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Is Obesity A Choice?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

MeMe Roth: NOT a Fat Hater
MeMe Roth anti-obesity crusader.

I have admit it. I too have been sucked into the feeding frenzy on MeMe Roth. Like the hateful people in the old fat acceptance I too was on the hate MeMe Roth band wagon. I have gotten off the bash MeMe wagon because I cannot find one example of any hateful remark she has made about fat people. For those of you who have not heard of Ms Roth; Meridith "MeMe" Roth is a health crusader and president of the much maligned NAAO National Action Against Obesity NAAO is pretty much what it says it is. It is an organization aimed at stopping the so called obesity epidemic. She sees the dramatic rise in obesity as a bad thing while we in the New Fat Acceptance and Bigger Fatter Blog see the increase in obesity and the greedy gluttony that causes it as a very good thing. We at Bigger Fatter Blog would like to have the opportunity to debate Ms Roth. We were so disheartened to see the series of shellackings Ms Roth gave Kelly Bliss and Joy Nash that we would like to see how she could deal with the intellectually honest position of the New Fat Acceptance. Clearly Kelly Bliss and Joy Nash were out-gunned intellectually by the svelte MeMe Roth. Fat girls cannot see past their hate for slender sexy babes like MeMe. Let's see how Ms Roth fares in a fair fight with a man like me Fat Bastard or my blog partner and male heart throb Proud FA.

Ms Roth got one thing right when she said that fat acceptance is really obesity promotion because it is and it always has been. It is sad when it takes an adversary like MeMe Roth to point out that stark reality. The intellectual dishonesty of the old fat acceptance movement helped to make Ms Roth the clear winner in the big fat debate. If Bliss and Nash had just admitted that they and all other fat people are happy greedy gluttons and simply told Ms Roth the following, "we like food and it is better than just about anything, so buzz off you skinny skank" what could Ms Roth have have said to counter that? Answer... Not a damn thing! This debate is not nor has it ever been about being fat. It has been about being gluttonous and the gluttonous lifestyle and whether gluttony is good or bad. Only an idiot would say that fat people are healthier than skinny folks and with Bliss making that same tired and foolish argument it only served to make fat acceptance look like the pathetic farce that it has become. It was a slam dunk for Me Me Roth and a huge boost for NAAO. Sadly it was another major blow to fat acceptance. If I had debated MeMe, I would have chewed her up and spit her out... Well maybe I would not have spit her out. She looks mighty tasty but I would have pointed to the fact that gluttony is a choice and that gluttony is a good choice. Gluttony IS good!
When you lose the goofy glasses MeMe you are a HOTTIE!

This is another reason the man haters in the old fat acceptance movement hate me, Fat Bastard because I like my women skinny. Unlike the nasty witches in the old fat acceptance I am not a size bigot. That's right, I like my women skinny and besides when you are as fat as I am it is really hard to bump pee pees with a fat chick. That is why there are so many guys like Proud FA who like porking the porkers.
Dimpled kneed Joy Nash sucking in her gut...
Kelly Bliss reliving a Proud FA moment...

There you have it Ms Roth. Your victory over Bliss was really no victory because Kelly Bliss does not speak for most fat Americans. She's a jealous catty shrew who represents the lunatic fringe of man hating "womyn" and jealous fat girls so not only wasn't it a fair fight Bliss doesn't represent rank and file fatlings. We at Bigger Fatter Blog represent them so the debate was over before it even started. Wiggle over here to Bigger Fatter Blog and we will debate you. Let's see how you will do against your intellectuals equals such as the poster boy for the New Fat Acceptance Teddy Bear, The Dean of Feederism Proud FA and me Fat Bastard. ...And bring back up because you'll need it.

Well MeMe, you dispatched Kelly Bliss and her flunky Joy Nash with ease. Big deal! How about going after some bigger game like me Fat Bastard? Do you have the belly for it? I do. (pun intended)

We at Bigger Fatter Blog don't agree with much of what MeMe Roth has to say nor do we agree with the mission of NAAO as we are obesity promoters but we do not condemn Ms Roth nor do we condemn NAAO even though we strongly disagree with them. Health and being skinny is right for some people but most people choose to be fat and less healthy and we think obesity and gluttony trump good health and longevity and 70% of Americans would agree.

