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Is Obesity A Choice?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CG Brady: Anti Obesity Scoundrel and Biggest Threat to Us Fatlings Yet!

The following is an article by CG Brady. This guy has a book coming out that really will threaten our growing gluttony movement in the US. I love diet books because all they do is make people fatter and that is what all of us in fat acceptance want and that is why Proud FA and I do not censor diet talk. Most diets only make you fatter so we love it when a new diet comes out because we know it will fail. 98% of diets fail and that is GOOD for our mission of obesity and gluttony promotion. CG Brady understands as much about gluttony as Teddy Bear AKA Gerald, Proud FA and me Fat Bastard. This insidious punk understands how to get people to stay on diets. His NAZI style methods of mind control are in a word or two ghastly and frightening. We have fought so hard to increase the overweight and obesity rate in the US to an impressive 73% and not this son of a bitch has come along to undo what Americans have worked so hard to achieve.

This guy makes MeMe Roth look like a friend to fat acceptance and we all know the devastating blows she has dealt to the movement.

This is not just about Fat Pride. Sure it will suck when we lose the status of the FATTEST NATION ON EARTH but the economic consequences of people eating less will devastate our entire economy. Health care will take a huge hit! The food industry will be laying off hundreds of thousands. Food prices will plummet and our farmers will starve. CG Brady needs to be stopped and stopped soon. I want everyone reading this blog to write to Amazon and Barnes and Noble and threaten to boycott them if they put his books on their shelves. CG Brady is a menace. He is a monkey wrench in a wonderful system that enables us fatling to survive. This toxic man and his hateful methods will not only hurt us fatlings, it will hurt everyone. It will even hurt the dieting and publishing industry.

We need a coalition. All of us, the diet industry, the old fat acceptance, the medical industry and big pharma need to unite against this threat. As you know I am usually against censorship but this knowledge is knowledge that should be forbidden. CG Brady has let the genie out of the bottle and before it does anymore damage we need to put the genie back into the bottle, cork it tightly, bury that bottle and then bury the shovel. Proud FA read this and he is livid. Neither one of us get into a twist when obesity gets medicalized. We see weight loss surgery for the barbarism that it is but this is much worse because it changes the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that have served us so well for so long. CG Brady's stuff is blatantly unAmerican and we need to nip it in the bud.

Here is the dreadful article. I did illustrate it as a way of mocking this smudge of a man. I only hope that the rest of the fatosphere take this as seriously as those of us in the New Fat Acceptance have taken it. Please comment and don't hold back!

Diets Fail: Why The Brady Method
® Works

Most diets and weight loss programs fail for one reason and one reason only. Dieters simply do not comply. If you can get people to consistently eat the correct amount of calories they simply cannot remain overweight. That is a scientific and mathematical certainty. Certainly proper nutrition is important, however; it is not always vital for weight loss even though it is for good health. I am able to do that and I have been doing it for nearly 2 years.

The first thing I do is ask the client their age, weight and gender Here is a sample of some typical responses followed by the rest of my questions.
(They will say so that I will feel better and I will look better and I will be able to do things like walk up stairs without wheezing and so I can get of my meds. I need to do this for ME. They are parroting the conventional wisdom that has not worked. The egoism that is there is no longer apparent to a society that lives by the motto "hooray for me a fuck you" is apparent to me. This obesity and gluttony thing is in many ways but not entirely a societal problem and yes I do have all the answers because I looked for them. When asked for altruistic and noble reasons for being healthy and lean they eventually say, "It is what parents should do for their kids. It is socially responsible." At this point I have spat in their soup so to speak. They knowingly eat unhealthy but tasty food without giving it a second thought now they are less comfortable doing it and more inclined to stop.

What is your theory as to why you are over weight? Ex.300 pounds

What is an ideal weight range for a woman who stands 5'5"?

What is your ideal weight?

What is the lowest safe body fat percentage for a woman?

What is your theory as to why most Americans are fat or obese? (This is an important question because contrary to popular belief fat people are often very self centered. There are several reasons for this but let it suffice to say the act and the result of gluttony, yes fat people really are gluttons and I will define gluttony more completely later. When fat people begin to consider others especially ones with whom they can identify they begin to think differently. I know how frustrating it can be hearing their excuses and flawed logic.)

