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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hey Google, George W Bush says fuck you you unAmerican commies!
GOOGLE has placed this warning on Bigger Fatter Blog:
Fat Bastard's Granny Baker says, FUCK YOU GOOGLE!

Content Warning

Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

Those fuckers are effectively censoring this blog based on the fact that some people ie man hating NAAFA cunts with yeast infection don't like the Bigger Fatter Blog and the NEW and inclusive fat acceptance movement.

Google has decided to put a warning on this blog based on a few complaints of some jealous mouthy cunts who hate fat men and skinny women. Shame on you Google for your lack of backbone.

I ask my readers to complain to Google about this fucking retarded policy and I apologize to those of you who came here looking for BBW porn and not finding any.

Political correctness IS censorship. Those pussified lap dogs at Google have bowed to political correctness.

Even Jesus says, FUCK YOU GOOGLE!
Johnny Cash always thought Google should go fuck itself!
Even with a broken hand Hillary flips off the Google thugs!
So outraged Bush flips the bird to Google again.

Why This is Censorship Bad

Many pro ana girls read Bigger Fatter Blog and as a result they find a cure for their starvation. We don't judge these girls and we are nice to them so they find Bigger Fatter Blog a safe place to fall.

We also teach people who can not reach mammoth proportions ways to moderate their gluttony and we let Fatlings know that it is OK to to lose weight.

We warn fatlings about the dangers of weight loss surgery.

We have an international following with a large percentage of readers coming from the Middle East. Our policy has always been peace through food and gluttony. With this warning our Arab friends are now unable to access Bigger Fatter Blog. Now Bigger Fatter Blog cannot do its roll to help President Obama bring peace ti the Middle East.
Watch your fucking step Google. I'm the commander in Chief, a close personal friend of Fat Bastard and a follower of Bigger Fatter Blog!
Yes it's true. Like the Chef, another man of color, President Obama likes hitting a big booty and lucky for him he has the first lady... butt he still appreciates Bigger Fatter Blog and as leader of the free world he want Arab men to see the beauty of BBW booty.

The Upside 

Traffic to Bigger Fatter Blog is up WAY UP because of this warning but this is not the point. We welcome out new readers but they are not our audience. Our audience are fatlings who need a voice for their gluttony and obese lifestyle. While we have nothing against BBW porn and the people who like BBW  porn they are not our target audience but they are more than welcome.

For are new readers:


Anonymous said...

Google is the new big brother. Thank you Fat Bastard for kicking their asses.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he is actually kicking there asses...

Fat Bastard said...

Every major change starts with a whisper. Google has peaked and now they are bloated and arrogant.

There are many disgruntled google users who are switching search engines and blog platforms.

Google is just another example of corporate fascism and history shows that eventually fascists get destroyed in a very horrific manner.

I have also found that Bing now has more content and say what you want about MicroSoft they do respect free speech.

Google has gotten too big for its britches. They are running the corporate fascist model and they are invading privacy.

Google is becoming the new Big Brother.

BELLY BOY said...

Hey Fat Bastard,

I have been hard at work for the last few days doing a very important recon mission.

While I can't reveal all of the details here and now, what I can say is that I am uncovering a link between Google and top NAAFA leadership. This conspiracy is running deeper than I ever could have imagined, and untangling the two doesn't seem like it would be possible.

NAAFA knows that you are the biggest threat to their hegemony of the fat acceptance world, and they think that if they can stamp you out, that the NAAFA membership decline will reverse itself.

They are running scared, and for NAAFA members to run, you know that it's either a buffet they're running to or a fat man with a boner that they're running away from. One of the top level figures in Google is a Fat Admirer with strong links to certain key full figures from NAAFA, and I am researching the extent of this relationship and whether NAAFA is pulling some strings to have Google put the pressure on the Bigger Fatter Blog.

This thing goes deeper than my neck folds.

Google is becoming too big too fast, like a glutton who moves on to eating solid sticks of butter before he has mastered pizzas and burgers. It is too much for the system to handle at this stage of development, and as a result Google has become a selfish glutton rather than a jolly glutton like myself and Fat Bastard, and especially like Teddy Bear, who is a very jolly glutton who even believes in sharing food, even though he is disabled and on a fixed income.

Microsoft believes more in free speech than Google, and at least Microsoft doesn't put tracking devices in their products like Google does.

I still think Apple is the best of the technology companies, because they are more ergonomic, and they are named after a type of food. Which is an apple with a bite already taken out of it, so it means that it's like a meal in progress, representing that we are eating and chewing and growing bigger, but at a good pace, not too fast like Google, and not too slowly like Microsoft.


Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard and Belly Boy:

Yes, Google is becoming more and more like Big Brother, or a Fascist Net Nanny.

There never use to be a content warning on your Bigger Fatter Blog.

Of course, my web site, THE BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG has always had content warning because I chose to put it on my blog.

But there is a difference in how our content warnings are worded.

On your blog is says . . .

Content Warning

Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service.

Where as the content warning on my blog is worded differently, since I voluntarily put it up on my blog.

