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Is Obesity A Choice?

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Fat Spouse is Back!

Just when I thought we had squashed that bug it has returned with more venom than ever. Both Fat Bastard and I tried to get them shut down but to no avail.

If I were married I would love it if my wife was fat, lazy and gluttonous. The most venomous ones of the site are the skinny bitches complaining about their fat husbands. I agree with Fat Bastard when he says that fat men are treated worse that fat women. I see the double standard all to well and NAAFA conventions. We skinny guys get more ass than a toilet seat while guys like Fat Bastard remain wallflowers. Of course there are some mechanical considerations that come into play when two really fat people try having sex but in the case of My Fat Spouse these women are skinny and that means they can ride their husbands just like the skinny hos ride Fat Bastard. Like many woman the simply do not want to be seen with a fat guy and they also want the man to do all the work. Well damn it, a lot of fat guys are not able to get on top and fuck. It could kill them for Christ's sake. I can see it now some fat guy keels over form a heart attack while porking his wife and they both die as a result. The media would have a field day with that.
Ride em cowboy! Hi Ho Silver away!
This is what I'm talking about! Skank on top!

IMG_2728.jpg Riding The Whale image by raz99fish
If these skinny skanks can ride a whale the certainly can ride guys like Fat Bastard!

Fat Bastard is a horny sperm whale! GO FAT BASTARD!

Women being the skanks they are want one of two things, dick or money. Guys like Fat Bastard have neither. He is not fit enough to fuck and he is on disability now so he is not wealthy. That sucks and it only goes to show just how shallow women can be.

The men at My Fat Spouse are not much better. They hide their disgust for their fat wives by saying that they love them and they want them to live longer. These men are so brainwashed and misguided. Don't they know it is not the quantity of life that matters but rather the quality of life. If they truly loved their wives they would take them oiut to dinner every night and let them show off their size.

Sadly a very hateful site is back in the net spewing its ignorant venom at fat people. Shame on you My Fat Spouse! Shame on YOU!!


Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard and Proud FA!

I'm honored to be the first fat piggy to post on this new topic!


Well, as you all know, I'm against censorship, so it's really not possible to close down My Fat Spouse.

I guess we just have to suffer their continued existence.

They are entitled to their opinions, and opinions are like ass-holes, everybody has one.

Of course, the guy who created that disgusting web site forum not only has one, but he also IS ONE!!!

Like I have said before, I am against censorship, unless it's Kiddy Porn on the Internet or books written by low-life pedophile scum-bags. That's where I draw the line. That is where I do favor censorship.

I am a member of Male Survivors and Absolute Zero, and the membership of those forums is made up of people like myself who have been the victims of rape or pedophiles.

That is why I have joined a movement to BOYCOTT AMAZON, because they keep insisting on selling books written by child molesting pedophile scums.

I now order my books and software from Barns & Nobel instead, because they are a more reputable book dealer who chooses NOT to sell Kiddy Porn or any literature written by pedophile scum-bags.

Also, at the Male Survivors and Absolute Zero forums, they are very sympathetic toward those of us who are obese. They understand that sometimes people become obese in response to emotional, physical, and sexual abuse during childhood.

Anyway . . . . .

I have some good news!

BellyBuilders has been shut down for over a week now. However, the anonymous poster from BellyBuilders still keeps on coming over to my BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG to harass me. Of course, he doesn't come over as often as he use to.

As I have mentioned before, one of the BellyBuilders members, Redvein, sent me a threatening E-mail saying that he would like to break into my home and steal my computer and art equipment, and he expressed a desire that my hands be smashed with a sledge-hammer, all because he didn't like my fat cartoons.

He was banned for an entire month after that, but when he came back, he continued to harass me on the BullyBuilders forums, and after I called him out on it, I was permanently banned. So I say, fuck them!

But in the meantime, their web site is down, and the owner is having a hard time finding another server to host his forum, so it looks like it's going to be down for a long time.

It's exactly what they deserve for harboring potentially violent criminals over there.

Also, more good news.

I just created a new Yahoo Group titled . . .


And it's at . . .

Of course, you have to register to become a member before you can post messages, or use the opinion polls, or submit your favorite fat photos in albums you wish to create.

I'm going to create some photo albums, but of course, nobody will be able to submit photos in my albums, however, all members will be able to view them.

But anybody who is a member will be able to create their own albums in which to submit their own photos.

But you have to register to join the group first.

Here is what is says on my home page. . .


I have always been fascinated by how we fat people come in such a wide verity of different shapes. Some fat people are "apple-shaped" and some fat people are "pear-shaped" while some are more "proportional" with the fat being evenly distributed.

It's been said, that if one is obese, then it's much better to be pear-shaped, having a big butt, broad hips, and big thunder-thighs. Also being pear-shaped places one at a much lower risk of any obesity related health problems.

