker.

Afternoon delight is about ice cream and man cream. I love it. When they don't have to work they have plenty of time to play. There are millions of these hot sexy SSBBWs waiting at home for a fat admirer to deliver the sausage.


BothGunsBlazing said...

WOW!!! This is great! The link that you posted to social security secrets can make any FA a fight disability rights advocate! Having your gainer not working is great. Do you know if there are grants available for disability benefits counselors counselors for fat people?

I should become a fat rights disability counselor and I could have a whole harem of SSBBWs. That would rule! Fund em, feed em and fuck em! paradise awaits!

Proud FA said...

Hey Guns, as one FA to another welcome to our blog and to the new fat acceptance.

I can't tell you about any specific grants but I do know there are grants for benefits counselors but I think you would have to represent all disabled people and not just SSBBWs. Don't quote me on that. You maybe able to specialize. Wouldn't that be nice?

Fund em Feed em and Fuck em. I love it. What a great way to service BBWs!

Paul said...

This is fucking unbelievable! My hard earned tax dollars are going to fund people who are too selfish greedy and lazy to do anything about their fat selves. That is revolting!

Why should I fund some fat food slut so that perverts like you two can fuck their yeasty maws?

Fat people are ruining it for everyone!

Fat People Suck said...

I have a solution for the obesity epidemic. A FAT TAX!

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard and Proud FA.

Sorry I haven't posted sooner, because I have been rather busy.

I'm happy to hear Fat Bastard is getting his disability check now since his recent heart attack.

Yeah! He dose look truly Majestic kicking back and relaxing, and enjoying the benefits of his disability checks.

We fat people are The New Royalty!

I also get an SSI disability check, but in my case, it's not obesity related, but due to other issues. I had a mental and emotional breakdown many years ago. When I was 17 years old, back in 1969 I was sexually molested and raped by an older man.

Beck then nobody believed that a guy could get raped,and I was in desperate need of psychological counseling.

Because of my emotional and mental breakdown my parents filed a claim for disability on my behalf. This has effected me all of these years, and recently I have been diagnosed with PTSD, that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Then of course, my rapid weight gain after the incident contributed even more to my disability.

Alsop, when I was in school I was the typical nerd or geek. I didn't care for sports ans i was often harassed and bullied around by the jocks in my school. These monkey-boys could bully the other students around and were never held accountable for their actions. But if I ever tried to defend myself, I would get into trouble and suspended from school.

My mother taught me how to read before I even started school and when I was only in the 3rd or 4th grade, I was already reading at adult level. When I was 13, I scored 150 points on a standard IQ test so In school, I was one smart little fatty. A fat little nerd or geek.

So, I should have been able to make a success of my life, but the constant bullying in school, and being raped all contributed to my emotional and mental breakdown and my disability.

Now I hear a lot of people, mostly right-wing whack-jobs complaining about their tax dollars going to support "the leeches" as the like to refer to us, living off the system.

But I only get a lousy $650 dollars per month in chump change, while some roid-monkey Macho jocko gets millions of dollars every year just for chasing a ball.

Then recently, a residential area in the Dallas/Fort Worth area was cleared away to make room for a new football stadium, and the people only got about $22,400 dollars for their homes, far less than the market value, and far less than what they had invested in their homes.

Also, these monkey-boys can commit rape or other violent crimes and they get away with it.

But, none of these right-wing whackozoids ever complain about jocks being over paid, being over-privileged and getting away with all kinds of crimes, and people being displaced from their homes to make room for new sports arenas.

And yet, they complain when a victim of violent attacks from these steroid freaks get a lousy $650 dollars per month for disability.

I say, fuck them!!!

Yeah! I love the idea of us fatties getting free money and how all the redneck sports fans have to pay our freight. I love it! That's what I call justice!

The sports fans who complain about their tax dollars going to support people on disability should just watch their fucking football on TV and just shut the fuck up!

Anyway, I say, good for Fat Bastard!

He's got it made in the shade with sweet lemon aid!

And lots of other high calorie goodies!

Fatbastard said...

Good point Teddy, I think that it is better than we fatlings get the money that have the government waste in on some pork project. We are the pork and we need the money and we deserve it.

Uncle Sam is a crook. Atleast we will spend the money on food and help stimulate the economy and help the farmers.

Being fat and collecting a check really is patriotic. USA!

Teddy Bear said...

Good afternoon Fat Bastard.

Yeah! We fat people are good for the economy!

We eat more food, so the farmers get rich producing the food we eat, so when we buy tons of food, we are putting money back into the economy.

