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Is Obesity A Choice?

Friday, April 30, 2010

Confessions of a Fat Admirer. The Dean of Feederism Comes Clean.

First off let me publicly apologize to Fat Bastard and my girlfriend Thinnettte. I have been a real asshole to both of you. Fat Bastard is like more than a brother to me. He is part of me. When I saw that Fat Bastard my hero, my friend and my kindred spirit was mortal I panicked. Seeing your hero with tubes sticking out of him all battered and bruised is devastating. I was angry with Fat Bastard for almost dying. When Fat Bastard dies a part of me will die and I needed to come to terms with that. What helped me deal with it was the wise words of Reverend Big Lardass and his assurance that Fatlings like Fat Bastard will be immortal in fatling heaven. Thank you Reverend.

I have put Thinnette through hell. Thinnette is the only woman I have ever loved and at times it scared the hell out of me. I have porked hundreds and hundreds of fat girls and I have boned a few thin chicks but Thinnette is the first woman I have actually made love to. That feeling was more potent than I could have ever imagined. It was overwhelming and totally against the person I thought I was. So here I am having an identity crisis and a spiritual crisis all at the same time but it gets even worse. I also was still fighting my fetish for porking porkers. For me resisting a fat slut would be like a starved fatling trying to resist a cheese cake. The task was monumental. I kept bringing home nasty yeast infections to Thinnette who had never has a yeast infection in her life. Even if you use a condom and shower thoroughly fat girls have so much yeast not only in the crotches but in their folds that you need to soak in Cruex and bleach to get it all.

I saw a therapist and had aversion therapy so that I would stop porking fat girls. CG Brady warned me and said that while it works it has some unwanted side effects. He was right. Not only did I have an aversion for fat girls I had an aversion for all fatlings, even fat kids. I felt ashamed because my best friend in the whole world is Fat Bastard. I felt worse than ever. After reading some of Teddy's and the Good Reverend's wise and kind words I decided to contact our friend and sometimes adversary CG Brady to undo what Dr Evil had done to me with his aversion therapy. Dr Brady's methods were effective. Now I am still turned on by fat girls but not nearly as much as I was and when I think about their yeasty maw and the hurt I put Thinnette through I become ambivalent. Thank you Dr Brady and thank you for your flexible payment plan.

I am not out of the "Tiger Woods" yet and this mia culpa won't means squat if I backslide. I cannot apologize enough to Fat Bastard and Thinnette. I can only try to make it up to them as best I can. I cannot thank Fat Bastard, Thinnete, Fat Bastard's sister Gwen, Teddy, Dr Brady and the Rev enough even if I lived 10 lifetimes. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

While it is still OK to appreciate fat girls as an object of erotic art I can no longer lust for them. This will be tough for me because of my long history of porking fat girls. The fact is even the sluttiest fat girl is no match for Thinnette in the sack. Thinnette has enough stamina to keep up with even me and as you all know my NAAFA porkathons were legendary. Fat Bastard has long extolled the sexual prowess and consideration of skinny women and I never really got it until I met Thinnette. She's had to scrape me off the ceiling more than a few times. The only thing that fat girls may be better at is giving head. A lot of guys say that.
Thinette is the love of my life!

Fat girls like the ones I was porking behind Thinnette back can be brutal sluts. Sure the wanted to get porked by me but they also wanted to hurt Thinnette. They are a competitive and catty bunch. They want everyone they work with to be fatter than them so that they won't be the fattest. If you are thin like Thinnettte and you are the only thin one among a pod of fat girls you a like a wounded fish. The following describes how Thinnette felt when she was younger.

All my life I've been skinny. It's not my fault; I haven't done anything to become this way. I'm an active girl, I have a high metabolism. But I eat a lot and I've never once attempted to lose weight by starving myself or throwing up.
Skinny girls have body issues too. I've been accused of being anorexic and bulimic several times. I've been denied the right to hanging out with one of my best friends because I was a "bad influence". Her mom wrongfully assumed I had an eating disorder.
It seems like everyone is striving for skinny, but skinny isn't all that great. Skinny makes me self conscious. Girls I've known forever comment on how thin I am and either say they wish they were this skinny or that I need some meat on my bones. People attempt to feed me. They tell me to eat steak, they come up with these plans to make me gain weight.

