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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fat Feminism and Fat Liberation

Fat feminism is what killed fat acceptance. Fat feminists are jealous and angry gluttony deniers who simply cannot handle the fat.

Let's be honest here, fat people have a "musk" and that fat girl musk can really put a hurt on your nose. That alone puts men off.  Stink is NOT sexy. Fat girls almost always have yeast infections and that is a major turn off. Not only do they have yeast in the crotch but they have it in their fat folds.

Watch the video and then see if you don't agree that fat feminists have destroyed fat acceptance.

The one on the right is Photoshopped
No fatty, your yeast infection is nasty as fuck!

He was drunk and you were crushing him and he lied. He likes a woman who can get on top without injuring him!

The following if from the Sun Shine Mary Blog
Why are the fat acceptance movement and feminism so entwined?  As I noted in the  post On the uglification of modern women., it seems like one of the major aims of feminism is to make women as ugly as possible in both looks and behavior, and nothing ruins a woman’s looks so fast as gaining a ton of weight.  Why would feminism seek to make women ugly to men?  It is because feminism is not about equality but rather about punishing men.  It is an ideology founded on hatred and rebellion, so it is no surprise that feminism uses the sin of gluttony as a source of pride.
Why does it matter if obesity stops being a source of shame and instead becomes a source of pride and even – heaven help us – vanity?  It is because struggling to lose weight is worthwhile even if a woman doesn’t actually lose weight because at least it keeps her from gaining weight.  I’m not a super skinny chick, but because I am properly ashamed of myself when I gain weight and immediately take action to try to correct the situation, this keeps me from expanding with each passing year.  However, because the fat acceptance movement is continuing to gain steam, I predict that women have not yet hit critical mass, and we will see a marked increase in the size of the average woman.

A proud feminist quote: “Yes, I’m fat. Yes, this is a bikini. Never thought I’d ever get the confidence that I have today to wear this. I’m really proud of the beautiful woman I’ve grown into. “
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