I will say it again. We at Bigger Fatter Blog don't agree with much of what MeMe Roth has to say nor do we agree with the mission of NAAO as we are obesity promoters but as much as we disagree with Ms Roth we disagree even more with the racist and hateful rants against her. Ms Roth may be an adversary but she is not an enemy and we at Bigger Fatter Blog will not treat her as such. We have too much class for that.
The comment section is open Ms Roth. It is time for you to join a spirited and intelligent debate and show us your mettle.


Brenda said...

I never liked MeMe Roth but I think it is because men want to see and women want to be women like her. Now that I know there are so many guys like Proud FA that like extra curvy women like me I don't really take Me Me Roth all that seriously. Men are happy to settle for fat women. They have no choice nowadays. LOL :-D

Fatarina Wit said...

Fat Bastard, do you actually think Me Me Roth is attractive?

You know what they say. Only a dog likes a bone.

Fat Bastard said...

Fatarina this old dog finds lean women attractive. That has made me about as popular as a turn in a swimming pool at a NAAFA convention pool party.

Ms Roth is not underweight. Ms Roth represents the old normal. You lovely fatlings represent the new normal. Women like Ms Roth are the minority and that is a double edged sword. The good news is women like her are in the minority now. The bad news is because lean fit women are so rare these days they become desirable. The fact that she is a blond probably really burns your ass. The fact that she has the body of a Playboy Magazine centerfold probably pisses you off even more and add that to the fact that she is no dummy really seals her fate with a lot of jealous fat women who will not accept their larger bodies so they hate her. We are lovers not fighters here at Bigger Fatter Blog.

You ask if I think she is attractive. The short answer is, I do. Some of it may be because she demolished Joy Nash and Kelly Bliss in several debates and I like anyone who exposes the old fat acceptance for the farce that it has become. Also, I am used to having sex with skinny chick. Most of the sex fat guys like me have are with prostitutes and I prefer skinny ones because I am too fat to be with a fat one unless it is just oral sex so I suppose I am conditioned into preferring smaller women. Also smaller women don't have the large and in charge attitude and because they have low self esteem they are more eager to please.

Most men still prefer docile, gurly girl, lean and healthy women but today they don't have much of a choice because lean and healthy women are few and far between these days. The Proud FA's of the world are quickly becoming the drones that serve these strident and somewhat masculinized fat women. That is why we are promoting gluttony in the new fat acceptance. They fatter a man gets the lower his testosterone levels become and soon his obesity will castrate him muck like it has castrated out humble and lovable Teddy Bear.

I have a higher than average libido than most fat guys but it is diminishing with the obesity, diabetes, heart disease and all the meds I'm on but I am still really horny but many time I am too fat to get enough wood so I need to be with women who turn me on the most and those are the lean and healthy ones like MeMe Roth.

Proud FA said...

I would like to add to some of what Fat Bastard has said. I have no problem that he has more of an attraction to thing sexy model types like MeMe Roth but for me she is a real buzz kill. I don't feel one way or the other about her. I think her organization will fail in its mission to stop obesity. You can't stop the will of the people and over 70% of Americans are willfully embracing gluttony. This growing flabbalanche is something MeMe Roth and NAAO cannot stop. Americans are the most gluttonous people on earth and that trend is growing at a delightful rate.

Fat Bastard admires her more than I do. He sees her as a misguided Joan of Arc. He admires her but he thinks she is more than a bit naive as do I.

Greedy self indulgent gluttony is an easy sell because gluttony is good. Temperance is for nuns. Prohibition did not work and neither will MeMe Roth and her NAAO's crusade against gluttony.

Anonymous said...

I love Meme Roth. She is beautiful, intelligent, and healthy. Sadly, I don't believe the things she is set out to do, she will ever achieve as people are growing fatter each year and with ridiculous movements like fat acceptance, people are not seeing obesity as an issue anymore. Being fat is the norm now as no one wants to give up their indulgent lifestyle nor are we allowed to talk about obesity as a medical condition. It is now en vogue to say big is beautiful.

