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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Thin Phobia, Thin Hatred and Jealous Fat Girls

Another Black Eye For Fat Acceptance

There is not much difference between fat hatred and thin hatred except that thin women don't whine as much about thin hatred and take it on the chin. Fat girls constantly whine about fat hatred often when it doesn't exist. A fat girl play the fat card more often than Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton play he race card. Today the race card is much easier to trump than the fat card. Thin girls simply suffer in silence due to their low self-esteem. They never play the waif card. There is also a double standard. These days it is politically correct to trash skinny and for women. The latest trend is the blatant PhotoShop manipulation of pretty young actresses to make them look anorexic. Jealous fat girls are pathetic but I still pork them anyway. In this article, Bigger Fatter Blog is going to expose the war on thin women. You may ask why is a fat acceptance blog fighting for the rights and dignity of fat women. The answer is fairly simple. Fat Bastard and I want to restore some much-needed integrity to the entire fat acceptance movement.

Image result for nasty feminist

Militant fat acceptance womyn without a clue!

It's this kind of boorish low class Kate Harding style shit I am talking about! Fat Bastard is a victim of the man hating. They love me because I will pork them but they hate Fat Bastard because he can only bone skinny chicks. He's too fat to pork another fatling. How shallow is that?!

Here are some samples of how jealous fa girls are creating the anorexia scare using photo manipulation. These hateful "womyn" are so jealous and desperate that the stooped to these sophomoric and dishonest means. This is one more example how the Kate Hardings and the Joy Nashes have sullied this once fine an noble civil rights movement. It is appalling!

In the Michael Jackson article we exposed the double standard the media has regarding thin women and thin men and how they are soo quick to call a lean woman an anorexic yet for years they ignored the dangerously underweight King of Pop. Fat Bastard's keen eye caught a photoshopped version of a Jessica Stroup photo juxtaposed with a tubby Brooke Hogan.

Image result for Jessica Stroup  Brooke Hogan
Altered Jessica Stroup image Unaltered Brooke Hogan image

Click the link below to see more jealous fat girl photo fakes.

[ana4-true.jpg] [ana4-fake.jpg]
REAL--------------------------> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana7-true.jpg] [ana7-fake.jpg]
REAL--------------------------> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana8-true.jpg] [ana8-fake.jpg]
REAL--------------------------> FAKED by a fat girl
[ana9-true.jpg] [ana9-fake.jpg]
REAL--------------------------> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana14-true.jpg] [ana14-fake.jpg]
REAL--------------------------> FAKED by a fat girl
[ana17-true.jpg] [ana17-fake.jpg]
REAL--------------------------> FAKED by a fat girl

[ana18-true.jpg] [ana18-fake.jpg]
REAL--------------------------> FAKED by a fat girl

Because he thin-phobic media hates thin women they have asked me to remove the images of the faked anorexic models but here is the site from which they were found.
See for yourself.

You may be asking why the I, Proud FA, the Dean of Feederism is defending skinny women. I am not defending skinny women. Like people of all sizes they should not need a defender or apologist. I am defending fat acceptance and size acceptance form misguided zealots form within the movement. Fat Bastard asked me to write this article because coming from me, the Dean of Feedersim and porker of fat women it would have more integrity that if Fat Bastard wrote because as we all know Fat Bastard only bones skinny women because it is not mechanically possible for him to pork porkers. A fellow blogger has discovered even more faked photos.
You can view them here.

Fat girls have ruined he fat acceptance movement. Fat Bastard and I are trying to restore some of the integrity NAAFA founder Bill Fabrey, the father of fat acceptance, brought to the movement. In the meantime shame on all you hateful and jealous fat girls who have not really embraced your fat and gluttony.

As a fat admirer I don't find any of these thin women porkable. Fat Bastard would love to bone anyone of them. I think that even in the real photos they are too thin for my tastes. Fat Bastard is has different tastes but that is not the point. These malicious photos are being used by jealous fat girls in the tired old hateful maladroit fat acceptance movement to shame thin and waifish women as if they need to feel any worse about themselves. Thin and waifish already have extremely low self-esteem as it is. It is just painfully cruel that the strident and confident womyn in the FA movement have be so low class as to pick on these pathetic skinny females who cannot and do not defend themselves. We here at Bigger Fatter Blog protect and defend people of all sizes. We do not judge people who want to be frugal with their calories.

