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Is Obesity A Choice?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fatspiration vs Thinspiration: Fatspo vs Thinspo

As our many readers know, Fat Bastard is still off his feed.
Fat Bastard still battered and bruised!

His weight loss is slowing but he is still losing weight at about 2 pounds per week. We have tried many thing to get Fat Bastard to pig out and and get back to his porcine proportions. As a last ditch effort I took a page from the pro anorexia movement but instead of posting "thinspirational" images I thought that FATspirational would do the trick along with some reverse fatspo.

Fat Bastard loss of appetite is a mystery that is baffling his friends and family. His damn dummy doctors will not order tests to see what's wrong and are suggesting that his problem is psychological. We think his problem is organic. We have discussed this with CG Brady who did counsel Fat Bastard of weight loss and ways to moderate his gluttony so their is a possibility that psychological factors may be part of the equation but Dr Brady only had a few very brief phone and e-mail sessions with Fat Bastard and he did not detect any reduction in Fat Bastard's fattitude but he does think the two recent health scares could be part of it but he also believes that the medication errors and possibly head trauma from Fat Bastard's tumble down the escalator may have started this disturbing chain chain of events. We may end up having to settle for a tubby Fat Bastard instead of the fat Fat Bastard that we all know and love.

We are looking for a fat friendly doctor to testify to Fat Bastard's mental state before and after the trauma he suffered as a result of all the medical mistakes that nearly killed him.

Here is an oldie but goodie titled Gluttony IS Good that may provide some FATspiration for Fat Bastard and gainers.

EAT! A pensive and concerned fatling offers advice.

Proof that HAES and intuitive eating works. This happy fatling is getting ready to fly away. Coma gordo comer y no dejar de comer siempre!
Stop being so modest! You've got it! Flaunt it!

EAT FAT BASTARD! Do you want to look like this stick boy?
Fat Perfection!
A mere pup!

You too could have this back breast action!
If you get fat Fat Bastard I'll let you bone me!

If you eat enough, you too can have a front ass!
You can do it buddy!
She won't share! Why should you? EAT IT ALL and more!
You know you want to.... EAT!

I prescribe FOOD!
EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT.... It's either that or the dreaded feeding tube!


CG Brady said...

Proud FA, you are such a worry wart. Fat Bastard will be OK. He may need develop gallbladder disease but that is a safe and easy fix as long as Fat Bastard avoids an American hospital.

The dangerous and rapid weight loss Fat Bastard has been experiencing is leveling off. At the 2 pounds of weight loss per week Fat Bastard is out of the danger zone and his weight will level off at around 250 pounds as long as he remains at his current 3500 - 4000 calories per day. He is NOT starving to death. In my professional opinion it is unlikely that Fat Bastard will probably maintain a BMI of around 36 and a weight of 200 pounds if his current eating trend continues. That still keeps well into the obese range.

In order for Fat Bastard to dip into a clinically normal weight he will have to drop to 175 pounds.

Fat Bastard is still around 350 and that means he still has to lose 1/2 of his current body weight to not be considered overweight.

The cause of his weight loss IMO is multi-factorial. Fat Bastard is did suffer trauma both physical and psychological. The effect that the medication had on him will most likely remain a mystery but all his vitals look OK and his appetite is slightly less that the appetite of other men of his tremendous weight. He is not going to starve to death.

My best guess is that Fat Bastard is suffering from PTSD. Knowing Fat Bastard like I do I suspect that he has more than enough psychological fortitude to make a full and timely recovery. Fat Bastard is a self described grizzly bear of a man and his cantakerous demeanor will hold hi in good stead for making a complete recovery from the event surrounding his accident and sub-standard and reckless medical treatment. I in no way want to minimize the great suffering Fat Bastard endured. It would have broken a weaker man.

There are other factors. Fat Bastard's libido has increased due to the 60 or so pounds of weight loss. He's having more sex than normal. That burns calories. You Proud FA have told me how much you would have to eat at a NAAFA convention to meet your energy needs when you were "porking" all those fatlings. Fat Bastard told me in his own words that he has "boned a bunch of chicks" and that he has received compliments on his "cocksmanship." Fat Bastard is quite satisfied with his life much like you are with yours.

I think Fat Bastard is well on the road to recovery but tome will tell.

Teddy Bear said...

Good evening Fat Bastard.


Do it for your ol' buddy Teddy Bear! OK?

I see by your photo that you are apple-shaped, and as I keep on saying, you apple-shaped obese males have more a lot more fun than us pear-shaped obese sex-less little sissy boys.