Meme has a genuine passion to help people. Thanks for featuring her.

ProudFA said...

This was not really to tout MeMe Roth. We at BiggerFatterBlog think she is a fitness nut. Fat Bastard was showing the gross hypocrisy that is the old fat angry fat girl man hating skinny woman hating run fat acceptance.

We do agree with MeMe's assertion that obesity can be a health risk and Fat Bastard's recent heart attack and his other obesity related health problems are proof of that. Fat Bastard accepts those risks because for him and 70% of Americans food trumps good health and longevity. If I didn't like porking fat chicks so much I too would be obese.

MeMe is fighting a losing battle. She is a modern day Joan of Arc and these fat angry women will cook her and eat her. Even though athletic looking women are a huge turn off to me I like Fat Bastard actually have a certain admiration for MeMe. I would like to fatten her up to 300+. That would be fun.

Teddy Bear said...

Sorry. but it's been a while since I have posted anything here.

That's because I have been very busy working on my blog.

Anyway . . . . .

I have to say something here about MeMe Roth.

I'm sorry, but I have to say this . . .

MeMe Roth is in fact a fat hater!

Back in 2007, when a beautiful young lady, Jordin Sparks won a singing contest on American Idol, MeMe Roth said "When I look at Jordin I see diabetes, I see heart disease, I see high cholesterol. That's what's so sad about this — she is not the vision of health — she is the vision of 'unhealth.'"

But I have seen pictuires of Jordin Sparks, and she is not obese, she is not even fat. She might be a few pounds "overweight" but I see a beautiful young woman with nice round curves. She has the figure a woman should have. She looks perfectly healthy to me.

But MeMe Roth believe that Jordin Sparks did not deserve to win the singing contest on American Idol.

But she won the singing contest based on her singing talent, and not on her looks. But there is nothing wrong with her looks either, she looks just fine!

I would much listen to a fat lady with a fantastic singing voice than to listen to some screaming anorexic bimbo who chirps like a canary!

Now, if some scientist were to win The Nobel Peace Prize for discovering a cure for cancer or diabetes or AIDS, well, I guess he had better not be fat, because MeMe Roth would probably say that he didn't deserve to get the Nobel Peace Prize.

So, MeMe Roth is a fat hater!

ProudFA said...

I think MeMe is off base but I don't see her as a fat hater. She's simply a health nut who is pushing the agenda that good health is better than great food. Jordan sparks is a very sexy plumper right now. She needs to pack on another 50 to 70 pounds before she is what I and other FAs would consider hot. If she it like most Americans she will plump up more and more year after year. She will be like Mama Cass or Aretha Franklin and hopefully like the lovely late Nell Carter. I get hard just thinking about her.

Jordin, like so many BBWs is a strong woman and I am sure MeMe's remarks will be like water off a duck's back. Again Teddy, I don't see it as hate but simply misplaced concern and a lack of understanding about the joys of obesity and gluttony.

As you know Teddy we at Bigger Fatter Blog refuse to play the victim. We like Jordan Sparks are letting the comments of MeMe Roth roll like water of a duck's back too.

I don;t think Ms Roth is questioning Jordin's tremendous talent. I think even she knows that fat women and fat men make the best singers. Perhaps she is a bit jealous or has a thing for fat guys because she never made any similar comments about Ruben Studdard.

MeMe Roth is fighting a losing battle. I think we all agree on this. Obesity is winning by a landslide. Gluttony is king.

Fat Bastard's main point to the article is for fat acceptance to stop attacking paper tigers and to begin promoting the joys of obesity and gluttony. We have them outnumbered and we have them on the run. The old fat acceptance is turning off most fat people with all the whining and the less than honest rhetoric. Our message is simple. GLUTTONY IS GOOD!

