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Monday, June 22, 2009

Thinlings Facing Extinction:


NursingEducation.jpg image by skyngsmile
Thinling Nurses: A fatling's best friend

I'm sure the man hating loons of the old and irrelevant and maladroit NAAFA style fat acceptance will cry traitor at this article I am about to write. OK girls, let's hear your simpleminded, predictable and nonsensical diatribes. Our faithful readers will give them the drubbing they deserve. Fat Bastard will shoot down your half baked boneheaded logic with one brain tied behind his back. Bring it on you crazy bitches.

Unlike the crazy hate mongering paranoid yeast beasts of the old fat acceptance those of us in the new fat acceptance don't think that everyone is out to get fat people but then again men and even sissified fat men don't go through life with the tragic victim mentality so typical with fat girls.

As we all know Americans have taken the lead in most everything. We won the space race and now we lead the world in consumption. Americans are by far the world's greatest consumers. I can proudly say that Americans are the worlds biggest and greediest gluttons. Our greedy gluttony has made the US the engine of the world's economy and that is a good thing. Greed and gluttony are good but can we have too much of a good thing? I didn't think so but unlike people like Kate Harding the numbers don't lie. I am pleased as punch that 73% of Americans are fat or obese but it really does appear that we are rapidly reaching a tipping point. In my opinion and in the opinion of many other experts America may actually be getting too fat. The bottom line is, we soon will not have enough thinlings to serve the needs of the fatlings.

Lets start with the military, national security and combat readiness. Fatlings rely on cheap gasoline for their gluttonous SUVs. With our military getting too fat to fight soon the US will not be able to assure a secure and affordable supply of petroleum. This will impact more negatively on fatlings than on thinlings. Thinlings will do as the do now. They will buy smaller fuel efficient cars, motor scooters and they will walk. The following excerpts from the latest Pentagon report illuminates this frightening problem.

Pentagon Report Shows Obesity In U.S. Military
Doubled Since 2003
Fatling Soldier

Julie Farby - AHN Reporter

Washington, DC (AHN) - A new Pentagon study finds that the number of troops diagnosed as overweight or obese has more than doubled since the start of the Iraq war, another example of the stress and strains of continuing combat deployments.

According to the report, "Stress, fat spouses and return from deployment were the most frequently cited reasons for gaining weight. The largest increase in diagnoses of overweight and obese troops came in the last five years."

Proud FA commentary: I live in a military town and I pork many military wives and as the readers of Bigger Fatter Blog know, I only pork fat women.

The report, published in the January edition of the Defense Department's Medical Surveillance Monthly Report, raises concerns about military's ability to meet increasing levels of demand.

The number of service members diagnosed as overweight increased after 2003, according to the study, and today nearly one in 20 are diagnosed as clinically overweight.

The weight-gain trend is not the only trend to develop within the military after six years of war and back-to-back deployments. Other trends include steadily rising suicides and divorce rates among soldiers and Marines and increased prescription drug use in the Army.

"Overweight/obesity is a significant military medical concern because it is associated with decreased military operational effectiveness," the study said.

Our police force is quickly becoming too fat to serve and protect.

Officer Rotunda Watts enjoying a snack.

The thin blue line is quickly becoming the thick blue line as portly police pack on pounds.

Motor officer Heapo Calorie
Officer Don Donutto

The thinlings are fighting back because as we know thinlings pay more in taxes than fatlings so they are pissed. Folks, it hurts to say this but it needs to be said. Thinlings are taking punitive measures to get rid of obese cops.
Cadet Frank Furter with training officer Sgt. Mike Hindenberger.
Here is an interesting article about how the Ohio state highway patrol is trying to control obesity and overweight officers. While it is rare, officers can be dismissed for exceeding their target weight for 24 months in a row. Honestly, of all the people who need to be in decent physical condition, I would put police and fire/rescue at the top.

Ohio’s highway patrol is among just a handful of state patrols that allow punitive measures against troopers and sergeants who fail to meet weight requirements. Union contracts in Alaska and Massachusetts also allow for removing overweight troopers from duty, although that rarely happens, said National Troopers Coalition chairman Mike Eades.
The rate of police officers who are overweight or obese has grown along with the general American population in recent years, said Dr. Steve Farrell, who teaches police agencies how to implement fitness programs at the nationally respected Cooper Institute in Dallas.
Police officers and troopers may spend most of their workday sitting, either in patrol cars or at desks, but they must be prepared for sudden, extreme amounts of physical effort, such as running after a suspect, Farrell said.