We also need to wear much larger clothing. It costs me a small fortune to by pants and shorts for my fat ass. I need a size 6XL for my 64 inch waist and 70 inch hips.
Because we fat people must pay more for much larger clothing, again we contribute to the economy.
The people who manufacture our clothes can make a lot more money off the much larger sizes.

Of course, you apple-shaped guys are lucky. If you have a huge belly and a small butt, you can still save money on pants and shorts. While it's true that super-sized shirts cost more than regular size shirts, they are still much cheaper than super-sized pants, and only cost slightly more than small or regulars sized pants.

Also, you apple-shaped fat guys have more fun, because you can't find shirts long enough to completely cover your huge round belly, and your pants and shorts slide about half-way down on your ass, so you get to go around out in public showing off your bellybutton and butt-crack.

That looks like fun! I really envy you apple-shaped fat guys!

True, the apple-shaped fat guys don't live as long as us sissified pear-shaped obese little wimps, but apple-shaped fat guys do have a lot more fun!

We pear-shaped sissified obese little Nancy Boys, we have to pay a lot more for our clothing since big-ass pants costs a lot more money, so we pear-shaped obese little wimps contribute even more to the economy when we buy clothing. True, we may pay somewhat less for shirts since we wear smaller shirts than all you apple-shaped fat guys, but we have to pay a Hell of a lot more for huge pants to fit our broad hips, and big round girly-butts, and thunder-thighs. We obese pear-shaped guys are male bitches!

Then, when it comes to transportation, we have to buy seat-belt extenders and when we fly, some airports are now charging us fatties double because our fat asses take up two seats.

So again, we contribute more to the economy since we have to pay more to fly.

Now, some so-called obesity "experts" are saying that we fat people contribute more to global warming, but during the winter months, I don't like my apartment to be too hot and stuffy. As a fat person, I'm more comfortable at lower temperatures. Most thin people like to keep their homes heated up to 78 degrees, and they began to shiver if the temperature get below 70 degrees in their homes. But I'm perfectly comfortable having my little apartment down around 65 degrees, so I use less energy to heat my home, thus contributing far less to global warming since I use less energy for heat.

Also, I'm getting too fat to drive a car, so I use public transportation. I take the city bus which is even more energy efficient, thus costing our country even less money in energy resources.

So, as a fat person, I'm saving the economy while putting more money back into it.

Also . . . . .

We fat people actually commit fewer crimes than thinner people or more athletic people.

Look at all the violent crimes committed by jocks. They can rape our sisters and daughters and they get away with it.

We fat people are not as violent or aggressive. With increasing obesity, we actually become more gentle and docile, and eventually, we become immobile and too helpless to act on impulse. We just turn into soft and weak, helpless and and harmless, obese giant babies.

So, we are more peaceful and gentle, especially us pear-shaped obese little wimps. With increasing obesity our testosterone levels go down and we become more soft and weak, taking on a more effeminate or even a more infantile appearance.

And finally . . . . .

Not only is there a lot less crime among us fat people, we also have the lowest suicide rates.

According to an article by The Independent, a UK publication titled "Fat=Happy Slim=Sad" the higher the BMI, Body Mass Index, the lower the suicide rates.

This is obviously true among us happy gluttons who love being fat and growing fatter. The fatter we get, the more happy and contented we become.

That is because body fat produces certain hormones or endorphins that react with the brain, acting as natural tranquilizers to stimulates our appetites and to make us feel more peaceful, calm, and relaxed.

There is one endorphin called lepton which normally suppresses the appetite. But with most of us fat people, our bodies do not produce enough lepton to signal us when to stop eating, and many of us fat people have an insufficient amount of lepton receptors in the neurons of our brains to respond to lepton, so the signal to stop eating simply does not get through.

Then there are neuro-peptides that is produced by belly-fat. The more fat you have on your belly, the more neuro-peptides are released into the blood, and when it reaches the brain, it stimulates our appetites to eat even more. So, the bigger and fatter your belly becomes, the hungrier you will feel, the more you will want to eat, the more your eat, the bigger and fatter your belly becomes, causing you to want to eat even more, because your enormous ever growing belly floods your brain with more and more neuro-peptides, making you want to eat even more.

So, it's not just eating too much that makes us fat, but rather, it is being fat that makes us want to eat more so that we can grow even fatter and fatter and want to eat even more and more to make us grow fatter and fatter.

Just knowing this, makes me feel helpless, and I love that feeling of helplessness.

