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Is Obesity A Choice?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The New Fat Acceptance and The Failures of the Old Movement

The following is a little history of fat acceptance, why it has failed and why a new fat acceptance movement is needed. I did not write this article the author wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

Before going into much detail about NAFAM and NIFAM and their role within the new inclusive movement I want you to read the following well penned article from a very high ranking leader in the old dying movement. If this article is met favorably I will post a link to the the first step in getting started in the new movement. You will meet our founders, spiritual leader and professor of fat studies.

Is there secrecy here? Yes! We want this launch to be successful. NAAFA, BFB and ISSA have failed fat people. The very people who need fat advocasy the most are the one that the old fat acceptance has failed. Our goal is to create an honest grass roots movement of fatlings that will make the tea party movement look like a blip on the radar screen. We need more people with varying skill sets to work to make this movement the success it should have been decades ago.

The following is an article I wrote about a year ago as I made the decision to exit totally out of size
acceptance. I still support the ideal of respect for fat people and fighting discrimination. Present size
acceptance has lost its way totally and is not working in the best interests of those it claims to
Many fat people facing health problems make the decision to leave size acceptance. This includes several of my fat friends. Many good people still are in Size Acceptance and I admit that, we just part ways
on some philosophies. I know the article is controversial, however after much time and thought it is my honest appraisal.
While some of size acceptance's ideals are sound, which include ending discrimination against fat people and advocating for their rights, the foundations of it are crumbling. Americans are getting fatter and corpulence is
becoming more reviled. The love of and emphasis of the thin figure has only increased. The Size Acceptance movement as it stands now is failing.

Today's premier size acceptance groups are NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) and ISAA (International Size Acceptance Association.) NAAFA has 4,000 members as repeatedly mentioned online. However, recent scandals and change has lowered this
"official membership" substantially. Some estimate their actual membership to be around 1000 people. ISAA is much smaller and numbers in the hundreds. There is little difference in the philosophies of these groups. Many groups focus on the social angle of size and others have
sprung up from the NAAFA fountainhead. When I speak of Size Acceptance from now on, these groups and their associates are the target.

The first reason that Size Acceptance has not grown is it promotes fat rather than dealing with it as simply a physical characteristic. Sometime around 1980, NAAFA changed its name from National Association
to Aid Fat Americans to National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.This was also a philosophical change not just a linguistical one.

Fat is great according to all the size acceptance minions and while the
ideals of the equality of fat people deserving right and proper treatment are commendable, this belief flies in the face of scientific
logic. Having fat people be happy is a positive thing, however having them smile their way through the pain of gasping for air climbing some stairs and in denial about a life limiting condition is not.
The big names in SA brush all health problems related to obesity right under the carpet. Anyone who surpasses the 400 lb. mark soon learns that the bikini parties with the "Padded Lilies" (an actual SA groupconsisting of fat, 300-400lb, synchronized swimmers), conventions and fat positive rhetoric soon rings hollow next to their scooter, sleep apnea machine and bottles of blood pressure pills. One is supposed to be healthy, happy, fat and fit. Marilyn Wann in her book Fatso points out how at 250 lbs she can climb mountains and dance for hours without
exhaustion. Sadly this negates the experiences of heavier people who find even walking across a parking lot a exhausting challenge. Fat people can indeed be in better shape via exercise and decent food, but reality checks really are necessary.
SA publications all show fat women frolicking in swimming pools and doing aerobics. While this is good for the smaller fat person who has exceptionally good health, physical realities come crashing through for most who suffer obesity in its most severe and moderate forms. Those who find their stamina crumbling usually are ironically told to exercise more but not to lose any weight. When the first health crises arise, many leave SA for the world of university hospital diet clinics and weight loss surgery. SA is just the flipside to the world of detested weight loss schemes.

Denying the fact that obesity is a disease or even disabling, size acceptance puts its head in the sand and closes the door on people who are not fat,fit and healthy. Tracy, a super-sized woman with PCOS an endocrine
disorder and Ex-NAAFA member points out:

"I have in the past, held the concept of "size acceptance dear to my `heart, but at this
stage, and with my health in the crisis that it is, I cannot, with a clear conscious, advocate or agree with any movement that does not address the reality of the negative health consequences of massive obesity."