You jealous fat girls won't fuck fat guys like Fat Bastard so all we have to say to you and your ilk is FUCK YOU!


CG Brady said...

OMG, this reminds me of an episode of Hannity and Colmes where Ann Coulter continually made Alan Colmes' point for him. Some things are just so obvious that anyone with a shred of honesty and integrity can point it out. Thank you Proud FA for pointing that out.

Fat women are often less than honest but I didn't have to tell you that.

fattygetsfit said...

interesting article.

Jamie said...

So what do you support fatties or no??

Kelly Blis said...

To answer you question Jamie. Bigger Fatter Blog was set up by two fat acceptance heretics who think fat acceptance has given fat men a raw deal. This is a case of sour grapes.

Fat Bastard does not like fat women and he has made that abundantly clear. If you read the mission statement of this blog Fat Bastard clearly states that people who are fat got that way and stay that way by eating too much. Those of us in the fat acceptance movement and fat feminism know that fat people eat less than thin people. They simply have slow metabolic rates due to years of yo yo diets. Leave it to MEN to bring up the laws of physics and ignore the fact that men and a thin driven are the reason women are fat.

I conduct at least 8 aerobic classes a day and I am fat. Because I used to diet my metabolic rate and set point are so low that I am lucky if I get 1000 calories a day.

Fat Bastard and his feeder friend Proud FA speak more highly of that fat hating NAZI MeMe Roth and NAAO that they do of NAAFA.

Fat Bastard is much more than a fat acceptor. He and organization promotes gluttony. They have this mistaken belief that obesity is unhealthy. They think that obesity leads to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, sleep apnea, and joint problems. We know how full of crap he is. They claim that true fat acceptance means accepting the consequences of obesity. Their philosophy is that food and its pleasures are worth the (their words) "inevitable consequences of being fat"

Fat Bastard said...

Kelly sums things up quite well. The problem is Kelly and the rest of the jealous fat girl bigots hate fit and sexy women and they have no use for fat men because it is very difficult for two fat people to have sex. (Proud FA finds morbidly obese women sexy.)

Because the fat acceptance movement is comprised mostly of angry and jealous GIRLS aka womyn they have pushed men out of the movement. Men readily admit that they are gluttons and eat beasts. We fat men do not deny the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The maladroit and dishonest nature of the womyn run fat acceptance is a joke. Their premise as to why most people are fat today is laughable.

Americans are fat because they are gluttons. We at BFB do not deny the fact that gluttony is the cause for obesity. As TRUE fat acceptors we accept and embrace the fact that we are gluttons. Both fat acceptance movements promote obesity and gluttony the difference between us and them is we are honest about it. NAAFA and the rest of the fat girl style fat acceptance movement has lost all credibility with not only skinny folks but with the fat people, the vary people they claim to represent. The old fat acceptance is hypocritical.

We at BFB are brutally honest. Fat people are greedy gluttons. We think greed is good and we thing gluttony is good.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I admit I don't know much about the background behind Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Stupid, but I believe this is mockery through imitation, played by two young, skeletal degenerates with nothing to do on an afternoon.

I find it very difficult to believe that people could be this self-defeating.

Of course, I've been wrong before. Maybe Boss Hog and Enos here really ARE that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Let's get honest here. Gluttony is NOT a good thing but the fact is most Americans are gluttons. I find it disgusting.

Factually Bigger Fatter Blog got a couple of things right. Those pictures don't lie. I have seen many many examples of normal sized women photo shopped to look like they are anorexic.

Kelly Bliss is totally full of shit. She's a big fat slob. There is no way she in maintaing her massive sweaty bulk on 1000 calories a day. The bitch is a fucking lying sack of shit.

This site is not being run by anorexic young women. It is much too entertaining and funny. Those pro ana chicks have no sense of humor. In a way I hope this site is being run by two pro ana chicks because fat bitches like Kelly Bliss and that ignoramous Joy Nash have been giving skinny chicks shit for years. I tend to believe Fat Bastard and Proud FA are pretty much who the say they are; a couple of fat guys who are making fun of the fat acceptance movment and all those ignorant feminazis in the fatosphere. Regardless of who is doing this running this site I salute them for their honesty.