We gluttons are the most helpless creatures on this planet, and I love it!

So, with increasing obesity, all the aggression just melts away to be replaced by a peaceful and calm, sleepy kind of contentment.

And so . . . . .

My philosophy on obesity is . . .

Don't fight it! FEED IT!!!

Fatbastard said...

Thanks for your valuable input Teddy.

I am a not sure how to feel about paying more for my clothes. At Wal-Mart 2x and up cost more. I suppose that is fair just like paying for two airline seats. What are your thoughts on that.

You are so right about appetite. We are fat because we eat too much and we eat too much because we are fat. I sure proved that today. I demolished the buffet at Golden Coral today. I went through 28 plates. It was glorious. I easily took in 10,000+ calories. Ahhh intuitive eating.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again Fat Bastard.

Well, naturally it's going to cost more for larger clothing, because more materials are needed.

But I feel that being charged double for a seat on an airplane is unfair.

Also, over the years they have actually been making the seats smaller so they can pack more people onto a plane and make more money.

People are getting larger, yet they have been making the seats smaller. Pretty soon only thin people will be able to fly.

I thinks it's part of a New World Order conspiracy to eliminate three/quarters of the human race.

There are actually more fat people in the world today than there are thin people. Even it third world countries obesity is on the rise, especially among the poor.

That is because most of us have inherited the "thrifty gene" from our ancestors who had survived through times of famine, so we fat people are the reason why the human race has not gone extinct.

Now we live in a modern world with a great abundance of food, and as a result, most of us are going to get fat.

There was a time, for many centuries when it was mostly rich people who got fat, and fat people were looked up to, respected and admired because being fat was seen as a sign of success.

Now, it's the rich people who have slimmed down and it's us poor people who are fat, and now our morally corrupt government which has always hated the poor wants to clamp down on us fat people, wanting us to pay higher taxes, and wanting to make laws regulating what and how much we should be allowed to eat.

We have lost the war on drugs. That is because our government is too chicken-shit to actually fight the dope dealers who are killing our children, and that is also because the dope dealers are rich with the money they make from selling drugs.

And our society it too fucking chicken-shit to put football player in prison after they rape somebody, and again, it's because football players are rich, making millions of dollars just for chasing a ball.

But our morally corrupt government is perfectly willing to clamp down on us fat people because most of us are poor, so we are an easy target.

Forget about morality! Forget about what is right or wrong. If you're too fat, then according to our morally corrupt government, you are worse than a dope dealer selling poison to kids on the street corner, and you're worse than the football player who rapes our sisters and daughters.

And why is that???

Because they are rich, and we are poor!

Money and power justifies selling poison to kids and the rape of women.

There are some people in government who wish to make it a crime to be fat.

Fatbastard said...

Teddy, I need to correct you of one thing. Airline seets used to be 18" and Stadium seats in Shea Stadium used to be 18" Today Airline seats have increased by 4 inches according to seat guru.

Shea Stadium is now CTI Field and they are EXTREEEEEEEMLY fat and glutton friendly.

The above article will warm your heart.

Seats are now up to 24" wide.

Shea Stadium only had 2 restaurants with a combined capacity of 529 but at the glutton friendly CTI Field there are 4 restaurants with a combined seating capacity of 3134. LET'S GO METS!

There is a 41% increase in concession sale points. No more long lines waiting for your nachos and Ball Park franks and beer and other goodies.

Teddy, the new fat acceptance celebrates our achievements. The Airlines are becoming more fat friendly and sports stadiums are really doing well to accommodate us. They know we like to sit and watch and eat. The old fat acceptance fails fails to acknowledge our victories and commend those people who are accommodating us. You can get more flies with honey than with vinegar.

I love eating at a baseball game. I love leaving my seat and making everyone move for me. Sure is would be nice if they had waiters and trays but things take time. Soon the will put in more moving floors and escalators but they are moving in the right direction.

You do recall the Duke rape scandal? They tried to railroad 3 innocent boys. I do like sports. I used to be a pretty good lineman. I was a fat bastard and highschool and I liked nothing more than crushing a running back with my tremendous size and powers. I also like Sumo wrestling. Fat = Power.

We fatlings are a powerful force. The old woman run fat acceptance diminishes the power of the legions of lard. We are the new royalty and in spite of the old fat acceptance we are starting to be treated like the royalty that we truly are. Size matters. We Matter. I'm fat and I vote.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again Fat Bastard:

Well, I guess I stand corrected on some things.