On the other hand, being apple-shaped, having big fat arms, big fat man-boobs or "moobs" a huge round belly hanging down over the waist-band of the pants, love-handles that are broader than the hips, a big roll of fat on the lower-back protruding out further than the butt, narrow hips, a small butt, and thinner legs, then being apple-shaped greatly increases the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.

But what the Hell!

Being apple-shaped is also a lot more fun!!!

That is because your shirts won't completely cover your huge round belly and your belly will hang down over the front of your pants causing your pants to slide half-way down on your butt. With increasing apple-shaped obesity, it gets harder to find shirts large enough to cover your bellybutton and your pants slide down exposing your butt-crack.

So, if you are an extreme apple-shaped obese male with a huge massive upper-body, a huge round belly, and a small butt, you can can have a lot more fun!

That's because you get to go around out in public, showing off your bellybutton and butt-crack!

You get to go out mooning everybody around you!

This group is dedicated to us super obese men, lazy gluttons who love to eat and sleep, and gain even more weight!

We are an anti-fitness, anti-exercise, and an anti-diet group. We embrace laziness and gluttony! If you come here with the intention to lecture us about obesity and weight loss, then leave now!

Otherwise, welcome!!!

In the meantime, I'm also going to continue work on my BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG.

But I also created my new Yahoo Group, because it will be for registered members only, and a safe heaven for us happy lazy gluttons.

So, I hope you guys come over to register for membership at:

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Proud FA said...

Fat Bastard and I will be at your yahoo group with bells on. It's too bad that the people are BullyBuilder are a bunch of boy buggering freaks.

I have some good news too. You Tube has removed George Carlin's hateful anti fat rant. I guess Kate Harding and the girls are good for something.

MFS really seems to be picking up steam BUT I have even more good news. They overweight and obesity rate in the US is now a whopping 73%! They say if the obesity trend continues by 2020 most Americans will be obese, morbidly obese and super morbidly obese.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Proud FA!

Thanks for the good news.

Yeah, I have seen George Carlin's anti-fat rant.

You know, it really doesn't bother me, and the anti-fat rants at My Fat Spouse doesn't bother me either.

I actually get off on somebody calling me a sloppy, lazy, greedy, morbidly obese glutton and a pig!

I say, people can call me anything they like as long as it's not late for supper!

I only get ticked off when some people say that I should have my SSI Disability check taken away from me, and that the Government should step in and control what and how much I eat, and that I should be made to lose weight.

How much I eat, what I eat, and how much I weigh is my own damn business!

I'm entitled to my SSI Disability check, because I have been diagnosed with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the result of years of living with an abusive stepfather who use to beat up on my mother and I when he was drunk. I was bullied around in school because I was a nerd and a geeks who had no interest in sports. I have to leave high school because I made the stupid mistake of turning in some dope dealers who were harassing me, and after that, I had to leave school because of death threats. And then I had an emotional and mental breakdown, and spent three weeks in a psychiatric ward where the patients were often beaten by the ward attendants which had also happened to me as well, and then, one night I was raped by an older man.

So, over the years it added up, and as a result, I was recently diagnosed with PTSD.

Therefore, I'm entitled to my disability check and nobody has a right to say that to should be taken away from me.

I earned it. I also earned the right to be fat. I'm now much bigger than any person who has ever bullied me around, and someday, I hope to become much bigger than the combined weight of ALL the bullies who had ever harassed or beaten me!

The combined weight of all the bullies I have ever known is more than a ton!

We obese sissy-boys need to become big enough to wear pink ruffled panties with a 250 inch waist!

Yeah, I'm so glad that the obesity rate is now 73% percent! That is good news! I hope that in the next century, no adult who is 5 feet 6 inches tall will weigh less then 750 pounds! That should be the average!

Any adult 5 feet 6 inches tall weighing less than 500 pounds will be considered too thin, and no adult will not be considered merely "chubby" until they weigh at least a full ton! One will have to weigh about 2 tons before being called fat and 3 tons before being called obese!

Perhaps in 500 years, the average adult human will be the size of a full grown hippopotamus!

Anyway, I looking forward to seeing you and Fat Bastard dropping by into my new Yahoo Group real soon.

See ya later, Gator!!!

Proud FA said...

I'm going to be honest with you Teddy MFS doesn't really bother me that much either. Like all other fat admirers I do that phony moral outrage stuff just to get BBW's all hot for me but actually fat girls love all us skinny guys because we can really throw the dick. If I piss a few of the NAAFA girls off I don;t really care because they are always passing over nice guys like you and Fat Bastard for cocksmen like me and all the other fat admirers. Those NAAFA girls are such big phonies!