Even though I disagree with Fat Bastard, who every you are, I am becoming a fan. This blog kicks ass!

Fat Bastard said...

Another anonymous jealous fat girl coward emerges from the fatosphere to lie about Bigger Fatter Blog. Proud FA and I are MEN. We are the kind of men you feminazis really hate. We are manly men.

You brutal bitches can push timid little anorexic girls around but if you think you can fuck with me and Proud FA you have another thing coming.

Fat acceptance is so fucked up and dyfunctional now that nobody is taking the lunatic fringe seriously. If you silly bitches think you speak for the majority of fat people think again.

Proud FA simply has a fetish for fat but the women he respects most are not fat.

Here's the skinny on Proud FA. He became an FA in his college days. He and his frat buddies would go out hoggin. Hoggin means picking up the fattest female you can find and bainging here. It's a contest that Proud FA always won. He porked so many fat girls in his college days that now he only like to pork fat girls. As his best friend I hope he gets rid of this fetish.

Maybe Proud FA will marry a fat girl but I hope he will atleast consider a skinny woman. They are often much more pleasant.

Proud FA said...

I think I could do Brooke Hogan if she put on about 40 pounds. Maybe I need to wean myself off of the fatlings. There really are many very very cool fat women but you will not find many in the fat acceptance movement these days.

All the hoggin I did in college created my preference for SSBBW's. Every Friday and Saturday night we went on a pig hunt. SUUUUUUUUUEEEEEE

Anonymous said...

FA'ers don't hate thin women per se, just women who willfully change their weight. Their ideology is that weight can NEVER change, dammit. It's so that they feel insulated from pressure to lose weight. If you make a comment that says you lost weight and kept it off, they will filter the comment right out.

Fat Bastard said...

That's the party line anonymous but deep down they hate skinny women. Most fat women hate and bash skinny women. I really don't understand it because I, Fat Bastard, love Proud FA like a brother and he's a skinny guy. Fat guys love hanging around with skinny guys because hot shinny chicks like skinny guys as do fat girls. We fat guys are there to get the ones the skinny guys reject.

Fat girls see skinny women as competition. We fat guys are mature enough to accept the fact that skinny guys are better at throwin the dick. Fat guys are a bit less manly but we feel that food trumps manliness and athleticism. FOOD RULES! Gove me more and more and more and more and more. I love to eat!

Mr Feeder said...

Fat girls really hate skinny chicks. They refer to them as skanks, skinny bitches anorexic ect.

Monique's book Skinny Women are evil is required reading for jealous fat girls. I think it is the NAAFA Bible. I love porking fat girls but I don't hate skinny chicks. Why should I?

Anonymous said...

Monique is FAT and GHETTO and makes me ILL. Like the TV critic said she is a HYPOCRITE, she says she wants people to accept her for WHO she is but then she turns around and insults PRETTY SKINNY WOMEN because that's what she wants to be-lol

Fat Chicks Smell LIke Poop said...

Fat bitches are pathetic.

Harpo said...

About ten years agoI was listening to a cordless phones calls I had interrupted with my scanner. I heard a conversation that struck me funny and I thought I'd share it with you guys and see if you had an opinion on this.
Here goes....

Man 1: " I think I'm just gonna find a place to park and find me a fat chick to fuck tonight"
Man 2: " Well I'm gonna head over to the Sapp Brothers cause there's no parking at the TA."
Man 1: " Oh, well that's cool man, but there's not fat pussy at the Sapp Brother's."
Man 2: " Well that's good man cause I don't want none of that fat, stinky pussy."
Man 1: " I ain't got the kind of energy to go chasing those skinny girls man. Fat pussy is easy and cheap."
Man 2: "Nah man, fat girls stink man. Their pussies are rotten and stink too. No way... none o' that for me. No thanks. You have a good one dude."
Man 1: "Be safe man, later."

It's true. Fat women are stinky. They sweat more and the shower less than skinny chicks so it would make sense that men would prefer skinny girls. Fat bitches can put a real hurt on your nose.

Teddy Bear said...

Excuse me Harpo, but that is stereotypical thinking.