How many calories a day does it take for a moderately active 40 year old female to maintain 300 pounds? (Now they have to think in terms of physics and logic. They are taking the bait.)

On a scale of 1 - 10 how badly do you want to be healthy and fit?

On a scale of one to 10 how difficult to you think it will be for you to get healthy and fit?

On a scale of 1 - 10 how motivated are you to get healthy and fit?

At this point we get into the mechanics of weight loss. The most a 300 point person should lose in a week is 3 pounds. This person is taking in 4276 per day. She should be taking in 1800 to 2200 if she want to maintain a healthy weight. I would put her on about 2800 (that is her Basal Metabolic Rate) calories a day and her only exercise will be what she normally does. She will gradually cut back until she is at 1500 and then she will go back to 1800 - 2200 depending on her activity level. At this point she's hooked now I set the hook and I set it deep.

I give her the guidelines for healthy eating which are essentially the USDA food pyramid but I ask her to shoot for .5 grams protein per pound of body weight and try to get 35 grams or more of fiber per day. The reasons diet fail is because they spoon feed nutritional information. My clients have to figure it out for themselves. It puts them in control. I have read Atkins' books and I visit the crazy low carb forums and I want to piss on his grave and slap all his disciples. I digress but I hate that fat bastard even in death as I hate Agatston in life that chubby sickly charlatan. I am 54 and my body still makes young women swoon.
Swooning female!

Barry Sears, (Zone Diet) Agatston (South Beach Diet) and the late Dr Robert Fatkins all have/had man boobs. I guess I love to digress.
Grave of the late Robert Atkins MD.

Atkins' 1972 diet was revolutionary, and in direct opposition to the conventional wisdom of dieticians: lower carbohydrates, and increase meat and fat. While one would lose weight on such a diet, most of the loss is from water and muscle mass. The former is pointless and the latter can be dangerous. These inconvenient facts did not stop the public from buying 30 million of his books.

He suffered a heart attack in 2002, but one that he claimed was unrelated to diet. Atkins died after he purportedly slipped on a sidewalk in New York City, sustaining a brain injury. At the time of his death, Dr. Atkins weighed 258 pounds, and at his height of six feet, the U.S. government considers him obese.

Now she needs to create 5 to 7 meals/feedings per day that add up to 2800 calories. That means 7 400 calorie feedings/meals or about 10 Stouffers LEAN CUISINE® meals. OINK!

At this point the client sees how much eating she has been doing. Now it is time get the net and a winch to land this one. She is thinking at this point, "OMG what a pig I am" Reality is fillet knife and it is working its magic. This process takes about 6 weeks. Now she is past the point of no return and the rest is just being patient and gradually cutting calories and not worrying because her weight loss is slowing. She knows that is to be expected.

I may have an unconventional personal style and an out of the box approach to problem solving but what I do works. I have contacted many so called experts and none of them will give me the time of day. I suppose some people, especially ones with too much education for their IQs develop very high AQs AKA Asshole Quotients. They are also jealous because they hate it when someone with half their education has twice their intelligence.

It may seem that I have a certain amount of disdain for fat people. I do but there are many other groups of homo sapiens for which I have considerably more. We are a dreadful species with the potential of evolving socially, emotionally, and spiritually into something better. Our animal side is winning and sadly the human animal often lacks the nobility of his smaller brained cousins. I hope that can change because I have sons and two grand kids. I would like them to live in a humane world full of responsible and caring people.

How do we attack this jerk? If we make sport of him the way the jealous fat girls try to make sport of MeMe Roth we end up looking like jerks.

How do we shoot down his methods?

How do we discredit him?

We need to brain storm and come up with tactics and strategies that can defeat him and stop this threat to our gluttonous lifestyle cold. Let's get to work! The preservation of our gluttonous lifestyles may depend on what we do here.


Fat Bastard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Proud FA said...

