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Is Obesity A Choice?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obesity IS Fun... For Men Too!

For many many years the joys of morbid obesity has been a pleasure mostly reserved for the girls but thank to our good friend and obesity gluttony promoter Teddy Bear, the leading internet voice in obesity promotion obesity, gluttony and getting curvy is now no longer the realm of the fat girls. That's right real men get fat. I think I need to put a caveat there. Fat men are less manly than real men but they are men none the less.
No longer buzzed on Oxycontin but high on life, defacto GOP chairman Rush Limbaugh swinging his sexy male boobs to and fro as he extolls the righteous virtues of greed and gluttony.

Teddy out of his love for morbid obesity and his great sense of humanitarianism has started this outstanding Yahoo group.

Teddy has literally turned morbid male obesity into an art form. All of us Fat Admirers know how beautiful and sexy they obese female form is.
Gorgeous SSBBWs sitting a spell. BOING!
Can you handle the truth? Jack Nicholson shows that not only are women more beautiful when pregnant but so are men!

Once again, Teddy Bear, America's leading obesity promotion pioneer is blazing new trails and breaking new ground. Thank you Teddy for bringing the joys of morbid obesity to the world!
Fat boy pulling his micro pud.
Fat hubby wearing the horns of the cuckold.

Cuckolded by their fat, fat boys like Teddy and Bigger Fatter Blog's own fat Bastard find a way to enjoy sex. Fat sissy boys use their very creative minds to enjoy sex even when they are too fat to perform with a woman. Many have impressive collections of pornography while others enjoy watching their chubby wives being serviced by a man who is physically capable of satisfying them. Small dicked fat men have be batting in the clean up spot for years. Many fat girls have told me that fat men are as good at cunnilingus as any fat feminist bull dyke. It was the late Tupac Shakur that said, "Skinny niggaz can really throw the dick" and according to the BBW's I service what Tupac says is true but they also say the same is true for us skinny honkys.

I am not vaunting to the fact that we skinny guys have dicks like anacondas and the endurance of a work horse because that is a given. I am actually complaining a bit because we end up doing all the work when servicing a BBW or an SSBBW. Rarely will a BBW get on top and it would be downright dangerous for an SSBBW to try to ride the big one. Real FA's are not into crushing. We like to fuck. It is hard to say who has more pleasure a fat sissy or a real man. Teddy would tell you that the joys of morbid obesity and greedy gluttony far out weight the studliness of a real man. Fat Bastard has always said the the sexiest part of the body is the brain. That is where we feel pleasure. As a FA I am constantly in training to be a stud. We studs workout and do lots of cardio. We want fat women to swoon over our hard bodies and they do just as they get the vapors from our superior cocksmanship but this all takes work. Guys like Teddy and Fat Bastard eat and beat off. Like all fat guys they are constantly eating and they can flog their little dickettes anytime they want. Guys like me rarely beat off because we are in demand. Am I complaining? No way! All I am saying is that the grass in always greener. Don't go thinking that fat men are being deprived because fat women so disrespect them and their lack of manliness. Fat guys have fun. The more they embrace the gluttonous lifestyle and their obesity the more fun they will have.
Don't pity fat guys they are having a ball!


Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard and Proud FA!

Well, again I get to be the first to post a comment on a new subject, the fat piggy to the trough!


Thank you very much for posting a link to my new Yahoo Group!

I will be adding picture to the photo albums real soon.

But for the next day I'm going to be working on my computer.

I up-graded my computer with a new hard-drive and two new Sony DVD/CD ROM burners.

So for the next day or so, I'm going to be working on my computer.

Anyway, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I thought skinny people were supposed to be active?

Jennifer Portnick said...

Great article. Sadly fat men have been left out of the obesity party. I am glad to see that men are now enjoying the joys of morbid obesity as much as we sows do.

I still want to deflower Teddy. OINKING back at you you sexy fat bear.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Jennifer Portnick.

I just clicked on your web site link and I notice that it's about "Feeling Good Fitness" and I lile your photo.

I guess your web site is about how one and be fat and still be physically fit. That's cool.

But as for me, I love being soft, flabby, and weak, and out of shape!

Being soft, flabby, and weak feels very comfortable and relaxing.

