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Is Obesity A Choice?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fat Acceptance's Unsung Hero

Back in the days when NAAFA meant National Association Aiding Fat Americans its founder and the father of fat acceptance Bill Fabrey never lost sight of that vision. Today Bill Fabrey is aiding fat bodied folks by providing them with ingenious products designed especially for the special needs of fat bodied folks. Bill is the proprietor of the wildly successful company Ample Stuff. Bill is not afraid to tackle the problems fat bodied folks face that the hens currently running fat acceptance don't want to talk about. I am speaking of the hygiene and toileting challenges fat bodied folks face. I will admit, as a feeder I can tell you with great authority that sometimes BBW's and SSBBW's can have a rank odor especially in places they are unable to reach. Many fat bodied folks are not aware that Ample Stuff exists to fill their special needs.

These thirsty butt wands sop it up where you need it most!

Ample sponges are a godsend for fat bodied folks that have a problem reaching "back there". I can only imagine the back sprains the fat bodied folks get from twisting and contorting to reach "back there". These Ample sponges are also great for cleansing in between the fat folds as well as wiping those hard to reach super sized butts. Ample sponges are just one example of the wonderful products Ample Stuff offers. They also sell portable bidets, scales that go up to a whopping 1000 pounds, seatbelt extenders, a 96" measuring tape, (a must for every feeder and gainer) and a plethora of other thoughtful offerings for the super fat bodied folks.

1000-Lb Wide-Platform Digital Scale
1000-Lb Wide-Platform Digital Scale
Bill's Ample Stuff has been serving the needs of the super fat bodied for over two decades. Bill is truly one of FA's unsung heroes. Bill Fabrey is to fat acceptance what Thomas Jefferson was to democracy. If it were not for Ample Stuff the lives of fat bodied folks would be unpleasant at times. If it were not for Bill Fabrey there would most likely be no fat acceptance movement.

There are many other heroes but the greatest and the most neglected is Bill Fabrey. I will be writing more about him and as I explain why he started NAAFA but let it suffice to say that Bill's motivation for starting NAAFA is the greatest love story of all time. Bill Fabrey, we at Bigger Fatter Blog we salute you.

Great John's Johns Bring Worry Free Pooping To All Fatlings
No more toileting trouble. It would take a herd of elephants to clog up this bad boy!

Being a serious feeder I have worked part time in a restaurant as a manager. If you are a feeder and you want to meet gainers restaurants are a best bet. It where to food is! Sometimes as a manager you are forced to take care of unpleasant problems. One of those problems is stopped up toilets. Fat folks, God bless em tend to break and plug toilets. It's only natural. They are heavier and they produce more poop cause they eat more food. They require more toilet tissue and as a result they damage and clog standard undersized toilets.
How many times has this happened to you? Plunger it you skinny skank!

The size of the average person's butt has increased dramatically over the last 30 years.
These amply asssed SSBBW's are living proof the Atkins diet really works.

Most toilets made today are manufactured from designs dating back to the early 1960´s. In the past, the pleadings of big and tall people went unanswered. For this reason fat friendly GJTC engineers, medical doctors and artists took to the task of creating a NEW GENERATION of products satisfying the needs of today’s customers. Our goal was to create the most comfortable and safe toilet for Large-Size people in the market. The other challenge was to make a toilet that
could also be used by any size person. The final result was the creation of a "SIZE FRIENDLY TOILET
" .

Vitreous china

� Low water Consumption (1.6 gpf / 6Lpf )

Extra-Elongated rim bowl for additional space in the front (6in. more
than a standard elongated bowl) Now fat folks can wipe while seated.

� Extra-Wide ergonomic seat included. Large seat area for comfort

� 150 % more sitting area than a standard elongated seat

� Seat provides �Anti-slide movement fins� for safety

� 12in. rough-in (Simple installation)

� Secure 4 anchorage points

� Extra-Wide base with reinforced structure for added safety

� 17-1/2(44.4 cm) bowl height including seat, ADA compliant

� 100% factory flush tested

� Ceramic tested to 2000 pound loads


Fat Bastard said...

Proud FA, thanks for posting this valuable info fir all to see. Bill Fabrey is truly an unsung hero in the FA movement. It is sad that FA is not getting back to its roots of aiding people of all genders and not just a bunch of loons like the nasty whiny bitches who are dominating the movement with their hogwash.

Speaking of movements let's discuss the bowel movement of fat folks. When we drop a duke we drop a duke. American Standard makes a super sized toilet that can handle almost anything fat folks throw at it. Most of the time is will handle everything in one flush. I used to always clog a standard toilet with my super sized BHM BM's. A feedee after a weekend feed session with you probably would clog it. You Proud FA are the expert on that.

Richard said...

That cooking with bacon pic is off the hook! I have always said that you should cook with bacon grease because you get tasty yum yums and the perfume is amazing. Nothing like a big lady smelling like piggy. ooooowheee!

Richard said...

Those sponges come in handy for both cleaning the canyon and for applying butter to my garlic toast.

Fat Bastard said...

You said it Richard. The sight of an SSBBW and the smell of bacon gives Proud FA a boner.

He also likes feeding them bacon because bacon is mostly fat and fat contains 9 calories per gram. Proud FA always says, "When feeding feed with fat" Feeding with sweets is very dangerous. Most feedees are diabetics. Fat is a superior feed for gainers. It just make sense. Candy will spike the appetite but serious feeders feed with fat.

Richard said...

Give them a 50lb bag of nilla waffers and waffels and have them scoop out crisco cans. BBYK = Big Before You Know it!

Anonymous said...

Tons of fun!

When they die you sick fucks should have the undertaker suck out blubber and use it for bio fuel.

Hey Fat Bastard change your name to meat face because you are a meat face meat face.

Proud FA said...

Richard I appreciate your enthusiasm but a good feeder uses sweets sparingly. If their diabetes is well controlled I feed em lots of cheese cake but that gets expensive. Fat is cheap.

I have plumpered up many a gainer by five pounds a day of 100% real fat gain. Sugar gets em hungry but fat gets em fat. I can't stress it enough. FEED WITH FAT! Fat Fattens Best!

Richard said...

Hmmm, makes sense, "fat is where its at" I guess. How about making popsicles out of bacon drippings and dipped in chocolate and topped with nuts? I bet that would get them going!

Proud FA said...

I would not want to freeze the popsicles. I do think a paste made from Bacon and peanut butter would prove tasty.

Chocolate is magic food. They LOVE chocolate. Melted chocolate on bacon and peanut butter would make any feedee drool.

Another thing that get them going is taking the food away. I lover it when they drool and slobber like a dog in heat. It is very hot!

Anonymous said...

Feed them their own shit. 100 billion can't be wrong

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what Fat Bastard, I was constipated for a week. Then I finally was able to go I filled the brownie bowl twice and both were double flushers. I sure wish I had one of those great johns. I love those butt wands from Ample Stuff. They are kinda like a Thomas' English Muffin with all their nooks and crannies.