Guys like you and Fat Bastard deserve to get laid once in a while. I think if Fat Bastard had had a steady fuck buddy he could have avoided one of his heart attacks. Stress can be just as bad on the heart as morbid obesity. The only women Fat Bastard can bang are skinny skanks. Skinny women have low self esteem and low standards. Fat girls expect to be treated like queens. Not all of them are worthy of the royal treatment.

I will edit this article and post this link of your for any fat piggies who wish to wallow with others of their kind. OINK OINK OINK OINK SNORT SNORT OINK OINK

I am so happy to to see your obesity promotion and advocacy efforts are continuing. I think we need to fatten up the rest of the world because if we don't balance out the earth the Western Hemisphere will start causing the earth to wobble in its axis. HA HA HA. Next thing you know they will start blaming fatlings for global warming.

Teddy Bear said...

Good afternoon Proud FA.

In your recent post you said . . .

"Guys like you and Fat Bastard deserve to get laid once in a while. I think if Fat Bastard had had a steady fuck buddy he could have avoided one of his heart attacks. Stress can be just as bad on the heart as morbid obesity."

I agree that Fat Bastard deserves to get laid. But not just once in a while, but actually, more often, like every day and twice on Sundays, or if he were Jewish, twice on Shabbot!

But as for me, however, since I'm a TRUE GLUTTON, I'm actually happy that I'm unable to have sex. I love being asexual and impotent, because it's a sign of being a true glutton.

Every true glutton hopes to achieve the following:

1.) Being so enormously obese that you can't reach around behind yourself to wipe your own butt, and needing to use a long pair of tong as a toilet paper holder.

2.) Having a huge round belly that hangs down over your shrunken penis making it physically impossible to have an erection and impossible to engage in sexual intercourse.

3.) having your penis and testicles shrinking down to a much smaller size due to falling testosterone levels, causing you to become more gentle, timid, and docile, and more effeminate in your mannerisms.

4.) becoming immobile and more helpless and dependent on other people to take care of you through your increasing obesity, and taking on a more infantile appearance.

So, there you have it. The goals of a true glutton.

1.) Impotence

2.) Immobility

3.) Infancy

A true glutton only cares about food and growing fatter.

A true glutton doesn't care about sex.

A true glutton is actually very happy to be physically unable to have sex.

A true glutton loves being asexual and impotent, and eventually immobile, effeminate, and infantile.

Every true glutton hopes to become asexual and impotent and having a shrinking penis buried under an ever expanding belly.

Now, I do hope that Fat Bastard will eventually get laid more often. He's a great guy and he deserves every chance to get laid.

But as for me, my shrinking penis, my shrinking testicles, and my having become unable to get it up, well . . .

It serves me right!!!

I'm getting exactly what I deserve for being such a greedy obese little glutton!!!

I love it!!!

Fatbastard said...

One of these days Teddy I need to either shit or get off the pot. Sometime I feel as though I am in Limbo. Part of me wants to be a real man but a bigger part of me is a glutton much like you. It is not easy surrendering what is left of my manhood to our glorious belly God.

I think nature will take its course as I get older and fatter and less "healthy" my erections, when I can get one are not all that firm. That could be due to the cornucopia of meds I'm taking and there are probably other semi blocked arteries. Food is definitely trumping sex as of late and if you do the math the price of one whore can buy a lot of num nums.

I guess in a way I understand the mean skinny bitches over there at that dreadful My Fat Spouse. I look at Proud FA and I know that like you and I are gluttons for food Proud FA is a glutton for sex. If he were married let's say to a woman who refused to be fat he would be a very unhappy man but it must be worst for those skinny skanks married to guys like you and me Teddy. I know a lot of fat guys brag about being able to throw the dick but let's be honest about it. Most of us can barely get it up let alone last long enough to satisfy anyone but ourselves.

I figure in another year I will be impotent and on my way to Buried Penis Syndrome like so many other fat men. Then I will eat myself into total oblivion and if the doctors can keep my ticker going maybe I will be fatter than even you.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard.

Yes, I went through the same feelings of frustrations as I was losing my manhood.

But at the same time, I actually liked the way it felt.

As my lower belly grew larger, and began to hang down lower, at first, I could still get partial erections. My shrinking penis would press up against my lower belly, only to go limp again. Sometimes this would happen over and over, again and again, and I enjoyed the feeling.

Eventually, I was unable to have erections anymore, and as my testosterone levels wend down, down, down, I did go through some mood swings, sometimes being bitchy, and some times acting silly, caring more easily when sad, or laughing uncontrollably when amused.

Eventually the mood swings went away, and I felt more peaceful and calm,and more relaxed.

So, when your testosterone levels hit rock bottom, you will become more and more like a happy obese little eunuch.

You won't care anymore that you're unable to have erections nor engage in sex anymore.

In fact, you will become perfectly happy, like me, because I can't get erections and I can't have sex.

All I want to do now is eat and sleep. To a lazy obese little glutton like me, sex sounds too much like strenuous exercise.

