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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bigger Fatter Blog IS Now on WORDPRESS!

View Bigger Fatter Blog on Wordpress. Click Here

Fat Bastard and I Proud FA support free speech and Google Blogger does not. Google has deindexed Bigger Fatter Blog so we decided to publish Bigger Fatter Blog on another platform and we first tried Posterous but Bigger Fatter Blog would not tansfer due to a blocking software employed by Google but Word Press got around that dirty trick.

Google placed a warning on Bigger Fatter Blog making people think it is a fat porn site which it is not. Bigger Fatter Blog is among other things a fat acceptance site and the leading web authority on all things fat.

What happened?

A few angry NAAFA types complained to Google and based only on that and making no investigation of these false charges Google fucked us and our millions of readers worldwide.

One of our regular commentators "Dr" Gerald "Teddy" Bear accurately described Google as a net nanny. Thinnette adroitly said, Political correctness IS censorship. We are considering taking legal action against Google.

If you are a reader or a blogger and you wish to sue Google here is a good video to get you started. Click Here


Anonymous said...

I know a lawyer who will sue Google for free just to fuck with them. I'll send you and email.

I will also send you a copy of the forms you need so that your readers can file lawsuits as well.

Fuck with them hard!

Proud FA said...

Thanks anon. Unless Google grows up they will face proper legal action and a tonne of bad publicity.

BELLY BOY said...


Google is no match for the flabbalanche that is Fat Bastard.

Also I have uncovered more links between top NAAFA leadership and key figures within Google.

Belly Boy, OUT

Fat Bastard said...

It all boils down to gluttony. As you know the fat acceptance movement as stalled and it will remain stalled until gluttony is no longer stigmatized fat acceptance will remain the train wreck that it is.

The new fat acceptance movement is changing all that and the fat girls running the old fat acceptance with their tired sophistries and inane beliefs are getting all hormonal about it. As a result they have complained to Google and Google being a bunch of corporate whores and a cyber big brother and net nanny they placed a warning on Bigger Fatter Blog.

What I will do to Google will be one of many stings that will put a hurt on them and I urge our millions of readers to do what they can to show Google that censorship will eventually bring them down.

Google will be hit with a fat tsunmi of blubber that will leave them weakened are reeling. Never underestimate the power of fat!!