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Is Obesity A Choice?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Liberty: Another Stupid Fat Girl Who is Destroying the Fat Acceptance Movement

As the dean of feederism and a really smart guy with common sense I know and so does 99% of the world know that the more you eat the fatter you get but the silly delusional yeast beasts in the Old Fat Acceptance Movement want to deny that reality. This delusion and lie that they perpetrate does a huge disservice to fatlings worldwide. Fat people are gluttons and many of the live in shame and create clever lies to explain away their size and deny their appetite. Sickos like Big Liberty and hormonally challenged fat girls at the ever shrinking Big Fat Blog still pathetically apologize for their size and their enormous appetites by making outrageous claims that don't even pass the giggle test.

America is getting fatter and fatter and fatter year after year. Portion sizes are increasing and increasing. Yet lying fat girls in the old FA movement deny this reality and they would like you to believe that America is getting fat because since the late 70's the laws of thermodynamics no longer apply to humans. As the dean of feederism I know what it take to fatten and maintain fat. It require a hell of a lot of calories. Look at Fat Bastard, since he has been off his feed his weight is plummeting like a stone because he is eating a hell of a lot less. Then look at Teddy Bear who eats like a true glutton and it has taken him over a year to gain a mere 50 pounds. Gaining ain't easy when you become super obese. You have to eat constantly. Hyper gluttons really have to work at it.

Here are the facts and I have verified them with Dr CG Brady and several of his colleagues and Lawrence Livermore and Cornell. It requires about 1600 calories per day for a moderately active man to maintain 100 pounds. There is no other way around it. The is not one single solitary case on record where a human being has ever been able to maintain a high body weight on a small amount of calories. In fact, with rare exceptions, (prader willi) syndrome the most the Basal Metabolic Rate can very is about one half of one percent. This is true because of something called the conservation of mass. CG Brady will expand more upon that in the comments section but for now let it suffice to say that all humans "idle" at about the same speed.

There has never been a calometric study that has backed up the claims of fatling who deny their gluttony. When Fat Bastard and I were dues paying NAAFA members we searched high and low to establish a metabolic and/or genetic explanation for obesity. There is none. Unless and until there is a calometric study showing even one person's body that is defying the law of physics we are sticking by what 100% of the scientists are saying.

We even examined research regarding Jewish holocaust survivors and weight gain and we found that holocaust survivors were on average maintained a lower weight that other Jews throughout their lives. So much for the yo yo diet theory. We did find that female survivors of the holocaust did have a greater incidence of osteoporosis. Frail woman are more likely to develop osteoporosis.
Do you see any fat people here you ignorant slut?

OK Pig Liberty how many fat people do you see here?
Or here?
Or here?

Big Liberty is a BIG LIAR. She knows obesity is NOT genetic yet she tells that lie on her pathetic blog. If Obesity were genetic; 30 years ago we would have had as many fat people then as we do now. Unfortunately, Big Liberty is as delusional as the the other girls in the dying fat old acceptance movement. In case you didn't read that Pig Liberty here is is again. If Obesity were genetic; 30 years ago we would have had as many fat people then as we do now.

Big Liberty has compared the plight of fatlings to the victims of slavery and the holocaust. As leaders in the New Fat Acceptance we find that kind of talk beyond offensive and down right revolting. Comparing the plight of fatlings to slaves and holocaust victims makes me want to vomit. How dare Pig Liberty and her flunkies do something so thoughtless and evil.


Big Liberty would have you believe that this lovely SSBBW eats less than her feeder and she will misrepresent academic studies to perpetrate her lies. Her arms alone are require more calories to be that big than her feeder. I must say this feeder did a great job plumping up this pretty plumper.

It seems that there was a fatling over at Big Fat Blog and she was one of these people who ate like a glutton and as a result became fat and sick. She has found her way to Bigger Fatter Blog and she is in touch with both me, Fat Bastard an CG Brady. Without betraying any confidences I can tell you that this lovely SSBBW was engaged to a BHM of Fat Bastard proportions. Due to health problem caused by the BHM's obesity he went on a weight loss program of his own design and became quite lean and fit. Carol, the SSBBW was unwilling to take the steps lose weight and as a result they called off their engagement and both of them our devastated and have reached what Carol calls an impasse. It breaks my heart and Fat Bastard's heart to hear the sad tales of star crossed lovers. That is why we brought out friend and sometimes nemesis CG Brady in to counsel these folks.