Some states like Alabama have begun surcharging obese employees for their health insurance since there is a direct correlation between obesity and health care costs. This is a good way to encourage people to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices. But interestingly enough, one of the police officers that was interviewed said this- “If you say to people, ’We’re going to punish you,’ you’re not going to get people to volunteer to comply,” said Weisman, a retired Columbus police sergeant. “It doesn’t motivate them.” I find that to be a very ironic statement coming from a police officer. While we certainly need to encourage people to make the right diet and exercise choices, I think it is entirely appropriate to “punish” people who refuse to do so- either through higher premiums or through “time off” like the Ohio state patrol uses. I think the threat of losing your pay is a very effective incentive. In fact, I’m pretty sure that money is the only incentive that people really respond to because it is obvious that poor health and obesity related diseases have no effect on most folks.
I can just hear the stupid bitches like Kate Harding pissing and moaning about this. Wake the fuck up you ignorant douche bag! If people are costing the system more then they should be paid less PERIOD! Speaking of periods, Kate is always on hers.
Obesity if not stopped at it's current rate will eventually become too much for the thinlings to handle. Society needs manual laborers. Thinlings will soon be at a premium. Currently 27% of the US population is comprised of thinlings. That number will dip to under 20% by 2020 and the number of fatlings capable of gainful employment through manual labor will drop drastically due to the steep increases in morbid, super morbid and super super morbid obesity. Think of it like this. Let's say a plague wiped out honey bees. The worker bees are the ones that gater honey and spread pollen so that crops will bear fruit. Thinlings are very much like worker bees. Fatlings who are like the king and queen bees cannot servive without them. Who'd gather the nectar? Who'd protect the hive? Who'd service the queens? There will be a huge percentage of fat men unable to service a woman and especially a fat women. Being that less than 20% of the US male population will be thinlings and the majority of them will prefer female thinlings there are going to be a whole lot of angry and bitchy BBWs and SSBBWs.


Brenda said...

This is sooooo true. The cops in our town are so fat that they bought dogs for chasing the criminals. We only have 3 cops who can ride biks for the bike patrol. Our cops eat lots of pizza and of course plenty of donuts. No wonder people call them pigs.

Anonymous said...

Another reason to call cops pigs. HA HA HA

CG Brady said...

I am glad I could enlighten you guys and I am also glad you no longer think I am the scoundrel that you first thought. If the obesity rate continues to climb everyone is going to be screwed. I know that many people in the FA movement would call me a fat hater because I am reporting an unpopular message.

It took a big man to acknowledge that we have a problem. Thank you Proud FA for your courage an honesty on this issue. You guys are the reasonable and sane voice of fat acceptance. One of my mentors, a Dr Charles Harrington said of women, "They're all over the place." It's true and I think that is why fat acceptance is so laughable to most people and especially fat people. hey more than anyone else know that the FA movement is bullshit. You guys are doing a great job of pointing that out while at the same time giving real fat people the respect they deserve. You guys are true pioneers...Imagine that....honest fat acceptance.

Jennifer Portnick said...

In our zeal to promote fat rights we lost site of some harsh realities.

Teddy Bear said...

HEY! CG Brady!

You should come over to my blog sometime.

Mine is called . . .


My blog also promotes gluttony and laziness and my blog is for those who have gone way beyond mere size acceptance to absolutely loving, not just being fat, but loving super obesity.

It's for those of us who love being obese and hope to become more obese.

I have a lot if illustrations, cartoon-like drawings of super obese people, and some photos.

Also, you will notice that the theme my web site blog is based on how fat people come in different shapes that we all know as being apple-shaped or pear-shaped.

Now, I once saw an extreme example of an apple-shape male who's belly was slightly more than twice as big around as his hips, and his arms were much fatter than his legs! I kid you not! I even saw an obese elderly woman with really fat arms and skinny legs and her arms were also bigger around than her legs! I does happen sometimes.

Then I once saw an extreme example of a pear-shaped female. She was more than twice as broad across the hips as she was across the shoulders, almost, but not quite three times as broad across the hips. Her thighs were bigger around than her chest!