But Southwest Airlines still discriminate against us fat people, and one Canadian airline also discriminated until the Canadian Government ruled that it can no longer charge fat people extra for two seats.

Southwest airlines still has not changed it's policies yet.

I guess I was never much of a sports fan, but I do enjoy watching Sumo Wrestlers. Sumo Wrestling is the only sport I enjoy watching.

Yes, I remember the Duke rape scandal, and it turned out that those accused were innocent.

But there have been a number of professional football players who were guilty of rape and yet they got off with light sentences.

Anyway, when I was in school, I was the typical nerd or geek and I was often bullied around by the jocks in my school because of it.

Now I realize that NOT all athletes are bullies, but unfortunately, the ones who were would usually go unpunished and were never held accountable for their actions.

Of course, I know you're not one of them since you do stick up for those of us who are obese little sissies, so you're cool.

But there is still a lot of discrimination against us fatties.

Back in February of 2007, three state representatives, two Republicans and one Democrat wrote up Mississippi House Bill 282 that would ban and obese person with a BMI higher that 40 from eating in restaurants.

Fortunately, the bill did not pass. In fact, the bill never even reached the floor to be voted on and it was chucked away instead.

Than there is the ultra-right-wing radio talk show host, Michael Savage who advocated that all fat people be denied medical care, and be rounded up and placed into labor camps. This guy is even worse than Rush Limbaugh.

So, there are some real fat haters out there that we all need to be aware of.

Fatbastard said...

Proud FA disagree about the airline thing. He thinks we should not have to pay for an extra seat but I think we should. We need to accept the good with the bad. Well that is my stance on it. I have to look at the larger picture. So fat fat acceptance has not served the needs of most fat people. All these whining women do is portray us as victims. I don't see us as victims. I see us as weighty force. We are large and in so many ways we are in charge. I will not put the victim label on my or anyone else nor will I ever let anyone put the victim label on me. We fatlings are now the overwhelming majority and are ranks are growing but sadly the fat acceptance is losing steam.

NAAFA is pathetic. Their news articles are over 5 years old. They suck as advocates. All they do is bitch but they never solve any problems.

We don't have super sized meals, medical equipment, clothes, cars ect.. because of NAAFA. We have these things because we are unashamedly getting fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter and eating more and more and more. That my fine fat friend is TRUE fat acceptance.

Michael Savage is a baffoon. He's a shock jock. Nobody takes him seriously. Rush Limbaugh would never say such crap because he's fat. I know that the current fat acceptance movement does not like right wingers but statistically they are the fattest of Americans. As you know Proud FA and I are seeking to make the FA movement into a big tent inclusive of ALL Americans of every race, color, creed and every political stripe.

For our movement to progress we need to promote our greedy and gluttonous nature instead of denying it. We lead abundant lives and we need to promote that attitude/fattitude to the world. The intellectual dishonesty of the old tired fat acceptance movement denies our right to gluttony by denying that we are gluttons. That hurts everyone especially us fatlings. It makes us looks stupid and dishonest.

I read about that Bill in Mississippi and I mentioned it in an article. Restaurants would be up in arms if something like that ever passed. They don't want to lose their best customers. We fatlings sustain the growing restaurant industry. This shows what a powerful economic force we are. I bet those politicians had been rejected by a BBW and were taking their anger out on all fat people. I will have to check but I think Proud FA wrote to them and set them straight.

They hate me because I like banging skinny chicks and they hate Proud FA because he scores so many fat women at the NAAFA conventions. The dreadful man hating fat dykes hate that. Then they cry sexual exploitation. The only one be exploited is Proud FA. They wear him out.

Pigasus said...

This is a very very helpful and informative article. Thank you guys for the great tips.

Is there any sort of special government food allowance for fat folks?

Anonymous said...

I really think you guys should throw up some links to your pro-ana sites, once you finish untangling yourselves from the clattering underweight orgy you're all having.

Tip: If you want people to really believe that you're a waddling caricature, then you should probably avoid linking the blog to the discussion section of Wikipedia's Fat Acceptance article.

Proud FA said...

I am going to let this comment of anonymous remain. It is obvious a jealous fat girl for the old NAAFA style fat acceptance movement who has not accepted her gluttony and obesity. Unlike NAAFA we do not shut the super morbidly obese, we celebrate them and their gluttonous ways.

Fat Bastard said...

How dare you anonymous accuse us of supporting the death cult of pro ana. The only death cult we are promoting is obesity gluttony death cult because that is a life with living and a death worth dying!