As our readers know, obesity and gluttony is not for everyone. Fat Bastard has to moderate his gluttony whereas gluttons like Teddy Bear can indulge their food lust with little fear of dying. Carol and her beau are more like Fat Bastard. To make matters worse they want kids but as we know fatlings almost always have high risk pregnancies and Carol is no exception.

Carol has suffered the trauma of a break up and many health issues. She went to Big Fat Blog for help and guidance and ended up being abused by the hateful man haters there. She thinks they were jealous of her because he ex beau is a real catch. She tells me that the biggest bully there is Big Liberty who is married to a man old enough to be her grandpa. How sick is that. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Carol's ex beau and he too is an admirer of women with ample bodies but like me he is willing to throw that all away for a healthy wife and family. As some of our readers may know I am in a serious relationship with a size 2 beauty and I am no longer porking fat girls. Unlike most fat girls, Carol is a real lady and a class act. Fat Bastard and I have convinced Carol that she is not meant to be fat and she is going onto CG Brady's incremental weight loss plan. She is also in counseling to see if she and her beau can reconcile.

If she had listened to the advice given at Big Fat Blog she would be dead before her time. Fat Bastard was so angered that he fired off an Email to Paul McAleer only to find out Paul is though with Big Fat Blog. I am guessing that Paul could no longer in good conscience be associated wih something he lost control of several years ago. We have our operatives there strictly to monitor them. Fat Bastard thinks that the lawyer he is using to sue the doctors and hospital that maimed him may be able to get an injunction to shutdown Big Fat Blog much in the same way the pro ana sites are being shutdown. Free speech does not cover what they do over there.

About BigLiberty

  • BigLiberty is a 27 year-old modern polymath living in MA, USA. She sings classical soprano, composes classically-inspired goth rock, writes poetry, reads philosophy, and studies economics. She has her BA in physics and MA in mathematics.
Please go to her pathetic blog and read her pathetic rant about how eating more calories than one burns is not why most people are fat. As you can see this ignoramus claims to have a degree in physics and math but neither on her site nor on Big Fat Blog did she present any numbers to back her lies when out latest refuge Carol aka Carolina Maiden a substitute elementary school teacher wiped the floor with her and made her look like a total lying asshole. The free speech hating NAZIS at Big Fat Blog banned her.

During the destruction of the NAAFA forum Fat Bastard and I stayed in touch on the QT with most of the trolls because at that point we were about to mutiny anyway. NAAFA was s sinking ship even back then. Fat Bastard asked a few of them to sink Big Fat Blog but they pretty much have already done it. We both have operatives there monitoring them and indeed they are dead but for the twitching. They sowed the seeds of discontent and paranoia years ago and BFB has never recovered. All that's left their now is the fringe of the lunatic fringe.
On a brighter note, the staff at Wikipedia has recognized this blogs owner Mike "Fat Bastard Gerard" and fat studies developer, research scientist, artist, gainer, obesity theorist and creator of The Biggest Fattest Blog the erudite "Dr" Gerald "Teddy" Bear as the de facto leaders in the New Fat Acceptance: From Google

Fat acceptance movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 2008 a new and inclusive movement took root. Commonly referred to as the "new fat acceptance movement" blogs like Mike Gerard's ... -

In 2008 a new and inclusive movement took root. Commonly referred to as the "new fat acceptance movement" blogs like Mike Gerard's and Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear's seek to usher in what they call the next wave in fat acceptance. Unlike the current movement that tries to explain away the cause obesity as being the result of a genetic disorder or mysterious metabolic glitch, the new fat acceptance accepts the immutable scientific reality of why people get fat and stay fat. The new fat acceptance promotes and celebrates obesity, feederism and gluttony.

Dr Charles Harrington remarked, "I'm sure the man hating horrid hags of the old dying movement are getting their panties in a bunch about it but tough shit. There are some new and sane voices in the movement and this marks the end of fat acceptance as we know it."