No size acceptance organization supports a cure for obesity. After all, it's all about "acceptance" and not "aiding". The people speaking for the fat are as bad as those who wish to bilk them of
their wallets for worthless liquid diets. Imagine a kidney disease foundation advocating for all kidney patients to accept their condition.
Fat people are told essentially."This is your lot in life, accept it."
This leaves the average fat person out in the cold in general between fad diet charlatans and size acceptance advocates who tell them there
only other option is to make the best of it!

Logic itself is played with to relay the message. A NAAFA leader writes to a response online:

"It is my position and that of many in the movement that we need to focus on what we can do to make fat people healthy---not make fat people thin. Right now I believe that working toward making fat people healthy is a winnable battle-I do not believe making fat people thin is.

This shows that acceptance and promotion of fat has become the prevailing goal of size acceptance. Obesity is to be seen as something like tallness, a normal part of a person's makeup. I wonder how a 600lb person who can barely walk is supposed to take this information.

Out of fear and justified loathing of a diet industry that has caused more harm than good to fat people, SA has taken nothing more than a reactionary position, shoving its head into thesand. Repeating mantras of "Fat people are healthy!", even amid
wheelchair and oxygen bound fat people, very few are buying into the lie.

The problem is the cost of demanding equal rights for fat people should not have as its price out and out lies and denial. Most Americans know of at least one friend or relative that has suffered not only social ramifications which are bad enough on their own, but also dire physical costs. After all, the public is privy to the sufferings of
housebound fat people via the talk show. Many fat people outside of this world see SA as a group of extremists who have given up!

Science is discovering more facts on fat people's behalf, that many
diseases "can cause" fat rather than the other way around, including PCOS, Cushings, Syndrome X and fat people have been correct about not
eating like pigs. They have written research on the futility of dieting and the complex causes of obesity however, SA has walled themselves off from the scientific community!

NAAFA does not support obesity research and says of it that the assumptions of obesity researchers is indeed wrongly based.and shows its own biases by writing within their official stances.

"These assumptions run contrary to the experience of most fat people which is that permanent weight loss
is impossible to achieve, that dieting makes them fatter, that many of them are healthy and that valuing thinness over fatness is a cultural biases" Just the fact that some obesity researchers are invested in weight loss matters has led to this child-like refusal to even be open to dialogue.

NAAFA has nothing to offer those who become sick, or disabled from being overweight. Such negative PR is swept under the table. NAAFA would not want most Americans to know that thousands live disabled due to severe obesity. Endocrine sufferers (those who become
fat due to health conditions such as those with PCOS, thyroid and glandular disorders) are often left to fend for themselves. NAAFA cannot threaten their position by ever admitting that fat can be related to a disease process.

SA, has a dark side that is unknown to the public. Some leaders are indeed involved with the selling of plus size
erotica. Go to any SA site and you will find many fat women sellingvideos and nude photos of themselves to the proverbial "FA", fat
admirer, defined as a man who is attracted to fat women.

Many of the policies of the so-called fat advocacy organizations center around pleasing the FA. In some regards, the integrity of SA has been circumvented by those with other interests. The FAs have taken over! FAs
who are attracted to fat, do not want a person to lose it. In fact
there is even far out segment of so called "feeders" involved in SA who seek to make their significant others fatter. This has led to an emphasis on the prevailing organizations as social clubs and single meat markets rather than leaders of true help.

Size Acceptance as it now stands is a failure. A new Fat Rights organization that supports the integrity and well being of its members is needed. This could be a movement of millions rather than of a few thousand. A real difference then could be made in the lives of 54% of Americans the percentages that are considered overweight.
I think it is clear that one cannot make fat people healthy by any current measurable medical standard but we can certainly make them less sickly. The New Fat Acceptance Movement sees the so called obesity crisis as a driving force for improving health for all people of all sizes. Fat studies professor Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear and Fat visionary Reverend BIG Lard ass are helping to chart a new course for the gravitationally challenged.