On my blog, it says . . .

Content Warning

The blog that you are about to view may contain content only suitable for adults. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

My reason for doing this is because my blog is not intended for viewers under the age of 18, and is meant for adult viewers.

That's because I like to talk about how obesity effects one's sexual performance, how we pear-shaped obese males tend to gain a lot of fat on the lower groin area below the waist, and how, with increasing obesity, the groin area gets larger, protruding out further and further and hanging down lower and lower, until it hangs down over the thighs almost to the knees or even lower.

As a result, it becomes physical impossible for the extremely obese Pear-shaped male to engage in sexual intercourse, or to even have an erection, not even a partial erection.

That's because, when the lower groin area hangs down over the penis, the penis is forced permanently in a downward position. Just imagine what it must feel like to have a few hundred pounds of fat in the lower groin area, pressing down on the penis, and squashing it!

Then, because of the weight gain mostly on the lower-body, the groin area, the hips, the butt, and the thighs, this causes a guy's testosterone levels to go down, thus causing him to become less and less masculine and more and more effeminate, more gentle, timid, sissified, and more docile.

For the super obese pear-shaped male who once enjoyed having sex before becoming so obese, this can certainly cause feelings of great frustration, and feelings of helplessness, and feeling less and less like a man.

Unless . . . . .

You just happen to be a glutton, and one who loves to eat, and loves becoming more and more obese. Then you just simply lose all interest in sex, and you don't even care anymore. In fact, an obese pear-shaped male glutton actually looks forward to becoming less of a man, becoming impotent, helpless, soft and weak, and asexual, and more gentle, timid, and docile, until he now has only feelings of a peaceful, calm, and sleepy kind of contentment.

That's how it is with us pear-shaped obese sissy boys.

To be continued below . . .

Teddy Bear said...

. . . continued from above

Now, for the obese apple-shaped male . . .

The obese apple-shaped male gains most of his fat on his upper-body and on his belly above the groin area.

So, there is not nearly as much weight gain on the lower groin area, but, only enough so that when the penis becomes erect, it may press up against the groin, and instead of pointing straight up as in much thinner males, the penis will point up at an angle, but can still achieve a full erection.

Also . . .

Even if the apple-shaped male becomes so enormously obese that his upper-belly above the groin area hangs down over the groin, and down over the thighs, almost down to the knees, he will still be able to have an erection, with his penis pointing upward into the skin-fold between his groin and low-hanging upper belly.

True, it will become physically impossible for him to engage in sexual intercourse if his upper belly hangs down over his thighs to his knees.

But he can still have an erection, with his penis pointing upward into the skin-fold between the groin and belly, and he may even be able to ejaculate into the skin-fold.

Another words . . .

He can't have sex with anybody else, but he can, sort of, have sex with himself!

In fact, even when he's not having an erection, the penis is still held firmly upward in the skin-fold between groin and belly, and the upper-belly hanging down over the groin pay still exert some pressure on the testicles, and with all the soft flesh pressing on the testicles, it can trigger of another erection.

So, an obese apple-shaped male with that large of an upper belly might even have erections and ejaculations into the skin-fold when he out walking, even when wearing pants and the upper belly hanging down over the front of his pants, he will then ejaculate into his pants while out walking around.

Naturally of course, the super morbidly obese apple-shaped male will also experience feelings of great frustration when he is no longer able to have sex with another person and can only have "sex with himself" by ejaculating into the skin-fold between groin and low-hanging upper-belly.

Unless . . . . .

He also happens to be a glutton who loves to eat, and loves to gain weight to become more and more obese.

Then . . .

He will look forward be becoming unable to have sex with another person, and only being able to ejaculate into his skin-fold between groin and belly.

Yeah! I can almost imaging how that would make me feel if I were an apple-shaped obese male instead of pear-shaped.

To me, it would feel great!

It would me me feel like a true glutton, being such a big fat pig that I can't have sex with another person, but only being able to fuck myself by ejaculating in the skin-fold between groin and belly.

If I were apple-shaped, that is what I would hope to achieve.

Anyway . . . . .

This is the sort of stuff I like to take about on my blog, and what I will be disusing in a future article that I'm now presently working on.

I will be about the future of apple-shaped male obesity.

And that's why, I have voluntarily added the content warning and set my blog for adult viewing.

But, yeah!

I know how you guys must feel, having the content warning put on your blog by Google against your will.

Yeah! That really sucks!

Fat Bastard said...

Even though the content warning has increased the page hits people think that this is a fat porn site and that is not the audience I want.

Objectionable is such a bullshit word. I know that a lot of angry NAAFA girls complained because I have been critical of the failure of the old fat acceptance movement that denies admonishes gluttony. They don't like the fact that I am right.

I object to many of the girl run FA blogs but I would not censor them with some bullshit warning.

Google is getting out of hand. I am trying to transfer the content of this blog to Posterous but it won't go because Google has done something to prevent it. The folks at Posterous are much nicer and will actually contact you and help.

Anonymous said...

Google sucks elephant dick.