Italian social critic Professor Emeritus Aldo Moretti opined,
Le ragazze obese si comportano come puttane. Sono prostitute per i prodotti alimentari. I loro gusti indelicato sono i gusti dei barbari. I genitali delle donne obese hanno un odore di vecchio pesce marcio. Lo accetterebbe? Solo un pazzo avrebbe accettato l'odore disgustoso di una donna.

The best translation I can come up with for Senior Moretti's comments are that fat women act like whores for food and they have the palettes of barbarians. He also thinks that their crotches smell like rotting fish and any man who would accept that is a fool.

As you know Italian peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides and Sicily is an island. Italians know about fish and other foods. They like their women fresh and I think that is why they are always pinching their butts to see if they are fresh.
I would consider Sr Moretti an expert in this area.

CG Brady commented, "This is a step in the right direction. People need to know that fat acceptance is also accepting the consequences of a gluttonous and slothful lifestyle.

French fashion designer Jean Payette remarked,
Non seulement les femmes sont l'Amérique du laid, mais ils sont aussi trop stupide

Loosely translated he is saying that American women are both stupid and ugly.

MOOOOOOVE over girls and let the men take over! It's time the hen house got its rooster.


Anonymous said...

Big Liberty is a total nut case.

formerfatty said...

This blog you linked to is very strange. I was under the impression that all Old Fat Acceptance blogs were radical leftist blogs, but this one seems to be of the right wing nutjob variety. I wonder how she fits in with the rest of the "fatosphere."

One thing I have always wondered about these bloggers is that they all seem to have some story or excuse as to why they are obese. I understand that the New Fat Acceptance is much more open and honest about this subject, but Old Fat Acceptance still seems to be having trouble moving on. They keep preaching that fat isn't a moral right or wrong and that it's OK to overeat (intuitive eating, HAES, etc.), yet it seems like they always make up an excuse for themselves to classify them as a "good fatty" who does not overeat. If you watch the Fox debate with Kelly Bliss on youtube, for example, she says she only eats fruit and exercises every day and only eats 1000 calories per day. We all know this is ridiculous, but they all seem to say this, and this is something I have never understood.

So far, I have heard it's: "genetics"/thyroid/PCOS/fibromyalgia/"depression"/pregnancy (an excuse to stay fat forever)/anxiety/side effects of drugs/car accident, etc. Everyone seems to have an excuse. Presumably they agree that with portion sizes increasing and our standard diet being very unhealthy in this country, SOMEONE who is overweight has to be eating a little too much, but it never seems to be any of them! Food can simply be divorced from the equation altogether as irrelevant. In fact, we are told that fat people eat less than thin people.

I wonder if this is just the line the "leaders" are towing or if this is standard for the rank and file. I know that Proud FA is not going hogging at the FA conventions anymore because he wants to find a thin girl to marry and wants his kids to come out healthy, but I would be interested in hearing his take on that given his vast experience in this area (maybe the subject of another article)?

Keep up the good work though- this blog is hilarious.

Proud FA said...

That's putting it mildly. Anon, we are taking in refugees from the old fat acceptance movement.

Bigger Fatter Blog is a safe place to express you feelings. We don't censor and we don't ban. We have nothing to hide.

formerfatty said...

You guys missed the best part- she said this in the comments:

"I wouldn’t mind helping you with it, but I don’t know how much help I could be! lol My main fields are physics/math/complexity science, which means I can read scientific articles in other disciplines and know reasonably what’s going on (my decent undergrad bio/chem classes also help), but I’m definitely no expert..."

In other words- "no, I don't really understand everything I quoted, but it TOTALLY sounds scientific!"

Sadly, this line of thinking is all too common. Lots of questionable studies are cherrypicked and given places of honor, and the ones that say controversial things like "obesity is unhealthy" are explained away on some pretense. This way, you have your cake and eat it too (except fat people never eat cake of course): you get the veneer of sounding like a smart, well-read, scientific person and don't have to make a serious, unbiased attempt to get to the truth of the matter.

As is the case with most misconceptions, there is some degree of truth- metabolisms do differ, and it is harder for some to lose weight- but this doesn't change the fact that someone who really did eat "1000 calories a day of just fruit," like some of the absurd claims going around state, wouldn't start losing weight if they ate 900-950 instead.

formerfatty said...