Livid does not begin to describe how I am feeling Fat Bastard. I am livid to the 10th power. I AM FUCKING PISSED and I am very worried my fine fat friend. The ramifications of the lean America are more far reaching than we can imagine. CG Brady's mind rot will tear at the very social fabric of Western society. He is a zealot and a heretic. Shut this fucker down!

Has Teddy seen this crap?

CG Brady said...

Did I hit a nerve Fat Bastard? We may want to call this game set and match. Too strenuous a sport for ya? OK then Let's just say CHECK MATE! YOU LOSE!

You guys know I'm right. Admit it.

Thanks for the publicity.

CG Brady said...

Fat Bastard, you know how to contact me. Let's see if you have the balls to let me save your life.

I was watching the show House MD and if any of you ever watched it you would know that Dr House has the bedside manner of a gorilla but he explains his personal style by saying, "If you were dying would you rather have a compassionate doctor holding your hand or would you rather have a bastard like me saving your life?" I am not a bastard to my clients but I do save their lives and they end up respecting and appreciating what I do for them. It is a great feeling. The only way you will know if this will work for your spouse is to have your spouse give it a shot. I would like to counsel more males. All but one of my clients have been female and he was atypical of your run of the mill glutton. He really had serious issues. He had been in counseling for years with little results. After about an hour in a chat room this man had a breakthrough. He has lost the weight and changed his life. He now is dealing with his issues effectively and he feels like a new man. Maybe I got lucky but I was determined to diagnose this man and fix him and that is what I did. I don;t know if I am more skilled than most counselors. I certainly have less formal education but I really believe that I work harder and care more. Maybe that is all it takes and maybe that is why I am effective and they aren't.

Proud FA said...

With all due respect, Mr Brady why are the eating habits of gluttons any concern of yours?

Who died and made you judge and jury of those fine plump fatlings who inhabit Fat Land? Perhaps you should read the mission statement of this blog. We here are obesity and gluttony promoters. YOU are an agitator, a rabble rouser and boat rocker. Gluttony and greed have been and will continue to be the corner stone of American culture. YOU sir are unAMerican. You can join MeMe Roth and the rest of the food NAZIS and live in your own judgmental little world.

Do you have any idea how much the rate of mental illness will increase when people who should be fat get skinny. YOU sir will start an epidemic of anorexia and bulimia. Please consider what you are doing and stop doing it!

Proud FA said...

One more thing asshole... for every BBW you slim down I am fattening 20. There are more of us than there are of you. You WILL lose loser

Anonymous said...

Trolls trolling trolls in here.

Proud FA said...

This is a typical jealous fat girl response from Anonymous. That's what the fat girls do. The sit on the sidelines and snipe while the CG Bradys and the MeMe Roths tear our movement down brick by brick.

CG Brady at least has the guts to not snipe from the sidelines.

You fat bitches have ruined the movement.

Anonymous said...

God is a filthy gluttonous pig. Please die God! Your son Jesus ate cock.

GOD IS EVIL! God created evil and suffering. Most people hate you god!

Proud FA said...

Maybe anonymous you should worship the Belly God. He will never let you down nor will he ignore your pleas like that cruel Bible God does. Fatlings eat themselves to death and what a way to go. Food is anti-pain. Gluttony is the fatling's way of sticking their finger into the eye Bible God. Bible God has caused famine pain and disease for centuries.

CG Brady said...

I am not a bully. I am just showing with the cold hard facts what foul and disgusting pigs fat people really are. The following makes my point abundantly clear.

It is quite obvious to a fat person that they are FAT. The solution is simple. They need to stop acting like a fucking eat pigs but they don't. That is because fat people love food above all else. That is why their behavior disgust me. Read the following Fat Bastard and proud FA and then try to say something to dispute it. You will not be able to do so because facts are facts and fat people are gluttons. They only have themselves to blame and they need to be confronted until they start behaving like humans.

Physics can sometimes cut through the mess of complex problems with a simple conservation law. I applied conservation of energy to the problem of obesity. I argued that exercise burns so few calories that it cannot be a major way of losing weight.