She was almost what I would call the perfect pear-shape, but not quite. To achieve the perfect pear-shape, the lower legs must also be bigger around than the chest, resulting in even bigger thighs and broader hips.

But I have not yet seen a guy achieve the perfect apple-shape.

The perfect apple-shaped male would have a belly that is about five times as big around as his hips, a chest three times as big around as the hips, and both his upper-arms and forearms and even his neck would be bigger around than his hips.

Now, obese people who are pear-shaped do live much longer than obese people who are apple-shaped.

I'm slightly pear-shaped myself. I measure about 56 inches around my chest, 64 inches around my waist and 70 inches around my hips with 36 inch thighs.

Most obese males tend to be apple-shaped, but there are some guys who are pear-shaped.

When you do see an obese guy who is in his 70s or 80s, he is usually one of them pear-shaped guys with a big fat ass and short fat legs. So, there are some pear-shaped males.

While most obese women tend to be pear-shaped, there are some who are apple-shaped.

Anyway, the top article on my web site talks about achieving the perfect apple-shaped male body.

It's a lot of fun being apple-shaped, especially when you can no longer find shirts that are large enough to completely cover your belly, and because your belly hangs down over the front of your pants, and your love-handles being much broader than your hips, then your pants will slide about half-way down on your ass.

Then you get to go around out in public showing off your bellybutton and butt-crack.

Of course, even though being a super super obese apple-shaped male is a lot of fun, it is also far more dangerous to one's health, greatly increasing the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease, so, the absolutely perfect apple-shaped male body is quite literally a body to die for!!!

There is a price to pay for absolute apple-shaped perfection.

Of course, being pear-shape does not make one totally immune to obesity related disease, it only greatly lowers the risk, but dose not make one completely immune.

Now, I'm kind of glad that I'm slightly pear-shaped for health reasons, but being apple-shape is a lot more fun!

Again, that's because you get to go around out in public, showing off your bellybutton and butt-crack, and mooning the world around you!!!

Teddy Bear said...

Oh, by the way, Mr. CG Brady . . .

I forgot to mention, that the hug round belly of the perfect apple-shaped obese male not only hangs down over the front of his pants, but down over his thighs almost down to his knees, preferably below the knees if possible.

So, I believe that a super obese apple-shaped male should NEVER wear long pants, but instead, he should wear short pants that are knee-length or above the knees, that way, his belly will hang down over the front of his shorts, completely covering them from view.

Then when he is walking out in public, as he approaches you, when seen from the front view, you will only see his lower legs and feet below his low hanging belly, and he will look like he has no pants on!

Now, that sound like fun!

It's only when you see him from the side view or from behind that you will see he's wearing shorts.

He also should wear a T-shirt with horizontal stripes to make his upper body look even broader.

And if he is on the beach with no shirt on, then when you see him approaching you, from the front view he will look like he is naked, because his low hanging belly will conceal the front of his swim shorts.

And as he walks away, only then will you see his shorts half-way down on his butt. But as seen from the front, he will appear as though he was in the nude.

For this reason, I believe that an apple-shaped obese male should be allowed to wear wear a speedo or even a thong on the beach.

Now, if a super super super obese apple-shaped obese male not only has his huge round belly hanging down to his knees, but also has love-handles that are wide enough to hang down lower than his hips, and a great big roll of fat on his lower back that hangs down over his butt, then he should be allowed to go around out in public in the nude!

He can not be arrested for indecent exposure because his low hanging belly down to his knees also covers his private parts in front, and the roll of fat on his lower back covers his naked butt, so you won't be able to see what he has in front and you won't be able to see his butt, because his huge massive upper-body hangs down over his lower-body, therefore, he should be allowed to walk the streets in the nude since his fat covers his private parts.

And besides . . . . .

With such a huge massive upper-body hanging down over everything, it would be physically impossible for him to put on a pair of pants anyway!

So, in the case, why even bother putting on a shirt?

Being a super supper supper obese apple-shaped male sets you free, so I say, let him have his fun during his short life.

Also . . .

Every obese male glutton should be happy to go prematurely bald on top of his head before the age of 21, which is the legal drinking ages in most states.

The best time to have typical male pattern baldness is by age 17 so that you will look old enough to go into any liquor to purchase beer without being asked to show an ID card. You will look old enough to by bear because of your prematurely bald head.