Obese little gluttons like me don't believe in exercise. We just believe in eating and sleeping.

Even sex sounds too much like strenuous exercise to lazy gluttons like me.

I hope someday that my lower belly hangs down to my knees so I can say good by to my shrunken penis forever.

I love being asexual and impotent, because it serves as a constant reminder that I am a glutton, and proud of it.

I can't get it up because my belly keeps it down!

I love it!

Jennifer Portnick said...

Teddy, it is never possible to be too fat. You can be fat and fit. Many fat folks who are unable to "reach back there" are not unable to because they are to fat. They simply lack flexibility.

Fat Bastard doesn't not have heart and diabetes problems because of obesity. Like obesity diabetes and heart disease is genetic.

With all due respect to both Teddy and Fat Bastard, neither one of you are gluttons. What you are doing is simply listening to your hunger cues and eating accordingly. Once again, your fat if a product of your genes.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Jennifer Portnick.

Oh, I agree entirely.

There is no such thing as being too fat. I love being fat, so to me, the fatter the better.

So, you say that's I'm really not a glutton, but that I'm merely listening to my hunger cues.

You know, that is quit possible. Maybe gluttony is the wrong word for it.

I'm just hungry!

I eat a lot because my body demands that I eat a lot, because my body needs it, and it needs to keep adding more and more layers of fat.

If I should ever become so fat that I can't squeeze through doorways anymore, or become immobile, it's because nature intended for me to be to wide to get through doorways or to be immobile. I really don't need to be able to get up and walk anymore.

Thank you! I feel even better about myself now.

So, I shall obey my natural instinct, which is to keep on eating and growing fatter and fatter.

But, I still say, the reason why I can't reach around behind me to wipe my own butt, is because my butt is getting so big and fat that my arms are simply not long enough to reach.

It's has nothing to do with a lack of flexibility, it has to do with the size of my body. It has to do with my increasing obesity.

So I need to use a pair of tongs as a toilet paper holder so I can reach my fat ass.

And it really doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I actually enjoy having to use a pair of tongs as a butt wiper. I love it. It serves as another constant reminder that I'm a big fat-ass. I love it.

Yes, what you say about diabetes and heart disease is very true. It's not just fat people who have heart attacks or get diabetes. It can also happen to thin people.

Now some medical experts say that obesity increases the risk of getting diabetes or heart disease, but now, they are also saying that fat people who have heart attacks have a much better chance of survival that an thin person who has had a heat attack.

On the one hand, being fat increases the risk of heart disease or diabetes, but if your are thin and have diabetes and heart disease, it will kill you much quicker and easier than it would a fat person.

Fat people can handle having diabetes or heart disease, but thin people can't handle it. It's much harder for a thin person to survive.

Anyway, back to being fat and fit.

Well, I am healthy. I don't have high blood pressure. It's normal, usually around 105/70 and my cholesterol is only about 120 which is actually lower than normal.

So, I am healthy.

But I'm not fit!

I don't even want to get fit. I'm a soft, flabby, and weak, obese little cream-puff.

I love being soft and weak! Because it feels so nice and comfortable and relaxing.

People like me who are soft and weak, we are more relaxed, and we sleep better because when your muscles are soft, flabby, and weak, your body goes completely limp, like a 400 pound rag doll.

So, I don't believe in exercise or physical fitness. I get plenty of exercise just getting up out of my chair, and walking around in my small studio apartment, and the heavier I get, the more exercise I automatically get, just by getting up out of bed in the mornings. And that's fit enough for me.

But I would also be happy weighing more than 800 or 900 pounds and getting around in a wheelchair.

I like what you said about me and Fat Bastard not being gluttons, but that we are only eating according to our hunger cues.

Our bodies were designed for continuous growth.

We fat people are actually giant babies because we keep on growing.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again Jennifer Portnick.

I was also thinking that nature had deliberately designed my body for a life time on continued growth.

First of all, I'm about 5 feet 6 inches or 66 inches tall.

Now if you go to this web site that is titled "Standardized Body Proportions For Females And Males By Height Based On Untied States Army Data" at:

And, if you enter your height in inches, then it tells you how long your torso length should be from shoulder to crotch and your crotch height, or the length of your legs.