But many people I have spoken to believe there is another benefit to exercise: it changes your metabolism. When that happens, you burn more calories naturally, and so your food doesn't turn into fat.

Let me address this issue by invoking another physics principle: conservation of mass. More specifically, let me talk about the conservation of carbon atoms. When you digest food, its carbon atoms enter your blood. Unless they are expelled from your body, they add to your weight. But here is the salient observation: the only effective way your body has to get rid of digested carbon is to combine it with oxygen to form carbon dioxide, and then expel it through your lungs. Unless you breathe out the carbon, you gain weight.

Here are some numbers, taken from books on exercise physiology. Fat, protein, and sugar all contain about 0.1 gram of carbon per food calorie consumed. So if you digest 2,000 calories of food (a typical daily diet for adults) then you take in about 200 grams of carbon. At rest, each breath exhales about 0.5 liter of air containing about 1 percent carbon, for about five milligrams per breath. After a day at 12 breaths per minute, you get rid of about 120 grams of carbon. That's less than you ate, so you'll gain weight.

But few of us spend the whole day resting. Walking increases your respiration by a factor of two to three. Running at eight kilometers per hour (five miles per hour) increases it by a factor of eight to 10. Put together a nice combination, and you'll lose all the carbon you consumed, and your weight will be stable. Walking, running, and being active does increase your metabolism--the rate at which you burn calories--and it increases your breathing rate too.

CG Brady said...

The mistake people make is to think that an hour of moderate exercise will change their body chemistry enough so that they'll "burn" away the calories even when they are inactive. But unless you breathe more rapidly, the carbon will stay in your body. If you want to lose weight, eat less or breathe more. And the only effective way to breathe more is through increased activity. There is no such thing as stimulating your body into a higher resting metabolic rate.

But what about all those people who seem to eat more than we do, but stay thin? Don't they contradict my conclusion? I wondered about that too, so I started asking these people three questions: How often do you snack? Do you always finish your meals? How often do you have dessert after a meal?

My conclusion from this survey: thin people actually eat less. I've verified this by watching them. If they order a burger, they get it without the shake, and they leave the fries on their plate.

There are other mistaken beliefs about weight gain. The most widespread one is that eating junk food puts on pounds faster than "healthy" food. Some people have tried to sue McDonald's as being responsible for their weight gain. In the recent award-winning documentary Super Size Me, director and star Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but junk food at McDonald's for 30 days, to see how bad the results would be. Indeed, he gained 25 pounds, and his doctors said his health deteriorated significantly.

Fat Bastard said...

Listen up Dr Brady I read your comments and I agree with the scientific part 100%. If you had taking time to read our mission statement you would known that unlike the old fat acceptance we are not denying our gluttony. We not only admit that we and all other fat people are gluttons we embrace and celebrate our greedy gluttony. We will never deny that gluttony leads to obesity and poor health. We are not dumb cunts like Kate Harding, Joy Nash and Smelly Kelly Bliss,

If you would like to debate the morals of gluttony with us that would be fine. We know the mechanics of weight gain. My blog partner Proud FA is the dean of feederism, We know how fat people get fatter and fatter.

Fat Bastard said...

Before Dr Brady posts a response I will beat him to it.

His point will be thay fat people are adding to global warming because we expel more CO2 due to our higher metabolic rates. So what! Fuck the earth!

CG Brady said...

I am a scientist not a moralist so I am not here to judge you other than to say gluttony is not something I would choose for myself or kids and to quote Socrates.

"Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live." -- Socrates

Jennifer Portnick said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fat Bastard said...

Dear readers especially the ones form the old fat acceptance, Proud FA and I don;t like to censor and while we do not care for Mr Brady's plot to rid the world of obesity I cannot allow death threats. I know how you girls girls in the old dishonest fat acceptance movement girls hate everyone. Those of us in the new fat acceptance do not hate. I repeat. Those of us in the new and enlightened fat acceptance do not hate. We fight the good fight and we fight the fight based on issues and ideas not threats of bodily harm. You silly fat feminists need to grow. STOP ruining the movement with your stupidity!

Kate said...