"I EAT!" I want to scream at them. I eat as much as everyone else, more even! Every time I've gone to the doctor they tell me I'm healthy. They tell me I'm normal. I'm fine. There's nothing wrong with me and I don't need food shoved down my throat, thank you.
Then there's the "curvy" girls. "Guys like curves. They don't like stick thin girls."
When people say that it pretty much just means to me "guys don't like you, Morgan". I'm well aware that I'm not exactly eye catching to the guys. I don't need to be reminded every day that my body isn't perfect. I'm alright with my body some days but there are others when I wish I had boobs and a butt and those "curves" that everyone seems to love.

Everyone is a little insecure sometimes, but it never seems to help that people talk about me having an eating disorder or say things about guys not liking skinny girls. Why is it that when normal girls think they're fat everyone tells them "oh it's ok, you're not fat, you're fine!" yet when it's me that's feeling insecure there's nothing but mean comments? If I tell people I don't like being skinny they don't tell me that I'm fine the way I am, they get mad and tell me that I should feel lucky to be skinny. But people of all sizes have insecurities.

I want to like my body and I want to be happy with the way I am. I am happy sometimes; I don't feel I need to gain weight, and I probably won't. But it's hard sometimes to hear the things people say about me and skinny girls in general. I'm insecure. But I guess I'm fine how I am and I don't need to change. There are so many different body types and I guess I got the skinny type. I just wish other people could accept that, too.

I was a size bigot. I only porked fat girls and I never stopped to think how shallow I was being because I was brainwashed by the old fat acceptance fat girl sophistries that said that fat girls are the only victims of size discrimination. That may have been true when fat girls were a small minority but it has not been true for a very long time in spite of what the old dying FA movement would like you to believe.

As Thinnette got older the cruel taunts and the shunning she got for being lean only made her stronger. Men liked her better and not just for her looks. They liked the fact that she was not some big fat drama queen and that really drove the fat girls nuts. By me porking them I could have wounded Thinnette in unfathomable ways.

There you have it friends and readers of Bigger Fatter Blog. I'm back and I am going to redouble my efforts and focus like a laser beam on my work with NAFAM and NIFAM and promote the joys of morbid obesity and hyper gluttony advance fat acceptance into the next decade.
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Big Lard Ass said...

Let me be the first poster to welcome you back into the fold. And I'm not talking about the fungus-infected folds between the rolls of fat that many SSBBWs have.

I am very glad to hear that you have reconciled with Fat Bastard. Aversion therapy is a very dangerous form of hypnosis because it always causes unintended side effects. It is the hallmark of an amateur therapist, whereas an expert hypnotist would have done a few sessions, and basically got you to start seeing yourself as not attracted to fat women, and suddenly becoming not aroused when you see rolls of fat. Instead of: oh when you see a fat chick, you're going to feel disgusted and want to get away ASAP. That's not a tool for the real world- in real life you're going to have to deal with fat people and not be disgusted or want to run away.

It's one thing to not be attracted to them, but it's wrong to make someone hypnotized to be outright disgusted by fat people.

I'm glad CGBrady was able to correct your problems. One of the good things about hypnosis is that you can get re-hypnotized, etc, and wipe out the earlier stuff. I'm actually taking some classes on hypnosis myself.

(In fact, I kind of suspect Dr. CG Brady may have hypnotized Fat Bastard into craving healthy foods... so it does not surprise me at all that he was able to hypnotize you into feeling normal about fat people, but not wanting to have sex with fat chicks as much.)

Thinnette looks like Victoria Beckham! And she's got a much better name- or at least an amazing pseudonym. I am glad that she has forgiven you for your transgressions, and that you two have patched things up. I remember on the radio show LoveLine, Adam would say that if a wife found her husband cheating on her with a 500 lbs woman, she would just sigh and be mildly annoyed.

Anyway, maybe one day you will need a reverend to marry you two. A fat reverend. Fat Bastard can be the Best Man, and Teddy can give me some advice on what things I should say. You would be joined in Holy Fatrimony (that doesn't mean you would have to get fat though, you would just have to agree not to be anti-fat.)