That way a teenager can get a good head start on growing a huge beer belly.

So, the best time to start going bald is while your still in your teens.

And finally . . . . .

I also believe that super super obese females should be allowed to wear a skimpy bikini on the beach and show off all that glorious flesh!

Proud FA said...

Yes CG, Teddy Bear is for real. Teddy Bear is an obesity and gluttony pioneer. The man is a genius. Check out his blog. It will blow your mind.

Fat Bastard said...

If there were no skinny chicks fat guys would never get laid. LOL!

Thank God they have low standards. HA HA HA

CG Brady said...

Teddy, I visited your blog and all I can say is WOW!

Fat Bastard said...

The belly God is smiling on the great bear of gluttony and his incredible site. Teddy is one of the best and the brightest members of the new fat acceptance and a true pioneer.

For the BFB readers who have not seen Teddy Bear's site simply click on his name and you will get to his site. You will be bowled over by its artistry and its brilliance.

Teddy Bear said...

Well, I for one hope that thin or "normal" size people do not become extinct.

I really don't think that will happen.

I believe that the obesity rate might level off at around 90% percent of the population, and that will still leave about 10% percent of the population who are either "normal" size or thin.

When I'm riding on the bus, I love it when a thin or "normal" size person sits in a seat next to me on the 2 seats my fat ass is taking up.

I enjoy that because I love to compare the size of my body to the person sitting next to me.

As I have mentioned before, I'm 5 feet 6 inches tall.

But when I sit next to a guy who is 6 feet tall, I sit up higher than he does because I'm kind of long in the torso, and also, because of my fat butt, I have more to sit on.

And when I sit next to some lady who is only 5 feet tall, her knees stick out further than my big round knees, because even though she is 6 inches shorter than I am, her legs are longer than my short fat legs.

So, my torso length is longer than for guys who are 6 feet tall, but my legs are shorter than for people who are only 5 feet tall.

My torso length from shoulder to crotch is 30 inches, and my crotch height, or leg length is only 26 inches.

A doctor once measured me out of curiosity when he noticed my short fat legs and big body.

He said that a man 7 feet 4 inches tall has a torso length of 30 inches, and an adult male only 4 feet 8 inches tall has a leg length of only 26 inches.

So, I have the torso of a 7 foot 4 inch male and the legs of a 4 foot 8 inch male.

Also, my neck is at least an inch shorter than for most people who are 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Torso length 30 inches
Leg length 26 inches
Sub total 56 inches

Then add my neck and head, that's about 10 inches for a total of 66 inches in height of 5 feet 6 inches.

My doctors said that is probably one of the biggest reasons why I'm so obese! That plus a few other good reasons.

Well, I have noticed that a lot of really obese people with great big round bodies have much shorter legs and shorter arms.

This is especially true of super obese men.

I have seen a lot of obese couples where the obese male is much taller than his obese female companion, but his legs are much shorter than her legs. And his waist is also lower than her waist.

That is why I call myself Teddy Bear, because I'm built like a Teddy Bear, and if you're built like a Teddy Bear, you're going to be fat like a Teddy Bear.

I notice that most thin people have a shorter torso length, and much longer legs and longer arms.

But if you have a much longer torso and much shorter legs and shorter arms, well...

You're gonna get fat! And that's that!!!

Anonymous said...

Cops such but fat cups suck even more.

Fat Bastard said...

Thinlings take up far less room. Also, as a fat guy with a huge hanging belly the only women I can bone are skinny ones. Proud FA can pork any size fat girl.

Teddy once again you keen logic cuts through like a laser beam.

Big Lard Ass said...

I weigh 480 lbs, and my new girlfriend weighs in at 412. (I initially thought she was in the mid-300's, but she is a lot taller than I am, so she doesn't look quite as heavy as she is. She is sexy as hell, though, and I had had a huge crush on her for years before we finally got together recently.)

Soon, Brenda and I will weigh a combined 900 lbs. Anyway, we have consummated our relationship, and it is absolutely amazing. There are definitely some positions that two fat people can do together so that they can make love. Brenda is very apple shaped, as am I. We haven't had any major problems, and actually, to tell the truth, it is very fun figuring out what positions work!


Big Lard Ass