Again MeMe Roth is a dying breed. She's a health and fitness nut but we see her as a tool that will discredit the old fat acceptance and it dreadful dykes. She has never ever put down gluttony. She is merely a misguided health and fitness zealot who cannot aware of the joyous nature of gluttony. We trash the shit out of her at NAAFA conventions. It has become a real sport there. Frankly I am tired of the negativity and both Fat Bastard and I see the need to stress the positive. Fatlings have so much for which to be thankful but so often all that is stressed is the negative. You know how woman can be YAP YAP YAP BITCH BITCH BITCH.

Teddy you should be celebrated by the FA movement for your quest to become the fattest human but instead the shun the super obese. We celebrate super super obesity.

Anonymous said...

MeMe Roth is a bit naive. If there were something better than gluttony people would be doing it. She's a relic. She needs to accept reality and that reality is 70% of Americans and in America the majority rules.

Life is not that good anyway so you might as enjoy the time you are here and what is more enjoyable than food.

Fat Bastard said...

Sadly due to my health I am not able to pig out the way I would like. So much food and so little time :-(. I love food. Like most fatlings food is my first love. I have a passion for food. I watch the Food Network and drool.

I now have to limit my pig outs and I am actually losing weight as a result. It does have its upside. I starve one day and pig out the next day and it is not effecting my blood sugar all that much. Then when I pig out it is extra special. YUM!

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard.

May I suggest that you eat more fish.

Since you had mentioned that you;re kind of apple-shaped instead of pare-shaped, then you need to get more of that good Omega 3 fatty acids which is good got the heart and the brain.

Those of us who are more pear-shaped we tend to have more fat on the hips, butt, and thighs, and fat on the lower body is relatively harmless compared to upper-body fat, because fat on the lower body stores up more of the good Omega 3 fatty acids.

But guts who are apple-shaped having mostly upper-body fat, the fat on the upper-body tens to store up more of the Omega 6 fatty acids which is detrimental to the heart.

So, you apple-shaped guys need to eat lots of fish to compensate, because fish is rich in good ol' Omega 3 fatty acids.

Eat lots of fish, especially oily fish, like salmon, sardines, tuna, or mackerel.

Also, baked fish and not so much fried fish, because frying fish breaks down the Omega 3 fatty acids, so baked fish is much better than fried fish, but even fried fish is better than no fishe at all.

I hope that helps.

Fat Bastard said...

I worry about the mercury in the fish. How is farm raised catfish and Talapia?

I love fish fries with a nice big side of spaghetti. A big hunk of Haddock hanging off both sides of the plate and a few cold beers followed by a couple of pie ala modes and I am one happy grizzly bear.

Fat Bastard said...

OOPS! I forgot fries or a big baked potato smothered with butter, sour cream and melted cheese.



Teddy Bear said...

Fat Bastard said...

"I worry about the mercury in the fish. How is farm raised catfish and Talapia?"


Well, the truth is, that the mercury levels in fish has been greatly exaggerated over the years.

I subscribe to the Center FConsumer Freedom, just go to:

I get a daily Newsletter form them in my E-mails.

Anyway, most of the mercury in fish is naturally occurring, and the mercury levels are such that you would have to eat about 30 pounds of fish every day over a life time to accumulate harmful levels of murcury.

Now I'm a glutton, but I doubt very much if I could eat 30 pounds of fish every day.

So, it turns out that the mercury levels in fish was just a lot of overblown hype, that the small trace amounts of mercury is what naturally occurs, and as always been in fish, long before the industrial era.

And thanks to all the bullshit and hype, a lot of children in poor families were deprived of getting the essential Omega 3 fatty acids, and have lower IQs as a result.

What happen was, they did a great dis-service, especially to the poor.

Tuna is the cheapest source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and because of the over-blown mercury scare by our own government, a lot of pregnant mothers-to-be in poor families stopped eating tuna, and their children were mentally disadvantaged, and having lower IQ scores as a result.

Yeah! That's how our schools recruit new football players!

Anyway . . . . .

Don't worry about eating fish.

It's good for your heart, and good for your brain.

And if you're apple-shaped you actually should eat even more fish.