I would like to see you eat more and more until you become THE BIG APPLE, like in my artwork on my blog.

Wouldn't you like to have great big man-boobs or moobs that are twice the size of your butt-cheeks?

Wouldn't you like to have your love-handles hanging down over your hips?

Wouldn't you like to have a great big roll of fat on your lower-back that protrudes out much further than your butt?

Wouldn't you like to have big fat arms that are bigger around than your hips?

Wouldn't you like to have a nice huge round belly that hangs down over the waistband of your pants and down to your knees?

Wouldn't you like to have such an enormous upper body that you will be unable to find shirts large enough to cover your bellybutton?

Wouldn't you like to have your pants sliding halfway down on your ass, exposing your butt-crack?

Then, you can be a really great big Fat Bastard, going around out in public, showing off your bellybutton and butt-crack, and mooning all the world around you!

That's why I envy all of your apple-shaped obese males! It's because you can have more fun showing off what you have.

As it says in this latest article . . .

If you got it, flaunt it!!!

Please, Fat Bastard, do it for me!


biggus piggus said...

Also fat Bastard your manly musk will be even more intense.

Teddy Bear said...

Hey Fat Bastard, Proud FA, Big Lard Ass, and Biggus Piggus!

I got some good news!

As you all know, I love being asexual and impotent. I love being unable to get it up!

When I was taking a shower, while washing my private parts, which is very difficult because I have to lift up on my belly, well, it feels like my penis has shrunken even more, and I estimate that it's now only 1 inch long and I can't even feel my testicles anymore because they have shrunken some more.

I guess my testosterone levels have now hit rock bottom, because I feel even more sleepy all the time, and more peaceful and calm.

Also, my muscles have become more soft, flabby, and weak, and it feels so good!

I'm becoming more and more of an obese sissy-boy! I love it!

I know I've been gaining more weight, because everybody I know says I look fatter, so Tuesday, I'm going to weigh myself. At Providence Hospital here in El Paso Texas, they have a big digital scale that maxes out at 500 pounds.

I probablY weigh more than 400 pounds now, but I won't know for sure until I weigh myself.

These past 3 weeks, it's been getting more difficult for me to reach around behind myself to wipe my own butt, even with the pair of tongs that I use as a toilet paper holder. I'm going to need a longer pair of tongs or something.

My pants are getting tighter. I will have to go from a Size 6XL to a Size 7XL in shorts.

My lower belly below my waist is hanging down lower over my ever-shrinking penis.

My thighs are rubbing together even more now as I walk around in my little studio apartment.

I've been feeling much heavier on my feet when I stand up on my short fat legs.

It's harder for me to get up out of my bed when I first wake up in the morning.

I love that sensation of heaviness and the struggle of getting up from my bed.

It's fun being a soft and weak, morbidly obese little cream puff and I'm becoming an even more gentle and docile sissy-boy!

And I love the way my penis and testicles are shrinking under my ever expanding belly.

I'm actually becoming more and more like an obese little eunuch but without the physical castration.

As I become more and more obese, my testosterone levels go down lower and lower.

I have almost neutered myself through increasing obesity.

Another words, I have literally eaten away my manhood!

It's serves me right for being such a greedy obese little glutton! I'm getting exactly what I deserve for my greedy gluttony!


I love the feeling of helplessness.

This is what every true glutton hopes to achieve.

Fat Bastard said...

Do you have a good butt wand? I get mine from Ample Stuff. Since my weight loss I can reach "back there" with my hand but its a stretch. I actually like the smell of a partially wiped butt but if it gets too rank I use a shower head like a douche.

Now that you are such a sissy Teddy you will have to douche like a girl. You probably have far less testosterone than a woman because as you know ovaries produce testosterone and you only have crushed testicles.

If you develop a front ass and I think you will you will have what will look like a big womanly vagina like the ssbbw in the picture that Proud FA posted. Imagine having a front and rear ass!

Big Lard Ass said...

Dear Teddy Bear,

It sounds like your JAZZY is really starting to pay off, big time! Literally big time! I am so proud of you for your recent weight gain, I had been worrying that your weight had leveled off at around 400 lbs, and that you had been stalled there for a year or so. Men like us should not spend years and years at the same weight level- we should try to make sure that we gain at least 10% of our body weight each year, at a minimum, until we reach 1,000 lbs.

Do you get chest pains at all? I have been having bad chest pains the last few weeks, and they just seem to be getting worse and worse. I guess it's just from my moobs!


Big Lard Ass

Fat Bastard said...