I am glad that my pastoral counseling and advice has helped to heal you.

Peace, and chicken grease,

-Big Lard Ass

Proud FA said...

Thank you Rev.

Actually, Dr Evil id not us hypnosis. He hooked me up to a bio feedback monitor and show me picture of fat girls and if my brain registered a positive response ZAP! I'd get a shock and because these girls were clothed the looked a lot like fat men and that is why i developed an aversion to fat men. You can imagine how awful that made me feel with Fat Bastard being my best friend. It was devastating and it was hard to undo. It's a slow process.

When Dr Brady got rid of the aversion I had for fat men he also got rid of the aversion I had for fat girls but to a lesser degree. He wants me to bone Thinnette a lot. He wants me to surf skinny porn but there isn't much out there.

Thinnette does look like Victoria Beckham and she's even more spicy. WINK WINK

I see the day when Thinnette and I get married but right now I have to completely put my playboy life behind me. Do you do pre marriage counseling?

I still have some fences to mend with Fat Bastard too.

Simone said...

@ Morgan I really think that skinny is beautiful, and I think that anytime anyone tells you to eat it is because they are jealous of you. I don't believe "real women have curves". I believe this is something fat girls tell themselves to feel better, but there is a difference between having boobs and a butt and having an unhealthy amount of fat that accumulates in rolls on your body.

Real women don't need to say things like "real women have curves". Real women think they are damn fine how they are. Too many people see in black and white. They either see stick thin or fucking fat. Nobody sees healthy anymore. I hate society. Lol.

Anonymous said...

i would like to welcome you back its about time!! i'm happy that you have talked with fat bastard as well well i better go take care a true f.a. at hart

Conrad said...

Proud FA

The gang over here at Dimensions are glad to see that you and FB are friends again.

Nick said...

To that skinny chick Morgan who doesn't think she's hot. Look in the mirror girl. You look better than most super models. I'd bone you hard!

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Proud FA.

Welcome back to the fold.

Yes, I have heard a lot about aversion therapy, and it really sucks! It is the most dangerous form of psychological treatment there is.

It's actually a form of brainwashing and torture.

Personally, I believe the Psychiatry, and psychology have not yet become a true science of the mind. There are still a lot of kooky theories, so it's still a pseudo science.

Psychiatry and psychology is to real science as alchemy is to chemistry and astrology is to astronomy.

Maybe, some day, Psychiatry and psychology will evolve into a real science when we began to understand more and more aspects of the human mind and how the brain functions.

For example: there was a time when people thou8ght that the earth was the center of the universe, that the sun and all the planets, and everything in the cosmos revolved around the earthy.

But then Copernicus and Galileo came along, and they proved that the sun was the center of our solar system, and that the earth and all the planets revolver around the sun instead.

Same was true with medicine. There was a time when people thought diseases were cause by demons or supernatural forces, then some scientist discovered that many diseases were cause by germs and viruses.

So now, Psychiatry and psychology need to go through some changes, because right now, at the present time, Psychiatry and psychology is still a pseudo science and still in the dark ages.

The human mind is a very complex thing, perhaps the most complex thing in the entire universe, unless of course, there might be more intelligent beings out there in the universe with brains that are even further evolved than the human brain. But the human mind is still far too complex a thing, and it's not to be played with like a toy.

Aversion therapy, as far as I'm concerned, is nothing but nonsense and superstitious drivel!

Anyway, welcome back Proud FA.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again, Proud FA, and also, Fat Bastard, and Reverend Lard Ass.

Well I did it.

It took a little longer than I thought, but I have finished working on my latest article on my BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG.

It is titled . . . . .



I was delayed in publishing this because I was in the process of editing some more new pictures before I could post my article.

Please go to my blog at:

and check it out!

Thank you.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello again Proud FA

I would also like to add . . .

I'm actually glad that there are thinlings and "normal" size people in the world.

I love it when I'm riding on the bus and some "average" size person is sitting next to me, because I love comparing the size of my 400 pound body to the person sitting next to me.

I love walking into a room that has about 30 to 40 people in it, and being the largest person there.

I love looking up to somebody who is much taller than I am, and knowing that I weigh twice as much as that person.