In my case, since I'm 66 inches tall, then with "normal" body proportions, my torso length should be approximately 23 inches, and my crotch height, the length of my legs should be approximately 32 inches.

So, normally, the legs are longer than the torso length.

But when I actually went to measure myself, I discovered that my torso length from shoulder to crotch is about 30 inches, or 7 inches longer than what would normally be for somebody my height.

My crotch height, or leg length is only 26 inches, or about 6 inches shorter than what would normally be for my height.

So, in my case, my torso length is longer than my legs. I have a long torso and short legs, and short arms, and a short neck.

Shorter limbs have shorter muscles, and burn fewer calories at a slower rate when in motion.

A longer torso has a bigger stomach and longer intestinal length to take in more food, and absorb more nutrients and calories.

So, my body is deliberately designed by nature to take in more calories than I'm able to burn off, and my limbs are deliberately designed by nature to burn off few calories then I take in.

So, I'm unable to eat less because of my larger body, and I'm unable to burn off the calories because of my shorter limbs.

Nature intended for me to be obese, and to keep on gaining weight because that is how my body was designed. Nature designed me to be a weight gaining machine!

Someday I may become immobile because that is what is suppose to happen to me, because of the way my body is designed.

I'm looking forward to that. I can hardly wait.

I say, don't fight obesity.

Feed it!

I surrendered to my obesity because I am docile and submissive.

I'm perfectly happy and contented with it.

Jennifer Portnick said...

It would seem that Fat Bastard's fat acceptance is not all that different than our NAAFA version. Gluttony? Hunger cues? I suppose it is simply a matter of semantics. Intuitive eating simply means eat what ever you want in the amounts you want. I know Fat Bastard does not agree and thinks that temperance is a good thing for some people but temperance when it comes to food is just another word for diet and we at NAAFA are anti-diet so in a sense we really are pro gluttony BUT here is the distinction. Gluttony means consuming more than you need but being that intuitive eating is not taking more than you need gluttony when it comes to food is not possible. Does that make sense?

By any standard I would be considered a glutton. I eat like a pig but I am not a glutton even by the strict definition because every calorie I take in I need to satisfy my hunger cues. It I ate a "healthy" amount of calories, the USDA 2000 for instance at my activity level I would weigh about 90 pounds. I am eating in the 7000 calorie range to maintain my current weight. I will never say what my true weight is. I even lie about my size by saying it is an 18. It is a heck of a lot bigger than that.

Fat Bastard said...

Ms Portnick, here is where we in the new fat acceptance part company with you girls in the old fat acceptance. We in the new fat acceptance acknowledge that certain levels of obesity in certain individuals is a health risk. We also acknowledge the reality that obesity DOES kill. We in the new fat acceptance will not be so foolish to deny that. We gluttons accept those risks because as gluttons the believe that the benefits gluttony outweigh the risks of obesity. Unlike you girls we men believe that we are not powerless over food. We are not fat and obese due to genetics. We are fat because that is what we choose. We men do not have the victim mentality that your girls have. When the FA movement finally hits the mainstream it will be because of MEN like Proud FA, Teddy and me Fat Bastard.

The old fat acceptance slogan is Fat by Nature Proud by Choice. You girls got it backwards. The correct slogan is Proud by Nature Fat by Choice. We don't have the victim mentality. You NAAFA girls win the gold medal for playing the victim.

Like many fat people I am eating myself to death and I love every single mouthful. Like all fat I love sitting and eating and sitting and eating and sitting and eating and then sleeping. You can pound the crap out of your joints in your silly Jazzersize class and end up in a wheel chair. Maybe if that happened you would see the true value of being a lazy and greedy glutton.

Ms Portnick, I think Teddy could explain it to you better than I can. Teddy is gluttony's philosopher king. Teddy is the glutton's gluttons. You would be wise to visit his site and join his Yahoo group. Teddy should also me the president of NAAFA. It will take MEN like Teddy, Proud FA and me to return NAAFA to the once proud and respected organization the the legendary Bill Fabrey created.

Anonymous said...