Also, they talk about "BFB forums" but the forums on that site seem broken to me?

Proud FA said...

Former Fatty,

Big Liberty claims to be a liberal but she acts like a far righty.

I am slightly left of center and Fat Bastard is a bit right of center. I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative whereas Fat Bastard tends to be a social liberal and a big government Republican. A lot of fatlings extend the gluttony and lack of restraint to their political beliefs. Fat Bastard has some neo conservative leaning but he is mellowing and moving closer to center. He even voted for Obama. He could not stand Palin's stupidity and McCain's lies.

The old fat acceptance uses all sorts of hedge words to deny their endorsement and practice of gluttony. They use terms like intuitive eating, metabolic set point, HAES, hunger cues ect.. because they think gluttony is a bad thing.

As a feeder I know what it takes to attain and maintain high body weights. Kelly Bliss is a joke. She claims to be a therapist but she has no license. Our friend and adversary MeMe Roth has kicked her ass. MeMe is a fitness and health promoter and inspite of that we like her because she has never been judgmental. She's a bit of a mother hen at times but her heart is in the right place and factually she's spot on. We have philosophical differences with her but it has never gotten personal. Also, Fat Bastard has a huge school boy crush on her and he probably could crush her. He wants a woman like MeMe. It would be like James Carville and Mary Matlin.

As you know we applaud the increasing portion sizes and hyper gluttony that is going on in the US. The wackos in the old FA movement all deny eating at restaurants that serve huge portions. Somebody is eating all that food and it ain't thinlings like me and MeMe Roth. It is fatlings like Fat Bastard and Kelly Bliss. The difference there is Fat Bastard brags about his gluttony and Kelly lies about hers.

The old hacks in the old FA movement want to have it both ways. They are deniers who think the world is flat if it would be congruent with their distorted world view.

The old fat acceptance is a cult. They brow beat and censor. Their dogma is a dog shit sandwich and they know it but if you put in on Ciabatta bread and deep fry it they will eat it.

I really got sick of banging fat girls. While they are easy, disinhibited and very libidinous I needed something deeper and I want kids. I think it would be wrong not to give the the best chance possible and very few fatlings will provide their baby with the pristine womb they deserve. Food always wins. I want the mother of my kids to love our kids more than food and sex.

We have a lot of article in the works. If you check the blog archives you will find some articles that may touch on that. Our next article will be discussing the morphology of the morbidly and super morbidly obese. It will be an adjunct to a very in depth article by one of our colleagues Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear of the Biggest Fattest Blog. His large body of work is impressive and very scholarly. I think you'd like it.

Jamie boyko said...

hi my name is jamie how are you guys doing?i'm an f.a i've been an f,a since i was 3 years old!!i just wanted to say to proud fa and fat bastard dont let big liberty take anything away from you!!please keep up the good work that you guys are doing!!i better go take care

Big Liberty said...

Owatta piggiam

I have a degree in physics but it doesn't apply to human metabolism. What happens is all the yo yo dieting I did slowed my metabolism so much that when I eat less I gain more. Every time is did the self hate of dieting my body rebelled and my set pint changed and by 200 calories each time.

I dieted 20 times for about an hour each time and as a result my I don't have to eat anymore. I haven't eaten in 5 years but because my metabolic set point is so messed up if I were to eat even stalk of celery I would gain 50 pounds. The fat haters (anyone not drinking our Kool Aid) would tell you that it takes an extra 3500 calories to gain a pound but that is a bunch of junk science created by men who all want women to be a size 00.

You can't tell how much someone eats by the size of their belly (mine is a svelte 67 inches) than how hard they work by the size of their bank account. Infact it was proven by Paul Campos, a lawyer, in his book the Obesity Myth that fat people eat 75% less than skinny people. Who are you going to trust a lawyer or some fat hating scientist?

Proud FA said...

Jamie, I don't feed crazy people and man haters.

Proud FA said...


BFB is in its death throes. We have operatives there and the only way to read their forums is to be a registered member. Most of the stuff is so inane that its not even funny. It's a bunch of highly delusional women who have more problems than being fat. They blame everything that is wrong in their lives with being fat and hated for being fat by a fat hating world.

That place needs a Prozac enema.

Katie said...

