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Is Obesity A Choice?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Be Proud of Your Gluttony

As the many readers of this blog know the idea that fat people have low self esteem is a myth. Here is another scientific study that proves conclusively that fat people have high self esteem and we are not the pathetic and depressed losers the old NAAFA style size acceptance portrays us to be.Fat Bastard asked me to present this article and discuss my feelings regarding my experience with fat women. We both will be commenting in the comments section. For now I will let the article and study stand on its own merits.

How High Self-Esteem Keeps You Fat

A new study sheds light on why some women find it difficult to lose weight. When obese women have positive self-image, 1 in 5 will choose a silhouette of an obese woman as being at her “ideal” body weight.
This study also supports other research that has shown that fat people tend to have fat friends. Alcoholics or drug addicts who are overcoming addiction are taught to get rid of the friends that enable their dangerous behaviors.
Maybe a person on a diet needs to do the same?
In research published in the May issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Temple researchers studied the body image perceptions of 81 underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese women in the North Philadelphia area and found that as their body mass index (BMI) increased, two-thirds of the women still felt they were at an ideal body size.
n research published in the May issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Temple researchers studied the body image perceptions of 81 underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese women in the North Philadelphia area and found that as their body mass index (BMI) increased, two-thirds of the women still felt they were at an ideal body size.

"So the question for doctors then becomes, 'How can we effectively treat our overweight and obese patients, when they don't feel they're in harm's way?'" said study researcher Marisa Rose, M.D., assistant professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences in the Temple University School of Medicine. "It stresses a need for culturally sensitive education for this population."

All participants were measured for height and weight and completed an anonymous survey to determine their self-perceived, current and ideal body sizes. Each woman was then shown an illustration of different-sized women that correlated with increasing BMIs, and were asked which size they felt they were at currently, and what their ideal would be.
While most of the participants selected illustrations of women in the normal to overweight range, about 20 percent of the obese women selected an overweight or obese silhouette as their ideal body shape. Further, 68 percent (15 out 22) of overweight participants and 84 percent (26 of 31) of obese women underestimated their current BMI. African-American and Hispanic women had significantly underestimated their current body size, while the white women overestimated.

and her fellow researchers say this is the first study to evaluate body image discrepancy specifically in the inner-city population of women seeking gynecologic care.

"For this group, gynecologists often serve as the primary care provider as well," said Rose. "As more women become obese and overweight, it becomes critical for gynecologists to know how to talk to their patients about the adverse effects of obesity."

The researchers say that their next course of action is to determine from a more diverse population whether the trend of women incorrectly perceiving their body size extends to most underweight, overweight and obese women or whether the trend is specific to the inner-city population.

"Informing our patients about the dangers of obesity, even when they feel they're not at risk, can help empower them to change their lifestyles and lead healthier lives," said Rose.
Other authors on the study were: Sushma Potti, M.D.; Marina Milli, M.D.; Stacey Jeronis, M.D.; and John P. Gaughan, Ph.D of Temple University School of medicine.

Fat Bastard asked me to make some comments on the above article. I would like to speak to the veiled criticism by the medical profession of fat people regarding their health. I would ask these doctors if they aren't as critical of people who play dangerous sports. Let's take one of our heroes, the Butter Bean, king of the three rounder. I bet his doctor gives him more crap about being obese than having his brain damaged and suffering a life of dementia pugilistica. Larry Holmes beat the Butter Bean senseless. Let's take look at the other sports like soccer and football. People get permanently injured and maimed regularly in these sports. Now we have auto racing, bungee jumping, sky diving and a host of sports that appeal to the adrenaline junkie. Nobody complains about thrill seeking behaviors associated with these sports. Why should they complain about about people like Teddy and Fat Bastard and others who are fully aware of the dangers of gluttony? Actually fat people are pretty smart about mitigating the damages their lifestyle causes. Teddy knows exactly how to adjust his insulin for his power eating sessions. He knows the risks of gluttony and he mitigates them. I feed with fat because fat fattens best. It lowers the risk of diabetic coma and when I do use fats I use the mono-saturated types.

This article busts another myth perpetrated by the old and angry fat acceptance. The ideal body that women seek is not a normal weight or underweight body but rather a fat or obese body. I know that the old angry fat acceptance is going to want to take credit for this one of many examples of the normalization of obesity but fat women did not come to this realization with the help of the old tired angry man hating disingenuous fat acceptance but rather in spite of it. Gluttony is the rule today and not the exception.

Unlike the angry man haters in the old and obsolete fat acceptance movement Fat Bastard and I found some very positive things about this article. We found what we both already knew and that is fat and obese women have very high self esteem and being fat and gluttonous is a sign of high self esteem. It is getting more and more difficult for the hacks in the old fat acceptance to continue to portray fat woman as tragic victims especially in light of these scientific revelations.


Fat Angry Dyke said...

I used to think you guys were spoofing the fat acceptance movement but I see now that you guys are serious. I used to cry, lie and deny regarding my gluttony. Deep down I Knew I was a glutton and I knew most fat people are gluttons too. I see very clearly why you guys broke away from NAAFA and the old girls network.

If you want to see low self-esteem just talk to an anorexic woman. I also have to admit that this fat dyke much prefers skinny girls. I'm with you on that one Fat Bastard. Also, we fat girls are always getting a visit from the yeast beast, Sorry for being so indelicate.

Great website guys. It is fun and informative.

Fat Bastard said...

Cut and Paste this link into your your browser. New England NAAFA is endorsing dieting

Fat Bastard said...

Friends of Bigger Fatter Blog,

Proud FA and I are going to look into this. This is no joke! The New England chapter of NAAFA is endorsing dieting. See for yourself!