Health issues are a small part of the overall mission of the NEW Fat Acceptance. Our goal is true and total fat liberation.

Old Fat Acceptance Hall of Shame
Paul McAleer of Big Fat Blog
Lawyer Paul Campos author of The Obesity Myth
Here is Paul Campos again
NAAFA and it's leadership.
Marylin Wann author of Fatso
Dog faced gremlin Kate Harding


Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD! What's that elephant trunk thing on the fat woman's face?!?! How do you lose the ability to breathe while sleeping? Does that mean that they lose the ability to, you know... not go potty while sleeping? She appears to be smiling, so at least it doesn't bother her, I guess.

Fat Bastard, I recently found your blog, and your articles are very interesting and informative. Thank you. I don't know about your theory regarding fat chicks being sluttier, though. I am not a fat girl, but I do love men. I mean, I really, really love men. Of course, they have to be attractive, articulate,adorable, and their bodies must be well toned, so I haven't been with many different men due to my standards. However, I think my numbers are low ONLY because of my standards. I probably think about sex 145743 times/day. Again, thank you.

Snow White

Fat Bastard said...

Hey Snow White, you got hear a few months late. My blog partner Proud FA is slim and trim but He's now involved with his GF Thinnete.

With a name like Snow White you cannot possible be a slut. It's a fact, fat chick go down like submarines. They are gluttons so it stands to reason that the would be gluttons when it comes to sex. Now that Proud is with a Thinnette he describes sex with her epicurian as opposed to hedonistic.

Fat men like sex but we lack the libido of skinny guys and many of us lack stamina and size in the meat department.

BLA said...

Dear Snow White,

The elephant trunk thing on the woman's face is some kind of breathing apparatus. Sleep apnea is a disease where you sometimes stop breathing for up to 60 or so seconds while you are sleeping, triggering an adrenaline rush, which over time weakens your heart and blood vessels. People of any weight can get it, but it is more common the fatter you are. It's basically a more severe form of snoring- you try to breathe in but you have too much flaps to do it easily, and it makes the noise. If it fails to even do that, it's sleep apnea usually. They say it can be as dangerous as smoking. Anyway, she's breathing with that so that when she breathes she gets more oxygen per breath.

She doesn't lose the ability to not soil herself while sleeping, that's separate and doesn't have to do with being fat. Although if you get fat enough to where you lose your mobility, then it can become very difficult to get to the bathroom, but that's not a matter of being unable to stop it, it's just a matter of not being able to get to the bathroom by yourself.


Big Lard Ass

Anonymous said...

You see a lot of fat people these days with an oxygen tank and a nose hose.

Proud FA said...


As the ranks of fatlings increase the fat acceptance memberships dwindle. The angry fat girls dropped he ball.

Bmoore1218 said...

For all those looking to get fit and find a healthy life please check this out. It is the right start.

Proud FA said...

Bmoore, while we here at Bigger Fatter Blog do not encourage or discourage dieting, thank you for presenting our fatlings with an opportunity to take advantage of your diet supplements.

Diet supplements are a hell of a lot better than gut mangling AKA weight loss surgery.

If you shakes taste good us fatlings will gobble them down.

Big Lard Ass said...

I find it ironic that Bmoore's name sounds like: Be More. As in, gain more weight!! That would be like a drug counselor being named Doug Attic, or an AA meeting led by Albert Kaholic.

Anyway, those elephant trunk things are weird.

The weirdest disease I know of is this one where you can only breathe through conscious effort, no matter what. So if you sleep, you'll die. Until the Iron Lung was invented this disease always killed people when they were like 1 day old, but now they can survive with at-home iron lung type things.

They put their chest inside and their head outside of it, and then the machine uses negative pressure on the chest to force air in and out, so they can breathe while they sleep. I think it has a backup battery so that you won't die if there's a blackout while you are sleeping. But it would still be scary to have that disease because if you dozed off at work or school, you would die.


Big Lard Ass

Anonymous said...

You missed the aforementioned Fat Nutritionist on that list.

Sex Chat said...

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