I'm happy where I'm at.

Mr Pig said...

I guess it is like when you have a dog neutered. They are more content. I too am to fat to satisfy a real woman. I think this is true for almost all fat men. I am soooo happy I stumbled onto your blog. Thank you for pointing out when should have been obvious to me. FOOD is my God!

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Mr Pic.

Yes, you have the general idea.

When I became so fat I couldn't get it up anymore, and when my testosterone levels hit rock-bottom, and my muscles wasted away while my percentage of body fat increased, and I became soft, flabby, and weak, that is when wave of happiness and contentment washed over me.

If you're a greedy obese little glutton like me, then being asexual and impotent makes me very happy and contented.

I don't need to have sex. I don't even want to have sex. I'm actually very glad, happy and contented that I can't have sex.

I only want to eat and sleep and keep on gaining weight until my body fills the entire room.

Food is much better than sex anytime!

Teddy Bear said...

P. S.

Please check out my blog.


Mr Pig said...

Losing one's manhood through obesity is better than losing it by getting old. Like most Americans I am eating myself to death and like most Americans I am loving it! Thanks to this blog I no longer feel guilty for being such a greedy greedy piggy wiggy. Oinking back at you OINK!

Fat Bastard said...

Mr Pig, You get it!

Teddy Bear said...

Mr Pig said...

"Losing one's manhood through obesity is better than losing it by getting old. Like most Americans I am eating myself to death and like most Americans I am loving it! Thanks to this blog I no longer feel guilty for being such a greedy greedy piggy wiggy. Oinking back at you OINK!"


Yeah! You got that right.

A glutton will only be truly happy after he has lost his manhood through increasing obesity, taking on a more effeminate or infantile appearance.

This what every super morbidly and greedy glutton hopes to achieve, and that is a shrinking penis, shrinking testicles, and the complete loss of his manhood, and returning once again, back to his infancy.

Manhood and masculinity???

Who needs it???

I sure as Hell don't

Curious Bystander said...

Dear Teddy Bear,

I feel bad that you had those horrible things happen to you in your past. That sounds absolutely horrible, and a lot of people would not have been able to make it through things like that. Some would go crazy, and others might become drug addicts or alcoholics.

When you consider that you could have become a druggie or a drunk, isn't it much better that you decided to enter the world of Extreme Gaining? I honestly and truly wish that more people who have been through what you have been through would turn to Passionate Eating instead of alcohol and criminality. It's much safer for society, from a damage control perspective, and it helps our food producers. You probably spend a much higher % of your money on American products (food) compared to the average thinling.

So, I know that I previously said that I don't think that all fat people should get Social Security Disability money, and I don't think that 100% of fat people should, but you would fall into the category of people who I do think deserve it.

Teddy Bear said...

In response to Curious Bystander:

Thank you very much.

And actually, the SSI and Social Security really isn't very much. It's mere chump-change.

Here is what really gets me pisses off. Athletes get paid far too much and they have too many privileges.

For example:

Some professional football player rapes someones sister or daughter, and he gets off with a slap on the wrist. Sometimes not even that! He gets a pat on the back from his coach and a brand new car for free!

A jock can park his $100,000 dollar Hummer all day long in a 15 minute parking zone, and never has to worry about his vehicle being towed away, or even a ticket.

It appears that athletes are not required to obey the laws like us ordinary citizens.

Also, in our high schools, the academic subjects are "dumbed down" to make it easier for the jocks to get passing grades so they can play football.

We have football players and basketball players in collage who can't read beyond the 2ed grade level.

Hell!!! My mother taught me how to read and write before I even started school, and when I was only in the 3rd grade, I was already reading at the high school and adult level, and when I was 13, I scored 150 points on a standard IQ test.

Yet, it was the brighter students, the "nerds" and the "geeks" who usually get bullied around in our schools while the jocks could go around beating up on the other students, and they could get away with it.

Yes, despite all the crap I had been through, I would never turn to drugs and alcohol. I do like my beer once in awhile to enjoy with my food, but I don't drink every day. Food has always been my "drug" of choice.

Yeah! We fatties are actually good for the economy. We spend more money on food making the farmers and the food producers grow rich, and we fat people have to pay higher prices for extra extra large clothing.

Obesity is increasing much faster among us poor people. It use to be, only a couple of centuries ago, that only rich people got fat.

But now, thanks to technology and improved agriculture and food production, we poor people can now enjoy the pleasures of being fat, while rich people are getting thinner.

But I consider fat to be Royal Flesh and while rich people are trying to shed theirs, we poor people now have The Royal Flesh.

Also, we fat people commit fewer crimes. We are not as aggressive. We fat people tend to be more gentle and docile.

It's hard to act aggressive when carrying hundreds of pounds of extra body fat.

Ah! Nothing like obesity to calm a person down and take away the aggression.