Big Fat Lard Ass,

As much as I hate doctors I would strongly suggest that you see one immediately if not sooner. The chest pains could be any number of things such as pectoral angina, (been there done that) GERD, (been there done that) esophagitis, (been their done that) low bacterial pneumonia from inhaling food into your lungs. (been there done that. Sometime we fatlings get so excited about food we inhale food into our lungs) Hiatal hernia, (got that) COPD (had that) and many more but you need to rule out heart disease ASAP!

I have a blockage commonly referred to as the WIDOW MAKER. I had blockage in both my left ascending coronary artery and my left descending artery. They call it the widow maker because it will kill you quick. Don't ignore the warning signs. I had two stents put in and I'm better than ever. They actually did a good job on that. Don't fuck around by ignoring the warning signs.

Teddy Bear said...

Big Lard Ass said...

"Dear Teddy Bear,

It sounds like your JAZZY is really starting to pay off, big time! Literally big time! I am so proud of you for your recent weight gain, I had been worrying that your weight had leveled off at around 400 lbs, and that you had been stalled there for a year or so. Men like us should not spend years and years at the same weight level- we should try to make sure that we gain at least 10% of our body weight each year, at a minimum, until we reach 1,000 lbs.

Do you get chest pains at all? I have been having bad chest pains the last few weeks, and they just seem to be getting worse and worse. I guess it's just from my moobs!


Big Lard Ass"

Good evening Big Lard Ass.

No, I have never had any chest pains.

Despite my obesity, my blood pressure is normal, around 105/70 and my cholesterol is only 140 and my triglycerides are only 90.

Although I'm a glutton I don't eat just junk foods. I try to get plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit every day.

Yeah, I do like whipped cream on top of my strawberries, and I like melted extra sharp cheddar cheese over my vegetables, and I keep ice cream in my fridge.

Yes, I do have some junk foods, but I eat mostly healthy foods.

Fat Bastard is right.

If you are having chest pains, you need to see a doctor about it as soon as possible.

Chest pains are nothing to fuck around with. It might not be anything serious, but again, it might.

Don't take any chances.

I would also suggest that you eat lots of baked or broiled fish to get your Omega 3 fatty acids which is good for your heart and brain.

And eat fruit for fiber.

Gluttony is good, but even we gluttons should try to make healthier food choices.

So, along with your pizzas, have of vegetables and fruit.

Jamie boyko said...

hi this is jamie i voted a few times recently on naafa i think they are doing a very good job i dont think its a joke at all.take care all

Fat Bastard said...

Hi Jamie,

It appears that most fatlings are not satisfied with NAAFA. NAAFA has been losing members for many years. Fatlings simply are not buying their malarkey.

I recall people asking NAAFA if it was possible for a person to be too fat. They would not give a straight answer. They resented the question. The New Fat Acceptance refuses to put itself on a slippery slope. We give straight answers to fair questions. We don't dance around the issues. Think of us as NAAFA without all the lies, no histrionics, no censorship, and a clear mission. In other words think of us a sane, honest, free thinking inclusive movement that does its best to speak for all fat people.

Teddy Bear said...

Good morning Fat Bastard.

Yes, I notice that most of these "Size Acceptance" groups, like NAAFA, Size Wise, Size Wise Plus, etc. etc. while most of the members have come to merely accept their size, very few have actually said that they actually like being being fat or obese. They merely accept it. But they won't embrace it.

But when anyone says that they don't just merely accept being fat, but actually love being fat or even obese, and would like to become even fatter, the group moderators warn that you're bordering on feederism.

They will not embrace the Gainer/Encourager of Feeder/Feedie movement. These groups reject that concept.

They'll say, yeah, it's OK to like being fat, but not to post anything bordering on feederism.

Most of the group members think that Feederism involves for feeding another person to extreme obesity, and then abandoning that person after becoming helpless, as in the movie FEED that came out a couple years ago.

No, this is not what we are about.

I'm against force feeding another person against his/her will. But if a person loves being a glutton, and loves gaining massive amounts of body-fat, and finds pleasure in becoming immobile and helpless, and if some people enjoy feeding someone until they reach that point (as long as no force feeding against one's will isn't involved) and actually enjoy taking care of a great big helpless immobile fatty . . .

. . . then, why not?

I believe that the "Size Acceptance" movements should be willing to embrace that concept. They should also be willing to accept the fact that some of us enjoy obesity to the max!

That is what you Bigger Fatter Blog and my blog, THE BIGGEST FATTEST BLOG is all about.