This is entirely unrelated to your blog so I apologise, but I deleted your comments before I jotted down your email. Thank you for commenting on my blog but I don't need nutrition advice or info on BMR, because it doesn't apply to anorexics. I need about 3000kcals a day to gain weight, and 2400 to maintain. I know exactly how to manipulate my weight because I've had anorexia for 13 years, I highly doubt that you could teach me anything new. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with anything on your blog but your comments to me were rather patronising and definitely unhelpful: if I ate 1500kcals a day I'd be back down to 80lbs within six months. Thanks for the thought, but please don't try to give advice to people with anorexia.

Proud FA Dean of Feederism said...

Not only do the laws of physics not apply to fat girls but he don' apply to BULLimics either. I would ask my readers to visit Katie's blog and give her some reality checks.

As the Dean of Feederism I have weight gain and weight loss down to a exact science. When I read the sort of verbal diarrhea posted by nut jobs like Katie I have a bit more sympathy for men who backhand their wives and girlfriends. Even the Chinese philosopher Confusious said; "Woman like drum, for best results beat often."

We at Bigger Fatter Blog are not like a herd of Muslims who believe in the beating and subjugation of women but we also do not deny the scientific reality that men have higher full scale IQ's and have on an average 12 more points in the sub tests for abstract reasoning and spacial relations.

As our readers know Fat Bastard has been off his feed and remains off his feed. I have been monitoring Fat Bastard's food intake and calorie expenditure and I have predicted to the pound his weight loss. The point is. I know feeding and gaining. They don't call me the Dean of Feedersim for nothing. I can take a gainer and tell you to the 1/4 pound what they will weigh from week to week.

Sexy Hot Chick said...

Hi PFA and Fat Bastard,

Women are really fucked up when ti comes to food. They buy it cook it and serve it. They are responsible for the obesity epidemic. Remember the McDonalds commercial "You deserve a break today:? It was just another way to let these lazy cunts off the hook so they could plant their fat asses in front of a TV and eat even more slop.

Proud FA, I am happy to see that you are in a relationship with a real woman and not some blubber blimp that will love her num nums more than you and your kids.

Fat Bastard I would love to ride you like a wild bull. I could make you lust for me more than KFC. You just haven't met the right woman. I saw your pix and if you were not so fat you'd be HOT! You are a very good looking man.

Men are really getting the shitty end of the stick. Don't settle for a fat girl. Find a real woman.

I looked at Big Liberty's blog and all I can say is WHAT AN ASSHOLE! She needs to be bitch slapped hard. I'd love to do it myself. Fat girls are revolting.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say the the FA movement in in a shambles. I too am a refugee from NAAFA and BFB. I am so happy to see that fat acceptance now aggressively promoting gluttony and the normalization of obesity.

Thank you Fat Bastard.

Teddy Bear said...

Hello Fat Bastard, Proud FA, and Big Lard Ass.

Just a quick message to wish you guys a Happy New Year.

Proud FA said...

Happy 2010 to you Teddy. Fat Bastard remains off his feed but we are working on it. His vital signs remain excellent he just isn't eating much. I hope the New Year brings Fat Bastard appetite back. It would be a tragedy if the leader of the New Fat Acceptance loses is a skinny guy.

Big Lard Ass said...

Dear Proud FA,

If Fat Bastard decides that he doesn't want to be a fatling anymore, then I believe that we are duty-bound to respect that decision. However, I personally believe that it is almost impossible for someone to convert from being a fatling into a thinling on a permanent basis. Richard Simmons is one example of a person who I believe has made the transition, but very few others are able to do that.

Look at Michael Hebranko. He was famous in the 1980's because he had weighed about 700 lbs, and then with Richard Simmon's help, he was down to 198 lbs. To celebrate, he had a Nathan's hot dog. That turned into four Nathan's hot dogs. And he had to have some fries with it. And he had to have some cheese on the fries, of course. And then soon after, he was very fat again. And a few years later, he had to get some minor operation and they had to tear down the wall of his house again.

Sometimes, I admit, I do think it might be nice to be a 300 lbs muscled bodybuilder type, instead of my current weight of over 500 lbs of mostly fat. But I know that my steroids are not going to make me that strong that quickly, so I have to take my time.