I cannot believe what I am reading here. You certainly have become the buzz of the fatosphere Fat Bastard along with your two flunkies Teddy Bear and Proud FA. We censor our blogs for a good reason. We don't need ideas like those of CG Brady entering the minds of our "fatlings".
You and people like Gerald have opened up a huge can of worms. Then you had the audacity to say nice things about MeMe Roth. You know something Fat Bastard...MEN SUCK!

We don't need fat women thinking that they can lose weight because then they will just all become like Karen Carpenter but that is what you men want and that is why there are so few men in the fat acceptance movement. MEN ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHALLOW! You are a traitor to the cause!

Fat Bastard said...

Kate, I don;t mind your foul mouth but can you please come up with something to call the people you disagree with something besides douche bag? It's really old.

Kate it look like there is a three way war here. It turns out Brady has a way to make fat people who don't want to be fat thin. After I calmed down and after PFA talked me down I realized that people still had a choice. You Kate call MeMe a Nazi but it is YOU Kate who wants to take away choice. I have long advocated that obesity is not for everyone and that the new fat acceptance is really size acceptance and that is why we don't bash skinny women the way you jealous fat girls do. As much as I hate what CG Brady is doing and as big a jerk as I think he is if I were to pick sides I would be on his side before I would be on yours.

Cooler heads have prevailed. I want off half cocked when I posted my rant calling CG Brady a threat and a scoundrel. My normally hot headed partner pointed out a reality that you fat girls in your phony fat acceptance are to obtuse to see or to insane to acknowledge. WE NEED SKINNY PEOPLE! (I know you fat bitches at NAAFA only what athletic men to service you. Maybe if you stopped hating skinny women you would be less narrow minded) Because I am not a fat rights zealot I do listen to both sides just as I listen to Olberman and Hannity. The figure don't lie. WAKE UP KATE! If the current obesity and gluttony trend continues at its current rate there will not be enough skinny people left to take care of us. Proud FA crunched the numbers many times and as difficult as it is for any of us in the FA movement to admit; MeMe Roth is RIGHT! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Proud FA said...

It is a fact. Fatlings will need non fatlings to serve them and if the trend continues and it looks like it may things could get bad. There simply will not be enough drones to take up the slack.

I am so glad we decided not to censor this blog. As much as CG Brady annoys me he did make us think a bit about the real logical issues.

I crunched and re crunched the numbers and the fact is by 2020 there will not be nearly enough capable drone. We may be in deep shit!

Balltungo said...

I am hoping I will be dead by 2020. I better get to eating more.

Proud FA, you are right. As our numbers and weights increase we are gonna be fucked!

I appreciate you and Fat Bastard giving it to us gluttons straight.

Sorry I haven't been by more often. They had to take off a couple of toes on my left food. I think my meter must of fucked up.

The hospital food was AWFUL! I had pizza delivered and I was a big hit with the fat nurses because I know my pizza and wings. We fucking chowed! It was great!

I wouldn't worry about this Dr Brady. Moralists come and go.

Anonymous said...

Damn, even more trolls trolling trolls. It's quite the show.

Balltungo said...

I see the crazy jealous fat girls have found this blog. GOOD! I hope the get so pissed they croak!

CG Brady said...

I hear ya Balltungo. I see what a mess the fat acceptance movement is. Fat women love to play the victim and I understand the backlash coming form fat men who are not represented by fat acceptance. There is a solution. DON'T BE FAT!

The fat acceptance is a lie. This blog is very intriguing. Its authors actually admit that they are promoters of gluttony and obesity. That is what all fat acceptance does at least in part. They simply lie and distort reality in order to give their cause the legitimacy it lacks. Foodism is is another word for gluttony and Foodie is another word for glutton. Whether fat acceptance or society at large wants to admit it both fat acceptance and our society promote gluttony. Fat Bastard and the readers of this blog think gluttony is a good thing. I think gluttony is a bad thing.

CG Brady

Teddy Bear said...

Good afternoon Fat Bastard and Proud FA

I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I'm currently involved in a civil rights issue here in El Paso Texas, a sports obsessed donkey-fucking trashy redneck town.