This is a major news flash but there is very little in the Fatosphere regarding this. WHAT A BOMBSHELL!

Fat Angry Dyke said...

NAAFA has always been two faced. On one hand they are saying they are against feederism and on the other hand the NAAFA conventions are a feeder fest.

Teddy Bear said...

Good morning Fat Bastard and Proud FA!

Well, tonight I have created a new article on my BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG at:

It is titled . . .

Apple Shape Vs Pear Shaped - Being Apple Shaped A Greater Health Risk, But Also A Lot More Fun!


It's all about being apple-shaped verses being pear-shaped and about how being an obese apple-shape male is far more dangerous to your health, greatly increasing your risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.


That's because, if you have such a huge round belly that you are unable to find shirts that are large enough to completely cover your belly, and if your belly hangs down over the waistband of your pants, causing your pants to slide halfway down on your butt, then you get to go around out in public, showing off your bellybutton and butt-crack, and mooning everybody around you.

Only extreme apple-shaped obese males can have that much fun!

True, you won't live very long, but you will have a lot more fun!

It's a very long article with lots of research behind it, and lots of illustrations.

I hope you all come over to my blog and check it out,

Thank you!

Fat Bastard said...

Hey Teddy,

I always like that beach ball beer belly look. I used to have that look but me belly has stretched so I am a bit swag bellied now.

What do you think of New England Chapter of NAAFA endorsing diets?

Teddy Bear said...

Fat Bastard said...

"Hey Teddy,

I always like that beach ball beer belly look. I used to have that look but me belly has stretched so I am a bit swag bellied now.

What do you think of New England Chapter of NAAFA endorsing diets?"

Weight loss diets, NEVER!!!

I think NAAFA has gone off of it's collective bicycle, endorsing weight loss diets.

Now I don't have any problem with them endorsing healthier eating, because I love vegetables myself, especially when stir-fried in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, butter, wine sauce and melted sharp cheddar on top.

I also like all kinds of fresh fruit, like black grapes, bananas, pineapples, not canned, but fresh ones that I cut up myself, and I like peaches, plums and pears, and strawberries with whipped cream on top.

I say, fresh fruit is God's candy, made for God's fat little children.

But I also like a piece of pie or a slice of cake sometimes, and I usually keep some ice cream in my fridge.

I would have no problem with NAAFA endorsing healthy eating, and even some exercise, but one does not have to lose weigh, so I'm shocked that NAAFA would endorse weight loss diets.

Next they'll be endorsing bariatric surgery and that would really be nutso!

I would say that they really lost if for sure!

Fat Bastard said...

They (NAAFA) are keeping it hush hush on the net. It is just another one of their dirty little secrets.

I don't have a huge problem with them endorsing weight loss. I just can't stand the hypocrisy.


I am against dieting but I am not against debating the issue. Paul McAleer of Big Fat Blog does not allow the discussion of weight loss dieting. He is a total fucking asshole. What pisses me off is he will allow weight gain dieting that is cool but they guy is a fucking weasel and a hypocrite.

Proud FA said...

I could comment on ignorant cunts like McAleer and those yeast beasts at NAAFA but I would like to stress the positive nature of more and more women embracing their obesity and gluttony. Fat has been the new normal for quite some time as has gluttony. Now obesity and extreme gluttony are becoming the new normal. Americans are still getting fatter and fatter. OINK!

There was a time when people especially women would cover up their fat rolls but now they are flaunting it. In Bigger Fatter Blog's article Fat Women are Sluts we point out the fact that the search terms plumper, plump, fat women, obese, obese women, chubby ect.. when used in Google image search all come up with millions and millions of images of fat sluts. When terms like skinny women, waif, anorexic women, lean women ect.. almost zero XXX-rated images show up. This is just more proof that skinny women are prudes who have low self esteem.

I get laid a lot. I suppose if I really thought about I am more attracted to a Kim Kardashian than say a Carney Wilson but it is so much easier to pork a porker. Just like fat girls are gluttons for food I like most men am a glutton for sex. The fatter they are the faster they go down on the sausage. Fat women are nearly as hungry for sausage and tacos as they are for sour cream dip and Cool Ranch Doritos. Why waste time going for a Barbie when you can easily get a super horny bimbo?

Fat Bastard said...

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Proud FA likes skinny girls! Proud FA likes skinny girls! Proud FA likes skinny girls! Proud FA likes skinny girls! NANA NA NANA.

I'm just fucking with you buddy but you gotta admit skinny chick can do things that your plumpers can't. I like the fact they have low self esteem. You can get them to do anything because they aim to please. The other thing is skinny chicks bring out the competitive nature in fat women. You know how deliciously jealous plumpers can be.

Maida Ham said...

I always suspected that we lard asses had higher self esteem than the stick people and now we have proof. It just makes sense. If we have low self esteem as the morons like Kate Harding suggest then we would not be fat. We would do what those pathetic anorexics do. We would starve ourselves. We gorge ourselves with all the foods we love so much because deep down we know we are deserving. We are indeed gluttons. After reading this wonderful article I am now proud of my gluttony and food lust.

BTW, I LOVE this blog!

Fat Bastard said...

Fat Angry Dyke,

We really are poking fun at what we see is the old silly at acceptance movement. Proud FA and I started this blog and the new fat acceptance movement for several reasons.

1. The old man hating anti-diet FA movement is absurd.

2.The old FA movement speaks only for a very tiny percentage of fat people.

3. We got sick of the man bashing.

Anonymous said...

You people are sick!

Fat Bastard said...

Screw you anonymous!