Then you can go back to your gaining life-style while eating healthier food choices.

I hope that helps.

ProudFA said...

That's good to know. Thanks. I will let FB

Anonymous said...

Oh hey, look. The bone bags have dedicated a post to worshipping their queen.

Oh, and if you railings want to keep up the appearance of being fat caricatures, your buddy Thin Bastard just blew your cover.

Thin people are so gross! The blog owners, of course, will assume that I must be morbidly obese, and I will laugh because that's so typical of skinnies.

Fat Bastard said...

This is soooo typical. We have managed to piss off they old angry cunts in the old fat acceptance and now they are crying fraud but what else can they do?

We have proven that they are full of shit.

We have proven that they don't speak for the vast majority of fatlings and haven't since Bill Fabrey left the movement. MeMe Roth my be our adversary but she is not our enemy. We disagree with her and NAAO but we respect her as a person. Fat girls are jealous of MeMe. She is not the dumb blond the jealous man hating fat girls portray her to be. She is a worthy opponent and her ideas keep us on our toes. Eventually we will win her over. Those of us in the new fat acceptance are lovers not fighters. We are not like that dreadful foul mouthed walking yeast infection Hate Karding. Everytime that bitch opens her ignorant mouth MeMe Roth's stock goes up 100 points. Women have ruined the fat acceptance movement. You two faced jealous man hating rug muncher need to shut your fat ugly pie holes.

If you bitches think that you speak for most fat women, think again you dim witted lemmings because clearly you don't.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fat Bastard if you like MeMe Roth so much why don't you marry her?

Fat Bastard said...

Listen ass munch I am not defending MeMe Roth. I am defending fat people from the stupidity of today's twisted fat acceptance movement and the lunacy that is fat feminism. MeMe Roth is wrong but the man hating feminazi run fat acceptance is more wrong than MeMe Roth and their effect on the plight of fat people is much more negative than NAAO and Ms Roth.

MeMe Roth believes everything she says. We just happen to have an honest disagreement with her. People like Kate Harding do not believe the garbage they spout and if they do they are truly delusional thinkers. Actually, Harding's clones don't think. If fact if one is not in total lock step with the insanity and lies that is the jealous fat girl run fat acceptance one is ostracized and banished form the movement. Those crazy bitches attacked Big Liberty for her conservative libertarian views. We are a big tent. I was a McCain supporter and Proud FA was an Obama supporter but he and I are best friends.

The way these jealous fat girls talk about MeMe give the entire movement a black eye. Proud FA has a saying when it come to fat acceptance bitches. Find em, Feed em, Fuck em and Forget em. He would never have a serious relationship with one of those bitches. He just like porking fat girls and they are the easiest.

Anonymous said...

She's a narcissist and she is hurting her children by turning them into social rejects through her rude, obnoxious, self centered, hateful talk.

Her message is so extreme, her personal lifestyle so unhealthy, and her "credentials" so sketchy that to look to her for serious nutrition/health advice is like looking to McDonald's for serious nutrition/health advice.

In short, as with most extremists, she has become the thing she claims she hates the most.

Fat Girls = Fish Odor said...

Care to back that up pig?

CG Brady said...

Anonymous said...

"She's a narcissist and she is hurting her children by turning them into social rejects through her rude, obnoxious, self centered, hateful talk.

Her message is so extreme, her personal lifestyle so unhealthy, and her "credentials" so sketchy that to look to her for serious nutrition/health advice is like looking to McDonald's for serious nutrition/health advice.

In short, as with most extremists, she has become the thing she claims she hates the most."

Typical declarative statements from a crazy jealous fat feminazi.

You don't even know that Mr Roth's message is. MeMe Roth's message is a message of health and personal and social responsibility.

I like Fat Bastard because at least he admits he is a greedy glutton. You fat girls are in complete and total denial and your message is one of anti-health and total lack of personal and parental responsibility. I have been asked who's to blame for the obesity epidemic and my answer is WOMYN! My message to men is; don't let your fat wives buy groceries! They are killing you and your kids. Food is not love. Good parenting is!