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Monday, March 28, 2011

An Honest Fat Rant

The following fat rant blows Joy Nash's fat rant out of the water. This fat rant comes from a real and unapologetic fat fiesty fatling. This guy's videos are oozing with fattitude. Enjoy!

I love the honesty, the passion, the logic, and most of all the fattitude. I hope the fatling in this video becomes a follower of Bigger Fatter Blog. He is a credit to the fat race.

A little more inspiring fattitude!

Your Thoughts?


BELLY BOY said...


This guy is awesome. He is a hero to all of us fat people. Us fat people should always keep some Bayer asprin nearby in case of a heart attack. We should also keep some vitamins with us to ward off scurvy and other diseases.

Okay, it's Nugget Time so I'd better go. Nugget Time is when its time for some Chicken Nuggets, from Wendy's, and McDonalds. I combine them into one plate, and get some Hellman's Mayo on the side for dipping purposes. Mayo is the perfect way to add some extra flavor to your nugget experience, and I mix my mayo with ketchup and mustard for that special flavor mix sensation. I have 2 20 piece nuggets from each of McDonalds and Wendy's, for a total of 80 nuggets. This is gonna be a delicious meal!!!


Fat Bastard said...

You said a huge mouthful Belly Boy. Now have a huge mouthful of McNuggets.

Norm, (the guy in the video) is a hero to all fatlings but so are you Belly Boy.

Anonymous said...

Do you hate Joy Nash? I find her so annoying

Fat Bastard said...

Joy Nash is one of those passive aggressive man hating fat girls who will not acknowledge, accept or embrace her gluttony. Thankfully the NEW fat acceptance movement has honest people like Norm Peterson, The Chef, Teddy Bear, Rev BLA, Coach Gains ect who are advancing gluttony acceptance.

We will be starting NAAGA or National Association Advancing Gluttony Acceptance.

Anonymous said...

Joy Nash is a food slut.

Belly Boy said...


Check out this awesome fat guy.

He is really a great dancer, although I estimate he is under 5 feet tall because he is under the height of the light switch.

Anyway I think all fat MEN need to "DO THE URKLE DANCE"! Even though it would burn a couple of calories the fun factor would outWEIGH the calories burned. Just like for me, learning to walk again was worth it, I just add some extra calories every day to cancel it out. I love getting lots of extra bacon on my double cheeseburgers, and I LONG for the SAVORY TASTE of those AMAZING Belly Boy Burgers.



Belly Boy takes a 5 pound dump on the middle of the stage and very slowly walks off stage because he is so fat that his belly drags on the floor, which that part is true in real life and it is a big obstacle to me walking.

Fat Bastard said...

Thanks for the heads up.

Another reader sent me a video of a guy who got so fat he stuck to the couch for two years. I think he even has more fattitude than you Belly Boy.

Boom Shakka Lakka don't be no slouch
Eat like a pig get stuck to the couch
Boom Shakka Lakka find a feeder slut
Boom Shakka Lakka and sit on my butt.

Fat Bastard guzzled a 40, cuts a loud fart, waddles off stage, meets his hos and heads to the limo.