I'm 5 feet 6 inches tall, but when I sit next to someone who is 6 feet tall, I actually sit up higher, because of my fat ass, I have more to sit on, but also, my torso is actually longer than the torso length of a 6 foot person.

But I have rather short fat little legs for my height.

When I sit next to another person who is only 5 feet tall, that person's knees stick out further than mind, because most people who are only 5 feet tall, their legs are longer than mine.

That's why I call myself Teddy Bear, because I have a larger body and shorter legs and shorter arms. I'm built like a Teddy Bear, so naturally, I'm going to be fat like a Teddy Bear!

And I love it!!!

So, thanks to average size people, and thinlings, when I sit next to them, it makes me feel bigger.

I'm glad we humans come in so many different sizes and shapes.

It would be a very dull world if everybody was alike.

CG Brady said...

I'd like to say that Proud FA is not out of the woods yet. Please do not encourage Proud FA to view any fat porn because it may trigger a flabbalanche in his mind and bring he back to his NAAFA days when he was "porking" 7 or 8 obese females a day.

Also, keep Proud FA out of all you can eat buffets and fast food places because fat females love those places.

Fat Bastard is right when he says that the old FA has a dark and hypocritical side. Some leaders are indeed involved with the selling of plus size erotica. Go to any site that is the old fat acceptance and you will find many fat women selling videos and nude photos of themselves to the proverbial "FA", fat admirer, defined as a man who is attracted to fat women.

Please support Proud and Thinnete in their struggle to overcome Proud's fetish and infidelity.

Proud FA said...

Hey Teddy and CG,

I am going to have Fat Bastard copy and paste Teddy's article and sanitize out all the triggers. "Dr" Bear's work is to important for a person in my position to ignore.

Dr Brady's therapy has been very effective is that I no longer can get wood for the super super morbidly obese. Sadly their is a huge abundance of fat porn available but very little skinny porn. I have had to rely on Fat Bastard to hook me up with skinny porn. Fat Bastard knows his porn.

Teddy Bear said...

Proud FA said...

"Hey Teddy and CG,

I am going to have Fat Bastard copy and paste Teddy's article and sanitize out all the triggers. "Dr" Bear's work is to important for a person in my position to ignore.

Don't worry Proud FA.

My latest article only shows cartoon drawings of super morbidly obese apple-shaped males.

None of my cartoons depict fat women, only obese bald-headed apple-shaped males.

I took the original version of each Internet "fat cartoon" and made my own improvements and enhancements and colorized the original black & White versions.

The cartoon guys with hair, I made them go bald on top of their heads.

The ones who were merely fat, I made them more super super super morbidly obese and I made them even more apple-shaped.

The one's who were able to keep their pants up or tuck in their shirts, their bellies now hang down over the waistband of their pants and down to their knees or even lower.

Their pants now slide half-way down on their butts.

So, now, they go around showing off their bellybuttons and butt-cracks.

Any guy who is straight, most definitely will NOT get triggered by seeing cartoon drawings of super morbidly obese apple-shaped bald-headed males.

Anyway . . .

Welcome back Proud FA

Big Lard Ass said...

Dear Dr. CGB,

I'm glad that you are suggesting that Proud get into some thin porn. What about normal sized girls though? Wouldn't that porn be fine? I wonder if there are anorexic porn actresses, maybe from Japan or something? Would those be better, or just regular girls, or thin girls? Pornography has never been this confusing before. (Well, except for this one video where this woman turned out to be a dude, but looked just like a woman except she had a penis. I got my $4.95 back on that rental.)

I have never heard of a fetish being able to be eliminated before, so if you are successful hopefully you can start a new trend, so that people can get rid of their fetishes.

My theory on suppressing a fat fetish is to eat cold pork three times per week, to trick your Faedarian Spirit into thinking you've porked a fat porker, when you really just ate pork. Unfortunately, this might only work on his spirit, and not his body.

Dear Proud FA,

I do pre-marital counseling, but I don't know if you would really want marriage advice from a preacher who had to divorce his wife because she had full-blown AIDS and is now dying in a hospital, and who was a virgin well into his 40s. Yeah, that's who you want to ask for marriage advice!