On day I went shopping at Albertsons as usual, and then walked about a block to the Walgreens pharmacy to get some pipe tobacco.

When I came out of the pharmacy, I walked across the street as usual to the bus stop to take a bus home, and I discovered that the two benches were taken away so I could not sit down to wait for a bus.

I was pissed.

The bus stop is in front to the Don Haskins SPORTS CENTER.

Now, I have arthritis in both ankles and both knees and after walking around, it would be nice to have a bench to sit on while waiting for a bus.

When I finally got home, I called Sun Metro to inquire as to why the two benches were removed from in front of the Don Haskins SPORTS CENTER, and the said it was because the SPORTS CENTER and UTEP requested that the benches be removed.

I called thye Don Haskins SPORTS CENTER, and the secretary said the the benches were removed because it didn't look good to have the benches there.

So, I finally said, "Oh! I see! It doesn't look got to have elderly people and disabled people sitting down on benches in front of your precious SPORTS CENTER!!!" so now I was really pissed.

It never occurred to them that people who are elderly or disabled would like to sit down while waiting for a bus.

But then, people who are in sports are not known to be great thinkers.

So, I have been making phone calls and I'm fighting like Hell to get those benches put back.

They may be in violation of Section 504 of The Disabilities Act.

Anyway . . . . .

I have been busy fighting for the rights of people who are elderly and disabled, and so far, I haven't been getting much help from anybody else. It looks like I'm on my own in this one.

Now on to other matters . . .

Continued on next post . . .

Teddy Bear said...

Continued from above . . .

I have been doing Google searches for CG Brady and the Brady Method for weight loss, and so far I have come up with zip, nada, zilch, the big goose egg.

Another words . . .


I believe his method will fail just like all the rest.

Granted, me might have the highest success rate than all the other methods by getting his obese patients to acknowledge their gluttony as being the cause of their obesity.

But his method is not going to work on happy gluttons who love being gluttons and who love being obese, and who wish to become even more obese.

And in the years to come, more and more fat people are going to come out of the fat closet and say . . .


So, in the future, more and more fat people are going to discover that their much happier being fat.

I should know, because I have lost weight a few times myself, and discovered that when my weight is down, I get really depressed and suffer from anxiety, but when my weight was back up again, I felt more peaceful and calm, more relaxed, more happy and contented.

And of course, like all fat people who has lost weight and gained it back again, I have gained back more than I had lost, and being fatter made me feel even more happy and contented.

CG Brady's method might even backfire because after getting his obese patients to acknowledge their gluttony, many of those patients will discover that they like being gluttons and that they love to eat, and the acknowledgment of their own gluttony might only serve to set them free from their own guilt.

And once set free from guilt, than anything goes!!!

When a person no longer feels guilt, or remorse, then there are no restraints, so in the future, we will see a wave of serial gluttons breaking into closed stores in the night to steal more food.

Of course, they'll be to helpless to run from the police and they'll be harmless pathetic obese wimps who are great big fat cry babies, and the courts might take pity on them since they are helpless and harmless and no real threat.

We gluttons are non-violent and non-aggressive helpless creatures. We're just great big fat cry babies and we are happy being that way.

So, I wouldn't worry about CG Brady.

He's just a tiny little silent fart in a hurricane.

Proud FA said...

Dr Brady,

Fat Bastard is a very honest guy. That is why he allows all views her on Bigger Fatter Blog. Go over to Big Fat Blog and see how long you will last there. That lying sack of shit Paul McAleer will ban you in a heartbeat. Paul is a major league asshole.

Bigger Fatter Blog is not anti-weight loss. We are not NAZIS like the crazy bitches who are currently running fat acceptance. We are willing to listen to both sides and present both sides. We welcome the challenge because we let people make up their own minds. Our position is very simple. We say that gluttony is good. I must admit Dr CG Brady you have given us cause for concern. I crunched the numbers and I see that you are correct. By 2020 there will not be enough skinny people like me to service all the fatlings. That gives creedence to our stance of not being anti-diet.

As our readers know, fat people are royalty and as such royalty requires service. Right now things are working well for the fatlings but numbers don't lie. We are running out of skinny people.

