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Monday, October 25, 2010

Cuter in a Scooter
Searching for a scooter cutie? Maybe she's searching for you!
Are you looking for an SSBBW to pork? Are you looking for a SSBHM to give you a good eating? If so, look no further than your local Walmart. Walmart is a veritable plethora for fatlings. I Proud FA have picked up many SSBBW's during my porking days. Picking up a fat damsel on a Walmart fatty scooter rocks! You can be so chivalrous. Fat girls love chivalrous guys. When they are in a scooter these SSBBW's can't reach all the items they may want but you can! You can really get to know an SSBBW during a shopping trip and you can really size up her potential as a feedee. You can learn all sorts of things about her especially the foods she likes.

Like most fat admirers I like to see a fat girl waddle but sometimes they are cuter in scooter!
Take the load off and use a scooter!
SSBBW with midget Mexican servant.
What a drag not having a scooter when you shop!
Scooter mooning!
Dual divas built for comfort not for speed
Cruising for frozen pizza!
Where's the FOOD?!
Cool man! Beatnik blubber
You are way below the weight limit for a scooter excursion! WALK!
Use a scooter!

Stop pedophiles BOYCOTT AMAZON! 


Teddy Bear said...

WOW! I like these photos!

I notice the lady in the second photo has more fat on her upper-back than she has on her butt! Her upper-arms look like they're bigger around than her thighs! Her wrists are probably thicker than her ankles. And her shirt does not cover her belly so I imagine that she goes around out in public showing off her bellybutton. I'll bet you dollars to donuts, or lay you 10 to 1 odds that she's an insulin dependent Type 2 Diabetic, or if she isn't yet, then she will become one soon enough. I can almost tell if some people are diabetic just by looking at them. Yeah! She's a real Apple Girl alright!

I would say that she definitely needs to get herself a scooter so it would be easier for her to get around because those skinny legs of hers have to support a massive upper-body. Fortunately, the fat on her back is enough to act as a counter balance for her big belly in front. Of course, having a lot of back-fat increases insulin resistance which leads to Type 2 Diabetes, but that's better than having lower-back pains from carrying a big belly around.

Then I also like the fifth photo with the guy sitting in his scooter. His pants are half-way down on his ass exposing his butt-crack. Of course, he looks like he is able to pull his pants up if he wanted to, so he's without excuse. True apple-shaped males with love-handles wider than the hips and s big belly hanging down over the front of their pants can't help it if their pants slide down on their butts. So, it's OK for true apple-shaped guys to expose their butt-crack in public.

Now, the lady in the second photo with the back-fat (as I had mentioned earlier) because she's apple-shaped, then she needs to pull her pants down lower so she can also expose her butt-crack. It's going to happen anyway if her belly gets any bigger, which I hope it does.

If you happen to be apple-shaped, then it's OK to go around out in public showing off your bellybutton and butt-crack because you really can't help it.

That is a pleasure that is forever denied to those of us who are more pear-shaped.

Anyway . . . . .

I like these photos.

Yeah, we fat people do look cuter in a scooter!

Fat Bastard said...

Apples and insulin go together like super sweet double latte and a prune danish.

Proud FA likes to see BBWs waddle but we have technology so why aren't more people using it. Walking burns calories! SHEESH!

I will be doing a series of mooning with apples pears and everything in between.

Scooters are the way to go. We sweat less and we are safer. If you get a diabetic event in a scooter you aren't gonna fall and break bones or crack your skull.

Teddy Bear said...

Fat Bastard said...

"I will be doing a series of mooning with apples pears and everything in between."

Well, apple-shaped guys are the best at mooning. They do so quite unintentionally. In fact, apple-shaped guys can't even avoid mooning. They are natural born mooners.

But those who are pear-shaped would have to deliberately pull their pants down low on their hips in order to moon!

While apple-shaped guys are always dropping their pants whether they want to or not!

I envy them!

Rae said...

Ha ha, Teddy, you're kind of adorable what with your obsession with mooning people all the time. You could always just go to a nude beach or something since you're a pear and can't be a natural mooner like you want.

My favorite shot is the delightful old lady with the rainbow-colored hair. Is that a sundae or a martini she has tattooed on her left shoulder? Either way, she's awesome.

Teddy Bear said...

Rae said...

Ha ha, Teddy, you're kind of adorable what with your obsession with mooning people all the time. You could always just go to a nude beach or something since you're a pear and can't be a natural mooner like you want.

Well, I have always been fascinated by the way we fat people come in such a wide variety of different shapes.

But I'm especially fascinated by super morbidly obese apple-shaped guys with their great big bellies hanging down over the front of their pants causing their pants to slide half-way down on their butts thus exposing their butt-cracks.

Also, since they can't even find shirts big enough to completely cover their great big round low-hanging bellies they go around showing off their bellybuttons.

And their is nothing they can do to avoid it!

So, they just go around out in public showing off their bellybuttons and exposing their butt-cracks!

And the law can't do anything about it! Ha! Ha!

That's what so freaking cool!!!

Fat Bastard said...

Yep, I recall sitting at a bar stoole and having some drunk put a quarter in my butt crack. I didn't get pisses I just put ii in the poker machine.

Fat Bastard said...

Teddy even though we apples are automatic mooners, you pears have better moons. It's a trade off.

Anonymous said...

I love to see a big girl waddle and struggle. It shows off her fat and she jiggles more. My own wife has blown up to 400 lbs thanks to my feeding and she is getiting a nice slow fat girl waddle. So sexy!

She may need a scooter soon, but until I fatten her so big she cant walk, I will love to watch my big bloated girl waddle. She loves to show off her fattened body as well.