I just found out that Brenda is preggers! Yay! So, I'm going to be a FATHER! I went from being a 48 year old virgin, to getting laid constantly, and now I'm even going to have children! All because I took charge of my morbid obesity, and embraced it.

I eat several times the amount of food that most adults eat. I am proud of this fact. I like that I can put away more than an entire pizza all by myself, and still be hungry for more.

I've been thrown out of several all you can eat buffets because of my mammoth eating habits. I can eat more than most fat people. Basically, what I am saying is, I am living the dream life.

The more weight I gain, the hornier and more aggressive I feel. I feel like a gigantic, fat bull!

Anyway, I think that the Old Fat Acceptance Movement, OFAM, are a bunch of "fatty fatty two by fores, can't fit through the kitchen doors." Intuitive eating is exactly what I do- I eat a shit-ton of food, because I'm hungry all the time, because food is delicious. It's not any more complicated than that. If I want to order Chinese food, I will. If I want some big macs, guess what I'm going to go eat?

I feel that I embody the heart and soul of the New Fat Acceptance Movement. My fat ass is going to take all of us to the top!

I wanted to know what you guys think about these chest pains I've been having lately. My mother insists that it is a sign of heart disease, but I think it's just from the weight of my moobs on my chest pressing down on it all the time.

Anyway, Brenda is back off of her insulin again, and I guess we're just going to have to deal with the problems that result from that as they arise. She can't get any life insurance because she is very fat and has diabetes, and because she has had heart surgery in the past, and she smokes four packs of cigarettes per day. We were going to each take out $2 million policies on each other, but I don't think I will qualify for life insurance either, especially since I just took up smoking as well. Bummer.

Anyway, hopefully I will be able to gain about 50 pounds this month. That is my New Year's resolution, to gain at least 50 lbs every month, so that I can weigh over 1,000 lbs by 2011. I've learned that ice cream milkshakes are a fat man's best friend; now I always keep them in my mini-fridges around the house, so that I can always have one and just continually gain weight from them.

Hopefully I will not become immobile in the process of getting up to 1,000 lbs, but my fiance and I have talked it over, and it is a risk we are willing to take. We want her to get up to 1,000 lbs as well, but it will take longer for her.


Big Lard Ass

Proud FA said...

The thing is it is not Fat Bastard's wish to become a thinling. He has lost his appetite. As the dean of feederism I am at a loss as to what to do. I am thinking about tube feeding him. Fat Bastard has also been getting laid a lot. He's lost at least 60 pounds and that has put a lot of lead in his pencil so the more he fucks the more energy he burns and his damn dummy doctors think this is a good thing. He's FAT BASTARD for Christ's sake. He's the Yokazuna of fat acceptance. Who is going to take a stick boy seriously?

Congrats of your fatherhood! I know you were saying that she sees other guys so I am glad you are happy about it. I probably have knocked up a few married BBWs and SSBBW's. Fat girls like it long hard and dirty and we skinny guys can really throw the dick. One thing I miss now that I;m with a size 2 is that I have to stop banging be cause my thrusts move her on the mattress but a BBW has so much ballast that you can ram really hard and they stay put. Of course there are advantages to petite women. They are generally more hygienic, they will ride you hard, you can put them in more positions. You can bone them just about anywhere and they sweat less but they are at times inhibited and they seem a bit too delicate whereas a fat girl can take a long hard porking and be none the worse for wear.

As to your gaining goals, I think if you follow Teddy's instructions you can get to 1000 pounds buy you had better ramp up your eating. Hear are some numbers.

Just to maintain 1000lbs you will have to eat in the 16,000 calorie range. That will require a strong commitment to constant eating. Remember, FAT FATTENS BEST! There are 9 calories in a gram of fat. Carbs contain 4 per gram. Eat a lot of deep fried food.

Remember that a pound of fat contains 3500 calories. That mean you will have to eat at least 4.5 pounds of fat per day but I would double that and add bread, peanut butter and bacon sandwiches for the protein. You will also need some fiber so eat some prunes.

32,000 calories per day you will gain over 6 pounds a day to start at 500 pounds but as you approach 1000 you gaining will slow unless you eat more.

Stock up on peanut butter, bacon, heavy cream, and lard. EAT!

CG Brady said...

Hi FA and FB