I guess the only good marriage advice that I have is that you should not just rush into getting married like I did. I married a woman who is basically a sex addict, and it nearly infected me with AIDS. I keep getting re-tested every couple of weeks just out of disbelief, and thankfully I always test negative, meaning that I do not have HIV. I guess porking fat chicks would have a lower risk of HIV transmission, because you are more likely to penetrate a skin fold by accident, and thereby eliminate your risk. There's gotta be at least a 25% chance of that happening any time a SSBBW is involved, and like a 50% chance if the lights are out.

I am thinking about becoming exclusive with my thin acolyte. She weighs only 95 pounds, and she is 5'3". She's also 18 years old, so it's not illegal. I'm so glad there is no Weight of Consent law, where the person has to weigh within a certain range to have sex.


Big Lard Ass said...

Dear Teddy,

I don't agree with you about psychiatry and psychology. The FDA and the scientific communities of the brightest hospitals and colleges in the world would not universally agree that they are real if they were pseudoscience. I don't know of any college that teaches astrology or palm reading, but almost all liberal arts colleges teach psychology, and all U.S. medical schools teach psychiatry. Also, the data back it up, scientifically.

Sure, it's not the most advanced science, but that's because it deals with the hardest subject ever, the human mind, and also because we've only been trying to understand it for like 140 years, and the first 50 of those were with a bunch of guys snorting cocaine and not really knowing what the heck it was (it was legal back then, and was a medicine. It still is legally used as a numbing agent by some dentists. And actually, novocane is based on cocaine's name- it means "new cocaine". It's less effective but does not get anybody high or anything, so it's better in that regard.)

Real psychiatrists would never use aversion therapy, I don't think they would at least. One of the problems is that it's hard for people to know good healers from bad healers because there is no way to review the doctors. You just trust all of them, until it is too late. They could be using fringe techniques that are widely discredited but they aren't illegal, and since you don't know anything about the subject you think it's okay.

In the 70s there was a doctor who would drive around in his modified van (the "lobotomobile" is what he called it) and give lobotomies for like $75 as a headache cure, cure for a hyperactive child, etc. Nobody stopped him, though. That's the kind of thing that sucked. So, we're making progress because today it's just stuff like aversion therapy, not lobotomies or things like that.

-Big Lard Ass

Fat Bastard said...


CG is the real deal. H also thinks that psychiatry and psychology are for the most part bunk and a scam.

Proud FA want to stop is compulsion to pork fat girls and because he is in love with Thinnette he also feels that it is the responsible thing to do.

A lot of men like size 0 chicks because when you are boning them it makes your dick look bigger. Truth be told a lot of fat girls are stinky. Proud FA found the rank musk of a fat girl stimulating. H would associate that fishy chicken soup smell with sexual pleasure. He was like one of Pavlov's dogs but now CG has got that old dog waning a bone. LOL

Proud and I have had a running debate on who's better in the sack a fat girl or a skinny lady. Fat girls are far more sluttish, that's a given but it is up to the man to bring the slut out in the woman. When you are a fat bastard like me you have to learn the fine art of seduction or get them really drunk. Proud on the other hand was treated like a sex object by the fat sluts he porked. Thinnete is a lady and that sort of threw him for a loop.

Fat girls have HIGH self esteem and LOW self-respect whereas skinny women have LOW self-esteem and high self-respect. It sounds like a contradiction but Dr Brady proved it.

Proud FA said...

Fat Bastard makes a good point, fat girls go down like submarines. Being a food slut like you, Teddy and Fat Bastard is one thing but being a pork addict like I was (still in recovery) is quite another.

Rev, the cold pork does seem to lessen by cravings for SSBBWs. Thanks for the tip.

SayWhat? said...

A google search led me here and all I gotta say is...wowza. One, porking fat chicks and while "loving" and seriously dating a thin chick is standard operating procedure for nearly all men. Like, seriously. Are you new?

But the palpable hatred of fat women here is pretty disturbing. A leftover from the aversion therapy perhaps? Shame thinly masked by pseudo humor? Thinnette is heaven and song and WOWZA fat women are just yeast-infected, catty whores, eh?

Where exactly is the "admire" in the FA acronym here, brother? 'Cuz I don't see anything but hate.