Cooler heads prevailed and we know realize that Dr CG Brady's methods may actually help fatlings. We are quickly reaching the tipping point with obesity. When fatlings reach a point when more than 20% percent become disabled by their fat and others become slightly disabled by their obesity we simply won't have enough drones to service all the regally rotund.

Gluttony and hyper gluttony??? Can there be too much of a good thing? Let's give that some sober thought.

In the meantime Fat Bastard will continue to eat eat eat and I will continue to pork fat women.

Fat Bastard said...

I hear ya about El Paso Teddy. The are a bunch of real dip shits there. Texas is one of the fattest state though so let's give Texas a great big Texas sized OINK! OINK! OINK!

Asshole From El Paso
by Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jew Boys.

We don’t have no lovin’s in El Paso
We don’t go to porno picture shows
We don’t swap our wives with our neighbors
And we keep our kids away from Mexico.

And I’m proud to be an asshole from El Paso
A place where sweet young virgins are deflowered.
You walk down the street knee-deep in tacos
And the wetbacks still get twenty cents an hour.

We don’t wipe our asses on Old Glory,
God and Lone Star beer are things we trust.
We keep our women virgins till they’re married
So hosin’ sheep is good enough for us.

And I’m proud to be an asshole from El Paso
A place where sweet young virgins are deflowered.
You walk down the street knee-deep in tacos
And the wetbacks still get twenty cents an hour.

I’m proud to be an asshole from El Paso
A place where sweet young virgins are deflowered.
You walk down that street knee-deep in tacos
And the wetbacks still get twenty cents an hour

You are so right about that jock mentality. What really pisses me off is watching fat guys watching sports and living vicariously through skinny guys like Brett Farvre when they should be emulating real heroes like Emeril Lagasse and Malto Mario.

Not only was removing those benches fat hatred it was age hatred. We fat folks are not the only ones who need to sit and rest a spell. The fatlings in Texas need to rise up against this abomination. With your tremendous literary skills and your deep understanding of fat rights issues and as one of the driving forces in the new fat acceptance you would be wise to fire off a letter to the editor of the local El Paso rag.

Let the readers of the El Paso Times know about your blog and my blog. This could be a great opportunity to advance fat rights.

OINK OINK OINK at them you clever little piggy! OINK!

Perhaps Teddy you could organize a protest during a sports event there and tell the press what is going on there.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again Fat Bastard and Proud FA

Yeah, Fat Bastard, you are absolutely right!

We fat guys have no business watching sports on TV.

Those of us who are soft, flabby, weak, and out of shape, sitting around the house on our big fat lazy butts in our gray sweatpants, all soft and flabby, we have no business watching football or any rough-and-tumble competitive sports.

The only sports we should be watching is Sumo Wrestling or Belly Bucking.

And because I'm a sissified obese little wimp, I prefer listening to classical music and watching documentaries on TV, all the stuff favored by those of us in The Low Testosterone League.

Anyway, thank you in your moral support foe me in fighting the good fight against the discrimination of the elderly and handicapped.

Later on this evening, I shall send an E-mail to the editor of the
that fish wrapper, The El Paso Times.


Hey, Proud FA.

Yeah, I agree.

I really don't want to see thin or average size people disappearing from the earth, even though I'm happy about the increasing obesity world wide.

Right now I only weigh 400 pounds, and I want to at least double my present weight and even triple it if I can.

Then I want to be photographed with a group of average sized and thin people standing beside me, and perhaps, even a photo of 10 average sized or 15 thin people standing up in a pair of my super-sized pants.

I like having my body size compared to people of average size.

And if they even want to laugh at me, or make fun of me, that's OK because I just enjoy being so much larger than average.

I love it.

Fat Bastard said...

CG Brady may be a male version of MeMe Roth but I am glad we at Bigger Fatter Blog have a no censorship policy. If the thinlings become extinct we will be screwed. Perhaps we should write some articles called Save the Thinlings.

Who will deliver our take out meals, fight fires, enforce the law, fight our wars, fix our cars and fatty scooters, wipe our butts, ect ect ect??