We go way way beyond mere "size acceptance" or mere "fat acceptance" all the way to OBESITY LOVING!!!

To be continued . . . . .

Teddy Bear said...

. . . continued from above

So here at our blogs, we embrace absolute total gluttony and deliberate weight gain.

Some of us here would even like to set a new world's record if possible or to even become the first human being in history to weigh a full ton or more if possible.

And we are fully aware of the dangers and the risks involved in such extreme deliberate weight gain.

Of course, society in general will not accept this.

Funny how our society accepts extreme sports. We enjoy watching some guy on a motor cycle leap over 20 buses, or skiing down a 75 degree slope, of sky diving or hang gliding.

Our society is perfectly willing to accept the medical cost of injuries from extreme sports.

Yet, this very same society bitches and gripes about the medical costs of obesity.

Can't have it both ways!

The way I see it, is that we extreme gainers who would like to set some new world's records, for example: apple-shaped guys who hope to gain such massive amounts of upper-body fat until their arms are bigger around than their hips, or us pear-shaped guys who would like to gain massive amounts of lower-body fat until our thighs and lower-legs are bigger around than the chest, or to have a great big fat ass that is about 12 wide, well, we are the Evil Knievels of gluttony and extreme weight gain.

Well, I don't know if this can be classified as a sport, because a sport involves physical activity, whereas extreme weight gaining only involves sitting on one's lazy fat ass, and just eating and sleeping, and the only exercise we get is lifting the fork to one's mouth.

I guess a glutton's sport would be, to see how much weight one can gain ans still be mobile.

I have seen guys who weighed about 800 pounds who can still walk, like the 800 pound teenager I had seen on the Discovery Health Channel. He was not totally immobile. Despite weighing 800 pounds, he could still walk about inside his home.

Now, I believe that if one uses a leg press to build up the muscles in the legs, then it might be possible to still be able to stand up and walk around a little bit even while weighing over a thousand pounds.

The heaviest Sumo Wrestler on record is 6 feet 2 inches and weighs over 700 pounds. He can dance and even balance himself on one leg, switching from one leg to another while doing what I call The Sumo Stomp.

So, we can invent a new kind of sport that involves extreme weight gain, and doing some exercise on the leg press to build up the leg muscles so that one can still be mobile while reaching a goal of a ton or more.

A lot depends on the individual.

One person can weigh 800 pounds and still be able to walk, while another person only 500 pounds might be immobile.

The best exercise an obese person can do, is just plane walking.

If a guy or gal who weighs 800 or 900 pounds can still rise from the living-room couch and walk into the kitchen to prepare a snack and then walk back to the couch again, then you got plenty of exercise.

So, anyone who weighs a thousand pounds or more, and is still able to rise up and walk around a little bit, then that person would be the Olympic Athlete of Gluttony and Extreme Weight Gain.

Imaging having thighs that are 80 or 90 inches around with lots of muscle under the fat. I believe it can be done.

Of course, apple-shaped guys with thin legs won't be able to do it, but I believe that we pear-shaped guys could handle it since we do have bigger legs.

So, yeah! Extreme weight gain can become a new sport.

Fat Bastard said...

Once again Teddy Bear gets all his weight behind it and hits another grand slam!

Gaining would be a great sport. I just watched the Biggest Loser and they are making sport of weight loss. Dr CG Brady has some serious issues with the methods employed by the Biggest Loser as he feels that rapid weight loss is dangerous. Luckily for me he has gone on to tell my doctor to conduct further test to determine the cause of my rapid weight loss and to put me on the gallbladder drug Actigall so that I won't get gallbladder disease. That will further put me off my feed.

I think the Biggest Gainer would be an outstanding show and I think you would make a wonderful host. Instead of having that hot, slender and sexy Jillian yelling at fatties on treadmills we could have Proud FA coaching and encouraging weight gain. If they whine and say, "I'm too full." he will break out the feeding tube.

Fat gainers really are like athletes. I think of you and Big Lard Ass as elite athletes. I liken them to body builders but instead of building muscle they are building fat. Body builders are always eating protein, pumping iron and taking supplements to gain muscle. Gainers eat fat because fat fattens best and they restrict their movement to conserve calories.

Unfortunately some people simply cannot safely participate in muscle building or massive fat building activities and sadly I am one of those people. As the defecto leader of the NEW FAT ACCEPTANCE it pains me to think that some day I am have a BMI below 35. I may have to dress to look fatter when I go on CNN and debate MeMe Roth and Kate Harding.

Kylie Hughs said...

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