FATTY at the FAT

The outlook isn't brilliant for Americans today;
Three quarters are fat or obese I am sad to say,
To doctors and weight loss gurus it's a money making game
All they offer fat folks is more and more of the silly same

A waddling herd goes to McDonalds. The rest
Clung to that hope which springs eternal in a deep fried chicken breast;
They thought, "If only miracle could get their metabolism out of whack
They'd money lots of money now, on an Atkins style quack."

But Atkins died a big fat pig, a charlatan and fake,
And Jenny Craig says it OK to eat a lot of cake;
So upon that stricken multitude of lemmings oh so fat;
Comes Dr Phil without a pill but a major bastard rat

Though Dr Phil paid huge fines to the FTC, his books
Get published by Slimon and Shyster another bunch of crooks
And when the lemmings read his books they continue to get fat,
I bet they need another book. Do you think it might be that?

400,000 American this year will see an early grave
Simply because when it comes to food they choose not to behave
They waddle to the doctor to get their insulin,
Fatty pays a fortune and loses while big pharma cashes in.

There is this sleaze in doctor's manner because he knows his place;
Is to bilk the patient's HMO and put a smile on his face.
And when, responding to the jeers, he says, "Your reaction is odd.
M. D. stands for Me deity, In other words, I'm God."

Now happily on statin drugs Fatty enjoys all food.
But don't be late with his dinner plat it may effect his mood.
He knows now that he's not too fat he's happy to report,
He tells the world he can't wipe his butt cause his arms are just to short.

Walking to the parking lot he'll wheez and gasp for air,
knowing that the paramedics can be quickly there.
Close by a Gold's Gym beckons to the healthy and the fit
"That ain't my style," said Fatty, "I'd rather eat and sit.

From the realm of reality came a sane and sober voice,
That said that being fat and sick really was a choice.
We are not made fat by our genes or the stress that comes with life
And it's OK to complain about your fat and lazy wife.

Perhaps this trend towards obesity could be a moral failing;
A symptom of a society that is weak and sick and ailing
Ask A fatty why he's fat and he will tell a lie
Ask him if he eats too much it's something he'll deny.

"Fraud!" cried the maddened voice, and echo answered "Fraud!"
But one scornful look from Fatty and the audience was awed.
"How dare anyone imply it is my fault", an angry Fatty roared!
"I eat because I'm hungry and I eat because I'm bored".

A sneer has fled from Fatty's lip, the teeth are clenched in hate;
He pounds with cruel violence his fork upon the dinner plate.
And now the waiter holds the tray and now he lets it go,
And now the air is shattered by the force of Fatty's mighty blow.

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright,
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,

And somewhere men are laughing, and little children shout;
But there is no joy in Fatland — Mighty Fatty's heart crapped out.

Teddy Bear said...

In response to Anonymous:

Well, I sort of liked the poem, and excellent satire of Casey At The Bat only it's FATTY At The FAT.

In your poem you said . . .

"He knows now that he's not too fat he's happy to report,
He tells the world he can't wipe his butt cause his arms are just too short."

Well actually, I don't say I can't wipe my butt because my arms are too short.

I can't wipe my butt because I have such a great big fat ass that I can't reach around back there, so I have to use a pair of tongs as a toilet paper holder.

So, it's not because of my arms being too short, but rather, my body being too big around.

Actually, for us happy greedy gluttons, there is no such thing as being too fat. The fatter the better as far as I'm concerned.

So, even if I can't reach around my great big body to wipe my own big fat ass, to me, that's still not too fat. In fact, it's not fat enough to satisfy me! I want more!

Then you go on to say . . .

"Ask A fatty why he's fat and he will tell a lie.
Ask him if he eats too much it's something he'll deny."

Wrong again!

I won't lie. First of all, there is no such thing as eating too much. If you're a happy glutton like me, the more food the better! So, I'm telling the truth. I eat as much as I want because I'm a greedy glutton. If I could eat a million calories every day, it is still not too much. I will never be enough. So, I stuff myself because I'm a greedy fat pig!

And then you say . . .

"How dare anyone imply it is my fault", an angry Fatty roared!
"I eat because I'm hungry and I eat because I'm bored".

Well, I do feel hungry all the time, but that is because my stomach is stretched out that it take more food to fill it up. Also, I eat, not because I'm sad, or angry, or bored. I eat because I love to eat, and when I'm in a happy mood, I eat even more!