Fat Bastard said...

Also.... We Fatlings are the intellectuals. We don't do manual labor so as a result our brains develop to a greater degree than the brains of the thinlings. The thinlings serve us and in return we provide them the guidance and purpose they require.

BTW I am closer to 400 than 350 Teddy. I'm gaining on you OINK! Better get to a Texas BBQ. Here in South Carolina we pigs feed on pork. While I love brisket nothing beat pulled pork for pure flavor and fat calories and like Proud FA says.... "Fat fattens best" YUM!

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard.

Actually, I do weigh more than 350 pounds. The last time I got weighed, I was almost 400 pounds, more like 395 pounds, but getting close to 400 pounds.

To me, getting weighed is more fun than getting laid.

Hey! That's a good one!!!

You know you're a happy obese glutton when it more fun getting weighed than getting laid!

Of course, I have been under some emotional stress lately and has set me back a little bit, since I'm fighting with my city to get those bus stop benches put back in front of the Don Haskins SPORTS CENTER again.

Those fucking redneck sports Nazis had no business removing those benches, and if they are guilty of violating Section 504 of the Disabilities Act, I'm going to sue them.

Well, one good thing might result if everybody became obese.

If everybody was too fat to play in sports, it would be the end of sports on TV except Sumo Wrestling, and if sports disappears from our schools, it means no more jocks beating up on fat little nerds and fat little geeks.

The quality of education will start improving again, and technology will become more advanced, then we well have robots or androids to service us when we all get too fat to move about anymore.

But I will miss the thinlings, because I love comparing the size of my body to those of average size or thin people.

As I said before, I hope to become such a huge fat-ass that 10 average size or 15 thin people can stand up inside my pants.

I'm sure there will always be some thin people around because I know people who just can't seem to gain any weight no matter how much they eat.

In the meantime, I might have some good news.

I had a doctors appointment to have a doctor prescribe one of those Hoverounds, an electric scooter seat to sit on and ride around.

Our city buses are equipped with a lift for people in wheelchairs, and I may be able to qualify for one through Medicaid/Medicare then I won't have to stand up to wait for a bus anymore.

But I'm still going to fight like Hell to get those two bus stop benches put back where they belong.

El Paso has messed around with the wrong fatty, and when I'm angry, I go into Bitch Mode.

I'm a fat bitch!!!

Fat Bastard said...

Sue those pricks!

Section 504

Section 504 states that "no qualified individual with a disability in the United States shall be excluded from, denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under" any program or activity that either receives Federal financial assistance or is conducted by any Executive agency or the United States Postal Service.

Each Federal agency has its own set of section 504 regulations that apply to its own programs. Agencies that provide Federal financial assistance also have section 504 regulations covering entities that receive Federal aid. Requirements common to these regulations include reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities; program accessibility; effective communication with people who have hearing or vision disabilities; and accessible new construction and alterations. Each agency is responsible for enforcing its own regulations. Section 504 may also be enforced through private lawsuits. It is not necessary to file a complaint with a Federal agency or to receive a "right-to-sue" letter before going to court.

For information on how to file 504 complaints with the appropriate agency, contact:

U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Disability Rights Section - NYAV
Washington, D.C. 20530

(800) 514-0301 (voice)
(800) 514-0383 (TTY)

It would seem that if the city of El Paso received any federal funds for street or the Don Haskens Arena and sidewalks you have a case.

Proud FA said...

Teddy, I second Fat Bastard's motion. SUE those Coca Cola cowboys.

Don't bother with NAAFA. They especially hate fat men.

Contact the ACLU and link this situation to other disabled people and file a class action suit.

Proud FA said...

For those of you who think Fat Bastard and I are a couple of skinny chicks I invite you jealous fat girls
to paste this into your browser.

Here Fat Bastard takes on a bunch of fitness nuts and dieters. They could not handle the truth!

Fat Bastard is my hero!

CG Brady said...

Fat Bastard,

Now that we have a truce of sorts and some mutual respect will please take the edits out of my article that you inserted that make me look like a fat person hater?