NOT ALL fat women smell bad. Yeah, some do, but not all.

But, I have been around some skinny people who smelled pretty bad.

And I'm sorry to say, but, some skinny chicks smell like puke from purging after they eat so they won't gain weight.

I'm obese, but nobody has ever complained while sitting next to me on the bus. Yeah, they sometimes complain about my big fat ass taking up 2 seats, but nobody has ever complained about how I smell.

That's because I take a shower every day, because I'm well aware, that as a fat person, I do perspire more than thin people on hot summer days, so during the summer I might even take a shower twice on some days, and I always wear clean clothes.

That's because I like to set a good example for us fat people.

Yes, I'm a glutton, I'm lazy and hate to exercise, but I'm not a slob.

Harpo said...

I am not saying the all fat girls smell bad but a heck of a lot of them do. It is just commonsense. They are fat and lazy so they will bath less. They sweat more so they will get stinky sooner. They can't reach all the places like the fat folds and all sorts of funky stuff happens here.

As to you Teddy Bear, you may think you don't stink but you may have a smell to you.

Not Skinny said...

Normal women really are hated by fat girls. I work with a bunch of fat girls and they really are mean. I am not skinny but they say I am. 5'6" and 132 pounds is NOT skinny. I am so sick of these pigs calling me anorexic. I'm sorry if I don't like eating crap food and sitting on my ass all day.

Fat girls really are jealous. I do get more attention from men but they tell me it is mostly because of my disposition and less about the fact that I look better than he fat girls in my office.

Kerri said...

There is such a double standard. Fatties beat up on anorexics but God forbid anyone be even slightly critical of fat bitches.

Anorexia is an illness. Gluttony is a choice. Anorexics are pitiful. Fat revolting are revolting.

Fat Bastard said...

Because we at BFB admit that we are greedy gluttons is it really pretty hard for people o beat up on us.

Fat girls are very jealous. If they would only accept and embrace their fat and gluttony they would not be so mean to skinny women.

Anonymous said...

You guys better watch out though because the first real step to losing weight is stopping all the denial like the mainstream FA movement is immersed in. If "new fat acceptance" involves admitting that people are fat because of lifestyle issues, more people are going to change habits than if everyone is still pretending that being fat has nothing to do with how much cheesecake you're shoveling down and it's just "genes."

I used to be very fat and was totally in denial. I HATED how all the thin people could eat so much while I ate nothing. I did all kinds of fad diets and said the same thing Kelly Blis says - that my metabolism was screwed because of all the yo yo dieting or that it was genes or thyroid etc. The thing is I never really realized how much I was eating. I ate 2 meals a day and snacked occasionally and only did aerobic exercise. When I finally started counting calories and stuck to a calorie-based diet and did some weights instead, I lost weight. It was like magic.

I wasn't a "special case" that was obese because of "metabolism" or "yo yo dieting." I was just a glutton that didn't realize how many calories I was taking in. Everyone likes to think that they are the "special case" that "is lucky to get 1000 calories a day" while the thin people eat lots and lots. In many cases, I may have actually eaten only 1000 calories on some days, but then I just went and ate a whole lot more on other days. Curious that there seem to be far fewer "special cases" with "metabolism issues" in other parts of the world.

Losing 100 pounds took almost 2 years for me, and I can understand that it's not for everyone. But the denial is the reason so many Americans are fat. It's easy to eat no breakfast and a 1500 calorie lunch and dinner and do water aerobics once a week and bitch at all the thin people. If you guys want more fatties, you really should endorse the traditional FA's because if everyone thinks like them, it will be a fat fat fat country forever.

Fat Bastard said...

As the jealous fat girls can see we allow diet talk on Bigger Fatter Blog. We respect people choices and we acknowledge that hyper gluttony can have serious health risks.

Thinlings are welcome here on BFB. My best friend Proud FA is a thinling.

Anonymous said...

Where I work most people are fat. Fat guys are cool but the fat women are always starting shit. My boss who is a husky guy has finally noticed the pattern and he will not be hiring any more fat bitches because they are just too much trouble.

Fat Bastardo said...

Fat women are trouble. So many of them are such drama queens. If you don't believe me check out Facebook.

Also, fat girls tend to be big sluts.