So, I eat and eat and eat because I'm a greedy, lazy, obese little glutton who just loves to eat, and I love growing fatter and fatter.

Because the fatter I get, the bigger I become. I love being a great big fat person. I want to get really huge!

The fatter I get, the happier I am.

Anyway, neat poem, but I felt that I had to set you straight on a few things.

Fat Bastard said...

Teddy once again you make a wonderful point. Fat people are the happiest people. Proud FA and I already busted the "fat people have low self esteem" myth and the "fat people are depressed" myth. It's pretty simple when you are doing something that makes you feel good and you do it often you will be happy most of the time. Gluttony is pleasure. I eat constantly so I am happy most of the time as are most gluttons/fat people.

I sure have roared at a tardy waitress for not being prompt with my meal. Anonymous sure came up with a great poem. I recall being out to dinner with a fat female friend, (We tried to fuck once but we were both too fat. Proud FA bangs her sometimes but she is not really fat enough for him.) when the waitress stopped by to clear the plates she was not through eating and when she reached for the plate she stabbed that skinny skank in the hand with her fork. Don't ever try to take food away from a hungry fat girl. They get pissed.

To what Portnick babbled about: Fat and fit is such BS. You don't see too many skinny people riding around in fatty mobiles with nose hoses and oxygen tanks. This fat and fit assertion make fat people look stupid. They hate me at NAAFA because I told them they are full of shit. THEN! they quote that moron Paul Campos. Paul Campos is a fucking lawyer and a dumb fuck. He has no medical background. As far as I can tell he's a closeted Fat Admirer.

As you know it is my belief that obesity and gluttony is not for everyone. I am an obesity promoter and a size accepter. NAAFA hates fat guys like me because we like banging skinny chicks. We don't fuck fat chicks for two very important reasons. First off they don't want to fuck us. They want skinny guys. Fat girls have very high standards even though they are sluts. Secondly, even if they did want to fuck us the mechanics of two fat people fucking never really work all that well. I can handle a skinny women riding me but a fat girl is just to much. Some guys have a crushing fetish but not me. My belly is sooooo big that it already crushes me. Put an SSBBW on top of that and I could suffocate.

Jenny Portnick needs to stop with the fat and fit BS as well as the HAES garbage. Those NAAFA cunts are delusional.

Teddy Bear said...

Hey there Fat Bastard and Proud FA!

I like the new animated cartoon you added of the obese little wimp jacking off his tiny little penis with a pair of tweezers!!!

I downloaded it and saved it to my computer.

Proud FA said...

Teddy, in honor of you and all the other obese girly men we put that animation on our blog. I have further expanded this article to show fat men that skinny studs like me don;t have all the fun. Your insightful writings have really opened up my eyes and Fat Bastard's eyes to the joys of gluttony. There is a perception in the old fat acceptance movement that fat women are hyper-sexual creatures, skinny guys are mattress pounding drones and fat men are essentially asexual blogs of blubber due to shrunken penis syndrome. While it is true that most obese and morbidly obese men are impotent that does not mean they are asexual beings with no feelings. Once again, the man hating dreadful dykes in the old fat acceptance do another disservice to fat men.

Fat Bastard and I are best friends. There are a lot of fat guys who have a skinny best friend ie Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, Abbot and Costello, Burns and Shriber, Laurel and Hardy ect.. Fat Bastard like many fat men does not have a jealous bone in his body. You won't find that with fat women. They are very very jealous of skinny women. On the other hand, fat Bastard is my greatest advocate I am his.

Anonymous said...

I gotta admit one thing. You guys are honest. Fat men really are pathetic.

Teddy Bear said...

Anonymous said...

"I gotta admit one thing. You guys are honest. Fat men really are pathetic."


Yes! For once I agree with you.

Those of us fat guys who tend to be somewhat more pear-shaped, our big round lower bellies below the waist hangs down over our shrunken penises, and our testosterone levels go way down.

Then we become soft and weak, effeminate and infantile, obese little wimps.

And then, we become more happy and contented.

Wimpy Blimpy said...

I am such a fat sissy now that people can't tell if I am a man or a woman. I love it! I love food more.

Teddy Bear I went to your blog and it is soooooooooooooooo cool. It is like how I like my steak...WELL DONE!

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